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Hello… I continue to clear things out as well as sell off the final shipment from my vendor who is closing his doors, I also very much need to? make room for my new tole delivery arriving hopefully next month. There are so many great things here! Best part is they are all at heavily discounted prices.

There are new things today as well as items I have featured in the past where I found 1 or 2 of, these? items tend to go really fast so if you see something you love email me right away.

This will most likely be my final steals and deals for 2014 or I may have one more smaller one towards the end of the month, will have to see. As we near the holidays my focus has to shift and I will be busy filling holiday orders and continuing to work at a steady pace on various e design jobs that are keeping me very occupied these days.

I love these sales but they are? lot of work to organize and photograph, so I waited until I had a substantial? number of? things together and I think you will agree, this is a jackpot.? So many great items for the home, entertaining and? holiday gift ideas:)


Just a few of the ground rules before we get started-

  • Email me at with your order
  • All sales are final sale!
  • Please indicate item number only do not use item description (item number is at beginning of each picture)
  • If item is available you will receive an acknowledgement and an invoice within a few hours
  • I do not hold items and expect immediate payment within 12 hours
  • Shipping is extra
  • I ship internationally and will give you shipping estimate once you submit your order
  • All items subject to availability, limited numbers of each item, things go very fast!


The first 15 orders that are over $50.00 will receive this beautiful fox coin/ring tray as a gift….


The first 10 orders that are over $100.00 will receive a set of four of these gorgeous pearl napkin rings as a gift……






ITEM 1. SOLD? More moose plates! Love these darling charming moose plates, perfect for wall/winter entertaining. They are perfect to use with other patterns/solid colored plates for a little elegant whimsy. Great scalloped square shape. Measures 6,25″ scalloped square. I have two sets of 4 for $38.00 and one set of 6 for $ 57.00.



ITEM 2. SOLD Two pair left of the beautiful pheasant ant. gold candle holders. What holiday table wouldn’t look stunning with these! About 11″ tall.? $60.00 for the pair

unAA22named A1unnamed


ITEM 3. ALL SOLD? Found more of the beautiful glasses from France that I had ordered in hopes of carrying but then they lost their distributorship rights, so I have assorted sets of 4’s. Any set of 4 $34.00


3A. Elegant clear champagne flute, great because it can pair with any pattern in a very understated elegant kind of way. (2 sets)

unnaa7med unnaa9med

3B. Gorgeous etched wine glass. (3 sets)



3C. Clear glass chunky bottom wine glass ( 2 sets)

unnama4ed una5named


3D Kings crown beaded water glass (3 sets)

una6named unnama7ed


ITEM 4. SOLD Topiaires! I was going to carry this wonderful line of faux topiaries that look very real but it has proven to be too much in terms of shipping and turnaround time to deliver so I have decided at least for not not to carry them though something tells me I would do very well with them. So I am selling the 5 pair I bought as samples.

4A Ivy topiary in beautiful black urn, stands about 21-22″ tall $170.00 for the pair (2 pair available)

unnametttd unnatttmed unnattttmed

4B.SOLD? Holiday topiary, not sure if this is myrtle or rosemary? Very pretty with holiday greens and burlap ribbon, about 19″ tall. These could be used as is or placed in another pot/planter. About 19″ tall.? Pair is $125.00 (3 pair available)

unnaaf6med unnam756ed untaenamed


ITEM 5. SOLD? This is a darling four piece tea and cookie plate set. Pretty red and white bird pattern. Great teachers gift! (Retailed for $75.00) Today all four pieces are $25.00! (plate is 13″ long)

unnaVC32med unnamB43ed

ITEM 6. SOLD Wonderful bar set of cutting boards, arched scalloped boards, largest is bout? 12″ x 8″. Set of 3 $70.00, great gift idea! (2 available)

unnBB33amed uB33nnamed unN3Dnamed


ITEM 7. SOLD? Gorgeous mirrored trays. Ideal for serving, vanities or just display! Got in six of these and they are so very pretty with their mirrored inserts, really glamorous!

3A. Beautiful silver leaf with antique mirror inset tray.

Med 17.5″ x 10″ -$65.00

Large 20″ x 13″? $105.00


3B? ONE LEFT Med only 10″ x 18″ $65.00

unn2122amed unn2322amed

ITEM 8. SOLD? Two medium solid copper trays left. Measures about 18″ long. $24.00 each IMG_1350-1024x764

ITEM 9. Found a few more of the beautiful old world replica boxes, stunning etch work and fine filigree detailing. Any box shown $40.00

unname324wd unna343med


2 left of this one aboveunna645med




ITEM 10. SOLD Beautiful silver chunky candlesticks. These are stunning! Retailed for over $245.00 There is the slightest difference in size, less than 1/4″ so this pair is only $105.00.

unccccnamed unnamcced


ITEM 11. SOLD? Gorgeous antlers. These are not real but faux however look incredibly real. Very stylish and elegant, measures about 18″ tall by 17″ at their wides. I have 3 of them. $80.00

unnattamed unn534aamed unnameasdfad


ITEM 12. SOLD? Two last sets of plates.


12AOne set of the gorgeous Newport Vanderbilt replica blue and white plates. 4 for $30.00.



SOLD One set of 6 of the gorgeous heavy melamine unbreakable plates from Le Cadeaux this is the stunning Malaga pattern. 6 for $50.00 (about 25% off)





ITEM 13. SOLD Found 6 more of the appetizer/salad green pine cone plates and a teapot. Set of 6 plates and teapot and cake plate. Retail would be more than double). All 8 pieces are $80.00.

unn85samed unname43ad




ITEM 14.SOLD? Found 2 more of the darling blue and white porcelain pitchers. Perfect for use as a pitcher, display or for flowers $45.00

unnaa33amed1 unnam4pped

ITEM 15. LARGE SOLD, 2 SMALLS LEFT Deer hooks, I love these, as chic as they are functional. Large two hook $14.00 small single hook $8.00 (4 of each)

un3cxnam33ed un32qcnamed

ITEM 16. SOLD? Fabulous large scale stag deer trophy/bowl. Very large and impressive, this reticulated for $295.00. Today it is $140.00

unnam211ed 111


ITEM 17. SOLD? Beautiful pair of silver/pewter hurricanes. Pair is $75.00 (2 pair)

unnamBBCVXed1 XXX1


ITEM? 18.SOLD? One left of this beautiful stag jar, this is a great piece, I have one in my kitchen and use it for sugar packets. About 11.5″ tall. $75.00

unfarnamed unnfar2amed


ITEM 19. 1 PAIR LEFT Solid brass hurricanes. These are stunning and half of what they retailed for. Stands about 12.5″ tall. Pair is $80.00 (4 pair)


unnam432ced unnam23waed

ITEM 20. ALL SOLD Absolutely beautiful ant. brass huge pot/planter/bin. This could be used for flowers, firewood,? magazine, I could think of so many uses, it is one beautiful piece. Love the delicate filigree work and beautiful “feet”. Retailed for over $300 today it is $140.00

Measures about 23″ x 18″ by 11.5″ tall. (3 available)unnava22med unna3zamed unnamba3eed unnamebb3ead


ITEM 21 SOLD? Stunning stag deer centerpiece bowl, done in a no polish silver which makes it priceless:) Super decorative and I could think of a million uses for it! $110.00

u121nnamed u221nnamed


ITEM 22. SOLD? Adore these gorgeous blue and white planters.I had 18 on order but found the factory is closing which is such a bummer. So I have 6 pair to sell. They are GORGEOUS! $115 each planter (retailed for $200)

unzz3named unnzcv3amed unnameadf3d unnamafdcced


ITEM 23.? Gorgeous wicker pieces. I ordered this line and never had a chance to promote it. I will be carrying it again next year but in the meantime have some pieces to sell. Super high quality, very elegant!



23A SOLD Ice bucket, large ice bucket fully insulated with tongs $85.00



24B. 1 SET LEFT Set of 6 glasses with their? in a pretty wicker tray. Set is $ 60.00




24C.SOLD? Large rectangular casserole dish $75.00

unnamV2CXed unnB3Camed


24D SOLD? Square dinner napkin holder $38.00



24E SOLD Square casserole dish with pyrex. About 12″ square $60.00



24F 1 LEFT? Huge gorgeous centerpiece/fruit bowl. This is so pretty! Measures 17.5″ round $80.00




ITEM 25. SKY AND CRANBERRY AVAILABLE Three left of the beautiful ultra soft leather Annabel Ingall clutches. These are so chic, and just big enough for a wallet, phone and lipstick. Great holiday gift!! Any one of the three $125.00 (retails for $165)

Colors are top to bottom, cranberry, sky blue and saddle

unbagnamed unnabafg2med unnabag33med

ITEM 26.2 SETS LEFT OF EACH COLOR I have two pair each of the beautiful pheasants. These are so elegant and the perfect finishing touch for any holiday table, also great for mantles or vignettes on console and tables. Gorgeous! $70.00 for the pair

16A (with the color face)

16B (all brown)

unna243med unnam322ed un3223cnamed 2fcunnamed unnam33red unn32ccxamed

?ITEM 27. A FEW SETS ARE LEFT.? Sets of serving pieces, done in silver with a special silver lacquer finish which makes these ” no polish” necessary, talk about worth it’s weight in gold! These are heavy, beautiful quality and will stand the test of time. Elegant serving pieces are a much have for the holidays, they also make a great gift for any hostess!


Set of oversized spades 3 for $62.00



Set of 3 oversized serving spoons $62.00





Large carving knife $ 25.00



Tomato/asparagus server $ 28.00

19961ITEM 28 SOLD. Beautiful hurricanes, last 3 pair. Pair is $70.00 (retailed for over $200!)


ITEM 29.1 SET LEFT? Set of elegant old world apothecary bottles I love these?so pretty for a vanity or dressing table.. 3Dx6H; 2.5Dx5H; 2Dx4H Set of 3 bottles, $50.00 Set of 3

49-026__99001.1405456275.560.850ITEM 30.SOLD? Gorgeous handpainted pumpkin tureen (retails for $100) today it is $55.00. I have two , measures approx. 12.5″ x 13″ x 11″. Just beautiful for any fall table! (includes ladle with leaf handle, not shown)



Lots of goodies…..amazing how much things seem to accumulate when they are hiding in those inconspicuous brown boxes!! It feels good though to have gone through so many of them and I feel much more organized now and very happy that I am able to unload some of these pretties, they are far too pretty to be sitting away in storage.

Email me with your order at Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and great start to your week!


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Karena on

Tina, I am going through your selections and thinking of holiday family and friends gifts! Fabulous as always!

The Arts by Karena

victoria on

What a great collection of buys today! I just emailed you my order, hope its available, this is my favorite kind of shopping:-)

Pat on

Tina, need more of your pictures an design ideas. Seems you are turning into a sales blog for your shop and all your sponsors .I like your shop but would prefer to go to your web page to shop .


Great sale! I will send you my order and cross my fingers they are available especially the topiaries! I love them. Thank you for offering so many lovely items that will not break the bank:)

Elizabeth@pine cones and acorns blog on

Tina, there are some fabulous steals and deals today! I am sure they will make fabulous gifts for Christmas!

Have a great week!

cindy R. on

Anything I have gotten from you I have been even happier with when it arrived. I love so many things here but would love the vanity jars for gifts for the holidays and the beautiful stag deer bowl for myself! Great finds, Tina.

pretty pink tulips on

So many pretties, Tina!!!! And, so many great gift ideas.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you have an amazing week ahead. It’s gonna be chilly, which I think you like…keep those fires burning!

xoxo Elizabeth

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina, If this is the last steals and deals for 2014 you are certainly going out big! So much to covet. I especially love the cutting boards – they would make a great gift, but I think I would want to keep them.

Hope you are staying warm! Temperatures are dropping here, too, with the first hard freeze of the season in the forecast.

Happy Monday! XOXO

Sally on

Hi Tina

I hope you are well and had a lovely weekend with your family.

You do have some gorgeous things…I adore the current fashion for stags heads, and it makes me smile as Im reminded of the line from one of my favourite movies….where’s the rest of this Moose?? Do you remember ? 🙂

Meanwhile, I am a new fan of myrtle topiary ( or is it a clever form of bonsai? )
and dreams of my holiday mantlepieces are beginning to help me in the long days and chilly nights

Stay warm my dear Xx

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