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Hello, back from Brimfield, more on that later. Welcome to Seven on Sunday. Seven? things that I am loving or that have caught my attention? on Sunday……could be just about anything. Movies, books, a new designer, a news story, a new line, clothing, stationery, a hot restaurant or vacation spot, you name it…..nothing is off limits which is what makes this kind of fun:) Short and sweet but possibly something that might excite you too. So ready to begin with my seven ? Here we go…..




Where have I been hiding that I didn’t know about Happy Menocal? Not until I opened the most wonderful invitation that is! Wow…talk about something gorgeous, whimsical, eye catching and beyond fabulous! I of course wanted to honor the privacy of the bride and groom so am not posting their actual invite but here is a sampling of the most amazing and unique stationary from The Happy Menocal.

Then I just found out that they have also teamed up with Paperless Post (brilliant) so that those of you who prefer to go the paperless route you can still use their wonderful goods……click here to visit their equally fabulous website.

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This hotel in the south of France is high on my list of places that I would love to go. Somehow lately The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc has been crossing my path a lot,? which must mean it is destined to make it on my travel calendar, right? And then I just happened to bump into a friend at a restaurant two weekends ago who just came back from there the week before and could not stop raving so yes now I am even more set on going! ? Just the bar alone……gorgeous!!

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I am really missing Robin Williams. I am regretful that I did not pay proper tribute to him because honestly he is and will always be one of my faves. I didn’t fully realize sadly until his passing just how truly brilliant he was.? And then you look at his roster of movies, and it’s pretty mind blowing. I happened to have a sleepless night the other night a few nights ago and none other than one of my all time favorites was on, Good Will Hunting…..he was so fantastic in that!

Of course I? watched it till the end out of of respect. I have to say he was some talented actor and will be sorely missed. I am still very sad that he is gone and that he was so tormented in his last days that he felt there was no way out. Tragic. His acts of kindness are legendary and I am always touched when I hear of those that went under the radar, the ones that he didn’t feel the need to talk about….those are the ones that really touch my heart the most.

I hope he has the peace he so wanted and couldn’t find, there is no doubt that his immense legacy and talent will live on through his charitable acts and battalion of fantastic films. RIP Robin, you will? be forever missed. If you have not seen this very short 60 second tribute, you should, it is beautiful.





Is this the prettiest/cutest/most whimsical thing you have EVER seen for a ladies lunch EVER? I fell in love! Admittedly it would take some work but can you imagine the oohs and ahhs you would get over this sandwich cake? You heard right…SANDWICH CAKE. Amazing. Click here for the lowdown on how to make this beauty!


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I cannot wait to see this movie and am actually going to see Boyhood this week? with a friend. Anyone see it yet?? Few movies I have looked up, if any in fact, do I remember seeing 5 stars across the board….so I am really anticipating seeing it. Hailed as “groundbreaking” and unlike any other film made, this is sure to be something remarkable, will be sure to report back!



My newly wallpapered powder room! I just love it and know I made the right decision going with the black. I know many of you also loved the black….so thanks for the vote of confidence:) Coming off of a library it is a great choice, and its a very small bathroom but feels so cozy and intimate, the dark walls work well. I need to now figure out what I am doing on the windows and will likely darken the trim. I was even thinking of doing something gorgeous and glossy…wouldn’t that be pretty!

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And this just because it will make you laugh and why not end this with something to make you smile:)




Wishing you a fabulous day and a wonderful end to your? weekend. Until next time…..what’s on your agenda today?? A little US Open action perhaps?? Whatever you are up to…hope it’s enjoyable, finally our heat wave is breaking and at last we are due to have wonderful, bearable weather that you won’t melt in the minute you walk out the door:) I am just about ready for fall…..


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Victoria on

Tina, you pack so much content into your posts. This one is a prime example. Considering all you do, I don’t know how you find the time — not much sleep, I suspect. I enjoyed the Robin Williams tribute and am putting Boyhood on my “must see” list. Conversely, McDonald’s is off my “must do” list. I like the old David better. BTW, I love the wallpaper in your powder room.

cindy weis on

Tina this was a perfect way for the start of my Sunday, thanks for the very thoughtful post. It is a beautiful day here in Chicago, and I am hoping to get out and enjoy some outside time.

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Good morning, Tina! I love this post! Isn’t Happy Menocal amazing? I wish her paperless post invites had been available when we did our lunch. You and my husband are SO much alike when it comes to hotels…he is dying to stay at Hotel du Cap! Twist my arm and I will go along…ha ha! We are, hopefully, seeing Boyhood tonight…great minds! And, your powder room looks amazing!! Enjoy this beautiful Sunday! xoxo

jennifer on

would love the name of your lovely powder room wallpaper!


Tina I cannot tell you how much I enjoy coming to your blog and this post is exactly why. I love that you post about so many great things….i always am finding out about many new things, the stationery is incredible. With a big event coming up in the spring, this is a big find for me, so THANK YOU!

Your powder room is “the bomb” to borrow a word from my 10 year old son. Wow. Great choice. Who makes it? Loved Robin Williams too, so sad to think of him in such pain. Thank you the joy you bring me and no doubt many many others through your fantastic blog.

Anonymous on

1. Boyhood was one of the best movies I have ever seen. You will love it.
2. I love the bathroom paper, amazing choice.
3. The sandwich cake is incredible looking but i bet not as easy as it might look especially for a “non cook” like myself

I was very sad and still am over Robin Williams tragic death. He will be very missed by all of his fans. I loved his movies and am sad that he could not find a reason to stay here but hope he is happier and at peace now. Hope you had fun at Brimfield Tina, look forward to hearing about your day.


Oh my gosh that last one was soooo funny! Love Robin Williams too. So sad… 🙁
Thank you for sharing that paper company! I’m going to check them out right now! Have a happy Sunday my friend!!

Sharon JOnes on

Hi Tina, Just love what you’re doing to the powder room. Love the wall paper, I have a lot of black in my house and so, I’m partial to this color. I love how how you did the tile floor as well. You are just so talented, Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Jones

Karena on

Tina I really enjoyed this, the tribute to Robin and the trailer for Boyhood! My SIL used the same paper in her powder room and it is perfect! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

The Arts by Karena

Donna Bradshaw Clark on

Of the entire post, the BEST was the Michaelangelo! WHAT A BELLY LAUGH!

Leslie @ Around The Table on

That sandwich cake .. what a great idea and looks so good! Such a fun post Tina. Your powder room is so pretty. The black is stunning and YES .. go with something glossy. I need to compile a list of movies based on your recommendations;) I’m way behind on reading and moving-going. Looking forward to more time to do that soon .. hopefully. Happy Sunday! xxL

Katie Clooney on

I just recently heard about Happy Monecal’s work. Actually, I thought it was from you. No doubt about it. Gorgeous work. LOVE the sandwich cake. I bet many future Bunco hosts are writing down the recipe. Your powder room is stunning just like the rest of your beautiful home. Have a wonderful week, dear Tina. Can’t wait for your post on Brimfield.

CathyR on

Loved your column this beautiful morning here in northwest.

1) The David gave me a chuckle…
2) The powder room wallpaper looks divine in so many ways…
3) I will attempt the “sandwich cake” and let you know…
4) We have driven by Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc and never stopped, next time we may have to make a reservation to stay for a while…
5) We go to movies religiously and have heard a lot about Boyhood…
6) Joan Rivers and Robin Williams…may they rest in peace.

With 2 Oregon Football Wins yesterday and last evening, we are pretty happy!

Have a great week!

Anita Rivera on

Happy Sunday, Tina! Your new bathroom wallpaper is perfect for the small area and opens up the space with its chic and sophistication. And do you see why I am a Francophile? The South of France offers so much luxury, country living, and elegance, all in one. I hope you get there some day; I enjoyed my living accommodations while in Nice!

That sandwich cake is such a great idea. That would give anyone with a crush on cake a guilt-free reason to indulge!!!!

Have a super week my friend! Anita

Marilyn the nurse on

Tina, this is a really great Seven on Sunday. Loved the invitations, your words and tribute to Robin Williams was beautiful, the hotel in Italy is out of this world, if only I could afford it. Love your funny #7 and your bathroom is just wonderful. Sandwich cake??? who would have thought of that!
You hit the nail on the head this Sunday!!!!
Thank you

Jeanne W on

My sister is at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc as we speak! She just sent me an photo of her swimming in the pool with Mick Jagger. Envious!!

The black wallpaper is absolute perfection. And I love the herringbone floor too.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

how i love your 7! wish i was joining you at the movies–i also plan to see this asap and would even make you that sandwich cake for pre-theatrical nosh. i am laying low today. a busy weekend in the city has wiped me out. also i am mourning thinking about my best friend who will soon be moving (probably into your neck of the woods). tomorrow will be much better when i am rested and once more hopeful. love to you.

P on

stunning as always its amazing to see the metarmophosis the years . thank you

Lewellyn on

Stationery is correct.

Esther george on

Good Morning Tina, this blog was just lovely, let’s just say you made me cry and then I had a good laugh. Thank you for sharing it’s a great start to the day. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS the wallpaper in your powder room looks beautiful.

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