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Good morning! Well after being cooped up the last five days and counting trying to nurse my knee back to normalcy, it’s got me dreaming of a nice loooong vacation!? Enter our virtual little trip to Italy….best part is we get to go together. One house for you and one? for me:) I am even letting you pick your own house…… treat! Now this post,? I need to tell you first is going to make you really want to go to Italy. I mean R E A L L Y. Just warning you, putting it out there.

One of the things we had planned to do this summer was to visit Italy, so unfortunate that it did not work out, between my son and my husband’s schedules there was not a window of time to make it happen. There was only one person I was trusting to make that trip, Sandy from You May Be Wandering, travel expert extraordinaire, click here if a trip is in your future. I? was needless to say,? disappointed but? am now looking ahead to a future date. I am determined but with my son now headed to college it’s? a little more challenging as summer is when I really wanted to go,? so may have to wait till spring.

In doing so I am considering a private rental via Home Away vs. a hotel, a few friends have used them and have raved about the experience. Really depends on how many of us will go as this works well for a large family.? All homes shown here today are from their site. Needless to say I started at the top and got busy dreaming because lately that’s what I do and might I say I do it well:) Few places can carry you away to a beautiful place like Tuscany, Italy……

There is? something so other worldly and dreamy about these incredible Tuscan villas, makes me feel like I have been swept away into some fantastical movie set…all I need is my bicycle, a few copper pots on the stove of something aromatic cooking, opera blasting in the background, a few dogs barking, you get the picture…S U B L I M E.

Ready to choose your villa?? Thought this would make a fun Which would you choose, so feast your eyes on these beauties! Let’s go…..


House 1 Villa Brv Gai


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HOUSE 2 Villa Machiavelli


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House 3 Borgo Santo Pietro


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HOUSE 4 Villa Lenna

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House 5 Casa Biondi

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House 6 Casole D’elsa Villa


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Still breathing? I had my breath taken away a few times putting this post together and found myself having to find major restraint in not booking the next flight to Rome! Oh boy, what is it about that magical hold that Italy has on us? It certainly gets the best of the dreamer in all of us doesn’t it? Come on….we have all had that Under the Tuscan Sun dream moment!

If you want to visit Home Away click here , forewarning, carve out some time….you can get really carried away “traveling the world” on their site!

I cannot wait to see which villa you will be staying in. After much hemming and hawing between three of them, I finally opted for villa number 6, it feels intimate, cozy, fresh, updated and right out of a Tuscan storybook.? Plus I kind of fell in love with the kitchen! No worries, you can come over every afternoon for a glass of wine (or two)? and a bowl of pasta…..ciao bella!


In case you missed it……..

Got my tole line in and it is exquisite!! I cannot wait to share it with you.? The full “unveiling” will take place sometime within the next week but I am running a small current promotion on a few pieces? which started last night, click here for details!


My post yesterday “Blue and white with a dash of black” was a hit if you missed it, click here, it’s worth a look.





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Jennifer on

I love them all but 4 especially -thanks for sharing -meet you in Italy! Jennifer

Anita Rivera on

I cast my vote! Sending you well-wishes today, Tina! Anita

Emily on

Hi Tina, you have outdone yourself here. Wow, this was the next best thing to actually getting to go! I can imagine scooping up my entire family and spending a week in one of these beautiful villas! I love them all but 4, 5 and 6 were my favorites. They are all incredible though. I agree Italy is spectacular. Hope you are on the mend1

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina, Typically I have such a hard time choosing on these posts, but this time I picked #3 the moment I saw it because I recognized it as the incredible Borgo Santo Pietro where we stayed on our last visit to Italy, and the moment I set foot at that beautiful place I wanted to move right in. It is absolutely AMAZING. Filled with the most gorgeous antiques, serving up the most delicious food and wine and delivering the most personal service, ever. When you look into rescheduling your Italy trip you should definitely checking them out – you would LOVE it there. It’s a little remote, but once we settled in we didn’t want to leave and spent all four days just lounging about and walking in the immediate area, forgoing planned day trips to Sienna and San Gimignano. It was that good!

Here’s to Italy! Hope you get there soon… and now I want to go back!

Hope your knee feels much better! XOXO

Sue on

OK Tina I am so there. We love Italy and try to go ever few years. Last time we spent two weeks traveling throughout the south and fell in love with The Amalfi Coast, it is spectacular. Tuscany is another favorite.
Why do you torture us so? If forced to choose I would go with 1 it to me is the most authentic and just says Tuscany. I could easily call it home. Lovely! How is that knee?

Katherine on

This is a serious hardship trying to pick just one. All of the estates offer something special and romantic. Being surrounded by the history of the properties and the fractions of the buildings that remain is what grabs you.
I think a tour and extensive stay at all of the properties is what really needs to happen. LOVE them all.

Katherine on

Tina – will you reveal the name of each villa? We are planning a trip to Italy next year and maybe one of these pretty spots could be added to the agenda.

Anonymous on

Tina these are amazing. I would choose between 3 and 6 but since you chose 6 I will go with 3! What fun it would be to stay in one of these, love Italy. I enjoyed this mini getaway, rest your knee.

Peggy Braswell on

well I choose villa 5 + something drew me to it + all of them are just lovely + I adore Italy.

Karena on

Tina, I bet you will be as ready for a getaway when you are up and running as I will be!
Gorgeous choices, I went with #3, though several would do nicely!

The Arts by Karena

Karolyn on

After renting Coolclogher in Ireland I totally say go for it! My the way may come too!!LOL Karolyn

Liane on

I actually love the inside of #3, but love the outside of #4, my goodness, way too many decisions…I’ll take them all thank you..:)

Carolyn on

Must I choose? I just love each and every one. These are incredible. And you are so right about the hold that Italy has on us “dreamers”. I would be one:-)

Sure hope you are feeling better, you have had a rough week, Tina.Hope relaxing days are in your future.

Helen Blount on

I adored all of them but my favorite one seems to be #3…..I think I could just stay there the whole time and enjoy the beautiful home and grounds…see you there…I can dream can’t I ?

Anon on

Yes to all of it! Going to Rome and then Positano in September and counting down the minutes and hours.

Sande on

The porch of House #2 versus the pool of House #3. I’m almost glad I don’t have to choose. Almost… 😉

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Oh boy, Tina, you know me too well…you KNOW I am smitten with this post! Funny, I have spent a good part of today looking at Tuscan villas for a client and looked at several of these earlier. They are all stunning!! When can we leave?!? Thank you SO much for the shout out…I really can’t wait to help you plan your Italian vacation!!

I received my tole tray today and it is beautiful!!!! Thank you so much!! Have a great night! xoxo

Ellen @Color Calling on

You do know that your favorite
#6 is THE villa used in the movie
“Under the Tuscan Sun,” right?

Monnaie on

Great interior designing and interior furnishing.

GM Carr on

Number three is wonderful but, I decided on number four with threes pool area for the ultimate. The fabric draped on the walls, the yellow and white house, I love, love,love it. I would have to stay at least forever! Thank you for this beautiful dream right before bed.

GM Carr on

I forgot to mention the wonderful tiled kitchen walls in number four. It is just breath taking!

Sally on

Oh Tina these villas ( more like pallazzi !)
they are breathtaking, I do so hope you can make the trip after all. I know how much you would enjoy Tuscany, and you deserve a lovely vacation. Summer is the best time to go, that is for sure.

I voted for number 4 because the outside is so like my mother-in-law’s home, but they are all beautiful…. you may never want to leave :))

Have a wonderful day…..ciao carissima

Elizabeth@pine cones and acorns blog on

Ok Tina you were right, I need to book a trip back to Italy ASAP! These houses are FABULOUS! One is more beautiful than the next. When I leave here I have to go to Home Away and check out their other locations.

I hope that you are feeling a little better, take it easy, you do not want to have a relapse.

I LOVE your new trays, noticed them on instagram! Beautiful!

Have a great night!

Sandra on

Hi Tina,
I go to Europe every May for two weeks (helps avoid career burn out!) like clockwork. This year I went to Vienna, which was lovely (will add it to the roster) but it’s usually between London, Paris and Rome (my current favorite). I’m thinking of Rome this October. My parents spend summers at their cottage on the Adriatic Coast and I like to pop over and meet up with mom, most often in Rome or Florence.

Next year though, I’m planning a tour of Portugal.

With your exquisite European sensibilities, you need to go every year.


Oh my these are all gorgeous! What a dream!! I can not wait to go to Italy one day! I posted about a small boutique hotel in Positano the other day and I keep dreaming about that place. One day! It’s on my list and I would love to visit something like you featured here on the countryside of Italy. So pretty!

Sylvia Faye on

They are all very lovely and so very scenic; however as you chose #6 so had I. It spells out HOME and hospitality Southern style where friends, family and those soon to be friends love to gather just for the joy of your company. My visit will have to be content as an armchair one but if you go to this lovely home please share it with us.

Mica Daza on

What a lovely virtual tour! All the villas are amazing. House Villas #1 & #3 stood out for me. I love the scenic views as well as the villas. Italy simply has a unique charm that no one can resist!

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