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Hello! Just wanted to apologize to everyone for my site being down again most of yesterday- so frustrating! ?Looks like things are back up and running as this is one post very near and dear to my heart πŸ™‚


Well as no doubt many of you know, my son (the baby)? is leaving the nest later today for college, I have been brooding about it the last several weeks.? but ironically I think it’s been cathartic? to spread out the mixed emotions over the last few weeks as the buildup has helped the actual day to not be quite so bad, at least not yet! I cannot believe a day I? have known would come for 18 years is finally on my lap so to speak.

It is a day that is no doubt filled with many mixed emotions, incredible happiness, excitement, sadness, emptiness, all rolled into one….. best sums up how I am feeling. Though I never post personal pictures,? today I wanted to break tradition and post something in honor of my son whom I love very much. This is a small tribute to him, someone who has made my life a much better place? for the past 18 years simply for being him.


Dear Brandon

No sappy poems or groundbreaking words of wisdom here. Just words from the heart.? Your wonderful energy, sense of humor, kind spirit, incredible sensitivity, infectious laughter, sweet demeanor and? beautiful smile have always been the highlight of my day. I look forward to hearing you walk downstairs in the morning and for more reasons than one love when I hear the door close at night knowing you are? in for the night:) Even when you ask me to make you macaroni and cheese at 12:30 am like its the middle of the afternoon:)? You are? a bright light, and and have so many wonderful qualities……I knew from when you were very young that were a very special young man.

I hope you will leave? here today remembering what I have chirped into your? ear these last 18 years knowing all I have told you is in your best interest and that we are here for you always, and home is truly where the heart is and shall remain. I have most admired seeing you set goals and continuing to watch you work hard to achieve them. We are? happy to see you reach this important milestone? and not only? reach your dream of? heading off to college but to play lacrosse too. And you can bet we will be at every one of your games and maybe even your practices!! (just kidding ). No really I promise!

I realized the only reason I am having a hard time letting go of you and this stage of our lives together,? and what is making me a feel a little sad is that it’s also something that has made me so incredibly? happy. But knowing we have done our job of raising you to be strong and independent enough to get to this day to go off and realize your dreams makes us beam with pride.

One thing Dad and I will never ever stop talking about is how you can never go to sleep or leave to go somewhere or get off the phone without saying ” I love you” to us,? and just typing this makes me tear up a little.? You are such a sweet kid and it shows your character that even in front of a bunch of your friends you aren’t embarrassed to say “I love you” to your mom:) And you never ever forget to say it, you have no idea what that means!

Thank you for honoring us by being our son, you have given us a reason to smile literally every single day since you were born and I cannot to wait see what you will do with the rest of your life. I know big things lie ahead and we are so excited for this next chapter. Now if you aren’t too embarrassed to let me share a few baby pics with the rest of the world, let’s talk down memory lane….




JA 997OA 2Q23 bran






We love you so much, are so proud of you, and believe in you. Go out there and conquer those dreams, we will be by your side every step of the way cheering you on! Congratulations peanut! You know we are your biggest fans:)

Love Mom and Dad



For me, being a mom has by far been the most important thing I have ever done, the most enjoyable and fulfilling job I have ever had and I know that no matter what I do and achieve in my life, nothing will hold a candle to it. I LOVED being a mom, cherished every single minute, loved going to things like those many many? weekend lacrosse tournaments, enjoying being a fly on the wall for countless carpools, being the social secretary, class mom, wardrobe consultant, in house therapist, gourmet chef, you name it, I wore many hats for my kids and wouldn’t have missed a single minute!

Thanks to all my friends out there for your friendship, support and words of wisdom. Many of you have also sent your youngest off to college as well and sent me such kind supportive emails and I cannot tell you how much I loved and appreciated getting them, you guys are the best!

Each and every one of them empowered me and reminded me that this time is a true celebration. So we will be gone later today and tomorrow for the big sendoff…….I am excited for Brandon it’s a wonderful and incredibly exciting time to be 18! Wishing everyone a wonderful day and weekend. If you have any kind words or advice for Brandon by all means do leave it here……he (and I) will love and enjoy reading it on the car ride!

Oh and by the way, this pillow will be arriving to your dorm sometime next week…..


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Leslie @ Around The Table on

Tina… congratulations on reaching this milestone in life. This IS what’s supposed to happen and what parents wish for their children. I am so happy for YOU and your son. This is a touching and heart felt tribute and I teared up reading .. Let the tears fall and then know that it just gets better from here. Such an adorable baby (look at that hair!) and handsome young man he has become. Thank you for sharing this very personal post:) xxleslie



Fran Armstrong on

What a good looking young man!!! So nice to read such nice comments about this young man. He will do well, you can see he comes from a family with tons of LOVE.

Gayle Eales on

My eyes welled up with tears as I read the letter to your son.. What a fine young man and what a wonderful mom.. Truly you both have us such a special relationship.. My heart smiled when I saw what a handsome young infant grow into an equally wonderfully handsome young man… I too have sent for children off to college.., Advice to Brandon be true to yourself.. And yes call mom!
This year I am experiencing something new as well as our sons have both proposed to the love of their life.. Someone has taken my place.. Another milestone to embrace.. Colleges is a wonderful time in your life Brandon so enjoy!!and yes call mom!!

CheryL on

Tina, I just had to let you know I was so moved by your loving tribute to your fine son, Brandon. This is such a special moment in your lives, embrace it and let the tears flow! Having been in your shoes with my two sons I know like all the moms out there what it feels like to have this chapter close , but there are so many wonderful things ahead of you. How great that you and your husband will be able to continue cheering Brandon on at his games. I am sending heartfelt good wishes to you and your husband, and to Brandon, enjoy this exciting time in your life. You are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents, who will always be there for you….and HAVE FUN!!!

joni poole on

I have never commented on a blog, but this one was so close to my heart…. Having raised two boys, and it being the most joyful job of my life, I so related to you letter and feelings of tearful pride and joy toward your son. We do survive the transition as much as our heart aches and to witness them move into a new phase of their lives is very rewarding. My two are now 24 & 28, and still finish every conversation regardless of who is around with “I love you Mom” it’s the most rewarding job life offers! And some family traditions never go away! My thoughts are with you, each day is a special gift with our children!

Katherine on

Mothers everywhere are sitting with tears in their eyes. I can tell you the relationship you now have will grow even closer. My relationship with my son when he was in University became even more intense. They need our emotional support as they trudge through the senior schooling years, they miss being at home just as much as we miss them.
My son is my rock and I love that he is now a mature man {33} and we can talk about anything. Plus – with a handsome and outgoing son, I will always have a dance partner.

Karen Reed on

What a doll! You did good Mom! Hang in there–it changes the relationship but only makes it better.

Barbara Kelly on

Well said “mama”
I always like the expression said by Jackie Kennedy. “No matter what success you obtain if you mess up with your children nothing else matters”
Brandon is a handsome young man and I know he will be a reflection of the love and time you and his dad have invested in him.
He will carry with him so much wisdom just by the examples you have shown as a loving mother.
My calls to my boys always end with “I love you”

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

This is not sad. It’s a new beginning.
I know, I’ve been through it.
Head’s up, my love.

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

This is the sweetest note. I know that it will touch his heart as it did ours. I can relate on how fast time flies, and loving every minute of being a mother.
The pictures are priceless.
This will be difficult, but you have plenty to keep you busy!
Hang in there. I will sa a prayer for you.

Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

What a beautiful and touching tribute! I have sent 4 kids off to college and will say goodbye to my baby this time next year. It doesn’t get any easier each time I say goodbye but it is very exciting to see them graduate college & have successful careers. We are so very blessed to have great kids. And by the way, loved your son all decked out in Duke clothing. My 3rd son just graduated from Duke and we are huge fans. Any chance your son is now a Blue Devil?

Shawna Burnett on

Those mega events of letting our “little ones” ones go, first off to kindergarten, then to camp, then college, then off to marriage; and sometimes off to war, like my own little Brandon did. Truth is, once a mom, always a mom, and our love for them deepens, and ultimately, always come back to us. I know that one day, my own little Brandon will be taking care of me.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

What a beautiful post honoring sweet, handsome Brandon! I need to stop sobbing on my keyboard long enough to write a comment about your touching letter to him…and the photos are just precious. You have raised a wonderful son, Tina. Your job as “mom” is one that is never, ever done…it is just morphing a bit. Hugs to you and Brandon as you both head off on a great new chapter in your lives! You both are going do AMAZING! xoxo

Karen Leverette on

Gulp! Sigh! Hugs to you! Great job with your tribute to Brandon, Tina! What a handsome guy and by the sound of it–what a treasure he is! The world needs more just like him! I know this is hard, it was for me when my only child left for college! You can do this!

Hey, Brandon! Make your parents and God proud and you can’t go wrong in whatever you chose! Have fun!

Robbin on

I can honestly say I know EXACTLY how you feel. We took our daughter, our baby, to college last Friday, and she started classes this past Monday. To say we miss her is an understatement and I have cried many, many tears. I, like you, am blessed with amazing children (our son is 21, just graduated from college, bought a house and has a job ;)). I have always been proud to be their mother. And while, yes, it is exciting for them, my heart aches. I want to turn back the clock, but that isn’t possible. Your son is a very handsome young man, and he is blessed to have great parents. Your son, and my daughter, will be fine. We are blessed to be their parents. But, oh my, it is sad.

South Shore Decorating Blog on

OH TINA!! You have me in tears. What an absolutely beautiful letter. And your son – what a looker! I know you and his father have taught him well, and he is poised for great success. He will always be your baby and I’m sure he will be home often. Congratulations on raising your boys well – they sound like absolutely amazing young men πŸ™‚

Nancy potter on

Dear Tina I can only say the dread is worse than the actual departure. I grieved it the whole summer and thought every event would be the last. When the packing was done and undone and introductions made with roommates and their families and the lonely trip home with her daddy began I felt a tremendous relief in that I had survived. My next relief came when I realized we had loved as much as possible given all the advantages we could gave her as good a spiritual foundation as we could and now she was equipped to make every decision she needed to wisely make. So the phone calls came the laughs shared started again and life was good in a new place for all of us. We are so richly blest to have such precious children that we don’t look forward to separation life goes on and it is still sweet. Blessings to you all. Nancy

Debbie on

Well said Tina, I teared up as I read it. Your son was a beautiful baby and what a handsome young man he has become! It appears you and your husband have raised a very loving, kind and talented son. I continue to pray for you, this is a tough time for all of us moms, but it is what we prepared our children for and you have done a wonderful job! Your son and your entire family are blessed to have you, as are we, as you welcome us into your lives and share your thoughts and your many talents! Take care, and have a safe and wonderful trip as you and your son begin this new chapter. It will get easier, Debbie πŸ™‚

Michelle Kaplan on

LOVED reading your letter to Brandon..I have sent 2 daughters off to college (1 to VA, across the country from us!). I realize while they are home, going up, it is just that..growing up. Now they grow outward. Blossoming one new petal at a time. I just love watching the flowers bloom with the seed I & my husband planted!! Brandon is on a fabulous life adventure!! And you get to see how he interprets (on his own) your words of wisdom. Expect some tripping up. This is just a life lesson that will make him that much stronger.

It’s interesting, as I enter each new decade in my life, rather than be sad I am aging, I start to think of all the wonderful milestones my daughters will reach (marriage, children, setting up their own home).

Text, Skype, and email will keep you more in touch than you can expect. Can’t imagine moms 20 yrs ago saying goodbye to their college kids!!!


carolyn on

Oh Tina, what an absolutely beautiful poignant well poised post. One of my all time favorites and I have lot of them!
Having had the privileged of meeting you, I can see your son got your amazing looks he is GORGEOUS! And what a beautiful baby too.

I can only say when you are shedding both happy and sad tears that means you have shared a wonderful life together, that you don’t want to say goodbye to the little boy chapter but at the same time welcome the young man chapter about to begin and obviously recognize it means you have done a great job preparing him to enter the world. So good for you!

You have taught him well, set him free to go and discover, meet new people, embrace new experiences and come home a new and mature young man, you will be even prouder! I have done this twice and will do it again next year. It never gets easier but seeing them happy is the absolute best remedy to any sadness and he sounds like a remarkable young man!

Brandon call your mom (or text) just keep in touch with her regularly so she does not worry. Make your parents proud, remember you are there to study! Embrace all the great things college has to offer and keep an open mind. It is a time for growth and exploration. You are in for a wonderful four years.

Good luck to you all.

Sherry Saladrigas on

What a good looking young man and what a lovely tribute to him.

Joye Lanahan on

Hi Tina

I wish you had added a disclaimer ‘ read at your own risk’:):) I am sitting in a diner my eyes filled with tears. I sent my only son off to college several years back. I do remember the excitement and antispiation . It all works out and they do come home again. Good luck to you both! It is a fun ride.

Valerie Kokenes on

What a beautiful letter to a son that has been so well loved. It sounds to me that he will always be there for you.
You have been a good mother. You cannot ask for any better than that!

Rebecca Hively on

I could easily have cried reading your post Tina ~ I went through something very similar a number of years ago (I’m 61 so my three sons left the nest long before yours). I remember my youngest son’s wonderful high school football years and the friendships we made that we thought (at the time) would last a lifetime. So few have. But our love for him, his love for us, our love for his three children and theirs reciprocated, have all surpassed anything that we could have imagined when we sent him off to college. Unlike you, I was too emotional to send him off and had to leave that to my husband. I took off with my mother on an unnecessary shopping expedition to ward off the emotions! It didn’t change a thing ~ we still love him like our own life and wish him all that the good Lord will bestow on his beautiful soul!

Dee on

Oh wow Tina did that bring back memories. We had planned a fabulous trip to Italy the October after we took our “baby” to college…we had to cancel because I was just too depressed. Pathetic I know. But I did survive it. There is something about the baby in the family. He is now in his 30’s and a dad but he is STILL my baby.
Your letter to your son was beautiful. And what a handsome guy.
Make sure he saves it so he can have it when his son goes off to college.

Hang in there they do come home…did I mention Adam lives less than a mile away with my two gorgeous grandsons? A very happy ending.



Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Tina, What a Beautiful Letter to your son. Thank you so much for sharing. I just wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you today, I know it is hard, as well as a huge step to be so proud of. It also makes the holidays and trips back home even more AMAZING. Susan

noreen on

Hi Tina, what a beautiful post. Many of your readers experienced the emotions you have described as we wished our sons well on the next part of their journey, yes he will always be your baby! It is even harder for us whose sons have travelled to another continent for further studies and then made their homes there as well. Skype dates and email help with in keeping in touch. Wishing him well in his studies!

kate on

Tina a beautiful letter to a beautiful young man, Hollywood handsome! Wow.

I know you are going to miss him but this is such an exciting time to see him off and such a celebration, it is OK to cry tears of joy and sadness at the same time.

My middle daughter played field hockey at college and her being an athlete kept us connected to her and her school so I bet you will see the same. Its going to be wonderful Tina and getting that first phone call with him telling you all about the people he is meeting and all he is doing will be music to your ears! Best of luck to your handsome baby!

Marsha on

Absolutely, you don’t want to miss what’s on the other side of this day. Just amazing! Mothering never ends…it evolves and, in turn, continues to evolve us.

Sherry on

Tina, beautiful post and great pictures. Raising 3 kids and now getting to enjoy grandchildren, I am here to tell you life just gets better. I always say there is nothing more wonderful than adult children. They become your friends. In fact my daughter in her 40’s is my best friend. We talk everyday.
What is sad is when they are 30 years old and still live at home. I call that poor parenting. Kudo’s to you and your husband who raised responsible children who can function in society. That is something to be proud of.

Design Chic on

I know I’ve said this to you before, but it’s been 11 years since I sent my only off to college and I remember that day like it was yesterday. As everyone says, it’s what we all wish for our children and I can only tell you, that as sad as I was and as much as I missed her, that first visit to Chapel Hill was such a thrill. To see her in her new environment with all of her new “best friends” was the greatest feeling ever. Those were the fastest years and life is full and wonderful in each stage?just wait until you have those grandchildren?warmest hugs from me?

Design Chic on

And I meant to say what a precious, beautiful baby and handsome young man?you must be so very proud?

Cate tuten on

Tina, your son is absolutely gorgeous! And he looks like such a wonderful young man. I sent three sons to college and one daughter. So what I want to tell you is this—they don’t leave home forever. They marry and then multiply. I have been blessed with three amazing daughter-in-loves and one son-in-love, and now eight grandchildren! And I’m still young–LOL! For this family I prayed and the Lord really out did himself!! I’m sure He will do the same for you!! The years ahead only get better!! Blessings to you and your precious son!! Cate Tuten

BettyBaker on

Wow Tina – how Lucky you are to have such a wonderful son. I am sure he will live up to all your expectations. He is one handsome young man. Life goes on and it will be so wonderful to welcome him home for holidays – and I am sure he will call his Mom.

jeanne on

This has got to be the sweetest tribute ever. It IS hard to let them go, isn’t it? I have a feeling that you have instilled so much love in your son that he will LOVE coming back home. Thank you so much for sharing your personal pictures. I was oohhhing and ahhing over all of them. Good luck on this next part of your life. I sat my child’s teddy bear at the dinner table her whole first year of college. I just couldn’t handle that empty chair at the table!

Deborah on

What a beautiful tribute! We just moved our youngest son in to college last week–you summed up my own feelings about motherhood, and love for our son, so well. As difficult as it can be, I know you will also enjoy the opportunity to share in his new adventure! Well done, Mom.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Tina, What a beautiful son you have raised. No wonder you are so proud – and no wonder this moment is so very bittersweet. I love how much you love being a mom – it comes through in every single word of this post! And what a lucky young man your son is to have had such a lovely, caring, amazing mother behind him every step of the way… and every step into the future. Sending big hugs to you! XOXO

DiAne on

Tina I don’t often comment but felt compelled to do so- what a treasure of a post here for your beautiful sin to have and hold always. Your words made me very emotional as they were so obviously very heartfelt- I can feel how much you loved/love being a mom. Your kids are very lucky.
My middle daughter left last year and like you I worked myself into a frenzy weeks before send off day so the actual day wasn’t as bad as I expected then we got a call that night thanking us for sending her there- hearing the happiness in her voice was all I needed to hear, it energized me to focus on the positive and to recognize that anything we love in life that goes away will make us sad- but trust me your relationship will only get stronger.
Best of luck to your very handsome son and remember Brandon call your mom:-)

Anonymous on

Pat yourself on the back Tina- you hVe done well! What a gentleman you have raised and how handsome- wow!

Hard to see them go but this is one of life’s cycles and by far one of the best ones! You will get so much joy watching him grow flourish and succeed- I promise. Visits home will be cherished family time and it is true that distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

Good luck this weekend- be proud and celebrate his huge victory.

Cindy on

Dear Tina, this is such a sweet post. For all of us moms, you do such a great job of articulating what it means to be a mom and home-maker. Isn’t it amazing that even making Mac and Cheese at midnight is done with great love. I always take note of the words you use. You wrote about this being an exciting time to be 18. I’m so glad you are holding that vision. I believe it’s true, but we all need to be reinforcing that notion.

Thank you to Brandon for letting you share those pics.

I think this occasion calls for a glass of champagne raised in honor of this generation stepping out and making their mark on the world. Guessing that the greatest gift you’ve given Brandon, besides your love and devotion, is your ability to dream and be positive. It’s the same thing you do for all us, your loyal readers.

Much love to you…

[email protected] and state on

beyond beautiful and oh so touching. what a handsome young man with a beautiful soul that comes through in his photo.
well done mom and dad!
with love

Ellen on

Bravo to you Tina for a job well done p- you have obviously raised a fine young man who is going to go out and make his mark in this world! And might I add he is quite a looker- is he good looking:-)

It is so hard to say goodbye to our kids when they head off to college but knowing that we have equipped them with the skills to be able to take this challenge on is so fulfilling and I know you must be smiling today to see him take this giant step forward.

Much luck to Brandon and sending you a huge mom of reassurance and a big congratulations to you and your entire family in reaching this wonderful milestone.


classic ? casual ? home on

CHOKED UP!!! What a handsome, sweet young man. Tommy had blond curly hair when he was little, too. I hope Brandon is in your same time zone!

kris on

I know its hard Tina – It sounds as if you raised a wonderful young man. We are blessed to have families that love one another so much we miss them when their gone. I absolutely loved/love being a Mom even during the times you had to say

NO you cannot go….
Well, I am not their mother I am your mother…..or
I understand that you think their mother is much nicer than me – but God put me on this earth to be your mother not your friend, but if we can be friendly while we are doing this, that would be great…..

Oh, they do listen and the time comes when they hug your neck and tell you so. Prepare yourself for that day because it is one of the sweetest moments you will ever experience. It makes all those sleepless nights (yours, not your husbands) worth it. I just returned from a little get away to Los Cabos with my two daughters. One is now married and has a 2 yr old and the other will be graduating early in December from Baylor. This is the first vacation we have had “just us girls”. While we were at the pool a young woman stopped me and said, ” I have loved watching you and your beautiful daughters enjoying each others company this week. Watching the three of you lost in each others love, laughter and ” friendship” has made me want to go home and hug my mom and tell her how much I love her” ……Wow. I was so….thankful. Thankful, for hanging in their as their Mom for the sweetest reward and privilege of becoming Ally and Morgans friend.

Where did the time go?? My husband and I just look at each other and wonder, hardly able to speak because of the lump in our throats. Then we promptly remind ourselves that we didnt waste a minute of it and that this new chapter will be just as wonderful.

Give your son a great BIG HUG and remember he will miss you too.

Mary Beth on

Beautiful post?thank you for sharing. We started an Empty Nesters Club (ENC) of four couples whose babies all left for college the same year. All our children got such a chuckle out of it. But don’t you know, they occasionally love to hang with us at the lake when we hold our “meetings”! Some of your best memories are yet to come?stay tuned!

Jayne on

So touching and endearing! I completely teared up reading this, and remembering acutely how hard it was to drive our son off to college. I kept saying to myself, “But I’m not done yet! There are so many things I still need to tell him!” I don’t think you are ever quite prepared for the finality of it! I can’t say I ever saw our son’s college lacrosse games – I was the Mom pacing outside the stands or looking for the chapel! But my husband sure had fun!
You did a good job Tina – be proud!

michelle on

My lord that kid is good looking. Movie star good looking. Personally. .im new at this and all, but I think college should be home schooled til say…20. I know i know…they have to grow up. Looks like you have done a beautiful job here. I can only imagine how bittersweet this must be. My niece went away to school this year and she asked some words of advice….I told her freshman year is always harder than it looks for 1000 different reasons. These years bring the lifelong friends that will bring you through the rest of your life..choose wisely. Statistics show you will either get an important job or meet your spouse or someone who will introduce you to your spouse through these people.
What an exciting time!

Jody on

It is a joyful and stressful time, but that means as parents you are a success, and so is your son. I do remember though for and entire week our dog waited every night –all night on the landing for our son to come home . Happiness to all on your new chapter of life.

Caroli on

Tina! This was so beautifully written- you are a great mom and I know where he got his great looks from! You! He is so gorgeous:-)

Best of luck as he heads off to such an exciting time- it does get easier but those first few days are really hard when you wLk last their room and miss their presence…..eventually there is a new norm and before you know it the holidays roll around and he’s home!

You have done good and this is a time to celebrate this victory for both of you. Best of luck to Brandon. Hugs to you this weekend Tina.


Congratulations to your handsome son! You have done such a beautiful job Tina raising three boys and I know that God will be with them always! Have fun playing lacrosse! My cousins played at Rensselaer and loved it!

aNNE on

What a cutie pie, from start to finish a real looker!

Tina this is such a happy happy time. I know you dont’ want to see “your baby” go but he is ready to and make his mark on the world. You have prepared him for 18 years for this very day, give yourself a high five, not everyone gets to reach this important milestone. This is a huge celebration!

He will be home before you know it. And him playing a sport will keep you really connected even more to him and the school. How fun to go watch him play. Before you know it the holidays will be here and you will be busy preparing his favorite meals and getting his room ready like its the best hotel in town:-) It’s a new chapter but something tells me it will be the best yet.

Phyllis on

Dear Tina, Having been ‘offline’ most of the summer due to the girls’ schedules and a lot of travel, it has been a pleasure to catch up at the Enchanted Home this morning, alone in a quiet with my coffee. Firstly, I love the new look of the blog – simple and elegant. Secondly, I love this post; it is a beautifully written tribute to your son who I don’t doubt is an exceptional young man. It shows that, in addition to love, you invested a lot of time and effort to ensure his success when he finally left the nest. You should be proud of yourself as well. I wish you both all the best in the year ahead!!

Mary on

Oh Tina I am relating to your feelings- I just got back from taking my youngest son to college yesterday! It’s a tough one.
Loved the time with him, and we had so much fun on the trip- til I had to say goodbye. But he’s so ready and excited for all the adventure and opportunity to come. Mixed emotions are exhausting!
Take care,

Emily on

Well Done! What a beautiful young man and this is such a special day for you and your family. This just shows what a wonderful job you were as a mommy. Now enjoy watching him take flight and the wonderful occasions to come. Congratulations! Looks a lot like the one that use to come in the door here πŸ™‚

Linda Floyd on

Such a lovely note, from the heart and with an expression of love that only a Mother can have for a son?a new beginning for both of you. Just wait?it only gets better, different, but delightful just the same. Those “chirps in his ear” do make into their inner depths. I have to smile when I hear my grown children repeat the same “chirps” to their children!
Enjoy this new and exciting time with your son,

Sally on

Dearest Tina
Your words and pictures are beautiful and very touching.
God bless you and your hubs for raising a wonderful family and sharing love and joy with your boys every day of your lives.
I hope you wont mind my saying that Brandon is a most handsome young man (he will call you often dont worry!) I wish him the very best of luck and success at college..
..and for you Tina in these days, we are all here, you know we are.
Wish I were close enough to take you for a nice cocktail πŸ™‚
much love xx

cAROL s. on

From a peanut to a very handsome young man. And a real sweetheart as you’ve described. You raised him to perfection and darnit, gotta let em go!! lol. My youngest is a h.s. sophomore and a pure joy, and the oldest a college junior. Truly a wonderful stage of being mom, but I do believe with all my heart there is joy at every stage. I hear being a Grandma is the BEST, though not in any immediate hurry for that, realize there really is happiness through it all. Best wishes to your college student and your new and exciting stage.

cAROL s. on

And wanted to say, you have the wisest, sweetest blog commenters. I went back and read through their comments…what a thoughtful group of readers. And forgot to say, Brandon, Call Mom!

Mimi on

Tina I don’t get on your blog as often as I would like since were in the middle of a move and a busy life but I am so very happy that I did not miss this one, this was just amazing and what a beautiful tribute to your son. Speaking of beautiful he is so handsome.

It is definitely hard to say goodbye to the chapter of their childhood even when it’s to enter this most exciting stage that your son is beginning now. I’m not quite there yet but we will be in two years and I can only imagine that it will take some time to adjust to having an empty house.

You have obviously done an outstanding job raising a fine young man and I have no doubt that he’ll he will go out there and make you very proud. I hope this weekend has gone really well for all of you.



I know how you feel….when my twin sons went to college it was bittersweet. It wasn’t until they finished that they told me leaving home was the hardest thing they ever had to do – independent of one another. I think that broke my heart more than waving goodbye that first day.

I noticed your son in the Duke attire. If he is, by chance, attending Duke and ever needs anything, I am right in his back yard. I went to Carolina but worked at Duke for many years and I am way past the rivalry!

If your son is like mine, he will call you every day. And, the breaks and holidays make the years fly by!

Warm regards,

gina on

A lovely tribute to your son…a lovely pictures

Christy on

Tina this post brought tears to my eyes I am quite a ways off from sending any of my kids to college but I can only imagine how bittersweet this must be. I can tell you are such an amazing mother your son is incredibly lucky to have you.

He’s in for a wonderful time and being an athlete I think is going to really enrich his experience- it sounds like he is ready! So handsome too- I hope he’s got something to fight off the girls πŸ™‚ thankfully in today’s world he can text and call you to his hearts content so the lines of communication will always be open to his sweet mom!

Best of luck to him!

[email protected] cones and acorns blog on

Sorry to have missed this post while your blog was down, it brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful and handsome your man you have raised,his kindness, sensitivity and intelligence will carry him far.

I am sure that he feels as blessed to have you as his parents, as you do to have him as your son.

Best of luck to your beautiful boy!

taylor greenwalt on

Oh Tina…such a heart felt post…I can totally relate…one mother to another!

sherry hart on

Oh Tina…way to make a gal cry….such a beautiful tribute….and can I tell you how darn handsome your son is! He is blessed to grow up with so much love:)

Pretty Pink Tulips on

I made it to “Dear Brandon” before I teared up and then had to step away and go tuck in my youngest. Your post and perspective are so appreciated by me, as I am in the thick of things with my young guys. I love seeing you (literally)reflected in Brandon’s face and getting a chance to see what a precious little boy he was. And, then that final photo was just amazing. What a handsome young man on the cusp of so much in his life. Congrats to him reaching his goal of playing college lax. We have friends who have a son in my youngest’s grade and just dropped their oldest off at Colgate to play lax. Actually?a number of my friends have taken their oldest to college this year and it is such an incredible milestone for parent and child. It’s going to be a great year?.for all of you!
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