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Hello, so what does one do when you wake up at 3:30 and can’t go back to sleep? I mean I am an early riser but this is just absurd!? So I decided to write a post……at least I am getting a head start on my day:) On Tuesday I had the pleasure of hosting a group of wonderful blogging friends who I have become friendly with. It was such a lovely get together. It was held in my home and I had fun as I always do planning what to serve and mapping out all the little details that go along with planning any kind of gathering.

At first I was going to do it outdoors but given the call for possibly humid weather I decided to have it inside so set it up as a true “ladies luncheon” in the dining room…and why not! I rarely get to use that room and it was a nice change getting to use my china, crystal and silver. I know my readers really enjoy my entertaining posts so thought I would share a bit about the afternoon. I always stop with the picture taking once my guests arrive just because I get so caught up in playing hostess. If only I had an extra pair of hands:)

So, here are the details. When they arrived, I served peach Bellinis and a wonderful and quite easy crostini and given that there wasn’t a single one left it appears they were a hit (recipes below). We sat outside on the covered porch….then moved inside for lunch.

I served a rose and sparkling water, finally made those darling ice cubes with edible flowers in them, perfect for a smaller group. For lunch I started with a really tasty curried cream of vegetable autumn soup (perfect for fall) that is a staple in my home come fall,? several of those that were there asked for the recipe so that too is included and then served a wonderful chicken salad with an assortment of breads, two types of tarts, one asparagus and Swiss tart and the other a spinach and Manchego tart and a mixed green, brussel sprouts, pear and walnut salad. To finish off the meal, a tray of mini tarts one pecan and pear and the other a chocolate mousse was served along with a assortment of fresh fruit, coffee and tea.

Add to that all kinds of? lively conversation, lots of laughs and wonderful little favors, it made for a wonderful afternoon!? And here are the highlights…..




I am big on being organized in the kitchen so here are various toppings/condiments in bowls…


Finally made those wonderful little ice cubes with the edible flowers, I hadn’t bought an ice cube tray I think in 20 years!

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The edible flowers were picked up a local market, or can be bought online


More garnishes await


My little blue and white bowls are perfect for things like sugars and teas…..


unnam432edI love old fashioned? touches like real linen napkins and love any chance to use mine!

qweqqewunnamedFlowers getting arranged….

qewqqunnamedTable setting!

Moving onto the food and table, did not get pictures of the tarts or the soup but here is what I did get…..

This crostini is heavenly! I think the key is a good baguette and great ricotta (ideally fresh whipped ricotta), I spread the ricotta on a buttered grilled sliced baguette, then add a good helping of fig preserves (I mix it with a little orange zest), top that with chopped roasted pecans, add a drizzle of honey and top with chopped figs….yum! My rustic wooden trivets from my online shop is the perfect way to serve this wonderful little appetizer….

This is what I used, it is really good!


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Lunch! The soup (took this picture from Karolyn)!

enchanted b

Curried cream of vegetable autumn soup recipe-

1 very large head of cauliflower (or 1 and a half heads), 4 carrots, 4 Yukon gold potatoes, 1/4/ cup chopped flat parsley, 1 large onion, 1 Tbsp chopped parsnip, 2 Knorrs chicken bullion cubes. Cut up all vegetables fairly small (about 1″) Fill a pot with about 5-6 cups of water, add bouillon cubes and all vegetables. Boil until very soft. Remove from heat and in batches puree with handheld mixer or in a blender until very smooth. Pour back in soup pot. Add sea salt, fresh pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and curry powder to taste. Add about 1/4 cup of heavy cream. Original recipe calls for 3/4 cup of cream but I have lessened it by adding 2 more potatoes and the result is excellent. Add a pinch of finely chopped chives on top for garnish and enjoy!

The wonderful? and very flavorful chicken salad, for recipe click here. (I added pumpkin seeds and some dried herbs to mine as well) This is really tasty and quite healthy.

334453unnamed unname435dA great assortment of wonderful fresh breads is a must!


The wonderful salad was a great side dish, the bottom “layer” was mixed fresh field greens, then it was chopped Brussels sprouts with olive oil and sea salt, sliced pear, walnuts, fresh Parmesan and a balsamic vinaigretteunnam5343ed un321named asdaunnamed


unna4423medThe yummy mini tarts,? one was a chocolate mousse and the other a pecan and pear tart….

And here is the table…always starts with flowers!


I added the mini pagoda candle from Seda France as a small favor wrapped with the beautiful gift tag created by Jeanne from I Dream Of for The Enchanted Home

unnam5434ed unname43d

2343xcunnamedJeanne’s amazing note card set was her wonderful gift to each of us….Chanel toting ghosts! I love it…..


The chargers are from my online shop, I love using them and use them every chance I get!





u3433nnamedI love the ice cubes, they were such a pretty touch!

The ladies brought so many wonderful gifts here are some of the beautiful goodies, it felt like Christmas. First some of the favors that a few of them brought….


These gorgeous large gold balls from the girls at The Buzz…perfect for the holiday season!

un2342namedAnd Elizabeth brought this lovely dose of pink loveliness, great purse sized Molton Brown hand creams.

unnamffedAnd how amazing are these cards from Jeanne, ghosts never looked so stylish!

unnameqewqqdThe table laden with gifts including the amazing handpainted little blue and white pumpkins, one for everyone from Karolyn from Relished Roost. Also that’s my big candle from my shop with my “signature scent” the most heavenly gardenia scent, and the crystal container? makes it so elegant.

And then look at these hostess gifts, I swear I felt like it was my birthday!

unnaxxxxmedBeautiful topiary, you know I LOVE topiaries…it’s very happily now living? in my kitchen thank you Nadine!

unnamxxxxcvedThis candle smells DIVINE, love discovering wonderful new candles. Thank you Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips

unnaxxxmedDoes Jeanne know we well or what? Look at all the blue and white goodies from Ted Kennedy Watson …love them and am drinking coffee from one of these mugs as we speak!

unnavcxmedWonderful reading books I cannot wait to start reading courtesy of Katie from Preppy Empty Nester and Nadine a published author and marketing powerhouse brought me her own book, I cannot wait to read it Nadine!

vcvunnamedIs this pumpkin so “me” or what! Talented Karolyn from Relished Roost is the mastermind behind it! This will stay out all year long…..


Awesome book, talk about the good life, this one is a winner….. thank you Sandy (sure makes me want to hop on a place to Italy pronto)!


Needless to say it was a truly enchanting afternoon. Filled with friendship, warmth, good food and lots of goodies. What’s not to love! I so enjoyed myself and cannot wait until we can do it again:) After a very busy and hectic few weeks this was a nice and much needed little break. Thank you to all who came and made it such a special little get together and of course for all of your wonderful gifts, such lovely keepsakes of a special afternoon together.

I will be packing up a little “goodie bag” of leftovers for a very dear friend today who is recovering from major knee surgery and paying her a visit. Thanks to my readers for stopping in, hope everyone has a fabulous day. Until next time……


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Anita Rivera on

Oh Tina, to sit at your table, to look at all the details that you put in, and then… speak to YOU. That is the most beautiful ornament of all.


S.P. on

Beautiful Tina-
What a gorgeous lunch you put together, you did not leave out a single detail! I am so impressed you really need to come out with your own book! I love the ice cubs, all of the favors and am going to be trying every one of the food items you mentioned, they all sound incredibly good! Thank you as always for inspiring me to take things to the next level!

Deanna Eppers on

Tina, I love your posts. Such a feast for my eyes. I admire your energy. If I had a beautiful lunch like yours, it would be a major undertaking! And here you are “taking a break” while hosting such a lovely luncheon. And then taking some of the food to a friend.
You are an inspiration and I absolutely enjoy your pictures and posts. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Jill on

Can you give us details on your blue and white china? More close up shots and brand please? Beautiful! Thank you

TheEnchantedHome on

Hi its from Royal Crown Derby and the pattern is Blue Mikado……

PaM on

Speechless over how elegant it all is- you really exemplify “hostess with the mostest’ lucky guests!!

debbie H. on

Good Morning Tina, everything looked absolutely beautiful! I know the food must have been delicious! Again you are so talented and inspiring! I love the hostess gifts and the wonderful goodies your fellow bloggers brought as well, what a great group of friends. I so look forward to your posts πŸ™‚

Regina on

Your friends are blessed.

Karolyn on

I cannot thank you enough for an amazing afternoon! I told my husband all about your gorgeous home and how down to earth you are truly gracious! I am so glad you liked the little pumpkin I was nervous because you have such great taste. I look forward to the next meeting of the blogger minds soon! Now rest up you deserve a break, xo K

Karena on

Tina you cannot imagine how I wish I lived near you and our other wonderful blog friends! So much talent and beauty in one room!! One day we will all meet up!

The Arts by Karena

pATTY B on

Thank you for sharing this beautiful inspiring post. Everything is perfection. The blue and white pumpkins are amazing. What lucky guests!

Beth sanderson on

Love your blue and white! Your luncheon looked wonderful!

bonnie on

Your entertaining is beyond!!! I think the food critics have to write a piece on you in the new york times!!!! would love the chicken salad recipe!!!!

Things That Inspire on

Tina, it looks like such a wonderful event – it’s so great to have so many blog friends in the area!

I would love to see a group picture of this amazing and talented crew!

– Holly

Pride on

Dearest Tina
This has got to be one of my favourite posts ever. You have just given me an amazing idea for entertaining, with every little detail in full view. How practical too. I’m so grateful to you. Will be using your ideas (all of them, I must add) to be win over many of my friends and family.
God bless you.

Elle on


Great post, love the blue and white pumpkin!

On another note…will you be attending the Bloggers Conference in Atlanta next year? Its a great event, if you haven’t attended.

Robbin on

Everything just looks wonderful. Great food with a beautiful presentation and great friends. The perfect afternoon. And by the way, we’re all still waiting to hear what was filmed at your house (hint hint)! Blessings from Missouri!!

Diane on

It’s all about the details – and you didn’t miss a thing!
A wonderful and inspiring post-
Thanks for sharing!

leslie on

The soup sounds delicious Tina and love those baguettes! .. and yes it’s about the bread and the fig jam is my favorite. The table and menu is perfect and sounds like it was a memorable, fun afternoon with a group of special friends:)

Elizabeth on

Oh my goodness!!!! PERFECTION! What a magnificent luncheon in every way! Tina, you are such an inspiration to so many. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and I totally agree that you should put out a book on your home and entertaining. Martha Stewart, look out!

donna on

How lovely! Loved those blue and white monogramed pumpkins! Are they handpainted? I would love one of those!

Elizabeth on

Tina the luck looks fabulous! I am sure the company of such lovely ladies was the icing on the cake!

I love the pumpkins! And the blue and white thermos…so cute!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing!

Deborah on

What a delightful luncheon! Thank you for the recipes–I can’t wait to try and taste.

Aggie on

What a beautiful setting to spend time with friends…I loved reading your post! I’m glad you enjoyed the chicken salad, thank you so much for linking to me. I love how your prepared, all the food looks amazing!

Ginny Salamy on

Move over Martha, Tina has arrived!

noreen on

What an elegant table setting, your guests were given the royal treatment. The food sounds and looks so appertising, will be trying your recipes soon!

Ann on

Any idea how to get those adorable blue and white pumpkins? Who made the delphinium candle? Lovely lunch

kristy on

Tina looks fit for a queen. So beautiful, I love how you bring out all the “good stuff” I should follow your lead. I was given many beautiful pieces but hardly ever use them which is a shame. The menu sounds so good.

Love all the gifts and the favors, those Chanel ghosts are so cute as are the blue/white pumpkins. It’s all so beautiful. Thanks for letting us in for a peek.

Lisa on

Hi Tina,
I am sure you have your reasons for never having a pic of yourself on your blog but the icing on the cake for this post would have been an all inclusive photo of all of the lovely bloggers that attended your luncheon. Gorgeous luncheon and all your hard surely played off.
Thanks so much for sharing.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

fabulous, tina. since there is such strong demand for photos. a proposition: let the fairy from the heartland fly into enchanted land and snap flattering shots of the beauties at the next event. she will snap for crostinis, btw. love all this generous sharing of recipes and tablescape wow. thank you, friend.

Katie Clooney on

Hello Miss Tina… I am working on a post that is worthy of you. I didn’t take any pictures for a reason… I wanted to take every moment in. A personal note is one the way… Sista and I spent so much time on the phone ooohing and aaahing that my phone ran out of juice and my car charger blew. I’m so glad you got great pics so I can send my readers over to see the beginnings as well as the gorgeous finished products of the most beautiful luncheon that I have ever been fortunate enough to invited to!

pretty pink tulips on

Pinching myself, that I was there! Tina, you are beyond gracious, thoughtful and talented. Every single moment was memorable. I, too, didn’t take a lot of pictures b/c I really wanted to take it all in. It felt like I stepped through the computer screen into your home. It still feels a bit like a fantasy.

Thank you, thank you for sharing the recipes as there are WINNERS and I absolutely want to incorporate them into my entertaining arsenal. We have a huge garden club luncheon every year and I think I’ve already got my menu, thanks to you!

The table was stunning….from your signature blue and white, to the gorgeous flowers, to those darling flower ice cubes….we really didn’t want to have to leave.

And, yes…..a book needs to happen. In your spare time. πŸ™‚
Big hugs!
xoxo Elizabeth

Romi on

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely blogger luncheon with your blogging buddies. To be there in person must have been delightful! Oh, how I wish I was one of them! Your personality shines through on your blog as such a thoughtful and generous person. What an enjoyable post!

Debbie Castillo on

I love the pumpkin. Wow – would love to know where she got that. And Slim Aarons – my favorite. I have all the books and several of his signature pieces in my home. He was the best photographer in the 50’s – 60’s – 70’s.

leslie on

Tina I can’t imagine anyone being able to top what you have done. I am marveling at the beautiful job you did and all of the details and then there is the food- which looks so delicious and I am sure it was!

What a fun afternoon that must have been and all I can say is your guests were mighty lucky. Thank you for taking pictures and letting us be a part of this special afternoon.


Looks like you had such a beautiful time with your friends! The table setting is gorgeous and the the food looks incredible! I will need to save the recipes! Thank you for sharing!

Sally on

Dearest Tina

I can only imagine what a beautiful day you gave all your friends, and how breathtaking and delicious everything looks at your luncheon party.
I was thinking of you all the day, so it is very special that you shared all the lovely details, and your photographs. I hope Teddy was there too
May I say the pumpkins are divine, and all your gifts and favours, so pretty

How lucky we all are Tina, to know and love you. Whether we can be together in person, or across the miles like myself….you are a gracious and beautiful person who gives so much

Enjoy the rest of the week, my love to youxx

Design Chic on

What a wonderful afternoon that must have been with some of my very favorite bloggers. Your table looks beautiful, as always, from your signature blue and white, to the gorgeous flowers, to the delicious menu?a winner for sure!! Hope you’re putting your feet up today?

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina,

I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful afternoon! What a treat to finally meet all of you ladies in person, although it was more like catching up with dear old friends than seeing people for only the first or second time.

Everything was perfect – from your gorgeous home to the amazing table to the delicious food – but the very best part was the company. I can’t think of a more delightful group.

I’m so glad you liked the little bit of blue and white from Seattle – the Watson Kennedy ships and The Whale Wins, The Walrus & Carpenter and Boat Street Caf? are on my list for you when you come to visit someday. And thanks so much for the kind words about the cards, glad they were a hit. (All the treats that the girls brought were wonderful, still can’t get over Karolyn’s pumpkins.)

Just waking up at home in Seattle this morning and still have a big smile on my face from all my NY adventures, but your lunch was truly the highlight. I’m so glad I made the trip!

Thanks again for treating us like royalty. Hope you have the most wonderful weekend. Can’t wait to see what you do next!


Tabitha on

American chicken salad – fabulous, I love that stuff and we don’t do anything that fancy for chicken salad here. Oh that porcelain pumpkin? Sublime, just pinned it.

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina..everything looks beautiful…looks like you girls had fun!

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

What can I say? Simply splendid will suffice I believe.

adam on

could someone please tell me if there is a setting that i need to change to make them show or if they could tell me the names of the plugins that are needed for this theme.

Mary Jane Nash on

Tina, I love that you just have so much fun living life! Even if you did not have all your beautiful things, I am sure you would be exactly the same. Good for you!

yve ong on

Great post Tina! I really love your place and the food served are also mouth watering! Especially the baguette and ricotta! Me and my girl friends will be having a mini party in our place and I will absolutely try some of your mater piece! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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