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Hello and I am soooo happy it is Friday. I have been one busy lady this week, a little too busy and while I thrive on having a full schedule, this was, even for me a? lot. Very glad the week is behind me, that I pulled everything? off successfully that I had to do and looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead! So here is what is on my mind this week……




New project on the homefront. My office is a royal mess. This has been on my mind to get underway for a few months now but not a thing has been done other than select a rug for it! We actually took a guest room and have turned it into my office and all I have there is? desk, a chair and heap of paperwork! But the time has come to give it a makeover.? I do believe that if you have a beautiful space to work in you will be that much more productive, do you agree?

I love my cozy little office but it is time to beautify it. I am just at a loss now of if I want to decorate it- clean and white with an accent of color, or go all the way with blue and white or do a softer palette of pale green/blue and ivory, then I have always loved a really glamorous feeling office ala Mary McDonald….. I am totally torn. Trying to get some good ideas via Pinterest which is an endless resource of beautiful ideas…..hopefully I will have a “aha moment” soon, as this is something I really want to accomplish SOON! Some ideas I am liking……

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Your enchanted homes…..Finally got that back up and running on my shop site again! This is where you get to share your beautiful homes showcasing products that you have bought from me, it is such a thrill for me to get to see my products in your homes.

thumbs_img-your-enchanted-homes-0029 thumbs_img-your-enchanted-homes-0011 thumbs_img-your-enchanted-homes-0003 thumbs_img-your-enchanted-homes-0001

There are two easy ways to add to my online gallery and I do hope you will consider sending me your pictures… can send me a picture by emailing me at [email protected] OR scroll to the bottom of that page and there an easy way to submit them on your own. Click here to see my gallery page of my talented customers! And please send me your pictures!

In other shop news……

Some new products were added this week to my new arrivals on my shop, some really special pieces!

Extra Large Cast Wine Tub
Extra Large Cast Wine Tub
Large Wine Cooler
Large Wine Cooler
Elegant Wine Cooler
Elegant Wine Cooler

smallobelisk-351x351 miniobeliskpair-351x351 medobelisk-351x351


Your opinion please. Need your opinion on a few items that I am considering carrying. Many people emailed me in the last few months (with the weather changing I surmise) about my alpaca capes that I used to carry. I have been looking for a beautiful new comparable line and think I have found it. I own pieces from this line and they are wonderful!

These are? 2 and 3 ply cashmere and so soft and beautiful quality. I would discount at least 35%.? I may try them out via? promo to see how they do…would love your take. These are really classic pieces, and are great when you don’t want to carry a heavy cumbersome coat! Very classic and elegant while being functional too. They retail for about $345-450 and I would sell them for about $215-345.00 Would love your input!

luxe cape solid luxe contrast lf14121


A book I can’t wait to crack open. I just got word that I will be receiving this book and am so excited……I mean we are talking Valentino here. His book looks so scrumptious then when? I saw this glimpse of blue and white, I knew it was a match made in? heaven:) The book is called Valentino at The Emperor’s Table, it is bound to soon be gracing coffee tables all over the globe:) Click here to pre order on Amazon.



Victoria, a favorite magazine….my mother and I have been fans of Victoria magazine for a long time. I think her basket of editions from as long as 20 years ago speaks to her undying love for it:) There is something about it that takes you away to a more genteel calmer place and in today’s frenetic world…that is a much needed escape at times.

To me, there is nothing like holding a magazine, feeling and hearing the pages. Like books, I like a tangible item in my hands and I think my own collection around my house more than proves that! I am eagerly awaiting their incredible Christmas edition…it is always so magical.? Click here to visit Victoria and subscribe, you will be very happy you did.

The latest Victoria is just breathtaking from front cover to back, here are some highlights….

Croquet3 PeacockParkFeatured2 FallPumpkins4 Fall-Pumpkins5 Biltmore_2 Biltmore_1 Biltmore_FEATURED



iPhone pics. Took this picture? as I was heading into the city, it had just rained and there was this incredibly light and quality to the sky, it was almost like a painting, while stuck in some serious traffic I took a few pictures with my iPhone, if I was a painter, think I would be inspired to paint this…




A healthy pasta recipe. We love pasta but don’t eat it nearly as often as we used to:( My middle son is a complete healh nut so he helps channel my inner healthier Tina at times so in his honor,? I am trying this recipe on Sunday, a friend of mine swore it is DIVINE and she is someone I completely? trust when it comes to matters of food! Click here for recipe (she adds turkey sausage to hers) Yum I am craving lunch at 8am!





So that is a little of what’s on my mind this week….how about you? Anything new and exciting? What’s happening for the weekend?

I am supposed to be heading to Litchfield CT tomorrow, which is such a beautiful area,? I will be sure to have my camera fully charged to capture some of the fall foliage and beauty that is exclusive to that lovely neck of the woods. Wishing you a wonderful day and a great end to your week. Until next time…….

Don’t forget two more days for the wonderful giveaway from The French Elements, click here to be eligible…I will announce a winner on Sunday.


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Hi Tina, these posts of yours are my favorite, a little bit of everything. I love your office ideas and can’t wait to see what you do. Sometimes having so much inspiration online can make choosing one idea difficult at least I have found that to be the case, Pinterest overwhelms me.

I love Victoria too, those pictures are beautiful and I hope you will carry the capes, they are gorgeous. Only ones I have seen that were really nice quality were at Neiman Marcus but they were I think around $700. Have a good weekend.

Karena on

Tina so much to absorb which is always a treat!…love several of these offices, and that last cape is exactly what I want for Autumn the dark charcoal with cream trim, perfect!

The Arts by Karena

[email protected] on

Love all the inspiration pictures for your home office. The two that caught my eye are the one with the lovely window seat and soft colors and the bold and striking blue and white scheme. Have a lovely weekend. This time of year makes me miss the East coast where I grew up.

lisa on

Great post, love the capes all the homes offices but the neutral ones are my favorite. The Valentino book I am going to go and preorder right after this! Everything he does is amazing.

The new ice bucket is so beautiful need to add that to my Christmas list!
Have a good weekend Tina and hope you get some downtime.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

I love this your “musings” and I am AMAZED you have had time to post with your incredibly busy schedule this week!! I can’t wait to see what you do with your office…I know it will be gorgeous! YES, to the cashmere wraps – I will be the first to buy! Have a fabulous weekend…enjoy Litchfield – things are stunning in Connecticut right now! xoxo

cindy hattersley on

I must see if I can find that Victoria. It looks fabulous! That pasta recipe is going into my repertoire this weekend…yum!!

Elizabeth on

Every office shown is stunning! I do love the classic blue and white office however.
I also have been a fan of Victoria magazine forever. It is always a delight.
The cashmere wraps are gorgeous and very well priced. Definitely would love to buy the neutral camel wrap.
Tina, your posts are a highlight of my day!

franki on

Oh, my have you seen that incredible acrylic chair from Global Views?!?!? If I could redo my office…that chair would be the starting point!! 🙂 Love capes…wear mine over my leather jackets for…just a change… franki

Ariana on

A great office is a joy. Of those you posted, my favorite is the second one with the last one and the first following closely. I believe well-organized, neutral office spaces are restful and leave room mentally for creativity. They literally open you up. Bolder schemes are ever reinforcing their own personality on the creative process. However, both can work depending on the effect on one, personally.

Michelle Clark on

Thanks for the Office Examples! MC

Patty B on

If this was “which would you choose,” the blue and white office would get my vote. The capes are stunning and I must order the book. Thanks for sharing.

Arell on

I loved the very first pic from your sample of office ideas. Just divine!

Anita Rivera on

Good evening Tina! I saw this lovely post on my very quick lunch break and was so excited to think of the prospects of your home office. I am home now where I can properly comment (my tablet is too small!)

OK, I think you are going to have a blast designing your home office. White, blue, natural wood tones or gray, you will make your dream come true, and we want to see the results!

Have a quiet weekend, enjoying HOME. Anita

Tone on Tone Loi Thai on

Whatever you do, your office will be stunning! Speaking of stunning, those wine coolers are stunning! They would look divine as cache pots for flowering plants like hydrangeas and cyclamen. Have a great weekend, Tina. xoxo

leslie on

I can see you in several of those offices Tina. . great ideas and lots to think about! I like the comfort, cozy look but I’m also liking the minimalist look with a bit of acrylic. I’ve surprised myself with some of my house choices.

It’s been several years since I’ve picked up Victoria. The photos you share have me curious to take a look at the current issue. Hope you are having a fun day!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Wow, Tina, you have been busy! Can’t wait to see how your office progresses — it definitely helps to have a pretty space to work in! I’m sure you will make yours just beautiful. Couldn’t agree more with you on Victoria Magazine. I used to always read it at the kitchen table at my parent’s house when I would come to visit – my mom still has a subscription and so she and I look at it together now when I go to see them. Can’t wait to check out the current issue when I go next week.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! XOXO

Scribbler Unfocused on

Loved seeing the Biltmore at Christmas again — that’s a wonderful tour if you ever find yourself wanting a little getaway at Christmas time.

The office spaces are so pretty. I would have a hard time choosing, too.

classic ? casual ? home on

I’m sitting in a white leather office chair on wheels and I love it. Nice lumbar support?you deserve it more than anyone as hard as you work!

Sandy Jones on

Please get a chair with wheels, as it will make your life so much easier. Of course, you can add that, but a swivel and wheels will difinitely make your life easier. I just redid my small office at work and put a lovely french chair there, but really miss my swivel and wheels. Will have to add wheels at least to make the small space workable . Moving on rugs is just not possible!!!! Love my cape from last year. Keep it at the office for warmth. The large champagne pots – are they waterproof? I would not want the hydrangea arrangements to leak on my diningroom table atChristmas!


A little bit of everything post is fun! Love your ideas for a pretty office and those new store items are a hit!

Myra on

Hi Tina! I am your newest fan. Love your office musings….especially the gilded fretwork screen…why not incorporate that as a surprise element in a clean, black and white scheme such as the first photo. Or a fabulous gilded buddah on a plinth in a corner….your pensive inspiration!

As for the capes/ponchos, I wish you would sell fabulous fur finishes for jackets and sweaters (and denim jackets!). There is a very narrow market for this kind of ‘parsley’ which really glams up a turnout. Love your blog and glorious photos! Bestest, Myra

Connie on

I love the Victoria magazine myself and have subscribed for probably 20 or more years. I can’t remember the original year it came out. Anyway, for your office, I love the blush room or the pastel blue. Since you love blue and white, that might be your color scheme – robin’s egg blue, ivory and white. Check out Candice Olson, (the Canadian designer), she designed an office for a writer on one of her TV segments – maybe you can find it on her website. It was white and so elegant!

debby Anderson on

I love that first office! That book looks like a keeper too. I think those alpaca capes would sell well at your online shops. There is an alpaca farm on Martha’s Vineyard and they are just so cute. I had a pair of mittens and they were so warm. I’m getting booty slippers when I visit next time! Hope you are having a great weekend. xo

Design Chic on

I can’t wait to see what you do with your office – so see you with one like the blue and white, but adore the calm, neutral spaces. Great capes – love them!!

Crown @ Robinson on

Great post Tina!I love all the pictures you shared here! Most especially the second picture! I think we can use the design as an inspiration, we are currently planning to redesign our CBD Office Rental in Singapore and I think that this kind of design will absolutely attract and delight more renters.

Trilive on

the interior is enchanting. we can use this inspiration in both smaller and huge space. the second photo is really nice! I like the details and all!

Kingsford Waterbay on

Perfect setup! How I wish that I do also have the creativity to react something unique. My apartment is kinda plain and I need something that will help me squeeze those creative juices. Thanks for sharing this post. And ohhh before I forget. The food taste so yummy too!

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