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Hello and happy Thursday to you. Before I begin I want to announce the lucky winner of the flat top ginger jar! Congratulations goes to-


?Tina, I love everything you have. All your blue and white pieces are my favorites. I would love them all!!! From your shop right now my favorite is the antique reproduction tureen in blue and white. Hadn?t noticed that before and I just love it.

Please email me at [email protected] so I can arrange for it to ship


Well as most of you by now know my foyer has undergone a bit of a makeover this past week. And what a makeover it was. I had the most beautiful handpainted chinoiserie murals from Paul Montgomery installed and to say I am overjoyed is an understatement!

The irony here is when we moved in, we really did nothing but the millwork and paint in our foyer. Originally we were supposed to put limestone cladding on the walls. For some reason I wasn’t totally sold on it and before we committed to a big expense, I really needed to be sure. I felt it might leave the foyer “cold” and somewhat barren. So we sat and lived with plain white painted walls for over 2 years.

One day I brought a sample of a chinoiserie that I was considering for my dining room into the foyer because the foyer gets very bright light and it was an “aha” moment that both? my husband and I thought maybe adding chinoiserie to the foyer was the way to go. It would bring soft color, warm up the space and handpainted murals would be like having a gorgeous painting on the walls.

So even before the dining project, our focus shifted to the foyer and about 12 weeks ago I placed my order. It arrived about a week ago and soon after, my wallpaper guy came in to install it. I took some in progress pictures for fun and have included the finished product at the end.

Incidentally, Paul Montgomery had a photographer come in a few days ago to take professional photographs and you can bet I will be sharing those as well. I can’t wait to see those because she used a wide angle lens which captured the entire space.

So enough of my talking, let me show you the foyer both before, during and after……



This is a definitely a process and is far more involved than choosing a wallpaper but then again, its in a different league than wallpaper and each and every one is very special and unique. It all starts with a concept then specifying? paint colors and pattern, and within a few weeks a full sample/strike off is sent. Production generally takes about 6-8 weeks (sometimes a bit longer) and the people at Paul Montgomery were wonderful!


Installation day- a full scale drawing/layout of the panels is provided, as each one is numbered and follows a sequence as to how they are to be installed.

nbv4unnamed unna44ddmed

Always starts with a well prepped blank wall!unnadcxmed uv33nnamed

Phil the paper hanger going over the plans showing the sequence of the way the panels are to be hunguncx2named

First panel opened and prepped!un33ccnamed

Then they are all laid? out in the order they will be hung

usdfg3nnamedFirst two are hung…it’s love at first sight!

u4333nnamedDreamy indeed


And after 4 days between prep and hanging, I have a beautiful new foyer that I just can’t stop staring at…..

IMG_0163 IMG_0166 IMG_0171IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0167Added these two oversized ginger jars with huge sprays (about 3 feet tall) of the gorgeous lifelike cherry blossoms from my shop to each of the two niche’s


And added a pair of these magnificent chairs which look perfectIMG_0159

Details and closeup of the magnificent handpainted murals….IMG_0156 IMG_0154 IMG_0153 IMG_0152 IMG_0151 IMG_0150

One last look….IMG_0166



Well….do you love it? I could not be happier, doing my dining room cannot happen soon enough! If you are thinking of doing handpainted murals I cannot recommend Paul Montgomery highly enough, they are true masters at this craft.

Also a lot of you have asked about the cherry blossoms, a fabulous flower promo will start as of Thurs. (today) at 1pm for 2 days only. Click here to see promo.

Click here to visit Paul Montgomery Studios for more information. Mention you are from The Enchanted Home and you never know what they might do for you:) Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day.


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pve on

That could be my studio! Oh my goodness. Jaw on the floor. I used to hand paint murals very much like this. I loved it, but it was so labor intensive. I did sleep well.

Kathleen on

Your new foyer is absolutely beautiful!

sharon on

Dreamy Tina. I am in love with it and you have me thinking in a whole new direction about my small foyer. Could not be any prettier. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


Linda Lowe on

I see you as a ballerina, spinning with your arms wide, taking in the 360 beauty! Stunning!!

Carol on

Yes, I can see love at first sight! And I also am wanting those cherry blossoms! What exquisite taste you have Tina. Your home is quite simply breathtaking and just gets better with every project you complete. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with your readers!

Mary F. on

You are an inspiration. Having moved from Ohio, from a large home, to a smaller sized apartment in Brooklyn, I now feel I can once again have that elegance back. I love your ideas and wonderful taste. Thank you.


Judy yarrusso on

I am in awe! You have such a eye for style. You have inspired me with your
Designs and attention to detail. I just love it! Keep it up

Robbin on

Stunning. Simply stunning. Would give anything to get to take a personal tour with you of your lovely home. Alas, I live a LONG way from you. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us. It is gorgeous. Blessings to you and yours today :)!

DaNA on

Absolutely beautiful. I can understand why you are pleased. That is the most beautiful “wallpaper” (you can’t really call it that; it is a work of art). Stunning!

Maria Elena Lima on

Thanks for the close ups- it is a feast for the eyes. Love it.

Karena on

Tina this may be one of my favorite rooms in your home now! I am so thrilled with enchanting entryways and fabulous foyers and yours is indeed one!

The Arts by Karena

Sarah on

I am drooling over your walls! Truly spectacular, and well worth the wait.
Can’t wait for the flowers promotion – I want a touch of Tina in my home. ( :

Elaine on

Gorgeous! That look is just stunning.

Mary Jane Nash on

IT IS YOU! Just beautiful Tina. The perfect first impression of what is to come in seeing your stunningly beautiful home πŸ™‚

Mary Jane

Suzanne Urban on

Subtle. Serene. Elegant. You’ve done it again. Just beautiful.

Ann on

When you first mentioned this I thought why would she do that? Your foyer is beautiful and so elegant as it was, but I love the difference it made. Once again your vision was spot on. Congratulations on another beautiful space in a magnificent home. You are such an inspiration.

Michelle Clark on

Astounding! MC

Lesa on

I love it!

Leila Jane on

I love it, too! I have to tell you that when I first saw the color choice, I was a little afraid the blue was not bright enough. However, once the murals were installed on the walls, I loved the more subtle color. It looks like understated elegance to me. It’s a beautiful choice!

Elizabeth on

Absolutely stunning! I would be dancing with joy myself. As usual, everything you do in your home is perfection!
Can’t wait for the flowers promotion. I have got to get some of the cherry blossoms. Thank you for sharing Tina.

Karen on

Oh my, I LOVE it!!!

Pam Smith on


Your foyer is absolutely beautiful! I can only imagine how stunning it is in person!! So glad you shared it with us.

Sue J. on

Oh my gosh, Tina…Your foyer is gorgeous, stunning, absolutely beautiful! I love it!

Richelle on

Absolutely beyond, Tina! So exquisite, so perfect. Thank you for letting us take a peak (again!) at your gorgeous home. Inspiring in so many ways. You always strike just the right note. Bravo!




Jean Rowland on

I can see why it was love at first sight too. Just beautiful murals and while Paul Montgomery did a fabulous job, I must say that Phil the paper hanger took on a nerve-wracking task to put that paper up and seems to have done a sterling job. I hope he had a slice of cake with his coffee – he deserves it!

Emily on

I love it! Absolutely stunning Tina……………

Marlene on

STUNNING!!! Absolutely stunning!

Marsha Cannon on

It turned out beautifully. I think I would just be sitting in there staring at the beautiful walls!

Melissa on

what a gorgeous first impression it makes as your guests and friends enter your home … it draws me in and makes me what more!!!

Anita Rivera on

Ohhhhh tina, this is wonderful and you must be thrilled to start the dining room! Happy planning, anita

Beth Lowe on

I simply love this—it made my whole morning. Everything is just perfect and so livable. Thank you for sharing your process with us.

LC on

GLORIOUS! It’s so very warm and welcoming. You did a splendid job.
I would love to know more about the process you went through of choosing the colors, etc for the mural. (It’s so very you!)

Johanne Blansche on

I absolutely love it Tina. Years ago I was an Au Pair for a aristocratic family in Rome and I remember she had a living room in which the walls were covered in a hand painted wallpaper that the family had commissioned from China ( pre Mao) . It was beautiful and your foyer reminds me of this.

Cathi Rafalski on

Stunning ~ and absolutely PERFECT! Thank you for sharing, dear Tina!

Leslie @4aroundthetable on

Oh Tina.. you must be so happy. DREAMY indeed:) Absolutely gorgeous. Your cherry blossoms are perfect for that space! Speaking of cherry blossoms, I bought some at the market and they don’t look nearly as pretty as yours .. looks like I need to order some;)

Enjoy your day today!

Valerie Kokenes on

I have noticed that a word keeps popping up over and over in the comments. I cannot think of a more appropriate word myself…STUNNING!!!!!!!!!

Elaine on

It’s lovely. I’m wondering how much a hand painted mural costs.

Katherine on

Worth the wait! What an incredible welcome to your home. The details are so pretty and they show so lovely with natural light or enhanced with the sconce lights.
You’ve sold me on the blossoms in the ginger jar – Love it.

I’m sure there is a more worn path through the foyer – I would be walking there all day long just to take another look. Lovely.

Loretta turner on

Just stunning! My sister has just sold her house and is having a house built. I told her about your blog, she is getting lots of ideas. We love talking about what we have seen and read on your site. Thank you for sharing!

Loretta Turner

Sherry myers on

Stunningly gorgeous!! Take a bow! Your enginuity is Amazing! Your enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you for sharing joy with your readers!
Have a inspiring day!

Teresa Kamm on

Tina, your foyer takes my breath away it’s so stunning and ethereal! I know you will enjoy it for years to come. From way down south in Atlanta… Congratulations on the perfect choice!

Ginny on

Beautiful, timeless, an example of class and elegance in design.

Toni on

Your guests will feel like they stepped into a painting! So lovely.

Peggy Braswell on

stunning + kudos to the wallpaper hanger.

kathy chandler on

Could not be more gorgeous! I think I would sit and stare at it all day too! The chairs are the perfect touch.

Tone on Tone Loi Thai on

Your foyer is beyond beautiful! It’s one of my favorite rooms ever!!! Definitely worth the wait. Thanks for sharing the close ups – the birds are charming. xo

Sherry on


Katie Clooney on

Oh Tina, it looks positively gorgeous. What a beautiful way of welcoming your lucky guests! Have a great weekend!

Susan on

Your foyer is absolutely beautiful and love the shade of blue you selected in the paper! I feel sure it is even more stunning in person. Can’t wait to see what changes are ahead in your dining area.

Pat Crowder on

Tina you have such great insight and taste. Absolutely beautiful!!!

Kalli on

So tasteful and timeless.
Love the birds…
Love the chairs…,
Love how it was coordinated all so beautifully

maureen on

Simply gorgeous! You outdid yourself. You should be in a magazine (Traditional Home).

Keri | Ivy Clad on

Wow! Yes! I love it. Soft and exquisite, and jaw-dropping at the same time. Bravo!

sally on

Tina your foyer is not just beautiful it is exquisite, it should have a special title ( such as ‘masterpiece’) bravissimo Mr Montgomery

I can paint, and you are giving me ( even more ) inspiration……if that could be possible…I always wondered about the walls of my bedroom in chinoiserie, I have loved it forever

Enjoy your dreamy foyer my dear, and I love the cherry blossoms too

Patty on

unique and wonderful… that you got to display so many of your favorite blue and white porcelain without taking up physical space…truly ‘pleasing to the eye’!

Jennifer on

oh Tina!!! It is perfection!! I’m sure you are giddy every time you walk in the door. Seriously fabulous! I’m so happy for you!

laney on

…enchanted indeed…

Deanna on

So beautiful.

Patricia on

Lovely foyer…it is so rewarding when the realty is as good or better than you pictured it in your mind…

I have been trying to email my order for your beautiful flowers …and my email keeps coming back. Could you send me an email and I will reply with my order…Can’t imagine what is wrong–I cut & pasted your email address???

Thank you, Patty

Suzanne on

Tina, your foyer is so
lovely and to me, it begs
one to stay awhile in a
peaceful place : ) You
must truly be thrilled
with the results of Paul’s

xo Suzanne

Gwen on

absolutely stunning!!!

Laura T WIlson on

OHMYGOSH! I am crazy loco over this. It is so beautiful. Your home is gorgeous and i am so glad you share it with us all!

Karen on


Cindy Weis on

Tina the foyer is beyond beautiful, elegant, warm, welcoming and just stunning! I love the chairs they add just a spark of color to the soft elegant background. What a welcome way for your guests to enter the house, if I were them, I just might grab a chair and sit in the foyer the entire time enjoying the peaceful serenity of the beautiful paper. Thank you for sharing with us.

Lisa on

From the photos your foyer looks beautiful but I think an in-person viewing is in order to give you a proper opinion. Awe…just kidding—hoping for an invitation πŸ™‚ It is absolutely beautiful, elegant and of course enchanting. You did a fabulous job deciding on paper instead of the original idea–very inviting and very warm.

alison on

LOVE the murals.
Just stunnings.
Please snap a picture in the evening light….
I bet it is even more magical!

South Shore Decorating Blog on

Tina, I’m speechless. The paper is stunning, and is brought out even more by the chairs. I don’t know if I would have thought to do it with the black and white floor, but it could not be more perfect!

Barbara P from Ma on

Absolutely gorgeous! Can’t blame you for being so ecstatic with the result! It’s just perfect!

Mary on

Absolutely beautiful Tina! You certainly had a vision for that. It’s awesome. I love all the detail on it and the foyer looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

Teresa @ Splendid sass on

It is breathtaking! Just stunning! I know that you are so excited to have this done.
Happy Friday.

Design Chic on

It looks amazing, Tina – love reading about the entire process!! Just when I think you couldn’t have anything else to do, you find something amazing!! Happy weekend ~


OMG,GORGEOUS!!!!Thanks for posting Olivia’s Condo! She is so proud of her little apartment! I am definitely considering chinoiserie wallpaper in my eat in kitchen!!!!Love it! Have a great day!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Tina, yes I do LOVE it. Stunning. What a wonderful welcome into your Enchanted Home. I’m really just amazed by the artistry and craftsmanship. It’s so nice that in a world where so much is mass produced there are still artisans who do work like this.

You also remind me that sometimes it is best to be patient as one cultivates ones home – leaving something blank, or not quite right, until you find just the right thing. Patience is important.

Have you moved a sleeping bag and air mattress into the foyer yet?

Happy, happy weekend. Hope you don’t get more snow than is fun! XOXO

[email protected] on

Breathtaking! Love the jars filled with beautiful blossoms as well.

Lynngweeny on


margaret mcelroy on

Love Paul Montgomery, the owner is a customer of mine and
his headquarters are here where I live. Just Beautiful!

[email protected] on

who can blame you for staring?!? what artful work you now have breathing in your home! I love it, tina, and I love that you gave us some close up glimpses to appreciate it fully. still in paradise and may not return to the mainland. slow is very very nice here on the island! peace.

Karolyn on

Simply dreamy! Have a great weekend Tina!

classic ? casual ? home on

Don’t you just always want to come home through the front door? The chairs are such a perfect elegant complement. AND way to go, PHIL!

Sandy @ You May be wandering on

Wow! It is just stunning!! I loved the detail photos…you can see the artistry involved. Hope you are staying warm and enjoying your weekend, Tina! xoxo

Mrs. Shockley on

I was just asking my husband to let me put some wallpaper up very similar to that in my office. He is so against it! He is a painter and does not believe in wallpaper. What you have done is so gorgeous! I hope my husband will see the beauty in it and help me do it.

Bonnie on

Been waiting for this to happen. Just lovely. Did you use your new camera for these shots.

Beemie on

Superb…you have excellent taste and a lovely home.

Kathy Pelletier on

Tina, I didn’t think your foyer could be anymore splendid than it was, but you definitely have an eye for taking it to the next level. The mural is just beautiful -not too busy and looks wonderful in there . Also, the chairs are perfect. I love the fabric on the cushions-looks so great with the paper and the chairs. Now, I can’t wait until Christmas 2015 to see how you decorate in there !!

Sharon on

absolutely stunning !!!

Fashion-isha on

It’s really nice to see your house! I love that soft toile and the rounded walls! All I can say is I hope you have many lovely years walking into that foyer!


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