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Hello there. Hope all is well with you. As I adjust to my “new norm” and admittedly I am feeling a bit like? a lost little puppy dog but a very busy one, I am trying to keep as busy as possible and trying find ways to not dwell on how much I miss my son. Knowing he is happy however is doing a lot in keeping me going.

I am very busy getting my online shop up which is slated to happen hopefully tomorrow or Thursday at the latest (finally) and adding a bunch of new products that have come in with more coming in over these next few weeks plus ordering the next big order of tole, and there are going to be some really amazing new pieces in this next batch. Plus the design project I have been working on in NYC is getting its first delivery on Tuesday so it’s quite exciting! So a lot of good and exciting things that are all keeping me going and then some:)

One thing you know I love, is tabletop and china, love playing “dressup” and mixing and matching…….and? I certainly have enough china to support my case:) So since Monday is “my day” the day that I typically stay home, when no one else is here and it’s normally a “free pass” for me to do whatever I want, I had fun playing around with the tole and china and decided to have a little photo session. I will also be hosting? a luncheon and another little get together so was thinking of different possibilities as to? how I might want to set the table. Here are some highlights….


IMG_0109 IMG_0106 IMG_0110 IMG_0112 IMG_0113

Pretty silver serving dishes just “make” the table and elevate the elegance of the tablescape

IMG_0115 IMG_0111


These pheasant napkin rings are some of my favorites from Vagabond


I am a sucker for anything that has delicate etch work…love it!

Then I have these vintage inspired plates in three different patterns (service plates) and they are just so pretty and feminine and scream “ladies luncheon”…..

unnamevcxd unname8hd unnamenvbcd 432sdunnamed

IMG_0886 IMG_0887

I love the rich elegant colors and iconic design of the Imari pattern….

IMG_0888 IMG_0889 IMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0892

I am so in love with the Vagabond Pheasant napkin rings, so elegant don’t you think? These are being added to my online shop this week, perfect for the holidays!



So I have a few lovely choices….do you have a favorite? Do tell!

And then I had fun playing with my tole which I can’t get enough of…..I first put together super elegant mossy green vignette both with white blossom in the tea caddies and just plain.

IMG_0127 IMG_0126 IMG_0122



Added this blue and white planter to my kitchen countertop…..

In anticipation of the emails I get with questions (always very flattering) the linens, chargers, napkin rings, all tole, planter, faux flowers are all from my online shop (click here) or visit Everything else is my from my own stash/collection.

I had fun playing during my little play session and haven’t done that in a while, will have to do it again soon.? The new and improved shop will be up in the next day or two and I have had many asking about the tole, believe me, I have been chomping at the bit and never thought it would take this long….

But Thurs. at the latest, I will announce it on my blog and will probably do some kind of fun giveaway to celebrate, I will be tweaking things as we go this coming week, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. It takes time to work out the kinks but we are just about there…finally!

Thank you as always for stopping by, hoping you have a wonderful day. Until next time…..


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sherry hart on

Beautiful presentation as usual Tina:) You are the “china queen”!!

Peggy Thal on

Gorgeous table! Love your pheasant china, so perfect for the a fall. I collect unusual napkin rings and just adore yours. You have inspired me to go polish more of my silver that is in the closet. Thanks for sharing!

Valerie Kokenes on

I was so excited to be the winner of your tole give a way. The blue and white t planter is BEAUTIFUL! Anyone ordering from your line will not be disappointed . That you so very much.

Your table possibilities for the ladies luncheon are beautiful!

Antoinette de janasz on

Hi Tina,

I love all the table settings – I am so glad you did not have us choose which one we like best because I couldn’t pick just one! I especially love the silver chargers. If you carried those in your store, I’d buy them in a heartbeat!!!

Rebecca Hively on

Just loved all of your tablescapes today! And, like you, I love etched glassware!

Dotti O. on

I totally understand how you are feeling about your son leaving for college. I went through it with both daughters, but it was worst when the youngest joined her sister at college,. I think it was because coming home to a dark and quiet house after work was the worst. I had to keep telling myself that this was what I had worked for all of those years………….to help my babies be able to successfully leave the nest. Love all of your table settting, but the Chelsea Bird is my favorite.

Lory at Designthusiasm on

Tina, what a lovely post. The chargers are magnificent! Will have to look for them in your shop. My favorite setting above is probably the one with the candle, but they are all great. Don’t know if you read your comments, but I really get such pleasure from your posts… πŸ™‚

Rose Ann Hancock on

Could you please tell us the name of the bird china. If it is Chelsea Bird is a different version that I have. Yours is very beautiful but the border is different than mine and I would love to add a few pieces like yours.

Thank you,

Rose Ann

Katie Clooney on

Tina… you give a whole new meaning to “playing dress up.” WOWZA!! Gorgeous table settings. The candle looks great on the table at the place setting. Can’t wait to hear what your fave dress was at the Emmy’s. I taped Housewives. Have a great week and hope you have pencilled in relaxation on your busy calender!

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

All of your tablescapes are just stunning! I love the pheasants napkin rings. Perfect for the holidays.
Glad theta you are keeping busy. It is the only way to get through the akward stage.
Happy Tuesday.

katherine on

The planter with the Staffordshire dogs sitting on the window ledge – looks so nice.

franki on

How very beautiful!! Pheasants are “my thing” as well!! I have them “displayed” throughout the cabin (including plates…now…do I “need” pheasant napkin rings or is it…”want!”) I, too, play “dress up”…it’s a “fun thing!” franki

Deb on

Beautiful–you’ve inspired me! Thanks for the lovely photos and ideas for my own table this fall.

Lin on

All the table settings are wonderful, but the Imari really captures the pheasant napkin rings — A++++!

Stella on

Your table design is just beautiful. Just love the way u put it all together. Also adore your fabric on the chairs!!!!

South Shore Decorating Blog on

I’m so glad you are keeping busy – that has to be the best thing for your changes going on. And playing dress up with the table is the best way! PS – I can’t wit to see your NY project!!

Fran on

Love your tablescapes! The pheasant napkin rings are great!

Barbara Kelly on

Tina, what you are feeling is natural; promise things will get better.
Only a mother knows what that “empty nest” feeling is like.

My tole arrived yesterday… over the top!!. Am so pleased.
Am anxious to see the lanterns.

Love your blog it’s part of my morning quite time with coffee and the news paper.

Marsha Cannon on

I loved all of the tables capes – it will be difficult for you to choose just one! Can’t wait to see the pheasant napkin rings in the shop as I know that I must have these for the holidays!

Beverly on

Thanks for sharing with us!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

the etched goblets are so so lovely, tina! i’m with you in spirit as you embrace this transition in nest-lightening. they truly never exit the nest for good, and the absence often makes love grow bigger and sweeter. love to you from the desert where i am celebrating with my parents 50 years of marriage–they are the cutest!


Sandy @ You May bE wandering on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everyone of these table scapes…what fun!! Hope your week is going well and you are starting to settle into your empty nest! xoxo

Elizabeth@pine cones and acorns blog on

I love playing dress up with my table too! I LOVE the vintage inspired china and could not agree more that they would make a beautiful presentation at a ladies lunch.

Cannot wait to see your new shop! Have a great evening!

lisa on

Tina how great to see your site up again, I was having withdrawals! Your tablesettings are amazing. I cant pick a favorite but the aqua and the Imari are to die for. But so is the pheasants. And then there is that green tole. Wow. It is all so beautiful. You are really talented. I love it all. Thank you for adding so much beauty and inspiration to my day.

Mrs. Shockley on

Oh Tina! I love it all. Everything is just so gorgeous and chic! I hope to one day own at least one set of those plates. I have to say the pink set is my favorite. When I saw it; it reminded me of a grand chateau in France. Just lovely….

Connie on

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED! your table settings. I especially loved the vintage plates. All your etched glassware & the silver – so beautiful! The napkin rings just gave it the perfect touch. Your ladies luncheon – can I come? πŸ™‚ Always such beautiful items you have.

Jan on

Love all the settings! Are the chargers silver trays or actual chargers? Love them!

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