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Hello and happy Friday. This week has flown, as it’s been a week of getting back in the saddle and returning to my normal routine which I have to say I am really enjoying. I am definitely a creature of habit.? We returned on Tues. night with a snowfall the very next morning, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I loved every minute (as long as I was indoors that is)! And wouldn’t you know…it’s snowing outside right this very minute.

I am thrilled to announce that after many many votes, we have a grand prize winner for the HOLIDAY LOVE contest! A hearty congratulations goes to Lisa H for this fabulous picture…

unLISAHLnamedLisa, please email me with your shipping info so that you can select one tole item from my shop and it can be on it’s merry way!

And a congratulations to Kathy as well for being a beautiful runner up.Once again thank you to every single person who sent in their amazing pictures depicting holiday love…I so enjoyed looking at each and every one and putting this fun contest together.



As most of you know, I just came back from vacation. We had such a? marvelous time, I must say being under the warm sun is a natural healer for just about anything….mind, body and soul. We were lucky to be able to experience a brand new hotel, The new Gansevoort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Click here to learn more about the property.? It had just opened weeks before and admittedly there is always a little risk in being one of the first guests at a newly opened hotel.

It is indeed a fabulous boutique hotel, very luxurious with a hip modern edge to it. There were some “hiccups” mostly in the service dept though to their credit they tried very very hard to please and for the most part, did. I am confident that once it is completed (still working on finishing the resort) it is going to be one of the “hot spots” in the Caribbean.

We were lucky to have had travel agent extraordinaire, Sandy from You May Be Wandering to arrange our trip including some nice little perks:) I cannot recommend her highly enough, she goes well above and beyond and gets an A+ in my book! If you have a trip in your future, I highly suggest you contact Sandy, her travel tentacles stretch far and deep into all travel realms and big or small, she can create and make just about anything happen. Her customer service and “aim to please” knows no bounds.? Click here to contact her via her blog.

Here are some of the highlights from our trip, to say it was beautiful would be an understatement and the 80 degrees and sunny skies certainly didn’t hurt:) So join me as I share a bit of our vacation with you……



I had fun getting reacquainted with my favorite summer clothes, sandals, white bags, etc……


Hello warm air and sunny skies!

unnaafd33medPassports were kept handy:)

Arrived to our magnificent suite with a spectacular ocean view…..unnamead33dOur enormous terrace


The grounds are out of a postcard….unnamezewd uzzynnamed


Headed right away to a wonderful lunch oceanside, a perfect view to enjoy a glass of rose to….


unnamety3d tyunnamed fasd unnamasd33edOne of the best tartares I have ever eaten….and I had it nearly every day!

unn989078amedMy son and nephew scoping out the placeunnamed765e76Which probably meant really looking for cute girls:)

unnabcmedEvery morning before we even started to order breakfast started with a fresh assortment of heavenly pastries!

unnamadsfedAnd these fish tacos and accompaniments were to die for…I have since discovered my own excellent fish taco recipe (to be shared on Sunday)

unname089dOne afternoon after a brief tropical shower…we spotted this beautiful rainbow

un3264644namedAnd soon enough the sun was shining once again…..

unnamed756545A late afternoon just chilling on the balcony (after an amazing beachside horseback ride) legs are STILL sore!

unname75675d unnamedgsfsEvery night promised a beautiful sunset

unnamfdasedAnd loved this “silhouette” shot of my son walking at sunset

unnam7565edAnd this silhouette of a waiter carrying my glass or rose lol, hey I am on vacation!

Some snippets from the room…..


This was one of the three luxurious baths, the boys loved this shower!unna75645med unnameaese44d unnameadf388d

Above were all three of the bedroomsuafd3nnamedI loved the little touches like them arranging all of the toiletries and anything else I left behind into a nice neat little basket:)


My absolute favorite meal……the fish tacos, out of this world!! And the pizzas were pretty amazing toounnam354ed 3452345unnamedLunch here every day could never get old


The gorgeous infinity pool that looks right over the oceans edgeunnamedf3434d unnamedafs3453dAnd the beautiful cabanas, it was hard to get up:)

unnameadfa11d unnamfd3t3ed

This was one of my favorite “scenes” the silhouette of my son and nephew against the sunset walking along the infinity pool

098908unnamedThis might be my favorite picture which means a lot to me…….my son and husband were one of the last to come in that day from the ocean, it was a beautiful “son and father moment”


Such wonderful memories, so happy to have had my trusty iPad to capture all of the beauty! But really looking forward to using my new camera, it was just that taking it on vacation was cumbersome. You can’t beat the convenience of an iPad!? Once again congratulations to Lisa and many thanks for stopping in. Hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous end to your week.? Until Sunday….


PS NEW PROMO! Annabel Ingall totes on promotion from Friday night- Sunday night. Great opportunity to get a bag that never goes on sale? at a? sale price! Click here for promotion.

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DaNA on

Loved looking at the pictures of your vacation. They were breathtaking! Made me realize I need a vacation. πŸ™‚

amy on

The picture that won was my favorite, it is beautiful.

Tina the vacation pictures are incredible. What a beautiful place. I need to check it out, we are looking for a good place to go with 3 other families in June and I like that its more like an apt than standard hotel room. I am craving tuna tartare now! So happy you had such a lovely time.

Karena on

Tina, what a fabulous vacation with so many gorgeous images and those of your family to cherish forever!! By the way I love excellent fish tacos! Have a great weekend!

The Arts by Karena

linda on

congratulations to the winner, such a sweet and special picture, I can see why it won.

The trip looked amazing, the pool pictures make me wish I was sitting poolside instead of about to venture out into almost a foot of new snow! Looks like a really beautiful place, nothing like warm weather and sunshine. Thank you for sharing.

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…it looks wonderful…glad you had a wonderful time!

Bonnie on

I’d like to know what the sauce was like on those Fish Tacos. Do you think you can duplicate it?

janie on

This is why I follow you. Michigan winters are a reminder that we all need to sit pool side and sip cocktails. Just booked tickets to NYC and although it has a totally different twist this trip,Id be fibbing if I didn’t say I wish I had booked this glorious trip! Thank you for sharing.

Leslie @4aroundthetable on

Tina, Such a gorgeous spot and your photos are wonderful. Stepping into that climate must have been a shock to your system! Even putting on a pair of sandals and shorts after a season of leggings and boots feels odd .. and I feel “exposed” walking around;) The house is still needed our undivided attention so there won’t be any vacations for me in the near future. Those fish tacos and tartar look heavenly and are two of my favorites. The fish tacos are so healthy .. unfortunately I get started on those salty chips and salsa and that’s where I do a little damage!

CathyR on

Happy New Year Tina!

Happy Happy Birthday (last month) too!

Glad you had such a beautiful excursion to escape following a glorious Christmas.

Cathy Rudd

Sherry on

Beautiful pictures. Hope you had a wonderful time. Than you for sharing your memories with us

Peggy Braswell on

wow + unbelievable pictures + here is to a wonderful new year 2015.

pve on

If anyone deserved an escape like that, you my dear certainly did! How nice to go somewhere new and to find moments that deserve to be captured.
Congrats to the holiday photo winner. What a keepsake.
Happy friday, enjoy the weekend and I am thankful for your friendship and each of your heartfelt comments.

Donna A. on

I think you captured a real moment-in-time with that second-to-last photo of your son and nephew. It evokes a feeling of the big bright future that lies ahead for them. They’re standing on the cusp of adulthood and the sunset of their youth. Nice job!

CaroLyn on

What beautiful vacation highlights- we are going to St. Thomas in feb and it can’t happen a moment too soon- this place looks amazing and so peaceful.
Congrats to your winner.

Deanna on

What a great way to bring in the New Year! Everything looked fabulous. I loved your photos of your son and nephew. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos, Tina. I feel like I left cold Ohio for a few minutes and was basking in the warm sun. Happy Friday!!

Katherine on

We almost booked this hotel, but felt it was too new to try just yet. The web makes it look even more modern than your photo’s. The modern – cut look is what we decided wasn’t our style. But your pictures encourage me to try it next year.
We are headed to the Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado (whew!). It is a resort that takes up a small island off of Samana in Dominican. And in this order it will be – beach, books, lotion and exhale.

I love your from the heart comments about your son and husband. You’re a well connected family.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Congratulations to Lisa – such a wonderful tableaux of holiday love.

Speaking of love. Tina, wow, I LOVE your vacation. You are right, there is nothing better than a little sun (even if it’s cold sun) at this time of year. Coming back to short, dark, gray days after our sunny snow break has made realize how much I love it. And you got warmth, too, lucky girl. Looks a wonderful place for family to be together… and I’m hungry just looking at your photos. Ros?? Yes way… but I’ll wait for a warmer day. πŸ˜‰

Hope you have a cozy weekend. I actually wish we had some snow. Glad to have you back in the routine! XOXO

South Shore Decorating Blog on

Tina, what a post! The picture that won is the best photo ever. I *almost* cried πŸ™‚
Your trip looks amazing. Fish tacos are my favorite, too. And I want your Hermes bag πŸ˜‰

Gwen on

Gorgeous pics. Makes me miss Maui!

splendid market on

Your silhouette shots of your family (and the waiter with the glass of ros?) are truly beautiful. How nice to be able to lounge and observe such beauty.

I agree with you, while I love getting lost in the holidays, I am truly enjoying getting back into some sort of routine.

Happy New Year Tina, xo, Emily

p.s. snow nv!

Anonymous on

Well, hello, hello hello! The winner’s photo certainly does capture Holiday ‘LOVE’. I am so glad you had the chance to get away, Tina! The warm air and sun is so healing for the soul. That is a fabulous photo of the hubs and son! The ipad takes decent photos, huh? Doesn’t seem like they blurred in uploading. Welcome home. Love, Deb xoxo

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Thank you so much for the glowing recommendation, Tina! It is easy when you are doing something you love – and you know I love to plan travel!

Your pictures from the Gansevoort are beautiful – it seems like the perfect place to be right now – out of the deep freeze!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm! xoxo

Susan from seattle on

Love your pics! I’m glad you and your family had a chance to de-stress after the whirlwind holidays. Did you get a chance to visit the larimar mines? The gem has only been found in the Dominican Republic. It would be in keeping with your love of blue and white (although some color variations can tend toward a turquoise). I love the brand MarahLago. It’s fun for spring and summer fashion.

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