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Hi there! Well, we are back and I survived:)? First off I? have to tell you…..I was so touched by your amazing comments/ emails of support from my tribute to my son (click here if you missed it). I know I will go back to that post often and treasure your words of wisdom and sage advice. So sorry my site was down for nearly a day, there was a technical glitch that took some time to work through. Turns out I may need to get a designated server (still trying to process what that even fully means)!


So I survived the big sendoff.? Not without my share of tears, both happy and sad. On a scale of 1-10 the move in day was a 10, it could not have gone better..practically the entire lacrosse team came to greet him, and he is rooming with 3 of his teammates, what more could a guy ask for? He had an instant sense of camaraderie and seeing that made us so happy. The school was amazing with a capital A and we left there feeling incredibly fulfilled but seeing him walk away as we drove away definitely left me with a lump in my throat and I saved my flow of tears for when he was clear out of sight. Below is his advisory having a meeting on the lawn….not too shabby, eh!


Coming home to his near empty room was also not so easy and getting used to a rather eerily quiet home is going to be an adjustment (we still have my middle son here thank the Lord) but only for a few months….I treasure each and every one of those days though:)

So I will spare you my sob story and say this- that this is one of my life’s cycles, it is no doubt an exciting and important step for him to take, and indeed a privilege, one he is lucky to have. We are proud that he worked hard to get there, and will enjoy seeing him progress as he marches along on this journey. I think our missing him is a testament to the love we share as a family and will only enhance the times when we are together again, over holidays, breaks and summers.

I, in the meantime, have a “new normal” to adjust to and it’s probably going to take a little time.

I am going to throw myself into my work, blog and online shop…… I have A LOT going on so it’s just as well, plenty to keep me busy. The response to the tole line has been fabulous. It was launched with a somewhat “soft opening” as the shop integration did not happen according to plan however we are hoping to have the shop online hopefully tomorrow with other exciting things going on…..


Lots of randomness to talk about here, so lets begin……


CHINOISERIE MELAMINE. I introduced a fabulous and I do mean FABULOUS promotion yesterday for a new item to The Enchanted Home. The most perfect item for someone who (like me) loves blue and white, chinoiserie and fuss free entertaining….say hello this gorgeous chinoiserie melamine! I am offering a special price on it for 3 days under my current promotions tab, click here to visit.? It is just too gorgeous for words. I am only down to a handful of plates.

DC17-1024x971 DameChinoise_DinnerforWeb DameChinoise_DessertPlateforWeb



GREAT HOLIDAY? STAMP! I know it’s crazy to even talk about the holidays but when I saw these I have to admit I allowed my mind to wander just a teeny tiny bit. I think these are so elegant and I love oversized anything, these really make a statement!? I am absolutely ordering this for my Christmas cards. If you want to, is the link on Etsy. Click elegant!




FALL DRESSING. I made this fall mood board of how I like to dress. Besides loving fall weather, I get so excited about fall clothes, my favorite season of all. This is exactly how I like to dress, stylish classic neutrals that can all be interchanged fairly easily…



INSPIRATION FOR A LUNCHEON. I might be hosting a small birthday luncheon and pulled out these pretty service plates, wouldn’t these be a great starting point for? a beautiful “ladies luncheon” theme?


NEW BOOKS! I got in not one but two AMAZING new books, When I get books in that are over the top fabulous I need to tell you about them.? Both of these I read front to back and assure you, that you will not regret adding them to your collection. They are both incredible. Aerin Lauders elegant and low key style is one I love, and her book is just as wonderful, I related so much to her on so many things I literally lost count. The pictures particularly of the country home were breathtaking. Click here to order on Amazon.


Then I was sent the newest book by uber talented? Betty Lou Phillips and its another winner. I cannot believe how she is able to come out with one home run after another. This one is very heavily accented on? French style and is a total delight from front cover to back. The pictures “take you away” to someplace wonderful! I proudly have both on my coffee table so I can refer back to them frequently. Cannot suggest them both enough… here to order Betty Lou Phillip’s latest on Amazon.



GORGEOUS INSTAGRAM SHOTS. I have been saving some really fabulous Instagram goodies lately. Here are a few faves….


This was from Mary McDonald


And this from Alexsviewpoint

unnamsadfd ? ?? This? was from a newer person (to me) Pantaimentari


A MOVIE I REALLY WANT TO SEE. My faith in the movie biz is being restored ever since I saw The Hundred Foot Journey and Magic in the Moonlight, and here is the next movie, A Five Star Life,? on my “to see” list. Looks sooo good and I love that it combines travel to exotic places and beautiful hotels!


SHOP NEWS. There is? A LOT is going on. I am going to finally be integrating the online shop onto my blog hopefully by tomorrow, finally! It was supposed to happen last week but sometimes it just doesn’t happen according to plan…can’t sweat the small things. The important thing is it looking great and is going to be improved……. really user friendly and will not involve having to use Paypal (though you still can if you want to) but you can use your credit or debit card directly if you would prefer.

I think you will like it. I also have a lot of really exciting new products being added. Of course the tole is my biggest addition with a bunch of amazing new pieces coming in November. I have a bunch of beautiful new blue and white porcelains, new lamps, lots of smaller accessories (looking ahead for the holidays), new floral, a couple of new belljar styles, and so much more. It is going to keep me really busy but a good kind of busy:)

Here is a look at some of the goodness coming my way……



unnamefcfd unnam644ed

?I am in love with this newest style belljar called the “Tiffany” it is available in both med. and large and I am determined to find a place in my home for at least one!




Some beautiful new porcelain styles…





Getting in these oversized super gorgeous heavy crystal perfume bottles….ch_1424_modern_morocco_glass_perfume_bottle index modern-food-containers-and-storage

And love this line of wicker, beautiful quality, cannot wait to get it!

pro_4256_f3 PY3-1072124-3



And so much more including some beautiful items from France, a new pillow line and much more….I cannot wait to share it all with you as it all starts to come in! Well, that’s about it for now, thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day and end to your weekend:)

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bonnie on


cindy weis on

Hi Tina, glad to hear your son is settled in school. I am sure Teddy is keeping you company at home. Love the wicker line and can’t wait to see it up in the shop. Enjoy your Sunday, very warm and humid here in Chicago.

susan on

Hi Tina, welcome home and to your new chapter of life. Yes it will be an adjustment but you might surprise yourself with how well you do. The campus is spectacular!

Love all the new goodies coming in, and of course the newest melamine is incredible, I emailed you about it. You are getting better and better! Hang in there, loved your tribute to your son. It was so touching and really summed up the feelings most moms feel for their kids but can’t always express.

maryann on

Hi Tina, I remember taking my son to college, I was so weepy for about a week off and on, it really took some getting used to.My husband got so tired of seeing me cry that he surprised me with a trip to an island for a week and it was the best medicine. You might want to consider getting away just for a change of pace and scenery. I came back feeling so much better. But there is a big adjustment period.

I love all the new wares especially the wicker, tole and perfume bottles (I collect them). I don’t know if I told you but I LOVE your new blog look. It is just beautiful, so clean and crisp and “you”! Hang there, your beautiful boy is going to have the time of his life! (loved that tribute post). Well done Tina.

Lory at Designthusiasm on

Two comments – so is he a Blue Devil? If so, it would be amusing that you chose a blue and white school… πŸ˜‰ Good luck to him, and to mom! And second, I’d recognize that second instagram pic anywhere, as I was literally just preparing a post of my pics from the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. Wonderful place, wonderful bar! The post will be up later today.

Anonymous on

I was so distressed, the day the site was down. I really due love this site! MC

Anonymous on

I was so distressed, the day the site was down. I really do love this site! MC

Shari on

Your things are lovely. Even more lovely, is seeing your child at the next life chapter. As mothers, our jobs never waver…they adjust to the growth and changes of our families. Our children carry our hopes and dreams with them…and as difficult as is is to watch them go…we wouldn’t change a moment….a new journey begins!??

Ann on

Looks like your son is going to Duke?!? My son just graduated from Duke in May and it was an incredible experience for all of us but mostly him! Trust me it only gets better!

Elizabeth on

Hello Tina,

In a blink, time just moves us forward. The sparkle in your son’s eyes reveals the love, security and blessings that you have given to him to grow into a fine you man. What more could we every ask for. The road will feel bumpy from time to time but remember you gave him wings to fly high in life. My father-in- law once wrote to me during a challenging time, “Some birds aren’t meant to be caged; their feathers are just to bright. Spread your wings so when you look back on your life, you can say I flew high and far.” It gives me comfort and strength to move to the next chapter. The best is yet to come for you and your family. Much Love to you during this time of transition. We are all here for you!. Elizabeth xo

leslie on

Tina I really missed coming to your blog and now that we are FINALLY settling into our new home I am getting my life back. Your tribute to your son had me sobbing all over my keyboard, what a good looking young man! The girls are going to be all over him:-)

I am not quite there but will be in 4 years but my sisters both sent their youngest to college in the last few years and said the first year was the hardest, he is lucky to have you as such a caring and loving mom.

Love the new blog look and all of the spectacular new goodies. It’s like Christmas every single day over here. I LOVE my tole tray, going to send you a picture of it on my dining room buffet. Great line!

Jennifer on

You will settle in to the new normal. When you son returns on break you will be so proud! Great new finds and suggestions. An upcoming trip to Chicago has me wanting to wear all the pieces on your board, but the weather will not break in time I’m sure!

Debbie on

Really enjoying your blog and certainly your online shop. The array of choices is quite varied and beautiful. I anticipate all the new blue porcelain and wicker line. You have renewed my interest in making my own home ‘the enchanted home’.
As to the departure of your son, my twins left 8 years ago and I thought I could not carry on. But, we had laid the foundation for them to go forth and rise to soar with the eagles on high. It is our children’s right to move on into their lives and follow their choices. They will come back to your loving nest but wiser and more mature……
My best to you.

AMY on

So many lovely great new things arriving…I better get my checkbook ready!

But first that tribute to your son…it made me cry like a baby, it really touched my heart. We saw my older daughter off to college last year and will see my middle daughter next year and in 3 years our son. I am not ready to be an empty nester, not for a long long time. I love being a mom and love my house to be full of people and kids! But I like you said, see its a necessary step for them to take towards adulthood and they do come back so much wiser and more mature (and appreciative)! So there is a lot of good too, but cry your tears as it will pass and when you see him settle into his new routine it will make you smile.

Hang tight, Tina. I promise it gets better.

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

Beautiful post, Tina!
I am happy you made it through the day! It has been six years, and I can still remember driving away. It will take some time.
Love the stamp and all forte beautiful shop items.
Happy Sunday.

Cheryl on

As I looked at the photo of your son at his college, it looked so much like Graham’s school. I hope he has a wonderful time. And yes, I wept when I left him. I still get choked up when he leaves to go back to Aspen.
On another note, Alexandra and Mark’s wedding took place this past weekend, and the tables looked stunning with the vases. I will post photos as soon as I have them.

classic ? casual ? home on

So much goodness in one post! I know you miss your boy?such a great spot he landed in?sure to be successful and busy. You have more energy than anyone I know!!!

leslie on

Tina, I feel your pain, dropped my daughter off last week and it just feels lonely without her but she is so happy that it makes me happy just knowing she is having a great time. What a beautiful campus!
Good luck with the adjustment, just understand it does take time….and just give in to that and dont’ expect it to happen overnight. Good thing you like to keep busy and have a lot going on. I love all the new products you have coming in, I have so enjoyed everything I have bought from you and love my new tole lamps. I will send oyu pictures of them in my family room. They look perfect and even better than I expected.
Hang in there…..its going to not only be OK its going to be great!

Katie Clooney on

Oh my, Tina! Sounds like your plate is brimming full. First off, your “new normal” will get easier every day. At least it did for me. Great that you are not dealing with Paypal – I’ve had my cc # stolen twice using them. Great things in your new shop. Love the perfume bottles and your tole line is to die for. I can’t wait to see that movie, either. Looks great. Counting the minutes til the Emmys tonight. Enjoy your last days of summer.

Sandy on

Good morning Tina! It sounds like the “drop off” went quite well – he no doubt is having the time of his life! How are you doing?? I was thinking of you all weekend, and was happy to read this post yesterday. Thanks for all your “musings” particularly the movie recommendation – you just KNOW I am going to love that movie! I can’t wait to see it! And, I can’t wait to see your new shop site all up and running! Have a beautiful Monday! xoxo

Laura on

Great post as always, so happy to hear the sendoff went so well. It sounds like it could not have gone any better, what more can one ask for? I remember when we dropped my son off 4 years ago it was pouring rain so hard we could barely see, thunder and lightning, he was nervous already being a shy type so this upped the ante so to speak. It was quite a day. We were all drenched, only good thing is that it hid my tears very well:-) And he went on to despite a rocky first week to absolutely love his school.

I bet your son is going to have the time of his life and being an athlete from what i hear really enhances the whole experienced as they have a built in bond of friends how nice for him (and you)! The campus looks so beautiful.

Tina, your shop just gets better and better, I love all the new things coming in, the basketweave items are so beautiful, I would be interested in those and the perfume bottles too. I love your taste and style and have learned so much. That movie looks fabulous, so my speed, thanks for telling me about it. Take care of yourself and doing something nice for yourself today:-)

Design Chic on

Now you’ll settle into a new routine and a new normal. Shockingly, it gets easier with time and for sure my “aha” moment was when we went to see her for a football game and saw her so jubilant in her new environment. That feels so good! Loving all of your new goodies?can’t wait to see more!!


Hi Tina! I’m so happy that your son’s move in day was a success and that it seems like he’s going to do well! God bless him! Love your new items, especially the blue and white goodies and the wicker! I’m going to have to order those when they arrive. πŸ˜‰

[email protected] cones and acorns blog on

Tina, my goodness you are going to be busy! All of your new products look fabulous!

I am off to check out the Etsy stamp, it is beautiful! Thank you for the movie reviews and the books!

Have a great day!

MaiTai on

Bonne rentr?e to you and your son! In France we have another ten days, can’t believe how quickly the summer went by though. Have a wonderful autumn ahead!

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