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Well hello! Hope you are having a nice weekend, here it’s been low key and so relaxing. Lots of “house biz” this past week which I am super excited about.? May head into the city for a late lunch to meet our older sons (both now living there) but I look outside at this cold rain and could easily declare it a “must stay home” day especially with a really busy week ahead!

Family meals (few and far between)? are always planned with the best of intentions but my batting average is about a 50/50, happens about half the time:)

So as I do every Sunday here are seven things that have caught my attention…..


1. BIG NEWS. My foyer!! I am sooo excited and frankly don’t remember the last time I was so smitten over something in? my house, the chinoiserie paper? from super talented Paul Montgomery Studios has been hung, took about 4 days to complete, the sconces have been placed and what can I say I am madly in love:)

This? foyer? could be one reason alone that I will never be able to move! I am going to be doing an entire post on the foyer next week so here is a tiny sneak peek…..

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2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Every week I share instagrams that have caught my attention. I am never at a loss of great material, if anything it’s hard to narrow it down from so many wonderful pictures! Here are 15 that made my top list….you will notice a strong theme of beautiful paintings and cherubic little kids here:)

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Totally floored over this cake/candied sugar masterpiece…….just unreal both? the “in process” shot and the finished product-unnasdfdmed


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3. BROADWAY.? I go on “Broadway binges”. I won’t see a show for years then see three within 2 months. I happened to catch the star Christina Bianco on Ellen doing what she is famous for, impersonations and was totally entertained. Her new play, “Application pending” chronicles the craziness of applying to kindergarten in uber competitive NYC. I will be going with my friend who is a teacher who I am sure will get a kick out of it.



Also seeing A Delicate Balance with John Lithgow and Glenn Close, really looking forward to seeing them both up close and personal! There are at least five plays I would love to see…..that’s what I get for waiting so long!


4. A MONOGRAM MAESTRO. How magnificent are these monograms? I am so happy I discovered this wonderful talent, Rachel Rogers Designs! I think I need a new monogram pronto.

And what an amazingly special gift these could make too. From a baby gift to a birthday gift for an adult friend, think these are very very special. She starts with a custom monogram and can turns them into a painting/keepsake to frame? and/or notecards. Click here to find out more.

WRW_905 Tukesite5.28_905 Shephard_905 BN_905 HPF_1000 MBA_1000 Smokedown_1000


5. NEW PORCELAINS IN MY SHOP! I am excited to have added about 12 new pieces to my shop, plus 6 more coming in this week.

Within about 2 months (hopefully sooner)? I am getting in a large number of new items, some very special pieces. I am really excited about it and will keep you posted. Once they are en route I will share pictures of all the goodies. And dont’ forget my wonderful blue and white porcelain giveaway going on right now, click here to enter.

Here is a sampling of some of the beauties newly added-

elegant-fluted-planter-351x263 tallchinesecharacter-640x480-351x263 DOUBLEHAPPINESS-640x480-351x263 turquoisefoodogs-351x263 multitall-351x263 bluewhitebasin-351x263 birdplanter-351x263 trellisjar-547x410

6. ANOTHER WORK OF ART FROM JEANNE OF I DREAM OF. I have used Jeanne’s services for a number of projects including my logo.I recently posted this picture on Instagram and talented Jeanne was inspired to paint it. Amazing but then again everything she paints is amazing. Click here to visit Jeanne and learn more about her work.

My picture-unnam55Ced


Jeanne’s interpretation-



7. WHY I LOVE MY READERS SO MUCH. Not that I really need to even count the reasons but….here is a great reason that exemplifies how I am as devoted to them as they are to me.

Please read this excerpt from an email I got from a wonderful new friend/reader almost made me cry with joy. This is why I blog because of what I get back in return, it is priceless and the connections I continue to make, just totally validate why I do what I do and why I love it so. Thank you thank you!

But here ?is what I want to tell you. I hope you realize how dearly you are loved by all of us who read your blog. But I wonder if you realize the connection your “fans” have to each other because of you?
Story 1: when we returned this Thanksgiving I immediately wrote Grace at Celerie & South and told her how much I loved the monogramed napkins shown on your website. We developed quite a correspondence ? both sharing how much we appreciate you. ?For Xmas our kids got us gorgeous monogrammed napkins that look identical to yours ? just different letters!
Story 2: When you put Judith August’s stuff on your blog ?it was exactly ?what I’d been looking for. I phoned the company asking for advise about what to order and said I had discovered them through you. Then we talked for a few minutes about how much we loved you!
Story 3: We will be based for 7 weeks this fall in the Loire Valley but I’m speaking each weekend all over France. (WHAT a tragedy in Paris!) Then I discovered Manger through you. My husband is a gourmet chef so I bought him her book for his birthday ? but now we are planning to go there (her ?restaurant and possibly even one of her cooking schools) during the week ? BECAUSE OF YOU!
Story 4: I saved the best for last! When we just returned I went immediately to Laurie’s website (LB Originals) because I wanted to get my 2 daughters some of her darling monogrammed stationary. Only it appeared to be closed. I wrote a letter enquiring and Laurie wrote me back saying she was sorry but it wouldn?t be reopened until Jan. I responded that getting on Tina’s?SEVEN ON SUNDAY ?was like having Oprah choose your book! ?We exchanged a few more emails and I inadvertently put my author name on an email and she wrote: “Becky! I can’t believe it’s you! I have not only read some of your books but I heard you speak to 8,000 people several years ago! Listen, I am going to personally do your orders and get it to you for Xmas!” CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! It arrived on the 23rd and my ?girls were thrilled.
I told Laurie that you didn’t just have a blog or a business ?- it’s t a ministry. You are helping so many of us and I have benefitted so richly! THANK YOU!



I was so touched. I love getting your emails, seeing your pictures, “meeting” you from all corners of the world and making such wonderful connections with so many like minded people!! Keep them coming:) Thank you for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend.

Don’t forget if you didn’t enter my giveaway for the blue and white ginger jar, click here. A winner will be announced on Thursday. Until next time……


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cheryl on

Good morning, Tina, and all I can say is wow to that last email from one of your devoted followers (me too!) Isn’t it amazing what a small world we live in, and the unexpected impact we may have on the lives of others. I know for me, I can’t start my day without reading your blog. Then I come home and check in again to see if I “missed” anything! I love the beauty you bring to our homes. Enjoy your Sunday, whether its a lunch with your boys, or a cozy day at home!

Design Chic on

Add us to the list of devoted followers. It’s our first visit every morning with a big cup of coffee. Your wallpaper is amazing in your foyer – can hardly wait to see more and hear the story?stunning!!

Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

Tina, I am madly in love with the monograms from Rachel Rogers Designs! Thank you so much for introducing her to us. I can’t wait to have several made. What wonderful and special gifts they will make.

Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina!

Lovely new foyer love going on here! Don’t ever move, OK???? I can’t see how you could or would!

Enjoy your lunch in the city with the boys. I’m sure they’ll be so happy to see you. LOVE! Anita

Beemie on

First time, I fully read your Seven on Sunday …love it…especially the monograms…quite inspired to buy and decorate. Can’t wait to see your foyer.

Anne Nelson on

Tina, I always enjoy your Sunday posts. The 5th photo in your Instagram group (children sleeping with dog) is from “Momma’s Gone City”, a wonderful blogger who posts daily pictures of this nap scene. It started with the little boy and dog and Jessica (mom/blogger) has a new book out about this special relationship. Baby girl was recently added, and there are two older children. Seeing these photos on Instagram brightens every day.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful home, It is always a treat!

Sandy on

Hi Tina! Happy rainy Sunday – I stayed inside all day yesterday because it was SO cold and now I don’t want to go out today. Talk about a lazy weekend!

Where do I begin? I am starting at the end – your reader’s comment is VERY true – you have helped/influenced SO many people by sharing of yourself through your blog. I can’t begin to tell you how much you have helped me with my business. PLUS I have also discovered so many beautiful things through your blog (not the least of which is also Grace from Celerie and South – I got the most gorgeous napkins recently – they are gorgeous and she is a doll).

Next…your foyer…OH MY GOD…it is amazing! I would just sit there all day and marvel at its beauty.

Now…how ridiculously talented is our friend Jeanne? I first saw your picture of your dining room on instagram and gasped at how pretty it is and then I saw Jeanne’s sketch of the day…WOW! I wish I had an ounce of Jeanne or Patricia’s artistic talent (or your decorating talent)!

So much more to talk about…I will save it for when I see you! Have a wonderful Sunday…stay dry and warm! xoxo

Karena on

Beautiful post Tina, so good of you to feature so many of our dear and oh so talented friends! have a wonderful long weekend!

The Arts by Karena

Karolyn on

The foyer looks so gorgeous!! I also loved the water color by Jeanne she is so talented!!!
I love seeing what you have up you sleeve for your home and I cant wait to seethe completion of that foyer, have a wonderful weekend!!

franki on

This was “certainly an upper” on a really bummer kind of day!!! franki

Donna on

Hi Tina,
So happy I brought my iPhone to the beach and started catching up on your blog! Having a great time seeing your pics and posts- I love all you’ve shared!!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Barbara Kelly on

Hi Tina
Love the foyer…..elegant!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina! First off, thank you so much for including me here today and all your kind words about my artwork! You know that you, your lovely home and gorgeous photos are a HUGE inspiration to me, and I just love collaborating with you. Big thanks to you.

Second. That foyer. OMG just amazing. You must be thrilled beyond belief. It turned out to be just gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more and thanks for the initial peek!

You have such a devoted following because your lovely personality comes through in here on your blog – it’s like being invited into a friend’s gorgeous home, being made to feel welcome and in the most wonderful company. The experience I had when I was lucky enough to visit you is very much like what you convey here in your posts. You have a talent for making your graciousness come through in your words and photos!

Wishing you a cozy Sunday and a beautiful week ahead! XOXO

Carol on

Well, it’s true Tina that each of us feel we know you and have so much in common with you! And that is why we look forward to your posts and miss you when you get a much deserved vacation!thanks for the time you invest in your blog and your shop.

jordana @whitecabana on

really enjoying your seven on sunday series. So much to see and appreciate. Your chinoiserie panels are stunning!

pretty pink tulips on

Hi Tina! Staying home on this side of the water, too. My sweet husband took a fall down our back steps this morning, when he went out to get firewood. He’s fine, but, owie! Glad you didn’t venture out!

On happy notes, LOVE all your instagrams (I see friends in there, monograms and flowers!) and your entry looks AMAZE-ing!!!!

But, wow….your reader email is so incredibly touching! I for sure feel the connection and count myself blessed to know you now in real life. Keep on keeping on, as my Texas parents used to tell me.

Hugs from over here! (Glass of wine in hand and fire still roaring!)
xoxo Elizabeth

Katie Clooney on

Hi Tina! Your foyer is pure elegance!! Love all the new goodies that you are getting in the shop. Isn’t it nice to get a nice letter from a reader? Always makes my day. Have a great week.


What a lovely letter from your reader! It’s true we all LOVE you because you are the most genuine person in the blog world! And one day you and I will have lunch in the Hamptons!! XOXOXO

jennifer on

Hi Tina what a wonderful post. YOUR FOYER! That is amazingly beautiful just seeing the tiny glimpse, how exciting for you.

The monograms are incredible too. I will have to contact her my sister would love it and is having a baby in April. I love that you have introduced me to so many great new resources that I otherwise would not find.

I am really enjoying your instagrams by the way, each one better than the last.
Hope you had a relaxing Sunday and a nice day today.

Luciane at on

Good morning, Tina!

I can’t wait to see your foyer!!!!! Super excited for you! 🙂

Your reader is truly special.. what a sweet email! I have to tell you that I would never be able to keep on going for all of these years on the blogland without them. They keep you going and they always bring inspiration!

Have a Blessed week, my friend!


Luciane from

debby Anderson on

Hi Tina,

Glad you had a relaxing weekend. Can I just say I LOVE your foyer paper? Can’t wait to see more of it soon! I love the crest designs too, so much fun. Love, Deb xo

Mrs. Shockley on

I love your blog!! You have inspired me to purse blue and white. I can’t wait until I finish my family room. I will send pictures when they are done. Wonderful work Tina……

pve on

How honored am I to be included in this post along with so many other talented and inspired readers. I think we shall now call you “The Enchanted Home and Church!” because we are all devoted to you and you do give each of us faith and such encouragement.
Now that Foyer needs a bench to kneel down and pray! Oh my.
Happy Tuesday Tina.

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