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Hi there, hope you have had a great week. Mine has been crazy busy. Had a dinner party last night? and was out of town for two days so there was no rest for the weary! Needless to say I am looking forward to some downtime this weekend. Time first to announce a winner of the Antica Farmacista bubble bath, congrats goes to……

Number #56 Jennie says:

?Please contact me at [email protected] with your shipping details so your prize can be on it’s way.

I was so very touched by the outpouring of support for Hadi…this is what I love about blogging!? I hope you will consider voting for him if you haven’t already, as? every vote counts and I hope you will continue to spread the word. There is no greater cause..his work is so very important and I believe so much in what he is doing that I will continue to talk about it right up until November:) Click here to read my short post and vote for him in case you missed it and thanks in advance.


It is no secret that I am a huge fan of pillows…and their amazing ability to easily and quickly transform a space. Few accessories can change up a room like pillows can and today’s pillow selections has never been more vast or more amazing….it is virtually limitless.

So first a look at pillows and the impact they have on various rooms and spaces in the home and then details on a fabulous pillow giveaway courtesy of one of my fabulous sponsor, super chic 6 Wilson (details at the end of the post). Ready for some pillow gorgeousness? Let’s go….




Phoebe Howard is a master at creating beautiful restful bedrooms and her ample use of pretty soft pillows helps create a serene wonderful haven


I like the idea here of keeping all the pillows in the same colorway but changing up the style and designs, nicely done, Popsugar


I am totally in love with this and this was a big inspiration for my own bedding, this to me is pillow perfection for a classic looking bed, done just right! Leontine Linens


I adore the look of pillows in a window seat, so inviting!


Large chunky pillows on the floor….love it! VT Interiors


There is a really clean/simple streamlined look with pillows which is equally gorgeous, as with this bedroom by Griffin Balsbaugh Interiors


How fun is this space? Imagine it without all the colorful pillows, it would lose steam fast!? Tobi Fairley did a beautiful job….


Bunny Williams shows us here in the most beautiful way possible that pillows have as much right to be outdoors as they do in! Gorgeous….


No matter what style home, even in a coastal home..pillows are always a surefire way to create a cozy effect, New England Home


One of my favorite ways to “dress” a bed, simply elegant, a euro, a square and a bolster…perfection! David Jimenez


And don’t forget the pillows for outside…a space that has become as important as the indoors! My patio with its bevy of blue and white pillows, from Studio Tullia


Few pillows feel as cozy and luxuriously decadent as velvet pillows, Acquired Objects

cindy renfret

Love this beautiful grouping of pillows here, even when done in the same colorway the effect can be showstopping! Rinfret Design Group


Using colorful pillows is a surefire way to add instant personality to any room


Never overlook the opportunity to put pillows in an expected place like on a small chair in a bathroom, a good place to add some softness in an otherwise cold feeling room Decorpad


This bedroom exemplifies beautifully the power of just a few carefully placed colorful pillows in a white room….stunning! Joy Tribout


Wow…leopard pillows are kind of the last word in both luxury and sophistication, Jamie Creels ultra luxe apartment (seen in Elle Decor)


Love the way just two pillows here with a subtle pattern are just the “pop” of a little something extra you need in this wonderful bedroom, BrittWard


Now here is a prime example of a group of pillows you might not think to naturally put together but they actually work beautifully, a well orchestrated eccentric group of pillow fabuloussness! Meredith Heron


The bedroom is a great place to experiment and go a little bold with patterns, remember pillows can easily be swapped out and can within minutes transform a look! South Shore Decorating


And never ever underestimate the power of a single antique pillow…so beautiful! Cote de Texas


Sometimes in a soft tonal room, all you need is a fun eclectic group of pillows to add color and “pop” into the room, Studio Bon Pillows


Sara Richardson shows there is no such thing as too many pillows!I love putting pillows on dining chairs too…they are so comfy on the back!


Always a sucker for a little leopard…this is just fabulous, printz of darkness


In this gorgeous coastal inspired window seat, a large group of pillows makes for a perfect inviting spot to rest, Homebunch


You know my feelings on monograms and plump pillows so this is just to die for, Metropolitan Musings


There is something to be said about this really earthy neutral vibe going on here in these ultra soft inviting fabrics, Momtoob

Griffin Balsbaugh Interiors 1

Then there is this look, a really clean simple look but certainly no less beautiful…its a “wow” to me, Griffin Balsbaugh Interiors


I think if this post shows one thing, it is that there are no rules whatsoever when it comes to pillows and if you thought there were, throw them out the window and by all means..start experimenting and have some fun,? you might be surprised by the combinations you come up with.? I love pillows everywhere, and don’t miss an opportunity to use them. I feel like they create the instant “cozy factor” and who doesn’t? want to make a room feel more inviting, there is no doubt about it pillows are just a must have in every home.

Now if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffers from PAA (pillow addiction anonymous), first off, you have plenty of company and secondly, you might enjoy this article from the NY Times a few years ago (click here) ….so funny and so on the mark! In fact I feel like I could easily be a “group leader” and hands down would volunteer myself to be a lifetime member of PAA.


If your closet looks something like this……I think you might need to attend your local chapter of PAA pronto!

Giveaway Details…….

Now onto the giveaway,? one of my sponsors, 6 Wilson who carries a fabulous line of pillows has generously offered a pillow giveaway along with this post so if you are suddenly feeling an urge to do a pillow redo in your own home…now is your chance!

Simply visit 6 Wilson , take a look around and come back here and tell me your favorite pillow, and you will automatically be in the running to win one pillow cover of your choice.? I will announce a lucky winner on Wednesday of next week. Be sure to check back to see if you have won.

6 Wilson has also generously offered a 20% discount code off of anything in their online shop to all the Enchanted Home readers! Use code 20ENCHANTED which will entitle you to 20% off of anything in her shop until Wednesday!

Here is a lovely sampling of what 6 Wilson carries…so pretty each and every one! Click here to visit 6 Wilson.






il_570xN.633568390_tsgv il_570xN.428534195_juov il_570xN.574737325_f640 il_570xN.563078362_dz93 il_570xN.565545612_8ww8 il_570xN.558538616_9s4v

Thank you as always for stopping by, always great to hear from you. Hope you have a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend! Here it’s supposed to rain a bit so it’s perfect movie and reading weather.

If you missed my beautiful post on Paul Montgomery and his world of chinoiserie and murals, you don’t want to miss it….click here. Until next time…..


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Miss Gracie on

Hintina, I’m loving all the blue and white favorite is the geometric lumbar. Happy weekend to you!

Suzanne sloan on

I’d love the blue and white Ikat pillow.

Nancy Mason on

I absolutely adore the pattern on the 20×20 Blue and White Damask Linen and Cotton Blend pillows. Thanks for the giveaway!

katherine on

6Wilson has become a household name now! Love their pillows – great variety of fabrics.
One of my favourites is the Designer Highland court. Blue and white of course.

Great post yesterday on Paul Montgomery. It was nice to learn the details that goes into creating this beautiful look.

Katie Clooney on

Hello dear Tina. Love that site – great fabrics and reasonable prices. My favorite is the chinoiserie blue and white cover. Have a wonderful weekend!

MariannA on

All of them are gorgeous. Just shows one how much accents can express individuality, decorating trends and marrying of colors! Thanks Tina!

Jacki Salinas on

Hands down, I love the blue and white chinoiserie pillow!

vicky on

So many gorgeous pillows to choose from but the one that absolutely jumps out at me is on the first page – the high end designer aqua teal blue floral w/poppy and beige flowers. Love, love, love it!

Karen Leverette on

Hi Tina! I really like the Designer Highland Court pillow! It would fit right in at my home! Have a great weekend!

wendy G. on

I love the texture on the Schumacher rosette charcoal and ivory pillow cover. What a fun pillow! They are all so pretty.

Sally Rice on

It was hard to choose but I really like the Ikat navy blue and light beige one. Hope you can get some rest this weekend!

Mary Beth on

I love all of the pillows especially the High End Designer blue and White floral with a bird and butterfly.

deri on

All of the pillows are so pretty, but I love the blue and white pagoda pillows! Thank you for the opportunity to win a beautiful pillow!

Lindsay on

Thank You Tina for the lovely display of pillows
. Have a relaxing weekend.
. I absolutely love the pile of pillows in that brick hallway?
my favorite is the orange and lavender Ikhat.

Melissa on

amazing photos to start my day! my favorite is the blue/white chinoiserie pillow …

Maureen on

One of the ones I like is the Designer Blue and White Classic Stripe with Navy Ribbon Trim 18×18 Decorative Throw Toss Pillow Cover

Michelle B on

Love the Highland Court pillow, but they are all gorgeous!

anne on

Tina I definitely need to join PAA too. I have so many pillows and am always adding to my collection. One can never have too many! I love all of her pillows, great find!
My favorite though has to be Nina Campbell peacock pillow which would go beautifully in my sunroom. Such a pretty fabric.
Hope your dinner party was a success, no grass growing under your feet:-)
Have a good weekend.

Karen T. on

I absolutely adore the 20×20 inch classic black and white check pillows with red cording. Oh, and her daughters’ artwork! So very nicely done.

Susan M. on

What a beautiful pillow store she has. I love the chinoiserie blue pillow, it would fit so well in my family room. I love her selection. Great find. Thank you Tina, have a nice weekend.

Linda on

Love the blue and white chinoiserie pillow.

Patricia Burditt on

OMG LOVE THE “Designer Leopard Velvet Champagne Black Taupe 18×18” bringing some animal prints to the bedroom!

Michelle Clark on

My favorite pillow is the Blue and White! Thanks. MC

Maggie on

Be still, my heart—-actually seeing this pillow really did take my breath away!!!! What an impact it would make!!

High End Designer Exquisite Blue Embroidered Flowers on a Champagne Silk Satin 14×24 Pillow Cover Decorative Throw Toss Pillow

Lynne rooks on

Love the Peacock pillow with Nina Campbell appliqu?. So many colors to choose from as a jumping off point in any design.

Elizabeth on

Trying to pick a favorite is like being asked to name a favorite child, But if I absolutely had to pick one, the very first pillow on the first page, The high end designer gray and teal silk damask old world classic. It is a perfect match to my Lee Jofa bedding fabric! LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Debra C on

So many beautiful pillows! I love the embroidered Suzani pillow.

Peggy gildea on

What a great post. Do I need no but do I want yes. The embroider blue green duck egg is special. The designer chinoiserie blue is beautiful. Fun to browse and dream. Thank you Tina

Lori on

I love the blue, ivory and gold linen one!

Ginger crow on

Enjoy your blog so much. All pillows are wonderful, but love the navy and light tan Ikat pillows.


Leslie @4aroundthetable on

Wow! Lots of pillow inspiration here today and I feel the need to do some pillow shopping. Thanks for the introduction to 6 Wilson Tina. I’ve got lots of room for pillows! These are all beautiful and I’m shopping for pillows with blues;) Happy Friday!

Linda on

Love all the pillows, and they are a great price. My favorite is the Denim Blue and white Linen Ikat. Have a great weekend to all the Enchanted Home groupies !!

Lori on

Such beautiful pillows. I think all of them are pretty, and any would be pretty in the right room, but I keep coming back to the Designer Textured Cream Cotton 11×20 Lumbar with Light Blue Dotted Trim Decorative Throw Toss Pillow Cover. I am slowly redoing things, and this would be perfect in my bedroom.

Thank you for the opportunity, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Fall has finally settled here in Oklahoma, so I am going to enjoy working in my yard.

Ruth Newsome on

My favorite is the beautiful high end blue embroidery flowers on champagne silk satin. It is on age one and is 20×24. That one stole my heart.

Barbara on

I needto join PAA. I love the sailboat nautical lumbar pillow from 6 Wilson. Of course, I want all of them!

Lin on

High End English Designer Denim Light Blue and White Floral Linen 18×18

A great selection of pillows, but the English designer denim is a standout!

Peggy Braswell on

oh how beautiful + but if i have to pick + blue and white chinoiserie pillow.

Lea on

Gorgeous Tina!
My family calls me the “Pillow Queen” as pillows can truly add that classic, soft and elegant touch to an inviting vingette. My choice is the simple classic:
High End Designer Blue and White Floral Linen with Bird, Butterfly and Flowers Decorative Throw Toss Pillow Cover.
Thanks for the chance to win a pillow-like I need one more. But I do πŸ™‚

noreen on

Wow Tina, they are all gorgeous, but my favourite is the blue and white chinoiserie pillow!

Melissa on

I love the blue and white floral with the bird and butterfly. All of the pillows ar beautiful. I have saved this site!

susan on

Lovely pillows and a great reminder. My family has a lot of laughs with my pillows! Love the Blue, ivory and Provence and the 20 x 20 Blue & White damask. Truly, I’d find a spot for any of them. s

Joanne on

My fav is the seaform mint green with soft white and shades of green floral. Will fit in almost anywhere.

Anonymous on

I love the black and white silk check pillow

Gina guarino on

Lovely pillows! My favorite is the fox in the Christmas scarf. Delightful.

Nancy potter on

Pillows, truly the finishing touch. Love the flair of the ones on your terrace. Always, thanks for the refreshment. Nancy

Karena on

I adore Carole’s pillows and my fave right now is the gray and teal damask! A pillow change up makes all the difference!

The Arts by Karena

Sandy M. on

Love the denim blue ikat! Great prices too!

Kathryn on

Well, that was extremely hard to choose one! Beautiful designs and products. I would choose the spa Blue Taupe and White Suzani Linen Blend. It would look beautiful with my bedroom colours. Enjoy your rain day!

sandy on

Matelass? is my ‘happy!’ The designer zebra ivory matelass? would be the perfect accessory pillow in the bedroom. Thanks for tipping the rest of us off with ‘6 Wilson’ and some fun pillow photo ideas

michelle on

Tina, I’m a third generation pillow addict. Mom and Grandmother changed pillows like they changed clothes and I’m following right along. The yellow and navy nautical pillow would be perfect for my mom’s guest room in Florida (going on my shopping list for Christmas!) Thanks for introducing us to a new source for our addiction!

melinda Simpkins on

#1 would be my pick! Never thought that I would be saying this…but, I am going to a neutral living, with a pop of blue and white in pottery (of course…have to have my blue and white!) I received the inspiration from my fav magazine, Traditional Home. The look is so relaxing. I,ve always decorated with lots of color…perhaps I just need a rest!

Amy on

I absolutely love the blue & white ikat. I have been on the search for a good pattern and this one is fabulous!

peggy on

Tina. What a great post..such beautiful pillows. Do I need no but do I want yes. The embroider blue green duck egg pops. The designer chinoiserie is beautiful. Fun to dream. Thank you Peggy

Kay Morano on

Love the Rosette in Charcoal Ivory Embroidery on Linen!

maureen on

So many great pillows. Since I am in the process of redoing my bedroom in blue and white the okay blue pillows would look wonderful. Thank you for this giveaway.

maureen on

I meant to type Ikat!

emily C. on

A sight for sore eyes. I was shopipng today with my sister for bedding for her daughter and let me tell you what is out there is U G L Y! This post was a treat!

Love all the pillows, her blue chinoiserie pillow is my favorite, I could easily design an entire room around that one pillow and just may πŸ™‚ About to start my guest room do over. Love her store, great selection and very reasonable.

Always finding such good things here Tina. Hope you get to rest and relax this weekend. You are one busy lady, love love your blog.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Happy Friday, Tina! I am loving this pillow madness! I would be joining in the Pillows Anonymous program but my husband made me quit cold turkey a few years ago. If I happened to win the giveaway, I might just fall off the wagon. The pagoda pillows are my fave! Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

JUlie on

Hello Tina-

Gorgeous pillows! My personal favorite is the Leopard Velvet Champagne Black Taupe.

Love your blog!

jessica eapen on

Love the Highland Court pillow =)

Betty Ray on

I love the Leopard Velvet Champagne Black Taupe Pillow (18X18)
Can be used as a beautiful accent pillow!

Vanessa on

I have purchased 2 of 6Wilson pillows in the past and they are gorgeous. It was through 6 Wilson that I found you, Tina, at the Enchanted Home. Have my eye on the fern pattern toss pillow.

Doris on

I love the High End Designer Aqua Teal Blue Floral w Poppy Orange Red and Beige Flowers and Belgian Linen Back 14×24 Decorative Throw Toss Pillow Cover!

Linda on

The Designer Luxurious Copper Italian Silk Floral Embossed Velvet Decorative Toss Throw Pillow Cover is classy!


Wade on

They have so many cool ones but I would pick the Designer Vivid Multi Color Watercolor Inspired Floral w Chartreuse Purple Gray Orchid Lumbar.

Mariam on

Bird on White Linen with Pink Orchid Color Flowers and Cobalt Blue Back!

Eric on

I would choose the White Linen Navy Blue Embroidered….

Carol Ann Nelson on

All so beautiful but….. the blue and white chinoiserie pillow would be it.


Donnamae on

Beautiful pillows Tina! One of my favs is a blue green embroidered duck egg….and then there were a couple of lumbar pillows as well. Thanks for the opportunity! πŸ˜‰

JoAnn manning on

Tina, I so enjoy your blog! This is my first time to comment and I must admit that while I follow many design blogs, yours is the first one I check on every morning. I adore the blue velvet lumbar pillow with green and cream Greek key trim. Also the sterling antique salt and pepper shakers are to die for!

Anonymous on

I love the Designer Textured Cream Cotton 11×20 Lumbar with Light Blue Dotted Trim Decorative Throw Toss Pillow Cover. I just might have to decorate my master bedroom around this pillow <3

Fiona on

Love your posts and read them over and over. Loving all the pillows but especially the blue and white floral linen with birds, butterflies and flowers. A variety of the blue and white ones would be amazing in my home. Thank you for allowing us to live our lives with your posts.

cheryl on

Hi Tina, I am suffering from PAA… I have so many accent pillows to change out I really don’t know where to store them, LOL! Anyway, I love the Suzanne Kasler pillows, or high designers. All quite beautiful. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Lynn Mosher on

Pick one? That’s really hard! Probably the sailboat nautical lumbar. Thanks so much. They’re all gorgeous!

Charati Jennings on

They are all so beautiful. I think my favorite is the “Exquisite Blue Embroidered Flowers”. It would look great in my leather wing chair. Thanks

[email protected] on

i can’t choose just one. but i’m feelin the black and white!


Charlotte caruso on

Love, love, love all the pillows, but my fave are the blue and white which would go great with the blue and white pieces I’ve bought from your on line shop!

Joan on

Ooh, I love pillows! Hard to choose, but since I could use a new pillow in my family room, I think I would pick the light brown and ivory circle pillow. Thanks for the giveaway!

Tammy on

For me, the Gray and Teal Silk Damask Old World throw pillow is the best. Gorgeous!!

Ree childs on

I love the French Blue and Gold linen…..

Patrice on

Hi Tina, The Blue and Gray Velvet Stripe Lumbar Pillow Cover is luxurious!

Jill Kent on

It was scrumptious browsing those lovely pillows! My favorite is the gray and teal silk damask?love those colors together…

Melissa Marsden on

Hi Tina,

The Designer Silver Metallic Damask on page 5 was stunning. Such a great eye-catcher in any setting!

Michelle holmes on

It was hard to choose just one, but I really love the “Denim Blue and White Linen Ikat Stripe”.

Amanda on

Thanks! With the holidays coming, I like the “Designer Silver Metallic Damask on White Linen Classic Glam Christmas Holiday Special Decorative Throw Toss Pillow Cove”

Carol P. on

Love the pillows:-) My fav is the High end designer in blue and white with birds and flowers.

Nancy Leachman on

Thanks to 6 Wilson for directing me to your blog. Love it! So many beautiful pillows, it is hard to choose but I think the High End English Designer Embroidered Linen Stripe Ivory and Coral Red Coastal 14×24 DecorativeThrow Toss Pillow Cover is calling my name the loudest πŸ™‚ I have wingback settee that would be greatly enhanced with the addition of a new pillow.
It is raining here, perfect weekend to curl up on the sofa with some down pillows, a cozy throw and read a good book.

franki on

I don’t think I’ve ever met a pillow I didn’t like. That second one, though, with the burnt orange…my BFF!! franki

Gail Schulz on

High end designer teal paisley linen 11×20 is beautiful!

Fran on

You’re right . . . pillows make the room! My favorite is the blue & camel embroidered floral on champagne silk satin background. Just beautiful…

Mimi on

Definitely sign me up for the PAA club. I have more than I know what to do with and cannot stop myself!
Love all the pillows on her site, but my favorite would have to be the gray and teal damask, it would go beautifully in my living room. Great resource and her prices are so reasonable. Thank you both.

Elizabeth on

So many fabulous pillows and not enough rooms in my house! I love all of these beautiful images!

I hope you have a relaxing and restful weekend Tina!

Things That Inspire on

Beautifully woven together post…my favorite is your pillow arrangement on your own patio! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. We are having the first real fall weather of the season and it’s wonderful!


Jayne on

I can relate to the photo of used pillows in the alley! All of the blue and white pillows awe wonderful, especially the traditional blue and white floral on flax background!

Alison on

The blue and green one caught my eye above, and I was excited to get more details at 6Wilson?s Etsy site. Now that my baby has made me an empty nester, I am dying to redo his room, and a couple of her pillows could make it happen.

Evaline on

These are all so beautiful. I especially like the High end designer cut velvet in celery green lumbar pillow. Thank you.

annie on

Beautiful post. The chinoiserie pillow is my favorite. I would put it in my daughters new blue and white bedroom. Her entire shop is wonderful though.

Diane alexander on

Damn you Tina! So have another site for my love of pillows! Bought the blue and white chinoiserie pillows and linen 12×20 beige for my bedroom. Beautiful pillows thanks Tina!

Martha Erwin Mercer on

Hi Tina, Thank you for another chance at a fabulous give away. I love so many of these beautiful pillows, I am having a hard time deciding on one. I think I will go with the beautiful cream zebra print matelasse. I can use it in any of my rooms.

Ursula on

Tina, I absolutely adore the pillow cover with blue embroidered flowers on champagne silk satin. Thank you!

Lindsay on

I forgot to mention on my post.
I voted last week. Can we vote more than once?

Terri Michael on

I love sooo many! I think the turquoise buffalo check is my favorite however….


Hi Tina,
I love, love the look of the brunschwig and fils jute green cobalt and periwinkle purple blue plaid….. SO INVITING THE COLORS ARE WONDERFUL TOGETHER….

susan on

I love he blue and ivory damask linen 12 x 16 pillow is my Mom’s favorite, so that is mine, too.

GRC Ltd on

Absolutely loving the lavender & green cotton designer floral! She has such a beautiful eye for fabrics.

Betty on

Love, love, love the blue and white pillow with the bird!
All of them are beautiful.

Mary Jane Strawn on

My favorite pillow is the High End Designer Gray and Teal Silk Damask Old World Classic Decorative Throw Toss Pillow Cover. Beautiful! This is a great new resource for my clients! Great prices.

kathy bunge on

My favorite pillow was the Designer Leopard Velvet – I love a touch of leopard for Fall!

Thanks, Kathy!

Nancy Williams on

It’s hard to pick a favorite pillow…they’re all beautiful! I particularly love the gray and teal damask pillow though!


Jana Rinehart on

I love the Denim Blue Country French floral blue pillow !!! Would look great on my couch in French farmhouse we are building in Round Top Texas.

Jane on

I am in total awe of all the gorgeous pictures on this post! It is taken me an hour to read and look at everything. My mind keeps dreaming from room to room. The 6 Wilson website is awesome! Much more than just pillows! I had a hard time picking a favorite so I chose the Designer Ivory Zebra Inspired Cotton Matelasse with Matching Ivory Cotton Tassels on All Four Corners. (DecorativeThrow Toss Pillow Cover)

Thank you again for letting me live vicariously through your post! I always have a wonderful time!

Karen on

I am loving the embroidered Suzani pillow. Thanks Tina!

Lisa on

I would love to when as I am a firm believer that you can never have too many pillows just having moved into a new home every room needs pillows!! Her collection is absolutely wonderful

Lisa M

Ann on

Ahhh, I die for the Italian Copper Silk Velvet pillow! Delicious!

Dotti O. on

Hi Tina,
I am a fellow pillow addict………..and these pillows are lovely. The HIgh End Designer Exquisite Blue Embroidered Flowers on Champagne Silk Satin Pillow Cover really caught my eye. Those colors fit perfectly in most every room in my house and it is so elegant. Oh, and I loved your post on mirrors too.
Best, Dotti

Robin D. on

They are all beautiful pillows!! I especially love the print on the Designer linen, navy, red and aqua 20×20 throw pillow, Thanks!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina,

Such beautiful choices at Wilson6! I kept coming back to the gorgeous Silk Satin with Blue Embroidered Flowers — must be my favorite among so many beauties. Always look forward to your posts!

Meg A on

The lumbar pillow with the blue embroidered flowers on a champagne silk ground is exquisite!!

Judy D. on

fun giveaway!!!! the high end english designer denium lt. blue and floral linen is my favorite. oh my!!!

Jaybird on

The pillows are all lovely, but I would adore to have the Hazelton House multicolored pillow…..
the print is beautiful!!
Thank you for the chance to enter.

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