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Hello, hope you are well and that you are having a wonderful week.? Before I begin today’s post, I am also over at my buddy, Sandy’s blog, You May Be Wandering. Hope you will stop by, click here to visit me there.

By now you know that I am one who? likes to? share, I love to tell about you about things that have caught my attention or perhaps things I just feel you need to know about. I receive a lot of books, one of the big and many perks of blogging. There are many good ones, a few that fall a bit short and then there are some that are? truly exceptional. The two featured today fall under the exceptional category.

On top of sharing? a bit about them with you, I am really fortunate to be? able to offer a giveaway of each book and get this…..signed by each of the authors! Pretty amazing, the connections I get to make with such talented authors, yet another big fringe benefit. So first a bit about the books…….




The book, ROWING BLAZERS is admittedly not a book I would have thought to pick up. I am not a rower, my kids never did crew (though I remember after a lacrosse injury making the suggestion to take up the genteel sport of crew) and aside from thinking it is a truly beautiful and elegant sport to watch, I profess to know nothing about it.

I remember my first time seeing a crew scene in a movie way back,? being totally captivated and then catching glimpses of the elegant Head Of The Charles boating regatta when I used to go and visit my son up in Boston when he was in school there, what an elegant sport is what first crossed my mind.


Rowing has that kind of cache that one might also associate with a sport like polo, it is an? elegant sophisticated “gentlemanly” sport. So too are the marvelous blazers that go along with it and the swanky boating clubs around the world.

This wonderful book is authored by Jack Carlson, a lifetime devotee of rowing? (as well as having won all three if the major international rowing regattas) who came up with the idea to take you into the world of rowing featuring the extraordinary blazers/uniforms, with a few very nice looking men sporting them and highlights some of the iconic races ,prestigious boating clubs and elaborate boating rituals from around the globe.

To say this is a really beautiful coffee table book is an understatement whether for a serious rowing enthusiast or an observer of beautiful things (like myself). The pictures grab you quite literally and this bound beauty sits proudly on my library coffee table. This is the kind of book that has the abiity to add just a healthy dose of elegance wherever it is placed. Click here to order it on Amazon.

Jack has so kindly offered one signed book to a lucky winner. Here are a few highlights…..




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Book number two, SEGRETO SECRETS was done by someone many of you might know, Leslie Sinclair, the mastermind and talent behind Segreto. She is no newcomer to best selling books, as this is her second book with a potential third on the way. This book FLOORED me. Every single just took my breath away. And it is enormous to boot! The kind of book you want to snuggle up with for an hour or two…..undisturbed!


The interiors, ideas and inspirations from front cover to back will motivate you to get started on whatever project you have put on the backburner, trust me, my mind was racing! Leslie really outdid herself this time around and I can say with complete confidence, anyone who loves design books as I do MUST have this in their collection. Click here to order it on Amazon.

Leslie has generously offered to send a signed book to one lucky winner. Take a look inside…..


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OK so now that I have grabbed your attention, here is how to enter-

Leave a comment here on your thoughts on both books

Want a second chance? Visit each of their Facebook pages telling them you are from The Enchanted Home and would love to win….that’s it!

CLICK HERE to visit Segreto Finishes..

CLICK HERE to visit Rowing Blazer’s Facebook page.

Two lucky winners will be announced on Sunday!

Thank you as always for stopping in. I have updated my steals and deals from yesterday to reflect what is still available (not much but there are a few things) click here if you missed it.. Until? next time…….


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Cheryl on

I have been drooling over Segreto Style ever since it has been mentioned on several blogs . I would love to win an autographed copy! And as for Rowing Blazers I am proud to say I have already purchased that beautiful book and gave it to my son who was on the UCLA crew(go Bruins!)and continues to coach. It is a beautiful sport And not an easy one I might add!

Mary Claire Salerno on

Segreto style looks like the kind of book you’d love to curl up with on a cold, rainy day like today. The photos look beautiful; I’d welcome a chance to add this book to my coffee table.

Rebecca on

Each of these look stunning in their own right. Can’t wait to check them out! Thank you for sharing these.

Wendy on

I have had these two books in my Amazon wish list for a while. I would love the chance to be the winner of either!

Charlotte caruso on

Segreto style really caught my eye. So many beautiful decor ideas. I would love to add this book to my library. Some dear friends in South Carolina are into rowing and it is such a fun sport to watch. I have seen this book on their coffee table! Thanks for sharing!

Pat on

Love the rowing book. We are in the process of organizing a rowing venue in our city,Columbus,Ga. Would love to win this book .Would give it as a gift to the movers and shakers of this new and exciting venture!

Leslie on

Leslie’s book, Segreto Style, would be a dreamy read with my morning cappuccino. Thank you for the sneak peak, Tina!


Sharyl on

I would be delighted to have either of these books in my collection! Thanks for sharing.

karen kenny on

Love the books ,Awesome job on them πŸ™‚

kristin C. on

You always have such beautiful inspirations and wonderful new ideas to adorn our homes. Absolutely crave a fabulous coffee table book, and these of course are a true find! So look forward to purchasing the new Segreto Style. Thank you for your lovely inspirations.

Carol Mann on

I love interesting coffee table books. I am always picking one up and going though it. Either of these would be a beautiful addition to those I already have.

nancy Roland on

Thanks Tina for enriching our lives with these fabulous books and all your inspiring ideas for living our best lives. I love your blog. It always adds something positive to my life,

Patty B on

Sergeto Style is a book I would love to add to my collection. The photos look amazing. Thanks for all your shared inspiration.

Christy G on

Hi Tina, I would love either one they would each fulfill an interest. Both my boys joined the crew team about 2 years ago at their school so it has become a big deal in our household. One son has aspirations hopefully of rowing for college in a few years. I know we would all enjoy this book.

For me the interior design book looks incredible. I am like you and feel you can never have too many, even if I do not win I will likely buy both of these. Also great Christmas gifts. Thank you for the chance.

[email protected] on

Both books are beautiful. Leslie’s book Segreto Secrets reached into my soul with the beautiful pictures, tugs to be read with a warm cup of coffee. I would be proud to add it to my collection of decorating books. fondly ~lynne~

lisa on

Count me in for either. They both look so good, I love the way books can take us into other worlds. Hope I win!

Valerie Kokenes on

While both books are amazing, Secrets of Style is simply a cut above!!

Joye Lanahan on

Oh my goodness! Both books are absolutely stunning! Would love either!! Thank you for always inspiring us to get going on our projects. The Sergeto Style would certainly get the creative juices flowing. Thanks Tina.

Sandy w on

What great looking books. Would love to own either of these, and spend hours looking through them. Thanks for finding such wonderful books and letting us all know about them.

Beth sanderson on

I would love to win the signed book of Segreto Secrets. The pictures you shared are stunning and we have similar taste. I love decorating books and have my share fair if then and this would be wonderful to add to my collection. Thanks. Beth

kate on

We are a rowing family so we “need” this book. Looks gorgeous as does the Segreto book. I would be delighted to win either book and appreciate the chance.

anita rivera on

I want my home to look like a combo of secret to style; patina style and authentic french country!!!!

Robbin on

Each of these books looks FANTASTIC! What a treat. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a blessed day!!

Scribbler on

I have wanted the Segreto books forever, as I used to do a lot of that type of painting myself. (not as masterfully!) The rowing book? Well, I don’t know anything about that sport, but the pictures are pretty.

Regina on

Would love to win.
My daughter is a rower.
She rows in the St. John’s Royal Regatta.
Though they have uniforms, they aren’t as snazzy as the ones in the book.
I’m sure she would enjoy this book, as much as she appreciates style and class.
Your blog is my ‘cup of tea.’

Leslie Sinclair on

Goodness to be paired with such another wonderful book!! Thank you so much for your oh-so-nice review! I can’t wait to send it out to the lucky winner!!!! xo leslie

Melissa on

I am totally intrigued by the Blazer book since you previewed it a month ago. Segreto Style looks amazing and I would love to pour over it page by page. As always thanks for sharing.

Elaine on

I’d love a chance to win Segreto Style. I’m a newby to design and have not heard of her. I love her style. Ready to redo my house!

deri on

The Secret Finishes book look amazing! I would love to have it in my collection. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful book!

Kathleen on

Fabulous interiors!!! What design talent displayed!!!!

Dotti O. on

Hi Tina, once again you have introduced items that will be on so many wish lists. And for those who love all things home, these books both fit the bill….perfect for tables in the study, den, guest room, etc. It would be heaven to win one, and the autographs make them tops. I loved the fashions in Rowing, and my heart flipped at the gorgeousness of the Segretto book. Thanks for this contest. Best,

Helen Blount on

Would love to curl up with Segreto Style book while sipping my afternoon cup “o tea , also the Rowing Blazer’s looks like a fascinating book (love the brilliant pictures) to have on one’s table top….Thanks Tina, love your blog …Blessings from a Southern Lady! Helen

MArsha on

Hi Tina,

I would love to win Segreto Style as it looks amazing!!

Have a great day and thanks for the opportunity to win either book.

classic ? casual ? home on

AWESOME books. If I don’t win Segreto Style, I will happily buy it! Liked both on Facebook. You have the best give-aways, Tina!!!

Cindy on

Spectacular Interiors! I’m dreaming of lying on the floor in the middle of that gorgeous closet with the cup of nespresso made in that luxurious kitchen!


Susan Bruce on


Katie Clooney on

Both books look like fabulous Christmas gifts. I know Sista would love the rowing book because her son was on the crew team. If I win, I will gift it to her. The Segretto Style Book is positively gorgeous. If I win that one, I will keep it all to my sweet little self!!! Have a fabulous week, sweet Tina!

Constance Cornehl Martin on

Love the Segreto Book! It would be enjoyed snuggled up in front of the fire this winter and shared with a special friend who does plaster work for a living. He would find this very entertaining.

kathleen on

Hello Tina,
Many thanks for sharing these gems. You manage to brighten my mornings with great ideas and great taste. I’d love to win the book on rowing blazers. My Dad rowed in the 1936 Olympics and one of my three sons rowed in prep school. I recently read “The boys in the boat” and highly recommend it.
Cheers, Kathleen

Carla on

The Enchanted Home and Segreto Secrets are two of my favorite blogs! Would love to win! Fabulous giveaway:)

Karena on

Love both of these books and Leslie is such a talented, an amazing woman. Keep me out of the drawing though as I am fortunate to have these books in my library!

The Arts by Karena

Diane on

Look Leslie’s book. It is breathtaking would love a copy. Good luck to everyone!

elizabeth on

Please put my name in the hat for both. My 9th grader daughter started rowing last year and can’t get enough, I agree it is a very elegant sport and beautiful to watch. I also love design and the Segreto book looks like a keeper too.
Would be so happy to win one of these beautiful books.
Thank you for the chance.

Joy on

Segreto is what women like me dream about.

Arell on

I actually have some of Segreto Style’s photos saved on my Pinterest Boards. Absolutely gorgeous design. And Rowing Blazers is very nice. Thanks as always for having a giveaway. Love your posts.

leslie on

Count me in Tina! I have yet to order Leslie’s second book but had this on my to-do list. The photos you’ve posted are stunning and there is nothing like the Segreto Style .. My friend’s daughter is a Rows;) and I believe this book is perfect for her as a holiday gift. Beautiful coffee table books!

leslie on

.. oops! That should be my friend’s daughter Rows professionally!

Luciane at on

Whoa! Amazing giveways, Tina! Oh, I would love to win any of these books!

How are you doing, my sweet friend? I hope everything is great with you!!!

It was wonderful to read your comment yesterday. Thank you for stopping by… By the way, drop by if you have some time today.. I think you will love the beach house I’m featuring… the “blue and white” decor” made me think of you! πŸ™‚

Big hugs to you, Tina.


Luciane from

Michelle B on

Love Leslie’s blog. She is truly amazing. Would love to win a copy of her new book πŸ™‚

Emily on

Beautiful books, I love them! Would love to win either but Segreto Secrets would be a wonderful addition to my library………Thanks Tina for the opportunity to win one of these books.

Anonymous on

Leslie Segreto is a design genius. Her style takes my breath away. This book would be an absolute delight.

Sherri on

Leslie Segreto is a design genius. Her style takes my breath away. This book would be a delight to add to my collection.

Sherri on

Oops, 51 and 52 are the same person. Apologies for the double posting

Bonnie Schulte on

I just checked out the book “Secreto Secrets on FB. What a beautiful book, and one that I would be proud to place on my coffee table. Would love to win a copy of the book.

Cindy on

It’s been a long time since I have seen pictures of interiors that have ‘spoken’ to me. I am a new fan of Leslie and her new book “Secreto Secrets”. Oh yes, I would love to win this book! Excuse me now but I am going back to look at her pics on her facebook page.

Mary Claire on

Both books are wonderful. Segreto Secrets just “speaks” to me. I loved every detail. I also never realized how strenuous the sport of rowing crew is. Both books are so interesting. Thank you so much Tina!

Peggy Braswell on

wow what a wonderful “giveaway” + would love to receive either book + good luck to everyone.

noreen on

Hi Tina, what beautiful works of art, both books would make great coffee table additions! Leslie’s book would be a super reference, her work is exquisite!

D Z on

I must say I adore the Rowing Blazers book and have been looking at it for some time. It is an exquisite look at the beauty of crew and the sense of history and tradition, at least to my eye.

This book is particularly personal to me because my son is currently in crew and has fallen head over heals for the sport. The fact that he has is even more poignant as he has been born and raised in England, but has only just found crew due to age and health reasons which prevented him earlier, upon a recent move back to the States. He had never lived in the States prior to the move. Crew has given him a sense of belonging and joy that no other sport ever has done, and for that I am very grateful. It has made a major move and cultural adjustment much more palatable.

In addition to my son’s personal experience, my closest friend’s son had been a member of the team at Westminster Boys School in London for many years. The discussions of the events and the participation requirements have been part of our lives for quite some time. I have watched her son grow into a wonderful young man and the sport has contributed positively to shaping his persona.

I do adore interiors, design and architecture. However for this particular give away, my heart belongs to rowing. I hope whomever is the lucky recipient of the book enjoys it immensely. I would be very touched to receive such a gift.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment Tina. I haven’t included my name for privacy purposes but will share via email if you need to contact me.

Sue @ GRC Ltd on

Leslie is one of the real originals in the business–her style always blows me away and inspires me.
As for the rowers, hot guys, well dressed…what’s not to like?

D Z on

A follow up to my previous post, I do not have facebook but will ‘like’ the Rowing Blazers book on my husband’s account.

Carol P. on

I would enjoy having a copy of either of these books, but especially Segretto. I am a fan of their work!

[email protected] on

if i may interject some 1990’s nonsense into this comment section, leslie is da bombdiggity! the book looks divine. and what a classy volume of rowing…yum.

Joanne A on

I love Leslie’s designs. Her book Segreto looks divine. I’m sure it would inspire me. By the way, I just started following her blog last week.
Rowing Blazers seems to be a popular book at this time. It would make a great Christmas gift.
It is so generous of both authors to offer up an amazing read to your blog friends. Here’s hoping!

Ann on

Oh how I would love to win the Segreto book! One of my friends’ rooms is featured in it (I got a sneak peak) and how great to have it signed. The Blazers book was a surprise, but what lovely photos. Many thanks.

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Tina, Both books will be on my Christmas list for sure. Rowing Blazers I plan on putting in my husbands study. And Segreto, well that will be my day after Christmas curl up book (with a box of Chocolates). Thank you so much for sharing with us. Susan

Kathryn Bunch on

Both of these books are amazing…saw the Rowing book in Barnes and Noble the other day, but haven’t yet seen the Segreto…omg…how beautiful!!! Would love to have either one of these!!

South Shore Decorating Blog on

I was lucky enough to read Leslie’s new book early, too, and it is mindblowingly beautiful!

melissa on

Ooh La La The Segreto book would be my fave & a divine addition to my coffee table book collection, just gorgeous. There is something glorious about a blazer & this Rowing Book just confirms it. Love your posts Tina!

beth on

Rowing blazers looks incredible! If I don’t win it I will buy it as rowing is a big to do in my family, my father rowed for Brown and my husband for Dartmouth. He is trying to get my sons involved but so far they don’t want to give up their beloved other sports, I think in due time. Segreto looks fantastic, I am not familiar with the name but what beautiful interiors.
Both books look very special Tina and I would be so happy to win.

Joanne Palumbo on


Amy on

I would love to add both books to my collection-they are just stunning!

I’m pretty sure that I first fell in love with rowing after watching Oxford Blues πŸ™‚

Great Give-Aways-thank you!

michele cohagan on

I need Segrito,the book looks fabulous!!!!! i love her style!!!!! rowing book has some really cool pictures!!!!!!thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

Mohamed rezgui on

I like the first one

barbara on

LOVE books and really love both of these as I am a fiend for beautiful craftsmanship and Segrito really captures the beauty of what could be while Rowing Blazers is so classic and ivy league and also perfect for the beach house reading..thank you for your kind offers!!

Jeannene on

I love the books! My son is a rower and we are often at regattas. Would love that one!

Anne on

Hi, Tina

I’m from Sydney Australia. I read your blog every day – I love your home and the way you write.

I tried searching on line to buy Segreto and have so far had no success in finding anyone who ships to Australia. If I could go into the draw to win this beautiful book, I would be most appreciative.

Take care and keep up your wonderful site. Love to Teddy.


Leslie Nannis on

Definitely need to gleen some Segreto Secrets for my abode! Always trying to find great new design ideas, and this book has certainly captured my attention. Would love to win a signed copy! Leslie

Laurie Carpenter on

Love, love, love the Segreto Finishes book. So speaks to my heart! Appreciate the opportunity to win a signed copy!

Eileen on

The book about rowing is really a very interesting book. I’d love to win.

Eileen on

I visited the Facebook page for Rowing Blazers.

Eileen on

Sergeto Secrets is a marvelous book. I see curling up with that one!

Eileen on

I commented on the Segreto Secrets Facebook page.

Design Chic on

I can’t enter the giveaway, because I am the proud owner of both of these, but must reiterate that they are both amazing. Leslie is such a talented designer and her book is STUNNING. Beautiful and informative?just LOVED it!!

Maggie R on

What a beautiful book Segreto Style is and I would love to just get lost in the amazing photographs. I could seriously live in each of the pages. I visited both of their FB pages. I have never lived near any college that had a rowing team, but if I had, I would have been out there cheering then on.

Joanne on

Would love to win the Leslie Sinclair book, Segreto Style.
So far, it is not able in Canada.

Janice on

Thank you for sharing these two amazing books. My daughters’ school has been the champion school at the Head of the River competition each year for many years. It is an amazing sport which requires absolute dedication. I love the idea of this book “Rowing Blazers”. “Segreto Style” greatly appeals to me also. I would love to win either of these books, but if not, I will be avidly searching for a copy to purchase.

Bernadette on

Hi Tina!

Thanks for introducing these wonderful books to me. What a treat it would be to win autographed copies. I would love to sit in front of my fireplace with a cup of coffee and read every page!!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Beautiful books, Tina. I would love either. You know I love a beautiful interior! And we see the UW crew team pretty frequently in the nearby Montlake Cut and our lovely Lake Washington. I have a feeling they aren’t wandering around Seattle looking so fashionable when not on the water, though. Fleece, is more likely, it’s the Seattle uniform!

Happy Tuesday! XOXO

BridgeT on

I think the book on rowing looks very interesting. I’d love to be able to add that to my collection!

sylvia Faye on

Segreto Style………..YES PLEASE! It has my favorite pale blue and so serene and restful are the rooms. Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I love decorating books as they take one to a more gentle time and even for a brief moment they allow one to decorate in our mind and visualize such sweetness. Both books are wonderful of the authors to allow your followers to have a chance to win…..but the decor book is ‘the bestess’, n’est ce pas? At least ‘pour moi’.
With a grateful heart,
Sylvia Faye

Mary Jo Miller on

I would love to have either of these books. Thanks for the opportunity.

Carmen on

All I can say is OMG for Segreto Style – it is fabulous!!! And how much fun is Rowing Blazers – everyone looks so chic and for some reason it reminds me of Love Story but with a happy ending.

Meg A on

In this digital age, I am so pleased that publishers still see a business in design books. I just can’t get enough of them! So many talented people out there, so much inspiration and useful information. Segreto Secrets is one of those special books it would be a joy to own. I moved from Houston long before Segreto, the business, began. It would be such a pleasure to be an armchair traveler!

Diane on

I have Segretos first book and would love to have the second!!! Beautiful work and Leslie is an amazing woman.

Deanna Eppers on

It would take me hours with a cup of tea (or several) to pour through the pages of both these lovely and inspiring books. Now I wish my son did crew, the sport seems so grand. And the Segreto book on style is wonderful and I already pinned some of those lovely images onto interest.
Thank you Tina, for sharing these books. Either one would be a wonderful read. If I had to pick I would ask for the Segreto book since it will be the closest thing I will get to having an interior designer for a while.
Blessings to you!

Hilary B on

Both are beautiful books, and I would be thrilled to win either of them!

Bonnie wooD on

Hi Tina…I would love a chance to win either of these choice books. Thanks for bringing them to my attention and keep your wonderful inspirations coming!

Karolyn on

Well having the decorative painter back round I am instantly drawn to Segreto! They do timeless wall finishes and each room is stunning, would love a copy for sure! xo Kar

Dee on

Thank you for offering these wonderful publications; either one would be a treasure in my home. Can’t wait to hear from you again.

bonnie on

HI Tina,
Iam not going to lie. I adore both books!!! The segreto is so me…I have next to my bed all my veranda, southern accents and architectual digests and mario buatta.. THE rowing book, my god so ralph lauren..great to own as well to put in my family room on my great coffee table…hope Iwin!!!

Nancy potter on

Segreto style wow. Beautiful book for the foyer table. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. You offer your pals such great treats.

De on

What beautiful coffee table books…you want to pick up both and read the light them! It would be wonderful to be the receipent of either one of these books. Thanks for sharing them, Tina.

Spottie on

Oh…the Segreto book looks divine. Your blog is always an inspiration to us all. Thanks Tina!

Bredd on

Love, love , love Segreto Style, but I would be a winner either way. Thank you !

Joan on

It’s been quite a week and the idea of curling up with such beautiful books may be just what the doctor ordered. I would spend hours pouring over the gorgeous images in Segreto Style. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

KAren on

Both of these books are beautiful! I’d be proud to display either of them on my coffee table. Thanks for the recommendation.

TAylor on

After being a fan of the photographer and eventually having the chance to work with F.E., I have come to truly admire his photographs and skill. I unfortunately was unable to attend the NYC book launch, but would love the chance to add the beautiful Rowing Blazers to my personal collection!

Marianna on

Hi Tina,
I an starting to redecorate my home and would love to own a copy of Segreto Style.
With the long winter months in the horizon, what a treat to curl up with a cup of tea and be inspired.
Have a wonderful day!

Meredith on

As a lifelong rower, Rowing Blazers looks absolutely like a must own book πŸ™‚

Martin on

I have recently moved away from rowing water. Luckily I have a small room for my stylish rowing machine from RowPerfect and my rowing memorabilia. The book Rowing Blazers would add to the overall style and will bring the ‘boathouse’ feeling back to me.

Fran on

Would love to win Segreto Style!

Marsha on

Segreto Style – what a beautiful book. Would love to sit and explore all the interesting pages. It would make a wonderful addition to my other coffee table books.

Suzanne Carey on

I am in love with the history and grace both books leave on my heart. I currently bidding on a hundred year old country club home and I envision everyone entering the space wearing a blazer. So lovely. Also the Segreto Style exhibits beauty on every page that is flawless and timeless. Both are lovely!!

Pam on

Nice books; I would love to win!

Pam on

Would love to own these books. Don’t you just love books, and to hold them in your hands and frankly just drink the pictures in!

Judith on

Segreto Style looks beautiful. ..and about the gowns, buy two, always good to have a back up!

HilLesha on

Both would make wonderful coffee table books! I can easily see myself thumbing through the pages of Segreto Secrets on hours on end. πŸ™‚

pve on

Love to win either book, but there is something about “Rowing style” that is so inspiring to me. I cannot imagine the dedication it must take to row early in the morning.
I hope you can create your own book one day as I know you have so many great stories and images to share.

Jamie on

The interiors book is to die for…such phenomenal images and inspiration! And, I’ve always had a fascination with crests and emblems…love the ones in the rowing Blazers book

leigh on

?I always eagerly look forward to receiving your blog in my mailbox as you highlight wonderful style as well as your own. beautiful taste. I love Segreto Style… looking at her decorated rooms ooze style, charm and class.Thanks so much for giving us such wonderful ideas!

maria on

oh my goodness…I’ve never heard of Segreto Style but it looks like a book that I could look at for hours and then torture my husband, when I see a room that I want to change…it’s a book that I can’t wait to read.

Pauline THOMAS on

I confess I already have the English version of this amazing Rowing Blazers book. It has been so well looked at because it features 10 years of my embroidery work with over 140 beautiful images that were a complete surprise to me when the book came out. I loved the history of the clubs and it also features Alex Davidson, a member of my family. It has been seen by many of my customers with the actual embroidery slotted into the pages. It is already falling apart and I would really have loved one signed by the author and the American edition would complete my set and be kept in pristine condition of course.

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