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Hello and a happy Sunday to you! I am having such a? relaxing weekend, just what the doctor ordered. I am going to be working on my costume today, we are invited to a really great party, a Great Gatsby? 50th birthday party of a friend and at one of the most iconic places in NYC….The Rainbow Room. I am mentally preparing myself to walk all the way to the top though as I do not take elevators and haven’t in 22 years! This is going to be one major workout:)

First I want to announce a lucky winner of the stunning pair of French stockings from The French Elements. Congratulations goes to….

?#36 Bobbie Hathaway says: Oh my goodness, I love everything that is French. I adore the Christmas stockings, but then I like so many other things i.e. the pillow with the chateau. I have always been drawn to embroidered items. Tina, you have another winner.

Please contact me at [email protected]. with your contact info so these can be on their merry way:)


As I do every Sunday, here are seven things that have my attention….would love to hear what’s on your radar……





1. My newest Annabel Ingall totes. Say hello to Alice…the newest bag to the line. I am in love with this bag! Comes in two sizes, I got them in charcoal for customers and naturally must get one for myself. Love that it has the zipper and removable shoulder strap. Very chic looking, great lines, super soft buttery leather, this could fast become an everyday fave. These are on promotion right now for two days only, ends tonight along with those gorgeous capes! Click here for information.






2. Instagrams of interest. I like to share instagrams that have caught my attention and it seems that without fail I have a bevy of them to share every week. Here is what got my attention this week…..


unname44d u33nnamed




unn454amed?unna44med unna22med un11named


3. My talented artist friends…..I am always so floored by those who can hold a paintbrush or colored pencil and make magic happen. I love to share the beauty and talent because I have such an immense appreciation for it, here are three very talented ladies!


Mary Casey, our entire family will forever be indebted to the talents of this most generous woman and super talented artist. When Teddy had his accident, she was inspired to paint this portrait of him. It is amongst our most treasured possessions and we all fought as to where it would go. In the end, my son won:) I am amazed at how she captured him so beautifully right down to his expressive eyes…amazing!


Gail Morris,? one of my readers was inspired to paint both of these from having seen my own floral arrangements that I had featured on post a while back? and recently had them framed……think they came out just beautiful! Click here to see more of her work.

unnagailamed gail


Jeanne from I Dream Of who is responsible of my beautiful topiaries in my logo amongst so many other beautiful things she has drawn for me? gave everyone these darling note cards at the blogging luncheon……


Here are other incredible pieces from Jeanne….

Beauty at home_WB gallery TEH Ginger Jar 2 gallery TEH topiary green_gallery TEH_cherry gallery


And who can forget Karolyn of The Relished Roost? incredible chinoiserie blue and white pumpkins!!? It will grace my console table all year around, it’s too pretty to just keep out for Halloween!




4. A gorgeous wedding with blue and white touches! I was so happy to help out a reader/customer/fellow blogger, Cheryl from A Coastal Point of View, select a battalion of ginger jars for her daughters wedding. They look so beautiful and I am so enjoying the pictures I am getting to see so far, picture perfect!? Her daughter made one spectacular bride……I loved this post Cheryl did on the ceremony and the special meaning it had click here to read,? it is a truly beautiful post.

10535734_785270544858487_36579063835236860_o 1236827_895838715011_2862611415329048582_n 10357179_895838680081_3586041726318227572_n 10624825_895838605231_2151969655626513315_n



5.? A few nifty little apps. I admit it I am a total slacker when it comes to apps, my kids look at my phone in utter disgust when they see the only apps I pretty much have are the ones it originally came with! But I am stepping up my game just a bit, thanks to a more tech savvy friend who has introduced me to a few really great apps. I thought I would share, though you? might already know about them…..


Pack point– helps customize a packing list for when you are traveling, it asks you a bunch of questions and then generates a really comprehensive little list!



Flesky– allows you to have a custom? keyboard which also has swipe typing and allows you to type faster and its resizeable!!



Wikitude– Is great when you are in a new city, it pulls up all the new restaurants, bars, events going on based upon what your camera sees.? Haven’t? tried it yet but most definitely would.


File this– This is awesome….great for someone who loses receipts/bills (like me on occasion) this amazing app can digitize? your bills or you can take pictures of your receipts and it will keep them in a database so you can access them wherever you go.


6. My newest belljar. My belljars are one of my best selling items and my own home is living proof of how much I adore them. They are classically beautiful and understated, they? just give the perfect lighting in a room.

I have them in my kitchen, a few bathrooms, a few vestibules and my foyer hallway. I just added this to a vestibule between my kitchen and pantry, love it! This is the “Tiffany” style. Click here to see the belljars on my online shop.

cvccunnamed u4t4nnamed unna434med unnamvccced unnavcmed



7. The one and only Oscar.? What a talent and what a legacy he will leave behind. But beyond his incredible fantasy like creations and the empire he built, he above all seemed like such the quintessential gentleman. A person of grace, elegance and quiet sophistication.

There is a reason he was loved by the world over. I am so thrilled to own one of his beautiful dresses and will forever cherish it as a symbol of this iconic force. Thought this video about his life, career and impact on the fashion world was worth sharing… a special way of remembering the one and only Oscar.




Anything here excite or interest you? What’s on your agenda today? We may head into the city, NY is absolutely gorgeous this time of year and in? most places in the northeast this weekend is considered to be a peak foliage weekend. I was in Litchfield, CT. yesterday and the hills truly seemed to be ablaze in color…….it was so beautiful and I was able to take some pictures which I will be sure to upload and share later this week.

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


Don’t forget to check out my newest promo on the newest from Annabel Ingall and the gorgeous cashmere capes! Ends tonight… here to see promotion.


luxe-contrast lf14121 img-thing1 IMG_6989




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Tina a great selection for us to ponder this Sunday. I always love to find new friends on Instagram, bringing us so much beauty. Those keyboard apps I am definitively checking out! Bravo to the artists you have featured! Jeanne has been a friend for a long time and I admire her so much!

The Arts by Karena

Good morning, beautiful! Tina, your Great Gatsby party invite sounds fantastic! I sure would love to see your costume! What fun that would be. Your shares today are lovely eye candy, as usual! Having a great autumn weekend out here, and I hope you continue to relax today as the rest of the week will have enough pressures of its own.

Teddy looks great in his portrait!

HUGS! Anita

Wow.. what a great post. Love the purses and all your instagram photos. so glad the Rainbow Room is re-opened. That has a very special place in my heart because that was where our first engagement party was held. Can’t wait to hear what your costume is going to be. Have a wonderful week!.

Morning Tina! I have to say that I love your bell jars. I was lucky enough to receive one as a birthday gift from my dad. We are painting our master bath and it will be placed right over my tub. Can’t wait! Love, love your picture of Teddy, so special. A family treasure for sure. Thanks for the inspiration!

So much goodness to ponder in this post! That is a lot of stairs to climb. Lovely IG photos. Such a beautiful wedding as well. And, I was the lucky recipient of the beautiful cards by Jeanne.

Hi Tina, I love these posts. Your lanterns are beautiful, I cannot wait to put two above my new island (when my kitchen is done)hopefully later November.

Oscars video was so good, he was a true master of his craft. I love all the beautiful art you featured, what talent they have. I hope you have a great day.

I haven’t taken an elevator in years either, ever since I was stuck in one for about a half-hour — alone, no less! Taking the stairs certainly gives you a good workout. πŸ™‚ Enjoyed today’s post. Can’t wait to download a few of those apps.

Your list of artists are all impressive and they do beautiful work! I too, am amazed by people with this special gift. I would only add the talented and lovely Patricia of PVE designs – I’ve read her blog for years and am always delighted by her extraordinary work!

Hi Tina,

I Love my Annabel Ingall bag and your blog! Thank you! Have a blast at your party. I went to the opening of the Rainbow Room a few weeks back and it is absolutely beautiful! Check out the Swarovski crystals hanging in the windows of the main ballroom (the rotating dance floor is still there). It’s 65 floors up so wear comfortable shoes.

Hi Tina,

Your day sounds perfect. I love the city in the fall. One of my favorite views was from the GM building overlooking Central Park (in the Clinique days).

Congrats to Bobbie. I can’t wait to send your stockings! Thank you Tina for a beautiful post. I also would like to thank all who participated.

The apps you shared are great!!! My kids are the same with me–I learn EVERYTHING pretty much from my 14 year old. Please, please share your costume with us—neck down of course πŸ™‚

Tina, I have come to love and look forward to your “S on S”!!!! The video you shared of Oscar just brought me to tears. I have not seen any more beautiful tribute to him in the last days!!! How wonderful would it be to own one of his dresses and to have had the honor to call him your friend. Thank you for all your hard work, I love you site!!! XOXO L

as always, Tina… I love to stop by for awhile. Thank you for helping me take a moment or two for myself this Sunday (it’s been a crazy one here!)

Loved everything in this post and will be trying out that typing app for myself! Hoping that you take plenty of pictures of the party after you make it up all those steps to the Rainbow Room! Have a great week!

I love those bags…so cute…they would look great with just about anything…
Thanks for sharing some great images from instagram….I always forget to post on instagram…

Tina, how wonderful to wake up on Monday morning, open my laptop, go to your blog and see such a lovely shout out from you and a bit of my art. (Better to wake up to than a cup of coffee!) You are too kind. The other artists you’ve featured are also so talented.

The blue and white wedding makes me want to throw a party – and wear Oscar de la Renta. Nothing makes a girl feel prettier than one of his dresses. He will be missed.

Have fun getting ready for your Gatsby party (sounds like a ton of fun). You are a brave girl for taking on those stairs! Can’t wait to hear about it.

Thanks again! XOXOXO

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