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Hi there….hope you have had? a wonderful weekend. We are having such beautiful fall weather and the foliage is starting to turn, it’s such a spectacular time of year.

Thank you SO much for the tremendous response to my online shop poll! I have gained so much knowledge and insight thanks to you and your comments are going to be incredibly helpful as I move forward. I was very encouraged and humbled reading over them so thank you! I use random number picker to select a winner and here is the winner of the Antica Farmacista diffuser….

#66 Angela Culbertson says:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your shop and your blog. It is the oasis in my very hectic day. It?s like having your best friend, interior decorator and therapist all roled into one fabulous site. I get energized to take on decorating challenges around my home with all the fabulous inspiration you provide. I have been passionate about blue and white since the early years of my ?home making? It is a love affair that will never end. Thank You so very much.

Please contact me at to provide your shipping details.

I have had such a relaxing one…kind of the calm before the storm with all of the not so subtle reminders of the holidays coming πŸ™‚ This weekend with my hubby on a business trip,? has? given me a lot of much needed down time, I started working on my closet, got a chance to delve into my newest book, Big Little Lies, go antiquing with a friend (so much fun) and just “hang” and it’s just what the doctor ordered.

As I try to do every Sunday, here is my Sunday seven, seven things I like or that are on my radar. Do you have anything interesting to share? If so, tell me about it! Here are my seven…..




Went on a friends boat actually I think it might qualify as a yacht because it is pretty “major”. We had such a great time, 3 couples spending the day aboard traveling around Connecticut and NY taking a beautiful tour of The Big Apple, stopping for lunch and pulling right up to the dock of a great seafood restaurant for dinner…talk about a great way to spend a beautiful day! Thought I would share the highlights……


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I just got these from my statuary line and I love them. Now that I don’t have young kids anymore, I can just put these two elegant pumpkins outside never having to worry about them rotting plus they still look little festive and yet elegant.? I love the dog with the basket, think both add a certain charm to my front entrance. A few other small fall touches I have added to create a little fall magic in my home…my favorite season!

I have to say even to this day cannot believe how much these look like real stone, you should see the looks I get when I bring one of the planters to a nursery holding it in one hand!

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Then I added the doggies by the door and think I like this configuration a bit better……

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It never fails that with fall comes the incessant desire to cook (and eat) wonderful comfort foods. So I have been back on a cooking binge and cooking way more than I have in months. I have made a gumbo (soooooo good), my autumn vegetable soup, homemade carbornara,? my salmon dill dish and the most heavenly beef bourguignon all within the span of 8 days!

The beef bourguignon is one of the best I have ever had, and according to my husband it is “the” best. I must say it is really really good.? All you? need is a fresh baguette and you are in food nirvana. I had shared the recipe many moons ago after coming back from Paris if you want it click here.? Soooo good!




On Friday a bunch of us gathered at my house aka “candy sushi making headquarters” to make nearly 200 packs of this highly anticipated gourmet delight? for sale at my son’s school (old school). It is a great chance to get together with a bunch of women that I adore and make something you know all those kids are going to be so excited about! We have been doing it for years so I have it down pat. I added the touch of real sushi containers years ago and add a squirt of chocolate sauce aka “soy sauce” for good measure.



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What I wasn’t prepared for though when I dropped it off the day of the fair was the tremendous and unexpected rush of nostalgia and a pang for “what was” when I set foot on the school grounds, a barrage of memories came flooding back and it was hard to hold back the tears in recognizing that this much beloved chapter of my life has closed. The school looked so pretty in the early morning hours? amidst the fall foliage I just had to take a few pics with my iPhone…..

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I have been using Instagram more these days and while hardly addicted I will say it is a pretty incredible source of inspiration. Here are some of the personal highlights I found on it this past week…..


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I am funny when it comes to seeing shows, it’s a total feast or famine thing for me. I either see nothing for 2 years and then will see 3 or 4 shows within a very short time. I think once you get the Broadway bug you can’t control it: plus I forget how lucky I am to live less than an hour way from this iconic part of the city! There are so many big names coming to Broadway, here are some of the highlights for me and ones I hope to score tickets to,I don’t remember a time when there were this many big names coming within such a short period of time, very exciting!


The Elephant Man– Bradley Cooper (opens Dec 7th)

The Real Thing– Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ewan McGregor, Cynthia Nixon (opens Oct. 30th)

Disgraced– Gretchen Mol (opens Oct 23)

A Delicate Balance– Glenn Close and John Lithgow (opens Nov 20)

The River– Hugh Jackman ( opens Nov 16)

Constellations– Jake Gyllenhaal (opens Jan ’15)

Honeymoon in Vegas– Tony Danza (Jan ’15)

The Audience– Helen Mirren (March ’15)


I first saw this many years ago but boy, how ironic that this is just about what is happening today. This is funny yet at the same time very telling as to how everything we say and do is so transparent. This is a good one, even if you have seen it before it’s very entertaining…..



So there you have it, seven things that are on my mind this week. How about you? Anything new exciting and worth sharing?


Today I am meeting a friend at the grand dame of museums, The Metropolitan Museum of Art or “The Met” and am going to get my cultural fix for the week:) It is such an incredible place that any time I go, I wonder why I don’t make it a regular habit.

I used to take advantage of the amazing array of courses and lectures they offered but haven’t taken one in a long time, “life” happens. But I decided that after the holidays, I am going to enroll myself in one of their classes or lectures. It is such a wonderful resource there for the taking! Hope you have a fabulous day.get-attachment.aspx

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franki on

Livin Life to the Fullest!! EnJOY!! franki

sharon on

This is what a call one AMAZING post. Wow…from the boat trip to your front door (be still my heart) to the candy sushi and list of Broadway plays (going to NY in Dec) so thank you for that.

Enjoy your museum outing with your friend, thank you sharing all this beauty and inspiration Tina.

Anita Rivera on

Good morning, Tina!

Bouef Bourguignon is our favorite to make around here when the leaves come off the trees! What a gorgeous weekend it’s been here in Minneapolis, as well as out your way! That candy sushi looks fun to make AND eat! The boat trip…OH MY….what a refreshing late summer treat. Wishing you a super Sunday of rest! Anit

Karena on

Tina I love the theatre and my late husband did as well, so we went often. I look forward to some of these excellent productions. The dogs sitting at the front door are wonderful!

The Arts by Karena

L.P. on

LOVE the front door with the dogs and pumpkins. They look so elegant, hard to believe they are not real stone. That boat trip looks really fun and what a great way to tour the city.
Always enjoy these Sunday posts, a great way to start my day. Thanks.

Kathy on

Tina…..your seven on Sunday really hit home after spending 4 fabulous days in NYC. The boat ride looked so fun and what great scenery. I was at the MET last Wednesday……I wish I could go more often….I live in Chicago! The European decorative rooms were gorgeous!
Love your front door and going to try that beef recipe!
Enjoy your Sunday!

leslie on

Good for you Tina for enrolling in the class at the MET. The Seattle Art Museum is wonderful and I don’t spend nearly enough time there. My girlfriend is a docent their and I’ve been tempted to volunteer as well.

That sushi is too cute and such a great idea! It’s nice to keep in touch with your friends. Have fun today!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

those sushi boxes are adorbs!!! how incredible would they be for party favors at a kid party? your entry looks beautiful, tina, and i so admire how you manage to link your shop’s inventory, your home decor, the changing seasons, and this site together seamlessly. bravo on how you consistently do this because i think it is what many many shop owners dream of doing well but can never quite execute. i had a fabulous day with my bestie yesterday (goofing off, laughing til we cried, and multiple shenanigans) and then stayed up late on the phone making beautiful wooly pompoms with my sister in arizona on speaker. i’m not sure anyone has the right to experience as much joy about pompoms as i do! love to you.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

LOVE it all, Tina!!! Nothing better than a boat trip around Manhattan…the candy sushi is adorable. Have fun at the Met…it is one of my fave places in the city. I will totally join you in a class next year, if you want! xoxo


I have to say my favorite is your front door configuration with mums in urn, pumpkins and Dogs. So perfect for your Fall entrance into your home, LOVE it!!!! Happy FALL Tina!!

Fashion-isha on

Hope you’ve been well. I loved this post. OMG it made me so hungry. That stew looked divine and I’m so excited to follow those instagram pages. Have a lovely week!

Jane on

Oh I wish I lived up in your neck of the woods! Such beautiful scenery! Your boat ride looked like loads of fun.

I must say I love your planters, mums and doggies! I do prefer the doggies next to the door. I would love to have a tutorial on your candy sushi. I think that would be great to give to the neighborhood children on Halloween!

Have a great week!

Ree Chiilds on

Loving this fabulous post – but then it is always fabulous!
That boat looks amazing and in New York! Was just there a month ago at the beautiful Statue of Liberty and The Met is my very favorite place in New York out of all the wonderful places there. C Park is next……love it so very much and all the beauty it offers……….not to mention all the shopping!
Your home is so amazing, Tina! Love, love, love the doggies at the front door along with the other beauties…………
I had a home accent boutique for three years here in Florida but had to close as the economy would not let me keep it. Loved it so much but got tired of paying to work…..
I admire your online store – much better than a physical one….
I also did some design work out of my shop… fun and delightful to put it all together.
Love everything in your home and the location sounds amazing…….

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina, That candy sushi is just too much. I love it. The fair looks like a classic fall event. Hope you had fun at the Met yesterday – my visit there was a highlight of my stay in the city.

Have a lovely week! XOXO

Arell on

A great post! So many fun things to see and read about. I am going to try your beef bourguignon. It looks delicious. And I loved the candy sushi. How clever! Love your photos from your trip aboard the yacht. What a blast.

Fran on

Love the statuary and pumpkins. (I much prefer the dogs by the front door.) By the way, I rented ‘Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s’ from Netflix and watched it over the weekend. Loved it, especially the ‘back story’ of how those beautiful windows are created. Thanks for the recommendation!

Amber Lipari on

Ah, love Broadway! My friend Kathryn keeps an apartment there, and we’ll be going in mid-December, staying three nights and seeing 3 plays! The River (my third time to see Hugh Jackman on Broadway – just love him!), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, and A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. Xmas is the best time to be there – Bergdorf’s windows are my favorite thing. Can’t wait! And I definitely plan to try the Beef Bourguignon πŸ™‚

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