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Hi there, happy Thursday evening. ! Still enjoying my time away at the beach and hope to be here off and of for another week or so. Taking a break from the sun and going to head to a local Montauk farmers market that is only here on Thursdays and maybe a little window shopping. Used to come for a good part of the summer but the reality is I have a lot to do and much going on, so all good things do come to an end but I will be back in August for a bit. It’s hard to believe July 4th has come and gone and that we are past the mid way point of summer, overall the weather has been great with very few unbearable days, plus after being in the south I have a new found appreciation for the milder weather here in NY:)

So, several lobster rolls and too many fish tacos to count later, I have prepared a little random musings post which features a bit of this and a little of that. Some of you had problems looking at my southern road trip posts when my computer was having a nervous breakdown the other day, all is well so if you missed them you can click here for part 1 (Charleston), part 2 (Savannah) and part 3 (random covering Kiawah/Palmetto Bluff). Thanks as always for following along!

Don’t forget my newest contest is on! “Enchanted Customers” where entrants are sending in their pictures of my products in their homes. A great chance to win $100 worth of goodies in my online shop. I am taking pictures up until July 22nd. Up to 2 pictures per person. Please mail to Thank you for participating!



Hampton’s highlights– Enjoying my time at the beach. Love my charming beach house, less than a block from the ocean, and to me, the closest thing to Nirvana is sitting on a quiet beach with only a person or two way in the distance, my beach chair, a great book and a lobster roll lunch…perfection! I have had a few of those and? they have been sublime.? In fact I am going to work on a “Tina’s travelbug” post featuring The Hamptons as I think I have mastered where to find the best lobster roll, fish taco, and more delectable treats:) A few pics taken with my iPhoone-



This house dubbed “the perfect white house’ by my kids when they were little is the first house you see as you enter the uber charming town of East Hampton, it looks today as it did 25 years ago!unnavcxsmed

My lonely little beach chair…just the way I like it:)

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Lobster roll on the beach? Y E S!!!unname534d

There are lots of little “seafood shacks” like this one where you can find out of this world seafood goodies


Entering East Hampton…….traffic is always a sure sign

unname435sdd 3453And a charming swing on the side porch makes for a great way to spend a late afternoon

unnam645edLove having a bench on my front porch




Great mags. Have you seen the new Veranda magazine? Is it just me or is blue and white everywhere? Wow…it’s a feast for the eyes and there are some really great pictures. On top of that a friend of my sons home is featured in it! It’s a great issue, and love the outdoor spaces done by Mark D Sikes, where he used blue and white to perfection! I also think this months Traditional Home is an especially great issue! I enjoyed reading them on the deck with my favorite flavor of Perrier, pink grapefruit, have tried it? So refreshing.



Speaking of great design, did you see these pictures in AD from a home in Texas that Miles Redd designed? He used a lot of color and some of the rooms were a bit much for me personally though I appreciated the “personality” they infused into the home but these two to me, were standouts.

item4.rendition.slideshowVertical.miles-redd-houston-home-10-rear-hall item6.rendition.slideshowVertical.miles-redd-houston-home-11-childs-room


A new bed. So after having the same bed (from Julia Gray for EJ Victor) for the last 20 years, I am finally getting a new one. I really love my bed however am wanting a change and am going to go with an upholstered bed. I am excited! I have narrowed it down to a few and I know that any one of these could be a winner, any input?

Of course you need to visualize each of these in a cream colored velvet which is what I am thinking for these……

60_88_180KRS_FM09_medium HBK007_medium 88_005Q_medium A6840_12 A6800_12 5460_11_B 1667_11_AI 2360_10


Monograms. If you have been visiting me for any length of time, you know of my love for monograms. I love this site on Etsy, Magical Monograms, they make all kinds of cute monogrammed oversized stickers including this great vinyl decal for $4.00!! Great price and little extra for a personalized gift. I am going to order a few for a few birthdays coming up, great to put on the giftwrap! Click here to visit Magical Moments.

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Also found this on Etsy and I had to order it for my sons dorm room (we move him to college in August) sniffle sniffle πŸ™ Click here to visit Kels Cozy Corner.




A great wedge. Found (finally) a great looking and super comfy (most important) nude wedge that goes with just about everything. These are extremely comfortable and very good looking. Stuart Weitzman’s “Jean” wedge




Shop news. By far the most exciting thing is the anticipation of receiving my tole line…all 175 pieces of it. I simply cannot wait, it is due here within the next 2 weeks and is “on the water” en route. It will take me a few days to get things unloaded,sorted and photographed but I promise you will be the first to see it! If you want to visit my shop click here.


Also am working on a newly revamped site where my shop and my blog will be one. I am surprised at how often people email me that they cannot find my shop or do not know how to get to it. I realized it is not very visible on my site but that’s all going to change! It’s going to be great and I am really excited about all the changes happening “behind the scenes” and hope to share them with you in about 2 weeks. A bigger and better Enchanted Home. Promise you will really like it!




Beach state of mind. Finally being in this beachy state of mind, how cute are these surfer dudes? Drum roll please…….





So that my friends sums up what’s new and exciting over here. I hope you are enjoying your summer and thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful evening……


?Also have a few pieces from my Current Promotion on some gorgeous antiqued blue and white pieces (limited edition) Click here to view..


Enchanted Home customer contest….

Don’t forget to send in your pictures (up to 2) of anything you have bought from me in your home. I cannot wait to see and have already started receiving some beauties. Prize is $100 in my online shop.


Please put “”customer contest” in subject line

Email me your pictures to

1-2 pictures per person

Last day to send in is July 22nd

This contest will be capped off at 50 pictures so don’t wait too long……

Thank you!


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Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

LOVE it all, Tina, but especially your beach pictures! It looks like you are having a great time out there. I have been eating a few too many lobster rolls myself – I made them at home tonight and they were amazing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Susie Linton on

Hi Tina,

I so enjoy your fabulous blogs and the glimpse of your life that you share and am very excited that you may write a travel log about the Hamptons.
I have never been there but it is very very high on my list – hopefully in the next year we may venture to the area.
I just love the houses and design and the shops look fabulous. As for the lobster rolls?.yum! I cannot wait!
Any information you feel like sharing will be so appreciated!

Thank you for your warm, friendly words!

Susie Linton
South Australia

classic ? casual ? home on

This is making me want to relax with some new magazines. I have some Stuart Weitzman pumps?great to make me taller and you are right about the comfort!

Jane on

I love all your posts! I can’t seem to get enough! Your pictures of the beach are to die for. I think I’m in need of a vacation! I have to tell you that the first bed pictured is to die for! Oh my goodness, yes I can see that bed covered in a cream colored velvet! Go for it and have sweet dreams :-))

Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! WOWOOWOW I am so thrilled to see you are at the Hamptons, and that you are enjoying yourself on the beach. It is my favorite place to be in the summer (winter also, on the coast of Carmel, California!) – I must try that pink grapefruit Perrier, too!

I love an East Coast town; I remember the little road signs in Mass. and other states we frequented, and the homes are like no other. Your share today is fantastic! I hope you find the right bed and I think a creamy velvet upholstered frame will be striking in your sunlit bedroom and isn’t the most fun THE HUNT for what you dream of? Happy shopping!

I am going to enter your contest with my fabulous plateau I bought from you. I am practicing my photography this summer, so this will be a great challenge to capture that piece the way I envision the photo!

Have a super day my friend! Anita

Karolyn on

What a lovely holiday in the Hamptons! My baby sister is heading there as I type for a 40th birthday party for some youngster! I love the idea of the blog/store that will be fantastic! Have a wonderful weekend, cheers! Karolyn

Karena on

Tina so happy to hear that your getaway to the Hamptons is all you dreamed it would be, relaxation, reading and lobster rolls!
Stay as long as you can…life is too short and you can accomplish so much virtually!

The Arts by Karena

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina! So glad you are having a fantastic time in the Hamptons. Love all your photos, and wish I could join you for a lobster roll on the beach! All kinds of lovely, inspiring stuff in your round up as usual! Have a wonderful summer weekend! XOXO

Anita Rivera on

Hi Tina! Yes, your comments (both!) went through! I too have had my comments gobbled up this week on Blogger. I would be honored to have you as part of the link party is you wish. You could slap up a glorious post of your dream Euro vacation or home, interiors, favorite European designer, ANYTHING you wish and just sit back and visit the others when you can. Just let me know. You are just the sweetest!

Hugs and happy beachcombing! Anita

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

Hey cookie, sounds & looks like you are having a splendid time away. This is great. I’ve seen the magazines, and though I appreciate the faux-painted hallway it’s a bit too too for me as well. But Miles Redd can really do no wrong in my book, neither can Mark Sikes. Love upholstered headboards. The tuxedo rolled-back one is beautiful, but I have one of those in a guest room and it makes the bed sit out a bit far from the wall, just saying.
Cannot wait to see the entire new line you’re getting in. Sending love….

Peggy Braswell on

what great images + going to wedding in the hamptons + so excited + must try the pink grapefruit Perrier! thanks.

South Shore Decorating Blog on

LOVE the monogram link – thank you for sharing! The hamptons looks amazing. I feel so lucky to live in a beach town and seafood shacks are the norm. Sometimes I wish we had more fine dining, but it’s pretty cool to be able to get a lobster roll that is made from a lobster caught that morning by locals!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

how cruel to repeat ‘lobster roll’ more than once, tina!!!! want! that white house is stunning. i am dying to have a little beach cottage and white-ify it inside and out.

just a heads up: EVERYTHING IS 50% OFF AT VOTRE VU.COM/HELLOLOVELY TODAY! just in case you need to take advantage of made in Paris ooh la la!


Alethia Thompson on

I love the first bed AND the fifth..particularly because of the detail in shape…because for a solid/creme color they would be much more unique. The first might be my favorite..but for a solid vs print, the fifth may show off the shape much better b/c of the the nail head and wood details. a solid creme …it might be even more special if you can find the fabric you want with some texture..similar to a crewel or matelasse type dimension.

Leslie @ Around The Table on

Love all your photos Tina and those wedges are so cute and look super comfy. My headboard is similar to the second one you’ve listed. I really like the tufted look along with a neutral fabric. The creamy velvet will be gorgeous.

What an absolutely wonderful summer you seem to be having! The beach looks perfect and your chair and magazines .. what more could a girl ask for? πŸ˜‰

Although I hope to have a blog post out over the next couple of days, I have been on a bit of a hiatus with the house construction. Working and dealing with all the daily decisions has been all-encompassing. Yesterday I had two appliances (my Ilve arrived!) show up .. plus an inspector in the course of an hour. It’s crazy and I don’t know how you managed to keep afloat building a house the size of yours…………!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hi Tina! I’m back from my road trip to Maine and will need to catch up on all of your posts that I missed while I was gone! Trust me everyday I was thinking about what you were up to! Glad you had a wonderful trip to the Hamptons! I will need to see if you can give me some ideas on where to stay there next year because our family wants to rent a house on the beach in the Hamptons! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Hi Tina,
The Hamptons look idyllic and now I’m craving a Lobster Roll – preferably on the beach!!! Glad you got a chance to relax and unwind.
Deb xo

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