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Hi and Happy Halloween! Anything exciting going on over on your end?? We are headed to an amazing Halloween party tonight. This has been one very long and hectic week, I had many balls in the air with literally not a free moment to spare. The times I? was on my computer (normally at the crack of dawn) were by far my most relaxed moments of the day.

Working on my design project (will show some progress pics next week), a fun e design project and getting ready for a busy weekend (which we are spending in the city) on top of managing my online shop and blog….it’s been a crazy busy week.

First order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the Judith August giveaway, congratulations goes to…..

#139 Diana says:

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I spoke last week of how one of? my projects is to get my home office in order. It is B A D. There is literally a rug and a desk piled high? with a virtual mountain of papers! It needs some serious help, I purposely kept it as a blank slate so that I could really brainstorm as to what I want to do in there and I have to admit…I am still? all over the map and have yet to make a single decision.

Today’s post is all about home offices. If the office fairy could grant you one new home office with the wave of her wand, which one of these beauties would you find yourself sitting and being productive in? I do believe that if you are working in a beautiful space that you feel good in, you will be that much more productive, do you?

So put on that thinking cap and feast your eyes on these gorgeous home offices (you can vote for two recognizing it would be almost impossible to narrow it to one)…….








CHOICE 2Home office French

CHOICE 3Screen-Shot-2013-01-01-at-9.04.45-AM.png




CHOICE 5elegant-and-exquiste-feminine-hom-offices-10-554x864

CHOICE 6elegant-and-exquiste-feminine-hom-offices-3-554x713

CHOICE 72e5a4c8abec30a651d7b98f73b34d18c

CHOICE 869658b2eb0af930d1c46cc729f023817

CHOICE 9tumblr_mrfdnrRzbk1s4sbl6o1_1280


9 ar dig-7





CHOICE 13Blue-Girls-Lounge-Eclectic-Home-Office-Mineapolis



They are all so beautiful to me, what does it for you? Small, cozy and cocoon like? Large, open and airy? Traditional? The new transitional? Maybe an all white or black and white office? Wallpaper or no wallpaper? So many decisions.

The problem for me is I like so many! I love a soft neutral tonal office, but do love a white office with a burst of color. I also feel like this is one space that is exclusively mine where I? can do something really fun and feminine, so I want to really love whatever I end up doing.

I am all ears and would love to hear your two cents.? It will be fun to see which comes out on top, and with luck I will start narrowing down the choices and honing in on a look and color scheme….fingers crossed! Wishing you a great day, and end to your week. Happy Halloween to everyone, stay? safe and mostly have fun! Be back on Sunday…..

get-attachment.aspx_PS Soooo excited about the new lamps (over 20? new styles)? and some new porcelains just added yesterday! You have to check them out…..I will be featuring them next week and doing a porcelain giveaway so stay tuned! Click here to visit....

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pve on

Enjoy the party and take time out to relax. Love all the home office spaces…..

Judi on

#2 gots lots of votes and it is beautiful but I could never function with such a tiny workspace surface, no matter how much storage there might be nearby, With your heavy order business, let alone your design projects, and social engagements, I think you need a full wall of counter space (plus maybe even an island with storage), and a lot more storage/place for computers, printers, for samples, company brochures, orders, invoices, as well as some open storage for the immediate things being worked on – or for inspirational items. As for having a “lady’s desk” I just can’t see it doing the job for such an amazingly active business woman! Esp some of those as shown show very little storage area. (No counter, no storage, not so good). This is a hard decision as these are all such pretty rooms. Good luck, I know you will make it beautiful, but your hectic life deserves a lot of practicality!,, (& sanity!!! :))

Suzanne Urban on

I voted for 2 (pretty) and 3 (practical). I will design my ideal office for practical and functional every time – then add the design touches. I love free-standing desks, too, but they take room without providing enough function. My pet peeve is to find a way to hide all the cords. Even with wireless electronics, there are still an over-abundance cords! Good luck with your project. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

Elizabeth on

Tina, have a happy and safe Halloween! Do take lots of photos so that we can see your fabulous costume!

I think as far as the office goes, what is the purpose? Are you going to be using it to blog, work on paperwork, etc? Do you need large surfaces to lay out your fabrics, and design boards?

Although I love the small and cosy office, I think you have so much going on you might need a space to spread out with all of your projects.

I think that whatever you choose to design will be beautiful and will be a wonderful place to write, and create. I do think that I see a bit of blue and white in there though!

Happy Halloween!

Katherine on

Office number one hits the nail on the head with colour scheme for you – it really should be primarily white with blue {that’s your comfort zone}. There is closed storage for important files, open shelves for pretty things, a window – very important, a medium size desk with a proper chair, and seating for guests. The window seat would at times work to spread things out and load with pillows.
Adding a work table against a wall to accommodate the need for a quick photo of product would be helpful. Prep several back boards in various paint colours and an adjustable lamp to use for the photo shoots. And your set to go.

Anonymous on

I would choose #4 I love all the windows and the club chair when i get tired of the other one.

Connie t on

I voted for 1 and 2. I do love Shabby Chic for my style, but the soothing color of #1 was very nice. Did you realize there is no #11? It jumps from #10 to #12 in our photo choices. 🙂 Yes, please take photos of your costume tonight! Happy Halloween!

Patty B on

This was an easy vote (no 4) as I saved this photo from a previous blog post. It is definitely an office one could relax and create with some added soft blue color. Hands down, my favorite.

Karena on

You made this a tough one Tina! Gorgeous offices and I got ideas from several to incorporate into my own!

The Arts by Karena

lisa on

Good morning Tina- so many pretty offices, it was hard to choose. I just converted my daughters room (she moved out last year and is now engaged) to my new home office. I have not done much but am gathering ideas. Function is very important for me so I love the idea of an open bookcase with plenty of shelves with baskets for storage.

I think a neutral room is in the long run safer choice but I do agree that wallpaper can add real personality to the room. I know whatever you do it will be beautiful so I cannot wait to see!

amanda on

great ideas here….love #1. it is perfection but think 12 is pretty gorgeous too.
happy halloween tina.

Anita Rivera on

I voted tina! Have fun at the party tonight! Anita

Wendy on

No.1 is perfect. There is space and storage, a lovely desk and seating. Unfortunately my space is more no.14. I did get some great ideas. Thanks again for another wonderful post!

leslie on

Beautiful office inspiration Tina! ..they all have something special which makes it tough to pick a favorite. Enjoy your weekend and Halloween party this evening:)

Lynne on


all the rooms are very pretty but I do think that in an office
like others mentioned it is important to put function over looks. to my thinking having a stand alone desk with no drawers right at your fingertips is counter-productive.

I voted for number 4, but really without knowing your room dimensions and amount of light or windows it is really hard to pick the room.

But I am sure you will come up with something breathtaking like the rest of your beautiful home

debra@5th and state on

number one was an easy choice, light bright and a window seat for when i pass out!

enjoy this evening and get some much needed rest tina!

Carolyn and Cynthia - The Buzz Blog on

We picked #12 since we work in a design studio and production facility which is always overflowing with flowers. We like to work in a clean, calm environment which is still pretty and we could get a lot done in an office like this! Hope you’re evening is filled with treats, Tina.
C + C

Rebecca Hively on

Didn’t we already do this last week?

elizabeth on

Love this Tina. Thank you really needed the inspiration too, I have a tiny office but it’s an absolute mess. I need inspiration and a push, these are all beautiful.
#1 is my absolute favorite…..what a beautiful room. I cannot wait to see what you do Tina, I know it will be gorgeous.

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

You pick the best selections! So hard to choose. A little of each please!

Vienette on

Love 1! Light, bright, big desk, plenty of storage and a window to look out for relaxation and inspiration.

Joanne A on

I love choice #2, although it is totally impractical . The desk, the light fixture and the cabinet speak to my heart, but the antique books are staged and the desk does not allow you to hide wires. Still, it is my first choice.
Happy Hallowe’en!

sherry hart on

How could I pick…..I love a beautiful office and since mine looks like the ghetto…….well let’s just say I would love to have any of them:)

Donna ritchie on

I’m a sucker for a window seat! I love gazing out the window when I have a stressful moment!

Karolyn on

All gorgeous but 1 and 2 are totally me!! Have a great weekend my friend!

debby Anderson on

Of course, I like the girly ones, #2, #5 and #14. All gorgeous. Hope you get a chance to rest soon. Have a fun weekend in the city. xo

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Tina, As always it’s very tough to choose! I love the drama of 6, but think 1 would actually look right at home in our house. I actually like my office – it’s part of our great room (kitchen, breakfast nook, family room and office all in one big space that spills out into our back yard – perfect for multi-tasking). It’s a mess, though, which is a problem since it’s out in the open where everyone can see and we are hosting a party later this month. Need to clean that up. Would love to redo my husband’s office, which really could use a facelift!

Hope you had fun at your party and that your November is off to an amazing start! XOXO

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