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Hello and woo hoo it is Friday! Hasn’t been a crazy week like some others I have had,? we had a fundraiser to attend last night though and I don’t do well with late nights on weekdays and today I am hosting a small luncheon for someones birthday, will be sure to share the highlights as I always do:) So today I will be busy playing hostess,? which I always look forward to. It is COLD here, I think it will be something like a high of 40….brrrrrr!

In the meantime my husband is being honored at a big event in about two weeks and it is black tie. As I always do I tend to wait until the last minute (secretly I have come to think I actually enjoy that and do it on purpose, maybe its the challenge of finding something in no time) but? somehow it always works itself out.

I have a few (OK more than a few) gowns, some are frankly just too small (the ones I really love), and the others though pretty I have worn my fair share so I am thinking that a special occasion calls for a new gown and I am thinking of treating myself to something new. Plus we have three weddings all within the next 10 months!!

So here is my Which would you choose, if you had to choose one black tie gown (for arguments sake lets say the bodies shown are included)!? And if that were possible, there would be nooooo price too high to pay for one of these:) I will let you choose two since there are so many beautiful options. Ready, let’s go……..









CHOICE 3466714_fr_xl







CHOICE 6472200_ou_xl



















All dresses shown are from Net A? Porter

So many pretties!! I love several here truth be told? a few are prohibitively expensive however? a few are within budget so I may go ahead and order and pray until they arrive? that one is a magical fit! Can’t wait to see which you choose and which come out on top. Wishing you a fabulous day and great end to your week. I cannot believe that many areas have been hit by snow! I sure hope this is not a sign of things to come….otherwise I might want to hibernate all winter long. Until next time……

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Rebecca Hively on

It would be lovely for everyone if you would post a picture of yourself so we have an idea of which gown we think would truly be an asset!

sherry Holman on

Unreal….Tina…..Wish I was young and beautiful again. All of them are gorgous! Enjoy your night in the spotlight with hubby.

Gail Morris on

I agree with Rebecca….I would love to be able to put a face with your name!! Congrats to your husband!

Robbin on

I was just thinking the same thing. It’s hard to pick an evening gown for you, without knowing what YOU look like :). You have excellent taste, so I’m sure whatever you pick will be spot on. Please share pictures of you and your husband, and the reason he is being honored. Have a blessed weekend!

Sharon JOnes on

I love # 1 & # 6 … you will surely stand out in either gown and rightfully so !

Good luck, let us know which one you picked in the end to wear.

Have fun evening at the awards !

Jeanie on

Tina, they are beautiful and different. I think the first one is very elegant. Have you ever visited the website, Rent the Runway? Check it out. It makes sense if you go to a lot of black tie parties.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina, The pink one (#5) is just perfect! And #6 is so classic it would get a lot of mileage. Happy shopping – I’m in the market for a new party frock, although not a gown, for the holidays. So hard to pick just one!

Have fun at your luncheon – I’m sure it will be just amazing. Can’t wait to see! Happy weekend! XOXO

Patty B on

Tina, This was so easy for me to pick as we are preparing for a black tie event as well. No. 1 and 7 definitely say elegance. They both would win “pick of the night” on the red carpet. Thanks for sharing the fun.

donna on

What amazing choices! I love # 1 & 9 but also #6! Please let us know what you choose and we would love a picture. Have a wonderful time!

Sophie on

Bonjour Tina,

La premiere robe est super classe tout en etant sexy !
Vous allez rayonner!
Bisous de Paris aux couleurs automnales, sous la pluie.
Have a beautiful week end !

Phyllis on

I am totally #5. Wondering if that one falls into the prohibitively expensive category…that happens to me a lot. πŸ˜‰
Have a great weekend!

Janell on

Choice 9!

Since your husband is the guest of honor, I think you should be in something gorgeous, unique and classy.

Don’t forget to take a pic of yourself in whatever you choose!!

Elizabeth on


I bet you will look amazing in any one of the choices. However, my pick for you is #1. Classic and elegant, like you.

Elizabeth on

I LOVE #14! But I think #1 is more practical.

So many wonderful choices. Cannot wait to hear which you choose.

Have a warm and fun day with your friends,

Natalie on

Tough choice. Lots of great options but I love the chic boho look of the 2nd option!

Liz on

Love #1! Wish I had somewhere formal to wear it. πŸ™‚

Peggy Thal on

So many beautiful gowns. I really love #1 and#3. I lean more towards #1 but red always make a statement. Seems I always wear black myself because It makes me feel good. Can’t wait to see what you choose. You just need to pick what makes you feel wonderful.

caryn on

I love #1 and 9. I would love to see pictures of you in these!!
Always fun to hear from you!! Have a fun time and congratulations to your hubby!!

Karena on

Number one is just so classically gorgeous; black with the fabulous lace, it beats them all in my book!

The Arts by Karena

Candace Turner on

You need an “All of the above” selection! Too hard to pick just one!

sue on

They are all very tasteful and beautiful, but #1 spoke to me the most…its so classy and elegant…hope you pick the perfect one for you….

South Shore Decorating Blog on

They are all so beautiful, but I adore #11 because it is so classic. I also love the navy blue – so timely and so you πŸ™‚

Fran on

#1 and #2 are timeless and elegant. I think a dress with long sleeves is always more classic.

Bonnie Schulte on

Number 1, without a doubt. Black is always #1

Cindy on

I love the first dress #1 for black tie or formal evening weddings. However, I chose #7 it’s very Vogue. Men would love this dress and women would swoon. It’s black but with the added floral it sets it apart. The designer is on the tip of my tongue, yes is pricey little flock!

Helen Blount on

I meant to say for weddings I would choose number 7, as number 14 is way too heavy a material and not my style…

Pam on

#1and #7. Are my pics.. I have attended many black tie events through the years, and I must say elegant and black are timeless. Just my opinion.

Christine BakeR on

Difficult choice without seeing the design on the backs of each dress .
#1 is ultra elegant and my top pick . Whatever you decide , I am sure will be lovely !

CathyR on

Hi Tina,

I love 5, 3 and 1. They are all elegant. #5 you can wear Spring/Summer.

Have fun…and congratulations to your husband and his award.

Cathy R

Design Chic on

Loving 2 and 14 – all so elegant, but loving the shape and style of these!! Happy weekend, Tina!

Lisa Barker on

Hi Tina,
I’m also looking for a little number to wear to a few different parties over the Christmas period.
I really like number 1 and number 6 but is it a trick that number 6 and number 11 are the same dress?
Have a fabulous evening.

Barbara on

Are 6 and 11 the same dress? I love #1 but it looks like it needs a strapless bra. Not for everyone. FYI….. Wacoal makes a great strapless bra and it’s best when sewn into the dress. Have fun on your husband’s big night.

Joanne A on

I love #1. That is the one I would pick for myself. I also think #6 is beautiful. Have a wonderful night.

Janie on


Jill on

Cogratulations to your husband! Any of these would be gorgeous but I particularly love #1 for its classic elegance and # 7 for its youthful sense of fun and grace. They both look like they are in the “break the budget” catagory!
Have a lovely evening and wear FABULOUS shoes!

Karen T. on

#1 for sure!

Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! A busy week is now behind me and a lovely weekend of creativity awaits me. Gorgeous picks here! Enjoy your weekend, Anita

leslie on

Love 3, 4, 5 and 14. Voted for 14 because it is young but elegant I love that it has a sleeve but not full length and it just reads elegant and expensive! All the choices are amazing though. Love Netaporter.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Good morning, Tina! I am finally catching up on blog reading! I can’t wait to see your pictures from your lunch yesterday – from you “sneak peek” on IG, it looks like the table was gorgeous (as always with you!).

Congratulations to your husband on being honored…I hope you find the perfect dress! Ordering online is the bane of my existence – I can’t resist ordering but hate returning (and nearly everything goes back!). My choice is #1 – so classic and elegant.

Have a wonderful weekend!! Looking forward to catching up soon – I can’t believe it is already mid-November and Thanksgiving is just over a week away. xoxo

pve on

We have an event coming up and I would love any of those dresses, the last one is so elegant. I love them all and could see you in one of these creamy numbers with your coloring. I hope you will show us which one is the winner.
Congrats to your husband! Behind every good man there is a beautiful and strong woman and that would be YOU!

Karolyn on

Loving 10 and 14, I tried to comment with my site again but it didnt go through! Not sure why? All gorgeous choices!You will look lovely in whatever you choose, xo K

Taylor Greenwalt on

Congrats to your husband…so many dresses to pick from that are all beautiful…I think I like #1 the best!


Congrats to your hubby and I’m sure you are going to look like a knock out in any one of them! Great taste girl! XOXO

Rebecca on

#1 Timeless.

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