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Hi there, I saw a picture last week on Instagram that triggered a bit of an obsessive compulsion to find something………myrtle topiaries. I can thank (or not) Loi from Tone? on Tone as being the culprit behind this unexpected case of topiary-mania and yes that is a word (at least as of today).

So here is the picture in question…..



Now can you see how this might have induced an involuntary reaction to get my hands on my own little crop of myrtle topiaries! So appts. got canceled, meals pushed aside (a blessing),? priorities shifted, design work put on a brief pause and my mission immediately began.

I found that surprisingly they are not as easy to find as looking up your nearest local? nursery. I ended up speaking to the “granddaddy” of myrtle topiary growers in Canada who clearly understood my incessant desire to find some of my own and kindly shared information with me on a grower within my geographical range that he could “put me in touch with” and that is exactly what he did.






This guy understood that topiary-mania needs urgent attention! So fast forward a few days I was put in touch with another dealer, who was kind enough to meet with me despite the fact that I was not going to be buying a truckload of topiaries. I did however buy a carload:) Enter Greg the myrtle topiary whisperer. I happily loaded up the car, quest accomplished!

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So I am very very happy that I too have my own little brigade of myrtle topiaries, and as luck would have it I also scored some gorgeous orchids and one of my favorite fall plants, white azalea topiaries!

I came home and started to panic about what I was going to do with all of these topiaries, how quickly could I dispense them around the house to look like they had always been there so my hubs would not walk in wondering if I have lost my mind, feeling like he lives inside a nursery (bad enough he feels like we live in a blue and white porcelain factory)!

Loi Thai

Loi clearly looks like he knows what he is doing….I can only hope that I can follow suit!

So here are some highlights from my day, very impromptu pictures and eventually all of these wonderful little plants will find their final resting place in various areas of my house… if I can only swing maintaining them so they continue to look this good for a long long time. Loi...I may be calling on you afterall it is you who started this!

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And starting to spread the love throughout my home….imagine I will be playing for a few days:)

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So….now can you see what all the fuss is about? One thing I do not have is a shortage of is containers, so I will be busy today continuing to plant my pretty new additions in their appropriate planters.

I am so in love with them, just need to brush up on how to care for them, was told to never let them dry out and that in warm homes they can require water every 3-4 days. Have any tips? By all means I am all ears!

Thank you for stopping in and wishing you a fabulous day:)

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Until next time……


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As a florist I can TOTALLY relate to myrtle-mania. In the shop we would put 3-4 ice cubes on the soil / moss surface every couple of days. They melted slowly and it was so much neater than using a watering can

I remember the picture and magazine spread all about Loi and his topiaries and like you, I’m obsessed. The clean lines and beautiful green, make them the perfect accessory for any room!

I have little note cards where I write down my to do’s and I too was inspired by Loi to go on a Myrtle-mission. I have a local garden shop that I know will have them and I cannot wait to bring them home….
Love how you just drop everything when the mood strikes to fill your fancy! I like that. Guess we are all the same…..

Tina you are so funny, I love the account of how all this came to be. And imagining your husband walking in to a kitchen filled with topiaries is quite funny.

I love what you have done with them so far, they are so elegant and look like they were made to be in your home, of course having gorgeous planters does help! Thank you for the fun post, think I will go in search of a pair for myself today!

You did a wonderful job of re-planting into your gorgeous containers! Your home must be like a botanical garden now. To be surrounded by these beautiful plants must make you happy every day.

I love your new project. They look wonderful in all your beautiful containers. Do they need light? Please keep us informed on their progress Thank you for sharing.

Just love the look of them… they do give a off a very beautiful mood….the containers on your mantle are so pretty where did you get thoSE?? thanks

I saw the same post from tone on tone. Love love topiaries. I tried this “collection” last March. And I even kept mine in one area, my sunroom. If in Chicago you can qualify anything in March a sun room? They lived until maybe July. I was heart broken. But I didn’t know you could do the same trick with topiaries as you can with orchids. Love the ice cube trick! So I might try them again. Love all of your containers!

Oh my was this dver a cleverly written post today with humor, truth and so much inspiration…not to mention the great showcase of loi, one of my favorite people in blogland!!! Tina, bringing in nature to the home and coupling these beauties with your oil pakntings, mantels and beamed ceilingsmis genius. Doesn’t the addition of topiaries make the house sing? Brilliant my friend! Anita

I can so understand your need to drop everything in search of those gorgeous topiaries! And, I must say all the beautiful containers are just icing on the cake. I would agree, I think just adding a couple ice cubes every few days or spritzing the moss to keep it moist should do the trick and much easier than a watering can or hauling them all to a sink area.

Tina both Loi’s image with his topiaries and Bunny Mellon’s thrill me. I love them so much and of course you have the perfect containers for all of your floral finds!

The Arts by Karena

So funny.. now I don’t feel so crazy, as I do the same thing: I see something and then I am on a mission to find it. Happens mostly with dinnerware… And blue and white is the best combination ever… beautiful containers!

They can sometimes be a little challenging. I had a pair in the same window, same light, same care – one did beautifully and the other not so well. One lasted years and the other I lost in less than a year – so you never know, but they are so elegant.

I have one, lonely little topiary in a blue and white container on my kitchen counter. You’ve inspired me to buy more.
I live in Canada so would be interested in hearing who the granddaddy of the plants is. We have incredible growers in our Niagara region which is thankfully close to me. Everything they do there is in abundance.
There is a web called {but of course} – they have information on care for both indoor and outdoor.

Spectacular! I love how you are putting them in your super elegant containers. I laughed at the story, sounds like something I would do. These will be beautiful around the holidays too.
Hope you will share if you come up with any great tips.

I too love toparies and have invested a small fortune but Unfortunely some have perish. I am now working on an Hibuscus topiary and things look great,let’s see what happens,especially in the hot sun of the Caribbean,

Gorgeous Tina! I tried getting them last year and my local nursery said they weren’t available at that time. It’s all about placement and just enough water ~ but not too much:) and the grooming of course! Your containers look so pretty filled with the green and white. Have fun with your indoor garden:)

Good morning Tina,

Know your feelings.. when I am on a”mission” nothing else matters. 🙂


Tina!!!!! The myrtles look SOOOO beautiful in your house. I love your elegant touch by pairing them with your gorgeous blue-and-white cache pots. Definitely using that idea – thanks for the inspiration! And thanks for the shout out 🙂 I have a little tip: I keep extra myrtles in a sun room or somewhere sunny and rotate them with others (that might not get sunlight) throughout the house. That way all my babies are happy and healthy. Oh, don’t let them dry out. They like it moist but don’t want to sit in water constantly. Cheers

Hi Tina,
Those topiaries are beautiful. I am not familiar with that type, but I am a little apprehensive about them living indoors. Consider keeping some outdoors in a sheltered spot, and rotating them with the ones indoors. Your containers are just gorgeous too! Best,

I bought two lovely Myrtle topiaries 2 years at the Country Living show in Rhinebeck. This past month one died and I have been trying to find a new mate for the one in my kitchen, but as you know they are so difficult to find!So I too have to research a good nursery for these! xo K

Had two beauties for almost a year and lost them to aphids this summer.
Keep a watchful eye out and if the surface they are on gets sticky then you will know. Love them in the white classic pots.

Tina, you clearly have a green thumb….or will have one soon!! I adore myrtle topiaries and anything that Loi does is worth repeating!!!!

Love your tenacious search…which reaped such fun rewards. Am picturing you and Greg on the side of the road somewhere making the “exchange”!

I’m thinking one of those in your beautiful containers will make great holiday gifts for all of your friends! Looking around….I think I need to head to McArdles to find some myself.

On another note….the TRAY arrived and it is gorgeous!
Happy weekend!
xoxo Elizabeth

OMG! I too am upset with topiaries. I live in Palm beach where we have the most amazing Gardens full of topiaries. I have just added two perfectly round Eugenia mounds on either side of my front door. The photo of your mantle is amazing. Love love love! I wonder if Myrtle would work in South Florida??

Tina, I love it! Your determination is so fantastic, love that you ended up with a whole army of these guys. And they look so good in your containers. You know that Loi inspired me, too. I didn’t have to look very far, our corner grocery store at the end of our street actually stocks them – but I only came home with two. My problem is keeping them alive, I always kill them after a few weeks. Brown thumb!

I think our husbands are going to have to start a “I live in a blue and white porcelain factory” support group. I almost choked on my coffee when I read that. Hilarious.

Have a wonderful weekend! XOXOX

Your topiaries look wonderful in all your beautiful containers, Tina! Last year, right before Christmas they had myrtle topiaries at IKEA! I purchased six of them but only two are still alive. I mist them often and water them a bit every 3 or 4 days so they never dry out. You seem to have quite a green thumb, though, so I’m sure yours will thrive!

I don’t know if I’m more jealous of the brigade of topiaries, or the beautiful cachepots that you have at the ready. Exquisite.

I have little note cards where I write down my to do?s and I too was inspired by Loi to go on a Myrtle-mission. I have a local garden shop that I know will have them and I cannot wait to bring them home?.
Love how you just drop everything when the mood strikes to fill your fancy! I like that. Guess we are all the same?..

Oh how pretty and inspiring.I live in New Zealand and saw a post by Jenny Rose.Innes who lives in Australia and was smitten by Myrtle topiary too.
Your planters are perfect so much so your husband may not even notice the new additions!

I have been in love with topiaries for years now! I put some fine pea gravel or moss .Don’t turn your back on them for day, you can loose them quickly from drying out. I did bring one back from death,but,I was really lucky.

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