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Hi there…..hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here it is COLD! I am talking 30’s but then I see how many areas have gotten slammed with snowstorms and I realize it could be worse. We are having a really relaxing weekend and I think its the only one that will be like this from here until Christmas. I am bracing myself:) OK first time to announce the two lucky winners of the amazing signed books! Congratulations goes to……


Rowing Blazers winner-


?? Oh my goodness! Both books are absolutely stunning! Would love either!! Thank you for always inspiring us to get going on our projects. The Sergeto Style would certainly get the creative juices flowing. Thanks Tina.

Segreto Secrets winner


anita rivera says: November 11, 2014 at 9:16 am (Edit)

? ? I? want my home to look like a combo of secret to style; patina style and authentic french country!!!!

? Please contact me with your shipping information so these signed books can be on their way!



I really want to enjoy the season and welcome any tips because I literally feel a knot in my stomach when I think of all the work, gift buying, holiday decorating, planning that is entailed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do find that once I am in the full swing, I just get it done like any good elf would? and don’t look back but this year it really feels like the holidays have snuck up on us unusually fast, anyone else feel this way?

As I do every Sunday, I am sharing 7 things that I love and have caught my attention. So here we go…..




1.A GORGEOUS PAGODA? WINTER WREATH. I am madly in love with this, saw it on Pinterest then Martha Stewart.? It is spectacular and needs to somehow find a place in my home:) A fellow blogger,? Kathy Sue of Good Life of Design also made? her own interpretation using faux greens. Click here to see how it was made on Martha and click here to see Kathy Sues version….just fabulous!


And Kathy Sues faux version….(I am so impressed)!



2. MY SUPER TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS. A few more talented readers/customers, that continue to amaze and awe me! Few things make me as happy as seeing my products in my customers gorgeous homes.? Here are three recent that I am loving……keep em coming. Send me your pictures at, love getting them!


This was published in Charlotte Home and Garden Magazine (I can see why)….the belljars are from my shop!


?Here is my pillow in this beautiful bedroom.


unnamannedAnd how gorgeous does this beautiful vision in yellow look in the scalloped blue and white planter (one of my best selling planters)


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. You know I love to share what I have found on Instagram in the last week and it never disappoints. So much to love this week……

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This was my favorite…oh boy can I relate, love it.


4. A WONDERFUL NEW RECIPE. So easy and sooo good. I made it for my luncheon (a full post on my luncheon recap will appear tomorrow) and they were a big hit, so delicious.

Click here for the recipe over at Joy the Baker, it is one you WILL want to make!

7193416172_683cc24e46_z 7193415208_97a860eb51_z



5.? THE? CHINOISERIE FOR MY FOYER !! Well it’s official…its been ordered and I am SO excited! This space was easy as I didn’t have to match it up to anything, we have benches in there now which I will eventually have recovered in a beautiful antiqued blue velvet. I know this is going to be sensational and I can? hardly wait….still working on getting the dining room paper just right.



Will cover the two benches in a pretty blue velvet like this one from Scalamandre……




6. GREENWICH.? I love that place, met up with a friend there yesterday and it is such a gem of a town. I feel fortunate that I live so close and that I am able to go there fairly often, besides the fabulous shopping all on one street, they have a plethora? of great restaurants!? I was excited to see that Christmas is alive and well in many shops. I took a few quick pics with my iPhone….


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7.? MY NEW TOLE LINE’S LATEST COLLECTION IS ALMOST DONE!? So behind the scenes, I have been working on my next round of tole….and it is going to be STUNNING. The production is wrapping up within the next 3-4 days and then it will be on it’s way. Unfortunately t will not be here early Dec. as I had hoped but with luck mid Dec. Of course you will be the first to know about it. Here is a sneak peek….

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Some of these canisters are actually lamp bases….

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So that is a wrap up of what is on my radar this week…how about you? Anything new and exciting you want to share? I hope you stay warm and take a deep breath as the crazy holidays are about to descend upon us.

It is such a fun and spirited time of year but I think the key is being? organized and staying on task. I get so stressed when I feel the crunch so I am using today to sit home and plan out just what needs to be done, and that includes making my shopping list and starting to set my Thanksgiving table as I am hosting it this year.

And it would be especially great if I could? get a head start on my holiday shopping, so hopefully today is going to be an unusually productive day! Wishing you a great end to your weekend. Thanks for stopping in.


Don’t forget to check out my latest promo which ends tomorrow morning, here is a sneak peek of what it’s all about. Click here for the promotion.

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Sandy @ You May be wandering on

Happy Sunday, Tina!! I hear you on beginning to get overwhelmed for the holidays. I am still SO behind on everything from being away, I am having trouble comprehending that Thanksgiving is NEXT week. Yikes! I have made the command decision NOT to stress over the holidays this year – I will let you know how it works out.

Love the pics of my hometown – sometimes I forget how pretty it is here, especially this time of year. Greenwich Orchids did my wedding flowers – they always have such beautiful things in their store.

Enjoy your Sunday! xoxo

Dana on

I am amazed at how many beautiful things you post. It has been so inspiring to find a place that shares my taste in decorating and my love for blue and white porcelain. I have loved it for over 20 years and been collecting for longer than that. Thank you! I simply love getting an email from the Enchanted Home saying there is a new post.

Karena on

First of all congratulations to the winners of these wonderful books! Tina as always Sunday is a day of surprises and I adore your new tole line! Gorgeous! Stay warm!

The Arts by Karena

annie on

Tina the new tole line is AMAZING. I cannot wait till it arrives, I love my lamps that I bought from you they completed my room.
This is such a great post, I love waking up on Sundays just to see what you have in store. The foyer panels are exquisite.
I have only been to Greenwich once many years ago when I met up with old college friends there for a mutual friends bachlorette party (we all went to school in CT). and I agree it really is a beautiful place.
Thank you for sharing this loveliness to start my day.

Joye Lanahan on

Thanks Tina !! I am so excited to see the wonderful book !! It was like Christmas when I opened your post this morning!

Elizabeth on

Hi Tina,

What a wonderful post! I too, so look forward to your posts. They are always, always inspiring.
Your chinoiserie panels are going to be amazing and can’t wait to see the finished look. Also, that blue velvet is just gorgeous!
The tole is beyond beautiful and can’t wait to get my hands on some of it! Very exciting!!!!

katerina stepovikov on

Darling , i have loved your wonderfully inspirational musings for a couple of years now. I have attempted to ask you before if it’s possible for you to send to Sydney, Australia. I am at my wit’s end trying to scour every boutique known to man here….we just don’t have the calibre of goodies that you have on offer !!! AAARRRGGGG !!!! Please , please let me know if i can make some purchases. Pleeeeaaase ., Sincerely, Katerina xx

Design Chic on

What a wonderful post, Tina and I love the pagoda wreath and your new tole line?fabulous!! Happy Sunday!

Rebecca on

Your photos are absolutely stunning! Do you have any tips on iPhone picture taking? Do you have a favorite filter? What kind of case do you use? I use a wallet style case, which I love, but it might be inhibiting my photo quality. Thank you for sharing your keen eye and amazing talent! You inspire me to make more of each day!

Miriam Landsman on

Hi Tina, Wish I knew you were coming to Greenwich. I would have loved to say hello. I have lived here for 46 years and it is very special place!
My Thanksgiving decor this year is going to be “Farm to Table”. Lots of pumpkins, persimmon, pomegranate, apples, pillar candles in glass cylinders
and georgeous Free Spirit roses. I make napkin rings with small artificial birds and cover the table top with leaves I have been pressing for a month. The best ones are the oak leaf hydrangea .

Judy on

Please add some monkeys to your tole line. Happy ones not scary faces!

Anita Rivera on

OMG I WON!!!!!! Oh Tina, I was out all day long SHOPPING! I got three new cute dresses for work..anyhoooo….HERE I AM! Oh my goodness, just what I wanted! Thank you my dear and these photos are sensational. We too are having a very cold day in the single digits!

I will get you my address. Your giveaways are so generous! XOXOXO Anita

Anita Rivera on

I just had to come back; I was so excited about my win that I wanted to contact you right away with my address! But I am back to savor everything you are sharing and GREENWICH….I remember many years ago going there with my husband when we lived on the east coast. There is so much charm in that place and the photos you captured are drop dead gorgeous – that shop with the black door and yellow flowers; there is just so much beauty in the world and I love that you capture it all Tina. Then there’s that asparagus tart! Yum.

You relax dear Tina and get your shopping in as you can. You give so much to your family and your readers and customers, I don’t know how you do it. WE appreciate all you do to enchant us!

Enjoy your evening and thanks again. Anita

Susan on

Tina another beautiful post – love the new pieces for your tole, can’t wait till they come in snd your foyer paper is perfect in every way.

Love everything you have featured here as always- your readers homes are a lovely reflection of your excellent taste.

Elizabeth on


Love all of your seven on Sunday! Your new line is fabulous, as is the wallpaper for your hallway! Cannot wait to see it finished.

As for the holidays…do not stress. It is not about the decor, the presents, the parties or any of the trappings, although they are all fun, delicious and wonderful. The holidays are all about family and friends. Life is incredibly short and you must savor your time with the people that you love.

Hope you are inside warm and cosy.



Hi Tina, thank you so much for the shout-out about the wreath I made this year!! I am really enjoying mine. I can definitely see it in your beautiful home with all of your Chinoiserie pieces. Thanks again and let the fun begin!!!

pretty pink tulips on

So fun to see where you were in Greenwich!!! Greenwich Orchid is amazing and I literally can’t help but think of you whenever I go into Rinfret!

The tole line is amazing…can’t wait to see the entire line.

xoxo Elizabeth

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