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Hi there, wasn’t planning on posting today but given that we are bracing for a major blizzard apparently one that could make it into the history books, I figured what the heck, especially if the cable lines go down, at least you will have a new post from me in the meantime:) So here we sit bracing for one major storm with predictions of up to 2 feet plus of snow!

So ironic given that just yesterday I was remarking on how we haven’t had much snow and I am still waiting for the “big one”. I guess be careful what you wish for:)

In honor of the deluge of white stuff heading our way, this post is all about white! I am a big fan but if you have been coming to my blog for any length of time, you know that. I have lots of white/cream throughout my home, my flowers are for the most part white and most of my bathrooms are white! And I would lose count if I had to figure out how many pieces of white clothing in my wardrobe!

Before I begin and speaking of white flowers, I? wanted to share a few pics of my newly styled mantle in the dining room-

IMG_0216 IMG_0217

Love the blue and white emperors which many of you have asked about, they just went on promotion as of Tues at 12pm click here for detailsIMG_0218

And here are the new jars I got in which I really like for the niches, they are very tall about 26″ and with the blossoms they stand a very grand 4 feet! IMG_0221 IMG_0222 IMG_0223

One more look at my foyer (before I changed the left jar to the new ones)IMG_0228


OK now to the white part of this post! I love white in the home as much as I do in my wardrobe. How about you? Take a look and if you are a skeptic this may just have you rethinking things:)

d915c2570deb90028918f88822213736Stunning bedroom from Thistlewood Farm

284987d0cfb0f79d3060d322c387d714Love white bracelets! Nordstrom

cda3c96750eaa72fb2a7be4a0e161953Stunner of a bathroom, Elements of Style

282785b9576d5fe5f449d5de82d1b724An all white kitchen is a classic that is here to stay, HomeBunch


White might be my most favorite color in clothing

4e2ddc24f73bd6c3132391072b47358aAnother white beauty from Classic Casual Home

4d571088e38e5a9576498c43c0d71e1eWhite at the table is always a great idea…Low Country Weddings

0b8b08e492f982d7669b87d9cb907951Love this foyer, the white beadboard is so fantastic! Pizitz Home and Cottage

0bfd3ab5a0373527c7fc184761367189Soooo gorgeous, adore everything about this, Monique Llulier

0b7f06f1db66f42b0c79e69fa2a20e95Love love love this, Restyle Home

7b115ba5fc717de77b23546ee7af0f1cCome to mama!

a9e8356fcbbf59d429a421fa54571be6A classically perfect white bathroom, Veranda

baby white nurseryA baby nursery is positively ethereal in white

4d8621f2e6b30f9b458fa1e0ab25970bDon’t need to tell you my feelings on white flowers, do I?

87a5e6d39a9021e237073feefc884907Something about soft colored woods and white that is so beautiful, Romantic Homes

8501c13e68a77d850182488a6aaec495A white washed building with a white sitting area outside…oh yes! Stefano Dorata Architecture

c64bc1aafa808264156910ad2e8c58fdAdore this, its like a fresh throwback….

473e212747b3b035cb7ad6ecee133ff0I have never met an all white living room I didn’t just love, The Decoist

98bd3f3ca320158bf0ca9a5ad198d64bMy own? home featuring white Staffordshire dogs and white flowers, love the combination

cf6138bb9f7aff7112a2e33b509b6e82Another stunning bath in white, Atlanta Homes


Love this gorgeous white watch, Hermes

f55dca844853b6c7b4dbde5626e1d4d0Adore Ralph Lauren’s take on white living…perfection!

11d7b199a5c9ab49d1d57767fdd0c3a5And an all white table has me dreaming, Mod Wedding


This post reconfirms why I love white so much….it is so beautiful always. How about you? Do you love it as much as I do?If you do and want more of a white fix, then click here to visit my “White Living” Pinterest board.

Are you in the blizzards path? If so hope you have a fully stocked kitchen and plenty of candles/flashlights! I feel fully prepared and just started my heavenly Beef Bourgignon that I will serve for dinner tonight, it’s kind of like the ultimate sophisticated comfort food! Click here for recipe,? I had shared it after returning from Paris. Besides that which I cannot wait to indulge in, I? stocked up on lots of things to nibble on:)

Always appreciate you stopping by, and hopefully I will be back in a day or two! If the massive storm is headed your way, stay safe, warm and cozy. Until next time……

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here (it’s a good one)!

PPS New promotion just added on some things you won’t want to miss including the blue and white emperors, click here for details.


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Sharon Chan on

Great post! I love it when you cull different things based on a theme. Thank you!


claire on

Stay warm!

Debbie Castillo on

I have that watch. But in burgundy band. Never thought about switching the band to white for the summer. Love it.

Corina on

Stay safe Tina! Love everything white and …blue. I love your every post and this one is no exception. Pinned almost all the pictures.

EmIly on

Tina stay safe can’t believe what they are saying about the storm! My parents live in Boston and were lucky enough to fly out yesterday to see us in Atlanta.

Love this post because I also love white and seeing how your great taste translates it- your mantle is to die for as is your foyer- wow!

Deanna on

I am beginning to see the?white! I am starting to fall in love with the color. That and cream. Gorgeous! I never thought I could do white, but if you have boys and a dog and surrounded yourself in white, it can be done!!
I am so inspired by this. I just may switch out all my furniture. Won’t hubby be happy? Seriously, I love your post. And I loved the one you did about the color combinations. Grey and camel? That was beautiful.
I hope your power stays on. Enjoy dinner and I’ll be watching the Weather Channel to see how much snow you’re getting. Have a wonderful snowy day?.

Lynne on


Just wanted to say that I made your recipe after you returned from Paris and it was fantastic. Best I have ever made.


All white is so elegant…then with a touch of blue. Just dreamy.
For the pending storm….. Get yourself a generator! Important when we lived in MA. Those Northeasters are bone rattling. Chicago gets it’s share, so experience tells me to say take care, stay home, gather your candles and batteries and down comforters, juice up your cellphones.

Karolyn on

OH Tina I just did a post on bead board and wow did you have a few stunner white rooms with bead board my friend! We just did my friends foyer stark white and it glows!! love all of these images.. enjoy a snow day and stay warm!
xo K

Karena on

Wondrous whites everywhere o your post Tina! Love it all! I am going to try your recipe for Beef Bourgignon!

New Feature Frederique Chemin

DaNA on

I thought for a long time I was the only lover of white. You can never have too much white in a wardrobe or house. There is nothing that is better than white with blue and white porcelain. Your blog feels like home to me! I have been out of step with my friends who fell into trendy home interiors. There is nothing more classic than your style! I simply love it, and am so grateful to you for sharing your ideas.

Stay safe and warm.

Alicia on

Love the white! The storm actually sounds fun! Stay safe….61 and sunny here in Colorado!

Rebecca Hively on

Great post Tina ~ thanks for sharing your recipe again. I thought I had downloaded it before but couldn’t find it when I wanted it so will try it this weekend! You are going to get more than us [Ohio] (white stuff!) from the way it sounds but we do have a generator after many years of losing our electric! Trust you have one too! Thank you for all of your many inspirational posts!

Madelyn on

I am dying to find the crystal prism candelabra like things in your picture in your house with the orchid and staffordshire dogs. What do you call them?

Anonymous on

Oh Tina, We share the love for all things white! Every picture in today’s post is exsquisite.

Elizabeth on

Tina, stay inside, be safe and enjoy a little down time with some nibbles, good food and a pile of books. You deserve a rest and what better time than while enjoying a winter wonderland.

I love white! I have a white kitchen and white baths. As for clothes, love white but with three pups I seem to be a magnet for little paw dirt. So I stick to white swathers, shirts, and sweaters.

Have a great week and thanks for sharing a beautiful post!

Jordana @whitecabaNa on

Hope that the snowstorm won’t be as severe as they’re predicting!
All the pictures on your post today are gorgeous! Can’t choose a favourite.

Lee on

What a beautiful post. I, like you adore white down to my automobile!! Stay safe and warm and enjoy your Beef Bourgignon, it will be delicious!!

Peggy Braswell on

great images + hope the snow isn’t tooo bad + stay warm.

Marilyn the nurse on

Love your white, have an all white marble bathroom and we love it. Blue and white looks just super with it. Thanks for sharing, look forward to your blogs every day. I have the 3 chinese men in color but just might have to buy them in blue and white also.
Up here in Ma., we are really going to get socked, so they tell us. A state of emergency with no one on the roads starts at midnight tonight. This one could be bad!!!
Thank you, stay warm and dry!!!!

LC on

Lovely post Tina. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

I hope you and yours stay safe and warm through the storm. Bundle up, build a fire, and stay cozy.

Joanne on

How fitting to do a post on whites while some wait for the predicted snowstorm. Lovely images!

Katherine on

You certainly know how to take the sting out of a major snow storm. Feeling cozy now.

Donna A. on

It takes an “Act of God” to slow Tina down! 😉 compliment intended.
On the subject of white…Loved the white Armani gown Reece Witherspoon wore to the SAG Awards last night. On the opposite end…Loved Emma Stone’s black Dior Couture.
p.s. So whimsical that your “fresh throwback” photo…girl in white…features a Charlotte’s Web clutch and Charlotte Olympia heels – cute!
p.s.s May the power (electric power) be with you!

Becky Overton on

Love, love, love this post! You are amazing!

Leslie @prettypetals on

Oh Tina…… everything is so beautiful, and that nursery! Goodness gracious. The baby occupying that space must sleep like a little lamb:) or such gorgeous bedrooms, living rooms, and powder rooms.. and of course your (home) pictures are always my favorite.

Stay warm! I hear it’s going to be dumping tons of snow. Hopefully you are hunkered down with lots of provisions:) xxL

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…the wallpaper in the entry is gorgeous! I mean gorgeous…that should of been a post all in its own…..Please let me know where you got it.

Vicki on

I never tire of seeing your house. Please while you are snowed in take more pictures of your house and post. You have exquisite taste in clothes and decorating!

pve on

Oh Tina,
The artist in me can never get enough white. White is the perfect blank canvas for the start of all things. Nothing like a blanket of white snow! As a little girl, I loved Cinderella’s white ermine fur stole.
Simply Seleta also adores white.


Love all of this white!! Stay safe Tina! My family lives in Long Island and I’m going to check to see how everything turned out! XOXO

[email protected] on

oh this is one great post Tina! I love white too, and have been adding color to my mostly white home. But I will always love it, in clothing and in decor, its elegant and easy on the eyes.

debby on

Hi Tina,

I hope you didn’t lose your power in NY. We are buried alive and I can only see the hood of my car, plus it’s still coming down.

Can I just say your home is the epitome of decor-porn. LOL So addictive for decor lovers and keeping us thirsty for more. Your wallpaper and mantel are to die for!!!!

Deb xo

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

White is definitely a favorite – I was painting white anemones the other day and noticed that white is not an absence of color, but a reflection of all colors. And I love wearing my softest white jeans even in the dead of winter – unless it’s a rainy, mud-puddley day. Gorgeous round up you have here. Reminds me of why I love white so much!

And the mantel. I truly do need you to come on over and give mine a refresh. Don’t think I’ve ever been this uninspired when it comes to that spot in the house!

Have a lovely rest of the week, Tina! XOXO

Anonymous on

Where can I find the wall paper from the foyer.

Alan on

Can u tell me what kind of wood is used on the walls? Actual Shiplap? Or just 1×6 pine? ..??

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