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Hello, happy Sunday to you! Gorgeous weekend here but boy is it getting cold. I hear by Thurs. we will have high’s of only 40 degrees!! Time to bring out the big guns….. heavy coats, chunky sweaters and my gloves! Hope you are having a nice weekend, as I do every Sunday, I am sharing seven things that have gotten my attention. Ready? Let’s go…….



1. CHINOISERIE PUMPKINS!? Who said Halloween is just for October! And what is better than one of the gorgeous chinoiserie blue and white pumpkins from talented Karolyn of The Relished Roost? TWO of them!

I almost fell over in my chair when I opened up the box and saw a sibling for my original chinoiserie? blue and white pumpkin!! Halloween will be alive in my house right through Christmas because these beauties are not going anywhere. She is so darn talented, I told her this is indeed a business so stay tuned for next Halloween!


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This is the newest addition to the chinoiserie pumpkin family…hope there are many generations to come:)


And this is the original…..



2. TABLETOP INSPIRED BY MYRTLE TOPIAIRES. I have Loi from Tone on Tone to thank for this one! Ever since I first saw his picture next to his prize winning topiaries, I literally became obsessed with them. Sadly, in this area they are very hard to find but I was on a mission and luckily found them.? I did an entire post on them if you missed it click here. I was inspired to “play” with them for a tabletop for a small lunch I may be hosting…..

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3.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I always like to include instagrams that have caught my attention and this week there was,? as usual an over abundance of amazing inspiration in all forms….

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4.ONE GORGEOUS LANTERN. How stunning is this? I am in love and have placed an order for it and can only hope it will be fulfilled. They were down to the last of these as it is a discontinued item…..crossing my fingers!



5. MY? TALENTED READERS. I love the emails I get from my readers, I? try to take the time to read every one of them and cannot tell you how much I enjoy hearing and learning about my readers who by the way are one interesting and accomplished bunch!

Whether its on the decorating front, the writing/publishing end or creative angle…they are an incredibly talented group and I am so happy to have connected with so many of them. This week I learned that Jill Karr is an accomplished artist whose work is worth sharing…I was amazed at her beautiful work and love her artistic expression. Click here to visit Jill Karr.

7V8A0051_med-1024x833 7V8A0137_med-1024x882 7V8A0086_med-1024x1024 7V8A0006_med-1024x1024 7V8A0150_med-1024x1024


Then we have our resident comedienne/blogger? friend Katie from Preppy Empty Nester who always promises to add some laughter into my day. She has really proven her decorating chops when she wowed me with pictures of her newly comcompleted foyer! I was so happy to see the items she bought from me gracing this incredible home. Talk about doing beautiful justice……wowza!

DSC05056 DSC05055 DSC05064 DSC05075


6. A NEW BOOK I AM LOVING! Got in Valentino’s book and holy moly, this is one A M A Z I N G L Y beautiful book.? It is enormous and the kind of book you want total peace to read as you will want to give it your undivided attention, it is extravagant but you wouldn’t expect anything less from Valentino and there is a very healthy dose of blue and white which is the icing on the cake:)

It is spectacular in every way, as I had suspected it would be but seeing really is believing. If you are a book collector like me and believe you can truly never ever have enough you MUST get this book! Click here to order on Amazon.

1-Valentino-at-the-Emperors-Table-book-2014-habituallychic Valentino-At-the-Emperors-Table-5

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7.? PICTURES THAT MAKE ME EXCITED ABOUT WINTER. Well……almost. On second thought bone chilling temps, icy roads and howling winds are only OK if I am in for the day. But these pictures taken from Peacock Park Design are so incredibly beautiful I just had to share, they are really breathtaking. Talk about enchanting, from Peacock Park Design.

DSC_9210 DSC_9155 DSC_9186 DSC_9189 DSC_9223 DSC_9285 DSC_9245 DSC_9228 DSC_9307 misty drive 2And a spectacular picture of the same grounds coming alive in the spring!



See anything that? interests you? What’s new in your world? Love to hear from you so tell us all about it. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and great end to your weekend! Thank you for stopping in, I am going to have an amazing and final 2014 Steals and Deals tomorrow, you won’t want to miss it. Until next time…..


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Beautiful Sunday Inspiration. As a former, New Yorker (Westchesteronian) it is great to visit through your blogs. Presently living in North Carolina, I feel as if I received a post card from back home. I like to take enchanted ideas combining both the enchanted ideas from the North and South of great design and style. Enjoy Sunday and keep cozy.

Those pumpkins!! Where do I purchase them?? And the icy photos are so gorgeous. We never get to see anything in Texas that beautiful in the winter. Thanks so much for sharing those!

Tina I love your Seven on Sunday series. I love each of your segments, even though I will NOT get out in this ice, the cold yes I can bundle up! The Art, the Instagram images Your entertaining images, all of it is so inspiring!

The Arts by Karena

Lots of inspiration here this morning! And Karolyn’s pumpkins are truly the most fantastic thing I have seen in a long time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tina your blue and white table setting is a LOVE for me! Where did you get that gorgeous topper? So beautiful, whoever gets to attend your luncheon is in for a treat.
Love the pumpkins, they are so perfect for your house. And those winter pictures are amazing even though I cannot stand the winter or cold. I am a summer girl to the end.
Just ordered Valentino’s book and like you think there is no such thing as too many great books. Have a nice Sunday.

What beautiful inspiration! Yes, Karolyn most certainly has a business in her future. I know so many who would love to get their hands on those pumpkins. And, love Katie. Her blog and fabulous sense of humor is always a highlight in my day.

Just beautiful! Nothing could compare the magnificent work that went to prepare for these settings!

Such a great blog for this Sunday morning. Thank you. Love your pumpkins that were sent to you. Buying the Valentino book ,it is so beautiful.

I love, love the chinoiserie pumpkins. Are they for sale or did Karolyn make them for you only?



What a wonderful post, as usual. The pumpkins are just fantastic!
Definitely going to be buying the Valentino book. Those ice photos are beyond beautiful. I have never seen a more beautiful winter wonderland!

Tina: I spoke with your mom this morning, and she told me about your blog. Stunning photos, marvelous concept. Great job! Aunt Lyn

Tina I just got Valentinos book and I couldn’t tear myself away, several pictures reminded me of you because of the blue and white!

Love your table setting, it is so elegant and those pumpkins are the the cutest pumpkins ever. I loved this post. I am not fond of winter but must admit those last pictures are really exceptional.

I got my tole tray and lamp and could not be happier! They are more beautiful in person, love them.

Have a nice (and relaxing) day:-)

Good morning Tina! As always, your Seven on Sunday is the best of the weekend. Lovely ideas and those pumpkins are wonderful for any time of the year. Those winter photos are getting me ready; we are due as well to get blasted…get ready my friend! Anita

What doesn’t interest me? Lots of beauty here, I’m so tempted to get the Valentino book, but my book shelves are LOADED… may have to give in anyway.

I’ve been embracing fall leaves at the Market, and now you have me longing for winter! Love your topiaries on the tables, I have a dinner coming in and I am thinking of bring mine in from the courtyard to beautify my table!

Lots of loveliness as usual, thank you Tina! Bon Dimache.

Good morning Tina!

Loved your post this morning.

Who manufactured the lantern?

The ice photos were stunningly beautiful.

Have a wonderful Sunday
Cathy R

A beautiful set of pictures! The table setting is stunning! Can you tell me who the maker is for the straight-sided goblets with the shell? I have a single one and have hunted endlessly for the maker.

Whats not to love,, everything here makes me happy. Blue and white, those pumpkins, your table, Valentino anything and even the winter pictures are almost too pretty to imagine they are real. I love your Sunday Seven, it always promises to make me happy.


Hi Tina, what a beautiful blog! I absolutely love the lantern..good luck, the artwork just beautiful. I could go on and on but I won’t. Thank you for sharing beauty. I know I will keep rolling the page up and down just in case I missed anything. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney.

Thank you Tina for sharing so much beauty and inspiration. Everything is elegant and lovely! The pumpkins are definitely a business to succeed. Cannot wait to see them offered. Your blue and whites make me melt! I eagerly read every blog. Can make my day.

So much to love here (as always), Tina! You know how much I love Karolyn’s pumpkins. Can you believe how talented she is? Mine still has pride of place on our mantle and will stay there for a while! Speaking of talented – wow, Katie’s foyer looks amazing. Love it.

Not sure I’m ready to be excited for the cold (temperatures will be dropping here, too, this week, although not quite as dramatically as your forecast). Your photos are lovely to look at, though, from my warm, toasty breakfast nook seat!

Hope you keep the chill at bay and have a wonderful week ahead! XOXO

Catching up…and loving everything here! Loi has started a “movement” with those topiaries! 🙂 You have got some serious Instagram love going on….love all the blue and white and those precious super pooches!!!

Thanks for getting me excited for winter….I’ve learned to embrace the seasons as they come. Loving all the color of Fall these past weeks. It is so much more incredible than I had expected, as it seemed to arrive late.

Happy day!
xoxo Elizabeth

Hi Tina,

I can not get over what you share with all of us. Your blog is such a treat and could be published in the most beautiful book. Can’t wait to get to my email when I see “The Enchanted Home” on my email. Was in Palm Beach today and saw a pair of the beautiful lanterns you showed in this email. Victor de Marinis Etc. 561-507-5523 had a pair for $2,400 if you are looking for more of them.

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