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Hello, hope all is well on your end. Had a busy busy but super productive day in the city doing another installation at my clients apartment and it is really coming along..I hope to share some “midstream” pictures in the next few days or so.

I am so happy to be here with my newest spnosor, The French Elements.…and what a fabulous online shop she has, featuring a carefully curated collection of beautiful European treasures. Barbara, the vision behind French Elements has also so generously offered the most exquisite giveaway. I want them for myself! I had the opportunity to talk to Barbara about her online shop and her business as well as some background information, she is one fascinating woman! So without further adue, here is Barbara…….




Tell me a little about how you started your business..
I have to laugh a little because my business actually started back in 1973 while I was living in Luzern, Switzerland. I started making bath and body products for myself based on skin care items I found in the markets. It was just a hobby. Friends started asking me to share my products with them and it grew from there.
When I moved back to the United States, I started a long career with Clinique as a Regional Education Manager but I still worked on my creations when time allowed. After leaving the company and starting a new marriage, I decided to start an online business in 2007 featuring those items. My business grew and I was was thrilled. After so many years however, I wanted to really put my hands and heart into something that represented “the true me” today. I have always worked with my hands- sewing, painting, designing. That is where my true passion lies.
In 2009, my online presence evolved and to this day my emphasis is on decorative handmade items for the home. 99.9%
of what I sell is made by me. The exception would be vintage items found in the markets of Europe or elsewhere. Next month we will be spending time in Europe and I always try to do a little “shopping” while there. The problem is that much of what I purchase, I don’t want to part with. Of course the vintage fabric I find will be used for pillow covers, Christmas stockings, whatever comes to mind. A point of difference for my products is you will find embroidery on every items made by me. Whether a pillow cover, a french linen bread basket, a Christmas stocking, embroidery is found on every item. I love the texture it provides.

deathbefore2with border (600 x 452)


How do you mix using things from the past with new items? Do you like the idea of new and old together?
I have mixed old and new for decades. When I left home to start phase 2 of my life, I left with quilts made by my grandma and great-grandma, silver cutlery, etc. These were items that were loved by me and given to help me start my new life.. I still use them and plan on passing them down to my children.
One of the first items I purchased as an “adult” was an English washstand with a marble top and tile back. My oldest son has already claimed that as a future heirloom.
Things from the past can blend beautifully with modern items. I think a blend of both gives the right feeling to my home.


Tell me a little about yourself…
I am a wife, mom, grandma. I am very proud to call myself an “army mom”. I have 2 wonderful sons, 8 fabulous grans, and a husband who supports me in every endeavor. I love to explore new places and revisit well loved places. And of course, I love to work with my hands.
?Wonderful Barbara, it is obvious that you have a true passion for what you are doing and your collection of goodies is just wonderful.? And to think that nearly everything is made by you…..very impressive!? Here are some more lovely items from wonderful collection of European treasures…..


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Those stockings are amazing!
Speaking of those stockings, Barbara has so generously offered a pair of them for the giveaway! All you to do to be eligible is to visit her shop by clicking here take a look around and? come back and tell us a favorite item.
If you would like a second chance, then like The French Elements on Facebook by clicking here. I will announce a winner on Sunday! Be sure to check to check back to see if you have won.
Welcome Barbara to The Enchanted Home and many thanks to everyone for stopping in as always…wishing you a wonderful day!

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Barbara has exquisitely embroidered linen, I love the white mini initialled embroidered pillow!

I love all of the items on The French Elements site. I especially love the Christmas stockings. I am wanting to try and make some out of some “french” document fabric I had left from some dining room chairs I covered but her’s are especially nice. Love your blog!!! and all your sponsors!!

All of her work is lovely. If I had to name one, it would be the Christmas stockings. Much success to her!

Love your new sponsor and love her French “Paris” bread basket!! was a great item for any kitchen!

I love the embroidery at French Elements–my favorite pillow on the site is the Vintage Linen Mangle Cloth Embroidered Pillow cover!! So pretty!

I have also like French Elements FB page.

Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway!!

What a talented lady. I love the custom initial pillow cover and also the Happily Ever After pillow. But, the stockings for the giveaway are my favorite! Thank you for the chance to own a pair. Tina, all of your sponsors have wonderful items!


Too many beautiful items to choose from LOVE LOVE LOVE the little burlap sachets with the red toile and Eiffel Tower! A wonderful gift or treat for myself. Also blue/white is my favorite combo so love the stockings too! Beautiful post – thx Tina!

So many thing caught my eye – what a great site! The french toile throw blanket was one of my favorite things.

French Elements is a perfect match for The Enchanted Home! All of her items are so very “one of a kind” and if I had to chose the “Custom European White Linen Initial Christmas Stocking” would be it! Thank you Tina for the chance!

the basket liners are exquisite… I did not see the napkins you have on this page, though… they look so much like my great-grandmother’s… beautiful

Oh Tina, ME VOIL?! Je suis en retard, but I’d love to enter. My favorite item are the kitchen linens, so please put my name into the pot! C’est SI BEAU! Anita

Oh my gosh………..this is my favorite “new” sponsor you’ve had in a while! I love everything she does. However the toile flower pillow and every one of the burlap pillows are to die for…………I know where I’m shopping next time I have discretionary $$. Thanks for sharing, Tina!

Love all her work. I enjoyed embroidery before my fingers quit being able to do it. My favorites were probably the pillows with ribbon, reminding me of the year we lived in London.

Beautiful items and a really great new sponsor. I love everything but if I had to choose I’d choose the lovely pillows.

The Christmas stockings would be a perfect new addition to my Christmas decorations. I love them !!!

I love the blue & white bread basket. I’m sorry that it is SOLD. I guess I’ll go back and choose something else. The Christmas stockings!! They are to die for. They are blue & white too. I would love them. I’ll going over to Facebook to like French Elements!!

French lavender,French linens,French toile- all tres lovely !
I can only imagine wearing the Chanel brooch and earrings and how very special that would be !
Exquisite …
Add a spritz of Chanel #5 and Coco would surely smile from above .

I too loved the blue and white bread basket.. I also love the heavy embroidered linen napkins.. My daughter has started a line called Lava Love..soaps etc. like Barbara ..will enjoy your new sponsor!

What a wonderful new sponsor! I love the white linen embroidered Christmas stocking.

adored barbara’s site + Love the english flag pillow with the embroidery on it that says “my other castle is in the UK”+ good luck to her.

I love anything French and I love her turquoise toile throw. I’m excited to have another place to view beautiful European items.

beautiful hand work, everything is just wonderful. I especially love the BELIEVE pillow with the castle

LOVE the burlap bucket bags!! Wonderful, elegant brocante style. Another great resource–Thanks, Tina!

Oh my goodness, I love everything that is French. I adore the Christmas stockings, but then I like so many other things i.e. the pillow with the chateau. I have always been drawn to embroidered items. Tina, you have another winner.

I loved the embroidery. I saw one of the french “bee”, although I don’t think it was for sale. Just lovely. I also liked her Facebook page. Thank you for introducing us to her!

The French Document throw blanket would be wonderful for the cool nights to come. Very unique!

Thanks for introducing us to The French Element!

OK, I love the Death before Decaf towel. Looks so elegant with a cheeky twist! Just my style.

Love the La Tour Eiffel pillow cover…reminds me of many wonderful trips to Paris! Such a wonderful new web site you have introduced. Thank you.

The vintage Chanel boater’s hat brooch is stunning! I have never seen anything like it! However, coming from someone who irons her pillowcases, there is nothing like the feel of French linen. My favorite would be the lovely embroidered French linen apron. Thank you for your enchanting site. ~Karen

Beautiful pieces! Love the mini linen initial pillows! Good work on another great sponsor!

Love, love, love The French Elements – so much so that I have inquired about ordering the blue and white stockings directly! I am actually pick up a few other pretties while I am at it. Thank you for sharing this wonderful site. Warm regards, Tina! ~ Deborah

I’m half way through “Big, Little, Lies” and I’m exhausted! I need to know what you think. She has included several hot button topics which I’m finding a little tiresome. I expected one or two. I’m just looking for a current good read and they just seem hard to find.

Love all the linen pillows! Hard to choose just one – so faves are the red toile flower petal pillow, the happily ever after pillow, the pink mannequin pillow…. Those Christmas stockings are adorable! Thanks for introducing us to Barbara and her lovely items!

I’m in love with Barbara’s Ltd. custom European white linen initial embroidered Christmas stockings. Not only an elegant addition to the mantel at Christmas but the creation of new family heirlooms to be cherished for generations! I have another new favorite website to explore regularly. Thanks Tina!

Oh, what a great new connection. Besides loving it all – I couldn’t help but notice that the French stockings {to be filled with chocolates from Paris of course} just happen to have my name on it. Madame – yes, it’s calling out to me.

I like the embroidered bread basket in her shop. The stockings are wonderful. Such a generous gift and I would love to be the winner.

I love seeing someone turn their passion into a successful business. Congratulations to Barbara! I think that I would look great at my next dinner party in one of her lovely linen aprons πŸ˜‰ The stockings are wonderful, too.

Can’t wait to see your client’s apartment, Tina! XOXO

I love the Napoleonic Bee on anything, such as the hoop. How about on a pillow?!
Best of success Barbara!

A very site and saw quite a few things that would be on my wish list. The first one would be the Bon Appetit french Bistro Apron.
Have FB them

Loved looking at the blog ! What a inspiration !! Loved everything especially the little Paris bread basket and stockings

Everything is lovely and my favorite is hard to choose but I love the embroidered Paris catch-all and the stockings. What I really love is that she makes everything herself. Wonderful new sponsor for your site and I am happy to know about her!

As always I go right to the blue and white anything. Loved the bread basket. Also love the lavender anything. All is beautiful. Wonderful addition.

I Love Barbara’s toile pillows. They would look fabulous on my bed! Hope she will have more initial/embroidered napkins soon as you have pictured above.

Great sponsor. Love those stockings. And the pillows are great.
Thanks for all of your great posts.

Thank you Tina for sharing French Elements! I would love to have the red toile bistro apron ~ I always love toile and the apron would be so pretty for the holidays!

Barbara’s offerings are so beautifully made and I love the monograms! I have liked her page on Facebook as well. Adore the French Document Apron!

The Arts by Karena

I really love the Limited custom European White linen initial embroidered Christmas stockings and the red toile apron. Everything is just lovely.

I love all of their items, but in particular I absolutely adore the white linen apron with embroidery. Of course, it’s too pretty to cook with!

Oh, what a beautiful line. Those stockings are amazing…I can see those hanging from your mantle, Tina. But, those little linen catch alls with the ribbons on the corners….DIVINE!

You find the best things!
xoxo Elizabeth

I really liked several things! Particularly the tea towel that said, “death before decaffeinated” and the mustache pillow.

Very unique items all around, but since I am an English immigrant I love the pillow with My Other Castle is in the UK. What a wonderful idea. Thank you very much.

I enjoyed your question and answer segment with Barbara. I was an Army Wife (now retired) I spent many years in Germany. I miss the markets over there. I really like a half apron and she has french blue and white ticking aprons that would go very well in my kitchen.

Whats not to like!!! I am such a “francophile” so I love everything, I think the stockings are the best. So many too pick from it would be hard to have a favorite.

I love all her items. They are wonderful. I also love her blog. I will be a regular reader of this blog and I am looking forward to checking out the other blogs She has recommended.

The bread basket. It reminds me of once walking through the streets of Paris at dusk with a bit of sliced jambon, a bottle of wine, and a warm loaf of bread sticking from my shopping tote. I am drooling over the thought, and of course, the bread basket!

I love the little linen pillows with the monogram on them, and, the beautiful linen monogrammed napkins which you featured. I do love linen! πŸ™‚

I was immediately attracted to the cute pink pillow with mannequins and embroidery …how cute would this look in a girl’s room! The monogrammed European linen pillow covers are also keepers.

Have a great weekend, Tina

French toile throw…love it in blue or pink. The Christmas stockings are tres chic but also can become a favorite especially as my husband is French, n’est ce pas?
With a grateful heart,
Sylvia Faye

Bienvenu, French Elements! I love seeing the French Christmas items. I would love to add the French stockings to our family’s decorations.

I can never have enough linen napkins and those vintage linen towels or napkins would be lovely in a guest bath or on my table. My husband grew up in France and he loves elegant touches like these, as do I. I also adore those linen stockings. What a great sponsor!
Hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend. I love that your son is a “health nut” and that you honor him with great dinners. We Mom’s know the kind of love that goes by way of the heart! (straight to the stomach) I am driving up with a “mom-cooked” dinner for my boys today! I cannot wait!

I fell in love with the Je t’aime key to my heart- lavender filled embroidered mini pillow.

I love lots of things on the French Elements site but have fallen in love with the Turquoise and tan French Toile throw blanket. So gorgeous.xx

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