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Hello and happy Friday! I am so happy the week is over, another long and busy one and I am afraid they are going to just get more intense from this point forward as we near the holidays……I am busy putting together the final Steals and Deals for 2014, it will be a blowout of sorts with a ton of great things so stay tuned for early next week!

First? order of business is to announce the winner of the lamp giveaway, congratulations goes to…..

#104 Donna says:

? My favorite lamp is the Regal Crest.

Please contact me at so the lamp can be on it’s way!

My son is home from college who came home last night for the night and was supposed to fly out this morning to Miami to visit friends but he is home sick in bed with strep, so my weekend plans have been somewhat curtailed, but I am happy to play nursemaid aka mom to help him get on the mend and have to admit I am secretly looking forward to a more relaxed weekend than what we had originally planned.

So by now you know that the hit show Gotham has filmed in my home. It was so exciting and definitely incredibly chaotic, but the most fun kind imaginable (to me not so much my husband)! With a crew of over 100 people, more cameras and equipment than I have ever seen in one place from start to finish this was a big production.

Because of my utter fascination with how all works and came to be, I took so many pictures that to post all of them would take up 3 separate posts. They have come on two occasions to film and each of those times involved prep days, take down days and long nights. While I enjoyed it very much my husband begged to differ :)? My kids had A LOT to do with him agreeing the second time around:)

But no one can deny it was very exciting. So first a look at behind the scenes and then a few snapshots from the actual airing, I have also included the link on bottom to watch the episode for those of you who have asked…..


First I thought a few cameras I can handle that…..

unname33d unnam333ed unnam3333d


But then before long it exploded into this…….people, cameras and equipment seemed to be coming out of the woodwork!


unnaa3amed unn997amed uds nnamed unc3named


Here they are preparing for the first scene…… uadf3nnamed

And in the meantime, enormous 20 foot cameras were perched in the back….



All day long, a revolving door of vans carrying the crew to and from came and went non stop……unnam324xced uneavnamed unnad211amed


Scene 1 it was exciting to watch!u211cxnnamed


Especially from the comfort of my sons front bedroom window:)12111unnamed 32vxunnamed ubvv3aannamed

The night scenes were fascinating to watch…..



And they worked into the very late night hours on this scene

unn111amed un1111named


And here they are setting up the chicken coop, by far the prettiest one I have ever seen!ubvv3nnamed


Making rain! uadfa3nnamed


One of the food tents,, it was a popular place all day long….unnameadf3d


A scene about to start,? yes that is a man with a gun (fake) in my backyard:) Loved watching them make the fog….unasdffnamed


They put up all kinds of things for just the right lighting all over the house….unnam343aaed


My library became a staging area…..unnama3fed unadsffnamed unnabvcmed unnvc3amed


Meanwhile the scenes in the front are in full swing…unncvcvvamed


The infamous directors and actors chairs!unnacvvmed unnamcx3ed unnxxcvamed unnvvcamed


I will say Warner Brothers was extremely professional and considering there was a brigade of over 100 just about everywhere, they did a great job of protecting areas not being used….adsfunnamed



For the most recent scenes (which I cannot show since they have not aired) they were setting up in the living room. Pretty gold balls from the girls over at The Buzz…..33 cunnamed


Doesn’t the living room look different? They needed to change things up to allow for extra space for the cameras and people to move….unnaasdfaamed


Ditto with the family room…unnamadf3ed unnaadf3med adf3unnamed unnaav 3med uds nnamed



This was the chicken coop getting the finishing touches….they built it in about 6 hours!? I actually wanted to keep it and they were willing to give it to us but it was done as a prop and not a construction dwelling to code so it would have had to be taken down and reinforced to code, in the end it wasn’t worth it because we would have had to get a builder and construction drawings? involved but it sure was adorable!un432cnamed




Take down day is the day where they come in and take everything down/away and a cleaning service comes in to “give me my house back”….



They use these pictures to place everything back where it belongs (pictures taken pre shooting days)…..unname555d

Now that you have gotten to see a bit of what happened behind the scenes, here are snapshots from the actual episode….


un111named u211nnamed

unna2111med unna1211med u121nnamed uncxxnamed unnacxxmed unnameccxd unnamcccced



Notice here a wall between the cabinets where there is normally an opening to the family room? They had it built and painted to match the cabinets exactly……

unnamhhhed unhhhnamed unnamehhhhd


Now for anyone who wants to watch the episode, our home is featured in the last 20 minutes of the episode. Here is a link to watch the full 7th episode-

The next time my home will be on it is I believe for the 11th episode, will keep you posted! Thank you for stopping in, hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend! Until next time……


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Rebecca Hively on

Well Tina, I tried to watch it because I wanted to see your home in it but truly, it just is NOT my kind of show! Actually a bit surprised you would want that kind of show being filmed from your home. But, to each his own.

Karena on

You are a brave woman to have all of that action going on in your home, excitement galore I am sure!

The Arts by Karena

ellen on

How fun! My neighbors have movies done in their home and i must say it is exciting!! We would love to do it but so far the opportunity has not presented itself. My husband son love Gotham!

Your home looks so beautiful Tina, they chose well when they selected it. I really enjoy the behind the scenes look, will have to show my family,they will get a kick out of it.

Have a nice weekend.

anne on

Tina your house looks INCREDIBLE. We watched it on Monday and it was exciting because i felt like we “know” your house. Thank you for sharing all the excitement from film day, I bet your kids loved it.

I read Gotham is the most popular new series for the fall lineup. Thanks for this fun post.

Reena on

It is my new favorite show, thank you so much for sharing!!!!! Your blog is wonderful and so is your house!

Jeanne w on

That is beyond exciting Tina! The house looks gorgeous in the shots. And the process is absolutely fascinating. It’s so strange to look at the stills and think, “Wow that’s Tina’s house!” Well the fact that they chose to film there is a testament to your excellent design and architecture.

I love the Batman series. I am several episodes behind in watching Gotham and can’t wait to see your home in moving film!!!

Jean on

Tina, I too have three grown sons and my youngest is a junior in college. I enjoyed watching the Gotham episode with your beautiful home featured in it and I’m sure our sons would think it “awesome” to see our home on Gotham.

bonnie on


Janell on

My son is a cameraman, so I’ve seen this production (and have had scenes filmed at my house, as well) several times.

Isn’t it amazing that how they leave the house better than they found it after all of that??

So fun to see this!

Elizabeth@pine cones and acorns blog on


How very cool to have a TV series filmed in your home! I do not watch Gotham but I will have to check it out to see how fabulous your place looks.

What a wonderful behind the scenes look at how it is all done.

franki on

HOLIE MOLIE, Batman!! What an ADVENTURE!! franki

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Tina, this is so fun. The hysterical thing is that while we don’t watch the show, I watch Sleepy Hollow which airs right after and when I turned on the TV, that last scene with the actors holding umbrellas was on. Even though I knew the show had done some filming at your home, and I’ve actually been there, it didn’t register that was it! Shows how much attention I was paying. Now I have to go back and watch.

I’m glad they took such good care of your beautiful house and took photos so that they could put everything back in order when finished. I’m sure it was chaotic but fun to have them there.

Some exteriors for the movie Laggies were filmed on our street, it was amazing to many how much work goes in to just shooting a few short scenes.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, friend. I’ll have to put watching Gotham on my list! XOXO

JaNis stufflebean on

I am in awe of this! So excited to watch the link when time allows. I know things are just that, but how did you stand your house being in disarray?

Charity on

Just beautiful. You must be so proud; and what a validation of the lovely home you have created!


Holy smokes, what a production. How fun this must have been, but I can see also a lot of work, am sure you kids were on cloud nine, I know mine would be.
We had a commercial shot in our house years ago and my kids favorite part was the Krafts food services:-)
Your home looks dreamy in the scenes, Tina. Love that first shot pulling up to the house, wow!

leslie on

Oh my gosh Tina! What an interesting post and I agree with Jeanne.. it’s a good to know they took care of the house. We had a commercial filmed in our last home a couple years ago and I remember the shock when I saw the size of the equipment. Everything is so BIG and there is SO MUCH stuff everywhere. They sort of come in like a swat team;) I missed the show on TV so I enjoyed your snap shops.

Hope you are having a nice Friday and have a nice weekend planned.

Michelle Clark on

One of my favorite shows! I can’t believe what it takes to film a show from your home. Congratulations! MC

Linda Lowe on

Chicken coops have to be up to code??!!??!!

LC on

I had not seen Gotham before, but just watched the link. (Actually sped through to just the scenes of your home.) Now I’m hooked! Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes peek.

Your home is absolutely gorgeous and I never tire of seeing pictures of it. Yet it is your willingness to share it with others, and to also share your joy that is so endearing! You are a gem, and your blog is uplifting to me every time I read it. (Your vitality is infectious and sometimes I really need that. Thank you!)

Karen on

It was the first time I’d watched the show and I really enjoyed it. The house looked amazing as always! Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes! What fun!

susan on

What a great post, I have to show this to my kids who watch the show religiously.
I would love to go shopping in your staging area/library! Thank you for taking us along on this fun and very exciting journey. Hope you get to relax this weekend.

Maggie R on

Tina, it was so much fun to see your home! I have to admit, sitting through the first 2/3 of the show was torture for me, but the end and being able to see your home was worth it. I kept worrying that these ” awful people” were in your home and that they were going to harm it or break things. Loved seeing all of your blue and white. I think that next time I will wait to see your post so that I can just watch it there and avoid much of the violence My daughter is an assistant producer for a show on a big network and it was fun to watch the activity at your house, imagining what her daily job is like. You are a trooper Tina!

Jennifer on

Um sooo cool! Seriously how fun! I’m trying to think of what kind of show would want to shoot at my house? Maybe American Horror Story? or a revamped romper room πŸ˜‰ Ha! I can’t wait to go watch the episode!


So exciting we watched the show on Monday. Seeing your home was amazing and the highlight for me, my family loves Gotham and tune in every week.

Your house filmed beautifully. Thank you for sharing it with your readers will they film again?

Looks like a lot of work and chaos but fun!

classic ? casual ? home on

RIVETING, Tina. I don’t have time to watch your link to the show but I will. I couldn’t stop watching a movie being filmed outside our building.

Hope your boy feels better soon!

Carrie on

How exciting! I saw that episode and thought your house was beautiful without realizing I knew it from your blog. They have great sets on that show. So fun knowing the behind-the-scenes! Enjoy your boy this weekend:)

Elizabeth on

I watched the episode just to see your magnificent home. It was just so wonderful to see a home that we have come to “know”. I have become a fan of Gotham now and can’t wait to see your home once on TV. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
Tina, your blog, your home, your promotions, and your insights are so wonderful. Reading your blog is definitely the highlight of my day!

linda on

Very cool! We like Gotham. Knowing that house is for real is amazing! And yours! Love it on the blog; loved it on the show. Thanks for all the pictures.

Scribbler on

My son is a film producer. He told me once, “You do NOT want a film crew in your house! ” Looks like maybe they cleaned up their act.

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Tina, It was so fun to see your Beautiful home on Gotham, however, when they brought those big guns into the Family Room I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I was so afraid for your Blue and Whites, and family photos. I believe that was about the time I was invited to finish watching in the sitting room, my husband clearly doesn’t appreciate my play by play on everything gorgeous that I wanted to talk about during the show. My favorite scene was in the kitchen with it raining, so AMAZING. I can’t wait to see the next episode that features The Enchanted Home, but….I might have to have a cocktail (or two)…..I hope your son is feeling better, but I suspect under your care he will be spoiled a bit, enjoy the time together Tina. Susan

Tone on Tone Loi Thai on

How exciting!!!! What a great honor. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes with us. Your home is such a stately backdrop. I have never seen Gotham and will definitely check it out. Very cool!! xo

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…this is just to much fun…I’m going to have to watch it now…

Donna A. on

I just watched episode 7 and must say it was exciting to see all your personal items intact. The etched crystal cake stand (just as you left it), the white orchids and blue & white china. The camera shot of your kitchen curtains was really good! I’ll bet this whole production got your “screenwriter” juices flowing πŸ™‚ I wonder if Nancy Meyers needs a big home on Long Island for her next movie – hehe

splendid market on

What fun! I think I would be glued to the seat in the bedroom window as well. Thanks for sharing all the shots. How impressive that they are so careful and professional. Your library looks beautiful even as a set-up room.

Anita Rivera on

OMG!!!!! TIna, you know I’m terribly late here….had a lot of work at school to tend to.

Somewhere I missed it that you had this brewing all this time…this is fabulous. I always knew your home had to be featured somewhere big, somewhere spectacular, and here it is. I am going to keep watch on this and my husband will be blown away that one of my most beloved blogger pals has her home in this series! WOW! Hugs and happy wishes to you. I hope your son gets his rest in your beautiful home and much love from his mom who loves him so! Anita

Wendy on

Lol! I have to agree with Scribbler, but how exciting for you! Now you have an idea of what goes into making a television show (and a film). It is not all autographs and sunglasses!! Don’t forget to check your walls and floor tiles!

Linda on

Tina, I look so forward to your posts!!! How exciting to see your beautiful home on the show!!! I was thrilled by it all! So curious how it came to be filmed at your house??? What an incredible production too!!! Can’t wait to see the next one!!! XOXO L


I fast forwarded to the last twenty minutes to see your home and it looks gorgeous Tina! Thank you for letting me know where I can see you house! Everything looked gorgeous, the kitchen, the library and all of the blue and white.

Phyllis on

Very cool, Tina!

pretty pink tulips on

Incredible!!!! I’ve been waiting for this post, so excited to see what was filming at your home! To see the actors in your rooms is really mind-blowing! I always think of you as living a BIG life and this is right up there with it. How fun that you were willing to open your home and now it will be preserved in an incredibly fun way. I’ll bet your sons loved it!

I’m going to go back and watch the episode when I can take it all in!!!!
I think you need to make a cameo next episode!
xoxo elizabeth

Parnell on

Hi Tina – You have a beautiful home and the kitchen is simply gorgeous!
Would you mind telling me the name and model of the urn pendants and how high off the island they are?

Thank you

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