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Good morning! It is so nice to be back:)? First I need to apologize to everyone about my unstable? blog in the last 24 hours! Some of you have said you cannot leave a comment on my blog, that may still be the case on and off today, but by tonight/tomorrow all should be squared away! I know almost all of you could not get on for about the last 20 hours or so and had no forewarning . Basically explaining it in the most elementary terms possible (about the only way I can honestly explain this tech-y stuff and really be able to fully understand it myself) is that on my old hosting plan I was on a shared plan (shared internet space with a bunch of other blogs) with my hosting company and occasionally when there was an excessive amount of traffic, and my share of the traffic would take up too much space it would cause the server or host to crash which is why my site could go down.

So finally it was suggested after spending a week of being diagnosed by “the experts” that I get my very own “dedicated server”? which means I will never ever have that happen again, I have my very own server just for moi….it was a big step forward but ultimately was the right choice to make especially since the online shop is growing. This will insure total stability at all times. So I am happy to say the worst is behind us and fingers crossed we should never encounter those hiccups again:)

Now moving along to the fun and pretty, which is why we are both here right? I got in my order of the magnificent new chinoiserie melamine and oh my it stunning. I LOVE this line. Got my first orders sent out, which no surprise sold out right away. I can see why, as? this line is just fabulous.

Of course I had to immediately set a table, like it was a 911 emergency.? And then had to share with you pronto. So here we go, yes tablescapes have been on my mind lately. As has my son. No one more than my son…but tablescapes are good at keeping my mind busy. And speaking of my sweepie pie, he is happy as a clam I am happy to report but I miss him terribly! Onto that? tablescape……..


IMG_0162 IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0166

My little chinoiserie man silver napkin rings from my online shop go perfectly with this setting!


This is the gorgeous dinner plate


And the fabulous pagoda salad plate


Some of these hydrangeas are from my yard and then most are faux, I find mixing is the best way…..


My beautiful Chiang Mai pillows from Studio Tullia (one of my sponsors) go perfectly with this grouping


So here I added some blue flowers to the mix and I actually really like it, it livens up the mix! All the flowers clusters are from my online shop.

IMG_0191 IMG_0193 IMG_0194


I am getting my second order of this stunning line in again early next week, it will be added to my online shop launch (next day or two) in case you want to order or you can email me at

Nothing feels quite as fresh as blue and white, it is so appealing and classic!I feel like with fall being just around the corner and the natural inclination to want to gravitate towards darker moodier colors, I need to enjoy this lighter airier look while I can.

Everything shown is from my online shop except the linens which are from World Market and pillows as stated are from Studio Tullia.

I feel like I have been saying it forever but we really are putting the finishing touches on the online shop and though tweaks will still be forthcoming for weeks to come, hope to have it up tomorrow! Will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience during this “transition” time…its all for a better? and enhanced experience here at The Enchanted Home!

Wishing you a fabulous day……. can you believe summer is nearly over? I almost fainted when I saw aisles and aisles? of Halloween candy being displayed! I like to pace myself when it comes to the holidays…..


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Sue on

Hi Tina,
I was looking at your shop for the blue and white plates. Is the promotion over for them?
Thank you,

lisa on

I don’t know if even the word breathtaking is appropriate. But I will use it for now. Just beautiful Tina. Hope you ate out there πŸ™‚ Too pretty to not use! I love the china and the flowers are sensational. GREAT JOB. I am always so inspired to create a little “enchantment” in my own home.

Debbie H. on

Absolutely beautiful Tina! Have a great day πŸ™‚

victoria on

I know when I visit you I am in for a feast for my eyes and this is just magnificent. I would keep it set like that all the time. I love blue and white too but have to say you have reignited my interest and I have noticed a big spike in it in magazines as well, have you?
I am not surprised at the response to the dinnerware, not only is it beautiful but so unique. I do love it and so happy to hear your son is doing so well. My daughter is also thrilled, makes me so relieved. Once a mom always a mom no matter how old they are!

Lea on

Hi Tina,
Like you, my home is decorated with blue and white porcelain. Autumn is my favorite season and I pair my blue and white with orange gourds, leaves, porcelain pieces and the blue just pops giving some class to the orange autumn decor. Works for me anyway.

Thank you for sharing your immense decorating talent and lovely pieces to purchase in your shop. You are amazing!


Sue ellen on

Love all the blue and white
How can I find the dishes to buy
Please advise
Thank you sue Elle


Love this blue and white table setting and it looks like the perfect place to have a yummy brunch with your friends πŸ˜‰

Anita Rivera on


Whew, the first week of school has been fun and exhausting. My students are happy, fun, respectful but they are already tired! So am I….

My friend, may your son flourish as he goes out to experience school and life. He will always have such a great mom to welcome him home! These table scapes are heavenly blue and those hydrangeas have to be my favorite.

Thank you my friend, for coming by to visit my blog post. It’s been hard to write because of school, but I will pick up my momentum soon. Thank you for your kind words!

OK, go and make something outrageously beautiful – HUGS! Anita

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Tina, congratulations on getting your very own server! That’s kind of exciting, in a geeky-techy kind of way that my husband would appreciate. πŸ˜‰

I absolutely LOVE this new collection of yours. Perfect for outdoor entertaining. Makes me wish summer was just starting instead of winding down. Love how you pulled the table together.

Hope you have an absolutely lovely weekend! XOXO

Fiona on

Hi there, love your stories and products. Are you able to send store items to Australia? on

Hi Tina, those dishes are to die! I love them. You never cease to amaze with the beautiful things you put together. How I would love to sit at that table with coffee and chat with you πŸ˜‰

Debby Anderson on

Hi Tina,

Oh, I hate that annoying tech-y stuff!!! Your tablescape is gorgeous. That’s it?I’m coming to visit you for lunch. I’ll bring the flowers and the wine. LOL

Did you get your youngest off to college? How are you doing with that? Logan goes tomorrow. Wah!!

Miss you! xo

MaiTai on

Absolutely beautiful! Your table settings are just fabulous. Enjoy a happy weekend!

Michelle bingham on

Hi Tina. I just wanted to let you know that you are my favourite blogger/Instagramer/decorator in the whole world!

franki on

Wonderful…just wonderful!! franki

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