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Hi there,first things first. I want to announce the winner of the pair of custom napkin rings. Congratulations goes to….

#74 Alicia says: These napkin rings are beyond jewelry for the table. I adore them each for their unique beauty, however, I would choose the squirrel with nuts to go in my squirrel-themed mountain cabin!!! Thank you!

Please contact me at to provide your shipping details

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just about here…I have my stretchy pants ready:) .I made up an arrangement yesterday for my Thanksgiving table that I have to say I love. I will share it tomorrow. Hope you aren’t working too hard, today I will brave the lines at the markets and get busy checking my list to be sure everything is covered. My boys so anticipate Thanksgiving dinner and I have to be sure all their favorites are covered:)

I ran into someone a few days ago who told me she is moving several states away. She is excited but has mixed emotions after living in NY for so long though it’s something they have thought of for a few years. It got me thinking about moving (still reeling from it myself) and how it can be such a mixed bag of emotions. It is hard to let go of what we know and what we have yet it can be awfully exciting to embrace something new and unknown, start a fresh clean slate and begin anew.

So this got me thinking if the house fairy told you that tomorrow you need to move, which of these beautiful homes would most appeal to you? And lets make it really fun, it can be anywhere you choose…where would it be? I can’t wait to see what you choose! You will really need your thinking caps for this one…….



so12-barnes-01 so12-barnes-02 so12-barnes-04

so12-barnes-12 so12-barnes-11 so12-barnes-10 so12-barnes-09 so12-barnes-08 so12-barnes-05











ja12-catalano-02 ja12-catalano-06 ja12-catalano-09

ja12-catalano-08 ja12-catalano-10 ja12-catalano-01 ja12-catalano-11 ja12-catalano-14 ja12-catalano-17

ja12-catalano-16_0 ja12-catalano-07 ja12-catalano-18

HOUSE 4 nd12-carter-04


nd12-carter-12 nd12-carter-11 nd12-carter-09 nd12-carter-07 nd12-carter-06 nd12-carter-02



palumbo-westnewton_04a palumbo-westnewton_03 palumbo-westnewton_02 palumbo-westnewton_07

palumbo-westnewton_15a palumbo-westnewton_08a palumbo-westnewton_09 palumbo-westnewton_10 palumbo-westnewton_13 palumbo-westnewton_01 palumbo-westnewton_11 palumbo-westnewton_12

palumbo-westnewton_06 palumbo-westnewton_05


All homes shown are from New England Home


Certainly not a bad one in the bunch! Something to love about each of them. Look forward to seeing which you choose…..the older I get the more I am drawn to the “country” as long as it’s not too far from the city:) OK your turn, thanks for stopping in. Until next time…..


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Karena on

Tina I loved elements from several of these gorgeous homes; however as soon a I saw the brick walkway leading to the 1st home and the seaside location, I knew it was the one for me!

The Arts by Karena

Anita Rivera on

GOOD MORNING TINA! I caught you just before I have to run off to a school meeting. Now this one is hard to choose! All of these abodes would do a gal some good to decorate and nest in!

Wishing you a great day dear one. OH! I have not yet received the book….just letting you know. Anita

Marianna on

Hi Tina,
You must be so excited and filled with joyful anticipation in being surrounded by your family this Thanksgiving!
I am sure Mr. Teddy is overseeing the organization of the festivities as well.
Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving the second Monday in October. I can see how your Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of the Christmas season so early best wishes for a wonderful holiday!
Loving house #3 and if I could put it anywhere, it would have to be back to my Greek roots and place it in Paros, Greece.

Mag on

New England. Warm and comfort .

Judith on

The very first picture captured me and the inside confirmed it. Love #1! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Julie b on

I voted for house #3 but thought we also got to select location! Even though the house is not Southern California in style, I choose Santa Barbara, where it is always 72 and sunny. Loveliest place on Earth! I mean it!

Debbie H. on

Each home is absolutely beautiful! I would take any one of them! Have a happy, blessed Thanksgiving! Looking forward to your next post πŸ™‚

splendid market on

Number 3 for me, the sea, the blues, the weathered wood, that deck! Feels like home.

Design Chic on

They are all so gorgeous, but I’m loving the inside of #1 with the outside of #3 – always choose shingles for their charm and character. Happy Tuesday!



pve on

As my Father always said, “A blind man be happy to see it!” I would have a really hard time leaving my home but twist my arm. I love number 5. Brick homes get me, and it looks so fresh and zesty inside.

Patty B on

Love “which would you choose.” post. Number 3 for me, with the perfect location just where it is. Happy Thanksgiving!

franki on

We did just move to a “cabin in the country” on a (300 mile shore line) lake…so, I’m looking for a pied a terre in the city..or an ocean view in Hawaii…or πŸ™‚ franki

Katherine on

Can you imagine a bit of each home rolled in to one? For me – the comfort and charm of house one says welcome. This house is timeless.

We celebrated Thanksgiving here {Canada} in October, but that won’t stop me from snuggling down in my PJ’s on Thursday to watch the Macy’s parade on TV to celebrate American Thanksgiving. It might even involve a couple of mince meat tarts just to make it official.
Enjoy the gathering with your family.

celeste B on

As long as it would be on the water and be somewhere warmer so I could be outside more I would love it. It was hard choosing between 1 and 3 though.

Elizabeth on

Oh my goodness! They are all so beautiful! I love elements of each, but if I had to choose, I would probably go with number 3. It is simply stunning!

Taylor Greenwalt on

I would choose 1 and 3…all are beautiful!

Emily on

Love the coziness of 4 elements of 3 and 1- they are all incredible!
Enjoy the holiday with your family Tina.

Caroline Longstaffe on

Hi Tina! I would choose the one by the ocean, which would be the Mediterranean in Provence! Lovely to read about your Thanksgiving preparations, don’y work too hard and have a lovely day, this year we will be in London so not celebrating ‘properly’!!!

Deanna on

All the homes are beautiful but #3 struck me as classic. Traditional. And it reminded me of your home, Tina. I would be a happy girl living in any one of those houses though! Well, I’m off to get the materials for my centerpiece for our thanksgiving table. Kids are coming home from college and work and I am sooo looking forward to a big feast and a long nap in front of the fire. Enjoy the day!

Traci Streets on

Love all of these homes. I’d love to build #3 someday at the Beach in San Clemente. I know you like the Ritz in Dana Point/ Laguna. Next time you’re there walk south along the beach. I have a client who’s home is on the strand and looks very similar. If you ever go back, she would be happy to show you her wonderful home. It’s fun to see homes like these in person. Enjoy the day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Peggy Braswell on

I picked #3 because of all the blue in the interiors + the wonderful views + they were all wonderful.

Southern girl on

All the houses are beautiful but I prefer a smaller, cozy jewel.
#4 would be lovely on Lake Glenville in Cashiers, N.C.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Oh, house #3 please. We dream about having a second home somewhere closer to Mr. H’s family where we could spend big chunks a time in the summer and invite everyone to stay -preferably near the water. This one would certainly do the trick!

I’m sure all of your Thanksgiving preparations are gorgeous Tina. Hope the shopping wasn’t too tiresome. Hopefully mine is all behind me for the most part. Tomorrow is baking day – wish me luck with my pie crust.

Can’t wait to see photos of your table. XOXO

Vickie @ Blanche & kate design on

This was really tough, because each house had its voice that resonated with me, but in the end, I had to go with House #3 because I am a West Coast gal and I love the ocean, so this had the best of all those elements of coastal love and traditional style.

Jan @ The Comfort of a Safe Place on

If I were forced to move – I guess I could make the sacrifice and move into House #4. ACTUALLY…let me rephrase that…I’d move into #4 in a heartbeat! I love the house…the warmth and comfort…AND the Water! {Perhaps a few less antlers would be in line for me}

Lea on

Dear Tina, They are all so lovely but being from New England I was drawn immediately to #3. I live near San Francisco, CA but my heart is always back home on Cape Cod. The blues, the water, the architecture was stunning.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and enjoy a day off!

Love you!

Elizabeth on

Tina, as always so many great choices! I love them all!!!!

I hope that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving! I am sure that it will be wonderful to have your boys as well as your parents home!

What tasty desserts do you have on the menu? I love a new recipe!

Blessing to you and your family,


Rose on

Made me smile

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