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Hello! Busy busy week over here. Very much in the party planning mode and at one point when I was feeling a little frantic I had to stop and say wait a minute Tina, this is a dinner party, not a wedding!!!! But, you know me and details….we go together like chocolate and peanut butter:) Plus the details, as we all know is what really? takes? things to the “next level”? and why stop at half way when you can go???? A L L?? T H E?? W A Y!!

We have been busy working around the house and one thing having a party or gathering does is it gets you in high gear fast on catching up on doing? those things around the house you have been sluggish about.? We have done more tweaking this week alone than I think we have in the last six months. All small things but still……

The week has not been without some stresses but I am going to gloss right over those:) Onto the fun things…..


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I? had table toppers made from this gorgeous fabric which I first spotted over at The French Tangerine, so it was clear my theme was going to be blue and white….so then of course I have to use my new dishes.? They are just too pretty to not use for a beautiful celebration.

I love it also with the addition of accenting it with? lime green which I will do after the party (have matching placemats and napkins made)

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I will be bringing out my stash of beautiful pillows…..



And look what’s? finally (only over two years later) coming along….the little powder room! I love the black paper and? am so happy I went with it and just added sconces, the chinoiserie mirror, and antique prints. Counterops/sink/faucet coming in today…..and then it will be complete!




We worked in the library and tweaked the shelves and they are looking quite pretty, here is a peek (not showing too much) because I never showed the library finished and I am going to feature it in a future “Come on in”…..

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Loving my latest ginger jars and check out the newest planter to join The Enchanted Home Family….I am madly in love with it!

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Filled the planter with my beautiful peony clusters from my online shop, so easy!


(I put a magazine underneath until I could find my little sticky tabs, I love those things)!


The detailing is exquisite, click here to see this and all my porcelains

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So that’s a rough idea of what’s been keeping me? super busy this week, besides my online shop? which occupies a lot of my time as well but it’s a total labor of love so? never feels like “work”.

I also ordered a little special something as a take home favor, because even when it is something small, it’s always nice to have a little reminder of the evening to take home. I will be sure to have my iPad fully charged to capture the highlights….thankfully the weather Gods are blessing us with a picture perfect forecast.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you know what I have been up to. Missed being in blogland this week but there has been little free “me” time. Wishing you a wonderful day and fabulous weekend!

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Katie Clooney on

I can’t remember ever seeing the library before. Absolutely stunning. Love the colors of the table toppers. I’m sure your party will be fabulous. Enjoy every minute.

Katherine on

Maybe you showed the mirror for the powder room before – but I don’t remember it. It is PERFECT with the wallpaper – and now after seeing it, I don’t think the other options would have looked as spectacular as this paper does.
Enjoy your evening with good friends.

Anita Rivera on

Hi tina! I do not ever remember seeing your library…this is a fun sneak peek and I look forward to seeing , ore. You are so busy! So am I with school.. I am losing my mind, in a fun wY with all the details involved in school. Nkw off to grade some papers and prep for the teaching day! Anita

Vanessa on

Powder room is stunning. Everything came together so well. Elegant but not overdone.

diane Alexander on

so love the tablecloth fabrics-found it after seeing it on your site and love!!!
Looks fabulous with your plates!!! Have a great party!! Cant wait to see!

Lisa on

Oh Tina, I am IN LOVE with your chinoiserie mirror!
Can’t wait to see pics from your party, it will be nothing short of spectacular I am sure. Have a wonderful time and don’t forget to snap a lot of pics.

Karena on

Oh Tina, you are absolutely right, entertaining really pushes us into high gear (though your home ALWAYS appears ready for a party!

The new blue and white, gorgeous, and I love how you have added lots into the library as well!

Have a fab weekend!

The Arts by Karena

susan on

Good to hear from you, I was missing your posts! You have been busy, I am in love with everything you have done, the gorgeous powder room (so rich) the elegant library and of course all those blue and whites. Can’t wait to see your party pictures. I need major help for a big surprise 40th birthday I am in charge of planning for my sister in April and am using your blog for lots of inspiration. Good luck Tina this weekend and hope you get to take a few breaks here and there. I bet its going to be amazing.

Liz on

Love the powder room!!! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth on

Oh Tina,

That powder room is GOEGEOUS! The paper is perfect! Everything is perfect for that matter. Can’t wait to see it when it is completely finished. Also LOVE the library. Magnificent!
Have a wonderful time at your party. It will of course, be fabulous.

Warm regards,

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Nothing gets things done around the house like hosting a party! I have one coming up in a couple weeks and need to get my act together. Things are looking lovely, Tina. And I absolutely LOVE those table toppers. Stunning. Have fun getting the last bits together – I’m sure your guests will be dazzled. XOXO

Vicki Archer on

Looking foorward to that peak into your library, Tina… 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend… xv

Jennifer on

Can’t wait to see the party I’m sure it will be wonderful -cheers!

ellen on

If anyone can pull off a beautiful event its you Tina! I am in love with the powder room and library- and want to see more of both rooms, please!

I received my tole lamps yesterday and am thrilled. I will send a picture, they look so perfect in my living room. Love your shop and your blog. Have fun this weekend!

Linda Lowe on

Your powder room will be stunning!!! As the rest of your lovely home

Marsha Cannon on

Everything is looking beautiful – enjoy your party and the glorious fall weather!

RicMil on

Absolute fabulousness, Tina! The blue and white fabrics with the lime green accent fabrics, the rich dark powder room, and the handsome library are all just beyond. You’ve done it again!!

franki on

What IS IT about that adrenaline rush planning a party, etc.?!?!? Seems I always “perform” better under pressure. EVERYTHING just looks marvelous!! franki

Susan on

Your Powder Room is MAGNIFICENT!! What a little jewel-box, just as I’d imagined you’d create. The black paper was the perfect choice … gotta love a bit of drama in a small space. Your library is stunning as well.

I am still hoping you will share the maker and name of the wallpaper you used … I am interested is using the navy colorway for a powder room that I’ve been meaning to finish for more time than I care to admit. I know there were several others who were interested as well. Thanking you in advance for considering the requested share.

Barbara Kelly on

Your powder room is stunning!! Definitely has the WOW factor.
We wanted information about the paper… the chinoiserie mirror??

I can accomplish more when expecting company.

Like your selection from the French Tangerine.

Perfect time of the year to entertain outdoors.

Robbin on

Can’t WAIT to read about and see all the details of your weekend party! I’m certain all your readers who LOVE to be there!! I am certain the party will be a smash . . . and don’t forget to ENJOY YOURSELF!!! Looking forward to next week’s party post!

Gina Diamond on

Everything is so lovely. I hope you share photos of your dinner party. Love, Love, Love the fabric. Your powder room is stunning….just stunning. The library is a dream of a library. Everything you touch is beautiful!

Fran on

The library is beautiful, right down to that Chinoiserie wastebasket! Best wishes for a lovely party and weekend.


I’m looking forward to seeing the photos of your party in action! I’m sure it’s going to be a success! have fun!

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Everything looks fantastic! I have the same mirror as your powder room. Good luck with all the last minute prep for the party…I am sure it will be a smashing success! xoxo

classic ? casual ? home on

WHAT A HEAVENLY POST?.ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS. Party planning and fabrics?and then you throw in the gorgeous powder room. Your blog format is so fresh and clean?did I already tell you this. Meant to. Have a wonderful weekend.

PS. Your faux peonies are Amazing!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

enjoy your weekend, bizzy mama. i love the color combo with that fresh green planned for your shindig. and if this is just a dinner party, pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeee invite me to your offsprings’ wedding receptions! can only imagine the glory.

Mrs. Shockley on

So beautiful Tina! You have inspired me so much! I really enjoy your posts and your blog. I hope all goes well with your party!

judy ayre on

Hi Tina,
Great post, love the powder room and library, and all the new treasures. I have just lugged a 5 kg blue and white Spode jug from UK to Aus, love it!
Good luck with your party, take lots of pics even the fare!

Taylor Greenwalt on

I love the fabric comb for the party…cant wait to see the pictures…

Amy@MaisonDecor on

Gosh I feel like a slacker thinking of my sons wedding in two weeks…lol! Well it will be worth it, it will all look amazing and I look forward to seeing the pic. Love the library shot. Where do you get your old books? Do you just buy them when you find them? Pretty bindings are so lovely…

Elizabeth on

Tina you have been busy! Everything looks fabulous! I love the powder room, and cannot believe it has been two years! The wallpaper is georgeous!

I cannot wait to see the library, I loved the sneak peak on Instagram!

Enjoy your party prep, I know it will be fabulous!

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