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Hello……hope everyone had a wonderful and very merry Christmas!!? Can you believe its come and gone? We are still very much in a food coma but have to say it was such a perfect day.

We started? Christmas day with a big brunch and spent the afternoon cooking and watching movies from when the kids were younger,? topped it off with a fantastic Christmas dinner and then we watched Legends of the fall…..a classic and my husbands all time favorite (hard to argue it’s a wonderful movie).

Then it was time to move onto dessert…….apple crumb and pecan pies from a local farm that makes the most divine pies, Young’s Farm. And of course we polished it off with a nice heap of vanilla ice cream:)

Everyone received all kinds of wonderful gifts but above all just being together was the best gift of all. I sure hope your Christmas was exactly as you hoped it would be! I am here to announce a lucky winner for the $100 Linen and Boxwoods giftcard giveaway. Congratulations goes to………


?Tina, thank you for another year of bring such a great blog friend. All the best in 2015, but first, I hope you have a great Christmas with your boys!


A quick post today, but we are finishing a bathroom in our basement and it has me looking at flooring, designs, overall ideas for bathrooms. So……..if you were putting together a new bathroom and starting from scratch which one of these bathroom floors would most appeal to you?? We want to go a little more transitional down there and use marble.

All of these floors are from Tilebar who has some of the most beautiful things and some of the best prices I have found anywhere for custom marble waterjet flooring, so many pretty choices, makes it hard to choose! Curious to see which comes out on top….





CHOICE 2florentine_crema_marfil_with_light_emperador_line


CHOICE 3singl33e


CHOICE 4full


CHOICE 5imperial_textured_white_carrera_2


CHOICE 6florentine_pearl_crema_marfil_2


CHOICE 7adagi_lady_gray_with_crystal_white_line



CHOICE 8neracarlagbl_1030x833




CHOICE 9single



CHOICE 10full_1


CHOICE 11img_2932-c


CHOICE 12img_2925-c


Don’t think there is a bad choice here…they are all so pretty! Having fun starting to plan this bathroom out as we are going with a slightly more transitional look downstairs.

There is a movie room in progress (will show you when its done) and a huge entrainment room that we are about half way done with. This is more my husbands project than mine but I must admit I do get excited planning out bathrooms:)

So pick and fave and let me know your thoughts…always love to hear what you think! Thank you for stopping in, until next time…..


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Debby Anderson on

Hi Tina – So glad you had a nice Christmas!! I’m still in a food coma. I went for choice #8! Love the graphic pattern, very chic. xoxo

Linda Y on

I need to know the size of the bathroom before choosing.

Lyn on

Glad you had a nice Christmas. I enjoy your blog every morning. I chose #8 because it is different from what I’ve seen in lots of bathrooms and because of the surrounding areas to your bathroom. Just seems to fit the theme.

Anita Rivera on

Good morning dearest Tina! HOW FUN to hear about a new project and that it’s your husband’s baby! But you are still at the helm of putting in all the details. I’m voting! And again, we are so impressed with the chargers. My husband loves them as much as I do.

We had a fabulous and gentle Christmas and have one more week off to laze around until we are back in full swing in the classroom for me, and in administration now for my husband.

Hugs and wishes for a fun and perfect 2015! Anita

Terri on

LOVE #10!! It reminds me of a classic quatrefoil pattern.

April on

Hard to choose when you do not have a feel of the surrounding area. Do have an idea of your splendid home. Have you considered upkeep? I know it is not a large issue for you, but have you considered a stone floor?


Love 1, 5, 8 and 12. Different but still very classic. I love each of these and will check out tile bar, as we are doing 3 new bathrooms redos in January! Happy your holidays were merry Tina I really enjoyed drooling over your magnificent decor and you definitely inspired me to “step it up” in my own home.

Denise on

I love 3, but having lived through (and regretted) the installation of a marble floor with minimal space for grout, I would never do it again! There’s no give in each 12 x 12 piece, and marble can’t be set with a really thin coat of mortar, so it’s really hard for the mason to adjust the spacing and level between pieces. Every time I look at the mess of levels of tile in my bathroom, I sigh.

Katie Clooney on

Hi Tina!!! Sounds like a dream of a Christmas. So glad you did a post on your new bathroom, because we are going to renovate our master bath and I need to get motivated. Last time we renovated a bathroom, we moved. Enjoy your weekend.

margaret on

I’d go with #4.

susan on

I am pretty obsessed with number 3 and it was the first to really take my eye. I love that it harkens back to the classic Greek and Roman pattens but with an updated feel. Of course, I’m also drawn to number 9 …. what can you say, I’m consistent.

Sally on

#’s 3 and 9 look almost identical to me. I picked #10 even though I am unsure of the repeat and scale. Hard to pick when you don’t know the other surface choices and color ways used in the bathroom. Surprised so many liked it as much as I do.

Karena on

Dear Tina, I am so glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas! !

Love several of these tiles. 3 really appeals to me though! !
Have a great weekend!

The Arts by Karena

michele@hellolovelystudio on

tile no. 2 speaks to me, but i would be thrilled with any of your picks here! so glad you had a good holiday–i can just imagine how special your enchanted home must feel when it’s dreary outside but there’s so much life and light indoors. peace.

franki on

CONGRATS to Stacy!! I love her blog, too!! franki

Lea on

Happy New Year Tina!
My choice is #4 as the round design reminds me of movie reels 🙂
Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring blogs. I’m a newcomer to your blog but greatly enjoy starting my day reading. I am three hours behind but feel as though I am right there with you as you greet each new day with such enthusiasm as it is contagious.


Kathy Pelletier on

Hi Tina,
It depends on what colors you will be using in the room.Some are more colorful than others. Maybe a little more information would help. I am sure though, you will choose the perfect one. You have such a talent decorating !!!

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