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Hello there….If you are like me, chances are that you like beauty products, OK maybe you even love them.? You walk into a place like Sephora and don’t emerge without doing some serious damage? Sound familiar?? Yep, I thought so. Well most us I think on some level can relate…. one of the many perks of being a girl! So today’s post is a diversion from interiors, architecture, design and such, today- it’s about all beauty products, a little magic and all that jazz.

I am no pro but I know what I like and when I like something I stay loyal….? I want to tell you what I love about the wonderful world of Judith August, ever since I discovered her after reading that her products are in every top makeup artists “arsenal”.? And, yes they really are that good:)

I call Judith the contessa of coverup. I had first featured her when she first became a sponsor, click here if you want to read her very informative interview chock full of insiders tips!? She can cover anything and do it in the most natural way. There is no question that her products are simply the best and thanks to Judith August, one lucky winner is going to get to experience an array of her best selling products with a wonderful giveaway (details on bottom).? Here are a few of my personal faves…..



1. The Everything Pencil is just that, it covers everything! This remarkable little magic in a stick after 25 years is still considered to be one of the best concealers on the market period! It can also be used as a primer for under eyeshadow and lipstick and doubles as? a highlighter. Selected time and time again by Allure magazine as the editor’s choice, it is also a top favorite of many celebs including Christy Brinkley. This is an item everyone should own.




2. Killer cover. The name implies it all…….this is major and serious coverup. It can cover anything from broken capillaries to birth marks.? A makeup artists fave for a reason. This is brilliant because there are five shades? on the wheel, because we all know different parts of our bodies are different colors. Your legs are a totally different shade then say the inside of your arm… rest assured there is no part of your body that this will not cover,? killer cover to the rescue!



3. Orange masking cream. Say goodbye to dark circles under the eyes for good. This is serious business coverup. This orange concealer is the best I have personally used. Every makeup artist knows that the “white” concealers that flood the market,? makes the area under the eyes appear gray (I am sure there are many heads nodding right about now), therefore the makeup artists understand the miracle of the orange mask coverup….and now thanks to Judith this secret is no longer limited to just makeup artists.


Before and afters….



4.? Invisible stockings. This stuff is pure genius! Talk about magic in a bottle. Forgot stockings, and worrying if they will run or sag or tear, this takes the place and looks so much better! Gives your legs that sunkissed glow while looking so natural, not that orange? cast that many other products give. This stuff is amazing and I can attest to it…it has saved me on many occasions (especially in the fall/winter when I have not had any sun) and I do wear stockings ever so this is my “go to” lifesaver…..



A little before and after….



Judith has been so generous to offer up one fabulous giveaway valued at over $100.00 it is full of all of her very best selling products so you too can experience the best of Judith August. This will run until Friday, Oct. 31st and a winner will be announced on Halloween.


Just visit Judith August by clicking here, have a look around, come back and tell us an item you would love most to try. WARNING- her website is an easy one to “get lost on” and is full of so much good information.? Leaving a comment here? will put you in the running.

If you would like a second chance, then go onto their Facebook page by clicking here and tell them what you love and that you are stopping? by from The Enchanted Home.


Be sure to check back on Halloween to see if you have won! Thank you Judith August first for your amazing line of products and for this generous giveaway and to everyone else for stopping by…..until next time. Enjoy your day!


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Vicky from Athens on

Wow! What a fabulous thing to win! I could really use some masking cream for dark under eye circles. And I’m fascinated by the killer cover . . . something for every blemish and flaw. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift!

Bonnie on

Wow, what a great offer, would love to try the Orange Masking Creme or the Everything Pencil.

Annie on

I ordered the Orange Masking Creme and would love to try the Everything Pencil!

Nancy potter on

While my complexion is pretty good although older skin I have places of pink a gift from my father. I have used many concealer and such but these products sound like a huge step up. I am amazed at the difference in pictures. Sign me up

Lindsay on

I have got to try that orange masking cream and the pencil. Thanks for the post!!

Deanna Eppers on

Tina, when do you sleep? I am amazed at all you do and how you do it beautifully. Thank you for being an inspiration to me. I love your blog and your online shop and all your lovely sponsors. I feel like you live an Enchanted Life. Thanks for the wonderful ideas and beautiful eye candy?..

Cheryl on

The killer cover will be an asset to my arsenal. I have a scar on my chin that is always visible. I would love to Rey the cover product. Thank you for sharing her products on your site. I am looking forward to trying the different products.

Barbara Fox on

Ordered a pencil and orange masking cream?Thanks for this information as under eye circles are the area that causes me so many problems..I have actually wept over how tired I LOOK, while FEELING great?so frustrating.

I have never heard of this brand, and read some reviews and they are dazzling?THANKS TINA?your site has so much information for women who are interested in a lovely home and the best face they can put forward..

Deanna Eppers on

The invisible stockings would be wonderful to try. Just may do that now! I have to stay out of the sun and no tanning beds either so this would be great for me. Thank you for sharing these products and ideas! You’re fabulous as always?.

Eileen on

Beautiful things, but the invisible stockings really call my name. I don’t tan by choice, but, as a result, look too pale at times. This is a real solution to that problem. Thanks so much.

Carolyn falknor on

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing line of products!! I have a teenage daughter that suffers from acne and would absolutely love to try the acne, conceal kit.

Diane Laurent on

I sold cosmetics for 20 years and tried every concealer on the market! I am going to try the pencils and the orange masking cream. Since I worked so long in the “business”, I am a beauty product “junkie”. Excited to try these products. Thanks for the post.

Dotti O. on

You have another great giveaway! That orange masking creme sounds like just what I need, but I also think the Fabulous Finish makeup sounds great. I hate to go out, even to the grocery store, with just nothing on but lipstick, but sometimes it is just such a pain to put on makeup. That Fabulous Finish sounds like it is quick, easy, and a little light………….just right for everyday.
Have a wonderful day!

Gayle eales on

You always seem to amaze me Tina with all your insight! I am going to order the special care cream and the everything pencils! So glad I found your blog!

Conni on

I would love to try invisible stockings!

Anne nickol on

I just ordered the Orange Masking Cream and am so excited to try it on my dark under eye circles, which always make me look so tired. And I would love to get the super waterproof coverage cream for my husband to try since he has vitiligo as a result of exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Crossing my fingers I win the prize package!

Susan on

I have tried many lines of products! And have never heard of this line, but can’t wait to use them. I especially will order the everything pencil, the invisible stockings, the orange masking cream—actually every one I want to try. Thank you for keeping us so informed. Love it. I have several of the products you have previously recommended and this will be no exception. So happy to learn about Judith August! Thank you, Tina, for helping to keep us informed in so many areas!

Joan on

Wow, I’d love to try the Orange Masking Cream! I have dark circles because of terrible allergies, and have tried so many concealers, including Cle De Peau. Thank you for another brilliant giveaway. Just love your blog.

Ava Loeb on

Thank you Tina for all your inspiration and knowledge. After months of great sadness I delete most emails but actually look forward to your post. It truly is the best and you touch on so many subjects. I will have to look into the Invisible Stockings..great stocking stuffers girls just love!

Donna ritchie on

I would love the Everything Pencil & Orange Mask. I’ve yet to find a great cover up for under the eyes. I look forward to trying her products!

Donna Ritchie

Cheryl on

I would love to try the killer color and everything pencil. I hesitate to wear clothes that show my legs due to those spider veins! Great product, thanks for introducing her Tina!

Karena on

Her products ALL look amazing Tina, I would say the Invisible stockings (though I was also eyeing the post-surgical cover up, wow do I ever need that!) Another great offering!

The Arts by Karena

Judy on

I could use any of her products, especially the orange masking cream!

Janie on

Good Morning Tina! Thank you for sharing this information. Everything looks great. Not sure where to start! The Masking cream and pencil would be great for me and I’d love to try the Invisible Stockings. After wearing stockings and pumps for many years in sales I still feel compelled to strap into them for a finished lol when dressing up. I hope I win any of these products…. Now back to shopping!

Cheri on

What girl doesn’t love some magic in her cosmetic line.
What an exciting give away – pick me, pick me please!!!

Mary on

The everything pencil, the killer color and the invisible stocking are all products I would love to try. I have tried many different brands of concealers for my dark circles under my eyes and my age spots. Still haven’t found one that I love. Keeping fingers crossed.

Candace on

Sign me up – conceal me up !
Love being a girl !

Madonna on

Everything pencil or invisible stockings

Diane on

Hi Tina!
Wow, I have got to order the orange mask and the everything pencil. Dark shadows under the eyes is just an inherited trait that I have tried for years to cover. I am so excited to go check out her products! Thanks Tina, absolutely love your blog, you cover everything!

Peggy Thal on

All the products sound fabulous! I could have used the invisible stockings this last weekend. This product sounds wonderful. Thanks for all the great tips.

Valerie Kokenes on

I am excited to find out about Judith August! I have used under eye concealer since high school and am wanting to try Killer Cover and Orange Masking Cream. Thanks Tina!

pve on

Love the everything pencils and the fabulous finish!
What a beauty is Judith and how a “no” in her modeling career launched her into creating this business. I admire her courage to share her secrets of camouflage with the rest of us. I think as I age, I tend to want to “cover it all up!” Thanks for sharing such a great give-away!

pve on

I did leave a comment but do not see it? I hope it’s there for you in your in-box. I really admire all that you share and would love to win the everything pencils and the fabulous finish.

Linda Beth on

These products look wonderful! I would love to try the Everything Pencil and the Orange Mask. Thank you for this fabulous giveaway!

Lisa on

Wow! Thanks for introducing me to Judith August Cosmetics! I have red hair and fair skin and freckles! I’d love to try the everything pencil and the orange mask! Thanks Tina, for sharing her fabulous products!

Phyllis Novotny on

They all sound amazing. I would love to try the Everything Pencil.

Lauren@SimplyLKJ on

So many fabulous products. And, what a fantastic giveaway. I would love to try the Everything Pencil. I do have to say I love the price points of her products.

Scribbler Unfocused on

When you first introduced Judith August, I didn’t win, but I ordered several products and they are all wonderful. I would love the chance to try the orange masking creme and the color for legs.

Betty Ray on

All of the products sound fabulous, but I would love to try the Invisiable Stockings! For those times when we need a special “cover up” on those legs.

Karen on

Dear Tina,

Thank you for commenting on a variety of Issues so relevant in our everyday lives. As do many, I love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday; enjoying your decorating, fashion and cooking tips. This particular blog has really made a difference in my life. Having very fair skin, I have been struggling with dark under eye circles, that seem to have been passed down through my family for generations. You should see the pictures! I was so excited to read about the orange concealer and other under eye treatment options from Judith August. Again thank you for adding some light to our lives. Karen

Janet J on

What a GREAT find! Would love to try any/all of the products, specifically the everything pencil, and plan to order and watch some of their videos. Thanks Tina!

lynne@lynnesgiftsfromtheheart on

I would love to be able to use the orange masking cream! What a difference it could make on the dark circles I’m tortured with daily. What a generous thing for her to do.. fondly ~lynne~

JoaNne on

The Everything Pencil is exactly what I need. Thanks so much for the informative post. This sounds like a great line and I am anxious to try some of the products. JoAnne

Lynn on

Oh Please, please i need that orange masking cream. I get up at 4 am every weekday morning. Dark circles are a permenant part of me. Oh how i would love to be rid of them! Lynn

Alicia on

Thank you for sharing yet another source for us girls!!! I actually need everything on the site, but would love to try the Make it Stay for my long days at the office. Thank you! Alicia

Aimee robinson on

Tina, Thank you so much for this post! I am excited to try a few of the products, especially the Everything Pencil and the Orange Mask. Thanks for all your great posts. I look forward to them each and every day!

Sandy w on

I would love to try the Killer Cover since I have some unsightly veins on my legs that I would like to try and cover. Also, the Everything Pencil looks like it would be a great tool to have on hand.

bonnie on


Trish on

Ordering the orange mask NOW!!!

franki on

Well.. as Judith says…the name says it all..”.KILLER COVER” it is!! Trust me, I need ALL the help I can get!! franki

Debbie Lane on

Thanks for sharing what looks like wonderful make up!!! I think I need one of each! I have ordered the orange mask creme and can’t wait to play!!!

Santa Sinacore on

It seems the ORANGE MASKING CREME has my name on it. I am a senior, senior (2x) lady and find that many of the cosmetics just do not work correctly for us and our “older” skin texture. This just might do it. No matter what, I will try it. Thank you for introducing this product line.

Many many regards.

donna on

I want to try everything but if I have to pick one, it would be The Everything Pencil. Looks amazing and is obviously tried and true. Love her website – will definitely be back.

Christine baker on

I am closer to 62 than 61 and accept all the help that I can!
With Judith’s fine products, I may not believe that “physical beauty is wasted on the young”. Whoever coined that quote to begin with ???
I will try the concealer/foundation .
My pale legs come winter cruise time will appreciate the leg makeup .
I will visit Sephora soon !
Tina , Your posts assures me of many smiles ! So happy to be a part of this group !

amy on

Tina wow where has this line been all my life! At 45 I am starting to see some things I don’t love, blotchy skin and too many freckles! I would most want to try the orange cream coverup and the everything pencil and in fact am going to order them today and if I win by chance i will have back up:-) Thank you for the intro anything you have recommended that i have tried i have really loved so your endorsement means A LOT.


Last time you featured her I bought the everything pencil and agree with you it’s the best I have tried, I love it and have recommended it to many friends.

Would love to win this great basket so I can try more products. I would most want to try the invisible stockings, my legs could really use some color since I don’t play tennis anymore!

julia hegedus on

I need them all.
Everything sounds so amazing.
I think my favorite would be the orange concealer.

Ashley SIkora on

I would love to try the invisible stockings, that had me at hello!

Cindy White on

I would love the Everything Pencil – in fact I would probably get a couple of them – one for home and the other to toss in my bag for emergency touch-ups during the day!

april hendricks on

Thanks for the opportunity to win all of these amazing products! I don’t know how I missed these products out there in the make-up world because I am always looking for ways to hide imperfections. I would LOVE to try the Everything Pencil and Killer Cover to hide my broken capillaries and other less than perfect areas. Thank you so much for introducing us to Judith August, and as a new follower, I am so happy to be a part of your group!

Judi on

Oh I have to get so many things! I think I’ll start with the Killer Cover Kit, but I also want the invisible Stockings. Oh, and that little Everything Pencil!!!

Liz W. on

You have been my daily go to read blog for a year now. Have loved following your house as you’ve decorated room by room and also enjoy seeing your entertaining ideas! Presentation is everything!! Would also like to better present myself without my much despised under eye darkness. My mother saw them and said I get them from he mother…grrrr. Now that I’ve crossed the 50 mark they are worse than ever… It looks like Judith August’s ORANGE MASKING CREAM will help me through this new decade!!!! I would love to win the JA kit to sample all her most popular products!!! Many thanks for the consideration, Liz W.

Anonymous on

The Special Care Cover looks interesting for my sensitive skin. I’ll have to try the Everything Pencil next time at Sephora.

Mary on

Wow what a great idea for a giveaway! I would love to try the Invisible Stockings Body Bronzer.

Marie Arden Bensing on

I have heard of her products and the one I would need is the cover up cream for broken capillaries. Always a problem and never seem to really be able to cover them. The leg makeup looks interesting also. Hate to wear hose.

Anonymous on

Wow. Such great products. Hard to pick, but I would love to try the everything pencil! πŸ™‚

michelle on

Lots of wonderful things I would love to try. The orange masking cream would be a livesaver. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

Pam on

I’d love to try the “Orange Masking Creme” and the “Everything Pencil”. After reading her hint, I learned something new…..Use the concealer over your foundation. I’ve been doing it the wrong way for years…..Thanks Judith!
Thank you Tina for sharing your beauty secrets!

Deborah on

Well, I already have the Everything Pencil, and it is wonderful! Would love to try the Orange Masking Cream AND the Invisible Stockings.

MJ Myers on

Wow, what a great selection of products! I want to try them all but I live in Florida and have WHITE legs. I have to try Invisible Stockings so I look like I live in Florida!

Katherine on

I like the idea that the products have various vitamins, camomile, etc to help replenish and sooth – not just covering up.
With allergies – dark circles are a problem for me. I want to try the Orange Masking concealer and the Everything Pencil.
You are right Tina, there is a lot to discover here.

Linda Robertson on

After getting “lost”on Judith August’s site I liked her on face book and even ordered the everything pencil. Now I hope I win because I would love to try the masking cover up. I’m “enchanted” with her products.
Thanks for giving your readers a chance to discover great cosmetic products.

Rynn on

Orange Masking Creme for me and Acne & Blemish Kit for a teenager to start with, and then add other products until I find the perfect combination. I like that the website tells you what to use the products for..I don’t always know. Thanks you for sharing this great source!

Dena on

Wow, Judith’s products look amazing! I would love to try the everything pencil as a starter. Thank you Tina for sharing, I had never heard of Judith August till now. I am new to your blog and am enjoying your posts so much!!!

Karen V. on

I’m always looking for the “next best thing”, so would love to try the Everything Pencil! Great Giveaway!

michelle on

You are right! You can get lost in that site. What a variety of product!. I so wish there had been Judith, or that I knew about her long ago when my scars were at their worst. After the dreaded (but thank heaven for it) surgery, my makeup routine started with a depressing blending of a spackle like product. This I was told was the best to be had, The result was an uneven, more times than not, unattractive result. There were tricks.; no outdoor/natural light, evenings were better, no sports etc etc..I gave up after my scars faded acceptably, but always wondered if there wasn’t something better now. I think id try the killer cover up and the everything pencil looks amazing.

Karol on

Killer Cover would be great. The older I get the more I need to cover. Love your blog. Always something new and interesting.

Anne HH on

I love your beauty posts as well as those about interior design, entertaining and fashion! My favorite product would be the Everything Pencil. I would love to win this Giveaway to try her other products, too!! Thank you, Tina!!!

Lin on

I need a warehouse of all these wonderful products, but can’t wait to try the eye circle magic & the stocking/leg transformation. Thanks for sharing these miracles!

Linda Garavalia on

I’d never heard of these products, thanks Tina for sharing. The Orange Masking creme looks amazing!

S.Hoover on

Loved it all!! I would have to try the finishing powder and of course the everything pencil. Thanks for sharing

classic ? casual ? home on

Glowing praise from you, Tina?I’m definitely going to buy the invisible stockings?great for winter cocktail parties. HOPE I WIN THE FAB BASKET πŸ™‚

Love your beauty tips.
Mary Ann

Toni on

I would love to try these products….especially the Invisible Stockings! Genius!

Lynn Mosher on

Oh, wow! How do I pick just one? I need it all! Sounds wonderful! Thank you!

Lea on

I’m at the point in my life that I run for cover-my arms, legs, hands, well you get the idea. Killer Cover would allow me to emerge from under my “covers”. I’m starting to see faint age spots, spider veins, under eye circles and different skin tones on my face. I’d love to try this product as I feel my self-esteem would improve plus when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good and I love to do good!
Sooo Killer Cover would be a great treat-no tricks πŸ™‚
Thank you, Tina for the wonderful makeup tips!

Susan callahan on

I would love to try the invisible stockings,what a great idea

susan on

Do you know how thrilled I am?! I just spoke to Judith herself! I called as I had some questions on the product and she answered and I got the information I needed straight from the pro. I am ordering the Orange Masking Cream and Killer Cleanser for now. Great promo, Tina. Judith said she loves your site and style… we all do!

Ann on

Orange Masking Cream! Everything Pencil! Invisible Stockings! Need ’em all!

Candace Turner on

Would LOVE the Aquatint! I have a very fair complexion with redness on my cheeks, nothing seems to work! Thank you for the giveaway!


What awesome opportunities you share!

My adult children would squeal for their sunglasses when I wear shorts: “My eyes, my eyes Mom!” I have very fair skin and protect my body from damaging sun rays. The Invisible Stockings would provide nicely presentable legs when I visit them in San Diego!

Due to sun damage in college, I do have vitiligo on my chest that would benefit when I wear low cut garment!

Mary Feller on

Wow – what great information! I need to try everything! The Orange Masking Cr?me, The Everything Pencil, Killer Cover, Erase pencil (I still break out at 55) and the invisible stocking look fabulous. I live in a warm climate and stockings just aren’t practical. These are all amazing and can’t wait to try them.

Tracy on

The orange masking creme would be my choice!

Leslie... on

The Orange Masking Creme sounds dreamy! I can’t wait to try it!
~ Leslie in Florida

Dee farrell on

Hello Tina, you are such a beautiful lady, I cannot imagine you require make-up, however, you recommended the orange mask, so that is my choice from the lovely items. Thank you, Dee

Sandra Marshall on

I would really love to try the Everything Pencil or the Orange Masking Cr?me. All the products look wonderful.

Rosanne Hodgens on

The orange masking cream sounds like something that I really need. What a relief to finally find something that works. Thank you so much.

Erika on

Would love to try the invisible stockings for my non-tanning legs!!
Love your website. You are one interesting lady.

Rosanne Hodgens on

The orange masking cream sounds like just the ticket for me. What a relief to find something that actually works. Thank you so much.

leigh on

I haven’t heard of her products but definitely plan to try some. I love the Everything Pencil and her concealers?both sound fabulous! Thanks so much for making this offer available!

Lisa on

Anything eye concealer!! I’ve been trying to find a solution for under eye circles for 20 years !!!

Kathy M on

Wow! These products look fabulous. I’ve tried so many concealers with disappointing results. Would love to try these and report back.

Joanne on

Hard to decide between the killer colour and the invisible stockings. May have to order both!

Michelle Kaplan on

I could REALLY use the Invisable Stockings!! I have spider veins and bigger veins that keep me mostly in pants. I live in Los Angeles and would love to show more leg….but Pretty leg!

Catherine on

I NEED the Orange Masking Cream. Now.

GRC Ltd on

Orange Masking Cream…I really, really need it. My family will thank you during the holidays!

Liz on

So hard to decide! I need it all! Would love to try the orange masking cream and the pencil. They may be just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you, Tina!

Ashley Thillainathan on

Thank you for this opportunity, what an exciting giveaway! I would love to try the invisible stockings!

Donna Levi on

Sweet! What a great offer, would love to try the Orange Masking Creme or the Everything Pencil. Your right easy to get lost on the web site. Thanks.

MichelLe on

I would love to try the Everything Pencil!

Jennifer h. on

I would love to try the make it stay makeup spray.

Coley on

I would love to try the invisible stockings! What a fantastic product!

Mary Jo Miller on

I would love to try the orange cream coverup and the everything pencil. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway offer.

Karolyn on

Well I LOVE fun make up and anything to cover up these old legs sounds wonderful to me!! Im in! xo Karolyn

nancy on

Have to try the orange masking cr?me as I have had dark circles under my eyes since I was a little girl! Winning the basket would be awesome!

Anonymous on

Just in time for the holidays!
I would love to try the Orange Masking Cream. I have dark circles and I am always trying to mask them. Thank you!

Pam on

All of the products look amazing. The everything pencil seems like a sure bet. Would love to try them all. Makeover please!!!!!

Joanne A on

Thank you for introducing us to Judith August. With your endorsement Tina, I feel confident that they are a wonderful product.
It’s a great site, Judith, with the descriptions and advice for use. Count me in for a chance to win this very generous gift.

Peggy Braswell on

would love a chance to win The invisible stockings + good luck to everyone.

Sandra on

The invisible stocking looks amazing!

Fernanda Clifford on

What a fabulous giveaway. I would love to try invisible stockings.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

i’d love to win a basket o’ beauty! lord knows i need an ample supply of concealer. and i am a disaster in sephora–cannot resist dropping serious coin!

Sara N on

Would like to try the killer cover!

Wallis Cannon on

I have never been much of a makeup person but this seems so so simple and I am “enchanted”!! I watched the video of the 3 pencils and I think I could definitely make that happen. I love your website.

kathy bunge on

So many great products, but I definitely will try the “Invisible Stockings.”

JuliaW on

I always find beautiful eye candy and wonderful products on your blog, so I love to tune in daily! I have struggled to hide dark undereye circles for years, and I am definitely interested in the Orange Masking Creme. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

jeri seefeldt on

Would love to try the Cream to Powder Foundation or Make It Stay, Make-up Spray! Love your Blog!

Maggie on

All I want for Christmas-whoops!-Halloween is the magical orange masking cream! It’s a trick that’s a treat!,

Kathie Stephens on

First of all, I enjoy looking through The Enchanted Home. It is peaceful to look at all the beautiful pictures, and lovely art. I love reading every word of each issue. All the products look exciting; however, the one product I could really use is The Everything Pencil. I have had dark circles for as long as I can imagine and have found nothing that covers them up. Thank you for the opportunity to win a product.

Wendy on

I particularly would love to try the Foundation Makeup for Rosacea. I have rosacea and covering my skin is a real challenge–her products look amazing!

Barbara bachus on

Invisible stockings? I am loving that idea! Thank you for the opportunity!

Amanda on

I would love to try the Invisible Stockings – genius!

kim mclain on

I want to try it all ! : )))

annie on

Tina bought the pencil and the invisible stockings as they answer two of my biggest problems. I cannot wait to get them! Would love to win the goodie box, what a nice giveaway.
I love the sounds of this line, it is very problem specific and I am so happy to have discovered it thanks to you……have gotten so many great ideas and tips from your blog, my favorite.

Design Chic on

I hadn’t heard of the line, Tina and would love to try. Definitely need the invisible stockings?looks amazing! Hope you’re having a great week!

pve on

Oh, I cannot see my comment I left, in hopes there is not a glitch. I will need that everything concealer during the holidays when there is always so much to do and not enough time!
Thanks for a fantastic give-away and congrats on another great sponsor.

Lisa on

Thanks Tina!
I would love to win and I would love to try the Invisible Stockings.

Julia on

I want to try that Orange Masking Creme – today! Thank you for sharing Judith with us all!

Tree on

I would love to try the killer cover to hide broken red capillaries !

JOeley on

Wow! I can not wait to try some of her products. I am going to order the orange masking cream. Look out dark circles! Her site is amazing. I would love to read her Gotcha Covered book. Thanks, Tina.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

I love a good beauty product and will try ANYTHING that promises to get rid of my dark circles, which haunt me even with a good night sleep. Would love to try some of Judith’s tricks!

Hope you are having a great week, Tina! XOXO

connie t on

WOW! I LOVE the Invisible Stockings product. I have several veiny/bruisy-looking circles on my left leg, esp, and varicose veins. That product would be great! Also love the Orange Masking Creme as I have dark circles under my eyes lower on my face, it seems, than on everybody else. So thanks for the giveaways and I look forward to scrolling around her website more!

Ana Benitez on

What a wonderful website! Love the video demonstrations. I would love to try the Invisible Stockings and might just order the invisible pencil. Genius!

DIana on

Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to win these amazing products! I would love to try the Everything Pencil. It looks to good to be true….


Mariel on

Great products! Tina — thank you for sharing! My first order will be Foundation Makeup for Rosacea and Invisible Stockings!!!

Peggy Bryant on

Wow, great website. I’ve been looking for something to help when I get fillers. I bruise very easily. The Killer Cover is just what I need. Thanks for sharing Tina. ~ Peggy

Carol on

I’d love to try the everything stick but everything on her website looks so tempting.

Jeannette on

Great giveaway! My choices would be the orange masking cream and the invisible legs. I have yet found a product I like around my eyes…sigh

Anonymous on

My legs are screaming this Halloween to try the invisible stocking ! Love !

Joanna Wiley on

My legs are screaming this Halloween to try the invisible stocking ! Love !

Martha Erwin Mercer on

Hi Tina, I am so excited about all of Judith’s products. Thank you for introducing all of us to her. I am one of your older followers and would love an opportunity to try any of these products. You can only imagine all the products I have in my drawer – that don’t work.
Take care.

Liane on

Hi Tina, what a great product – I developed melasma after giving birth to my sun and it is so apparent during the summer months – no amount of sunscreen prevents the dark spots from coming out and no amount of makeup covers it up as well. I’m conscious about it because when I talk to people, they appear to be staring at my forehead rather than look me in the eye – I would love to try this product to see if it really does make a difference. Thanks for the opportunity. P.S. Enjoy your posts.

Donna W on

Would love to try the everything pencil !

Marie cunningham on

What a group of wonderful products! I especially love the Everything Pencil! Tina, you’re so good at keeping us updated with great items. Thank you for the opportunity!

Maxine on

Thank you for the introduction to Judith’s products. I think the Orange Masking Creme was made for me. I have terrible dark circles under my eyes. I have even heard them referred to as “tea bag” stains because that is pretty much what they look like. It is a challenge every day. I enjoyed looking at all of her products.

Joy F on

Tina, I always look forward to reading your blog. I would love to try the Orange Masking Cream and the Everything Pencil. Thanks for sharing this product information.

Darden on

I would love to try the Everything Pencil!

Jessy f. on

Everything looks great, but I would love to try the orange masking creme!

dana gault on

I would love to try Invisible Stockings. Life in Phoenix = many days of bare legs!

Lisa Barker on

Well, where to start? I would love the Everything pencil for my sun spots, the orange concealer for under my eyes, the Invisible stockings for my pasty English legs and the Easizit pencil for my teenage daughter. I’m also delighted to see they deliver to the UK.

Melissa Marsden on

Tina, based on the number of comments, you certainly found an enticing product line offering from Judith August! The Invisible Stockings are a dream for those who love the look of being sun-kissed without the damaging rays.

Susan on

I would love to try the invisible stockings. What a great give-away- would be thrilled to win! Thanks!

Kathleen on

Now that I am over half a century old…..the orange masking cream sounds terrific for the darkening area under my eyes,,,,

Sandy Jones on

Under eye concealer in any form is my vote for most desired. the pencil or the orange concealers would be fabulous. Love the before nad after pictures!!!! She is so brave!

Lynne on

Hi Tina,

Judith August had so many products that I would love but I think the favorite to try would be special care cover.

Have a good day,

Janet hartz on

I LOVE the everything pencil!!

Bebett on

I’ve been using my Orange Masking Cream and love it! This time, would like to try the Everything Pencil and the Invisible Stockings. As always, you have the best giveaways, Tina!

Nancy on

I’d love to try the concealer & the everythimg pencil.

kATHY on

I like every item on the website! The product I would most like to try is the fabulous finish everyday makeup all-in-one coverage.

Marty on

Tina, you are so generous. Thanks so much for your lovely blog. It is my daily oasis in a busy life. Because of my rosy, red cheeks which make me look like Raggedy Ann, I would love to try every concealer product in Judith’s arsenal. What a wonderful give away gift.

Fran on

All of the products look great, but I’d most like to try the Fabulous Finish foundation. Thanks for sharing.

Pat S. on

Now that I am in that group – “women of a certain age” I would like to try the Orange Masking Cr?me!

denise on

The Everything Pencil looks amazing…also the size makes it the perfect size to stash in your purse! The picture of the Invisible Stocking difference is impressive also. I went to her website and I think I could do some serious damage to the checkbook! Hope I win the giveaway….would be fun to try out so many of the products!!!

Dona Michell on

Beautiful products.

Barbara travis on

I would love the concealer kit. I haven’t heard of this product but would love to give it a try.


Jordan on

Absolutely killer cover. Going to order some of her products now. Thanks for the info!

Karen on

Hi Tina! The Everything Pencil really does look to be a must have! Thanks!


Deanna Eppers on

I went back to Judith Augusts’ website and shopped around a bit. I am hoping to try her Aquatint. It would help my daughter who is going through a tough time with acne. This would be the best in covering that up for her. (Plus I might sneak it for myself to cover up some red marks on my skin.) Thanks, Tina, for introducing Judith to me. What fun looking and shopping!!

RG on

Oh my I have been eyeing the Orange cover up for eyes. I have been dealing with my ancestors gift to of dark puffy circles under my eyes all my life so I have been wanting to try this makeup for so long. Would be great to win such a wonderful product. Thanks for the giveaway.

DIana on

Hi Tina,

I’m Diana! I’ve had the craziest week — out of town guests and two dinner parties. I am finally just now sitting back down at my desk. I can’t believe I won! Am I too late?

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