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This post which is meant to entertain, is dedicated to my mother who I love and adore but who thinks she is the “weather whisperer” and thrives on breaking weather news including daily calls to inform me of the weather in my neck of the woods for the next two weeks.? And to my eldest son and husband who are the ultimate weather skeptics (and are generally more right than wrong)….

Hi there, don’t mind me maybe I am just delirious from having a dose of cabin fever, or just ate too much of my beef bourguignon, or maybe both:) I simply couldn’t help myself with this post, lol. Promise after a good nights rest, (now that I know the world is not ending) I will be back with my pretty and inspiring posts:)

This is a departure from my usual posts but one I have always wanted to do. Yes,? it is about the weather and yes we did “brave” a big snow storm last night, and hey I am alive to talk about it (totally said tongue in cheek) though to hear it from the weather people you would have thought my odds of “making it” out alive were 50/50!

Which brings me to this silly,? fun and “I bet you will relate” post. The weather people. Yes those overly dramatic weather people. Getting worse with each storm if you ask me. In an age where every ounce of news from a slightly deflated football to a Kardashian sighting? is considered “breaking news” or a “developing breaking news story”. Seriously it has gotten downright comical. I always imagine that those in other countries must look at our media and just laugh themselves silly.

The weather people are not immune from this, they are by far possibly the worst offenders. In the last 48 hours I have heard words never heard before-?? “snowpocolypse”, “snowmageddon”,”historic worst storm ever”, “catastrophic storm” and I kid you not, even the word “blizzardmobile”!

I even caught the reporters from CNN driving down the desolate streets of NYC last night doing “investigative research”? in their blizzardmobile. Yes, the very streets that the “regular people” were banned from being on after 11, but the weather people are special and apparently invincible.

So, doubting that you need proof and am assuming many or maybe most of you are nodding your heads in agreement….let me just for fun,? offer a few demonstrations. All in the name of entertainment of course:)

You must take the time to watch these…they are truly hilarious!



This about the “arctic chill” that swept over California…


You must hear her rant and doomsday forecast



This forecaster sounds like he has lost a few marbles (or hailstones)

This guy is the epitome of waht I am talking about… is it he is getting blown all over the place yet all the regular pedestrians are strolling along as it if it’s a normal day…inquiring minds want to know:)

Overly dramatic much?


He leaves me speechless….


Think the snow plowers let him know what they think of dramatic weather reporters….

Jon Stewart is hilarious in this…



And a few images, consider this exhibit B. They certainly get an A+ for dramatics and really entertained me these last 48 hours…..think they practice these poses in front the mirror first?

35121343001_3937778546001_Dave-snow-thumb 697771000 Weather Channel Reporter vs. Thunder Snow of Chicago Blizzard 2011  1



And my final presentation is the hysterical reaction to the absurd CNN “blizzardmobile”( actually thought it was a joke when I first saw the blizzardmobile) and the truly entertaining twitter messages that followed…..this really sums it all up!

And some of the entertaining Twitter messages-

CNN’s Blizzardmobile. Or as regular people call it, a car.

No one has told Don Lemon that the storm has been downgraded. For all of our sake, someone text him.

Gotta be a strange feeling when you’re driving in your weird, dimly lit “Blizzard Mobile” and realize it’s only gonna be a foot of snow.

?????????????????????????? Is the Blizzardmobile an emergency vehicle, and if not, can Don Lemon be arrested for driving right now?


Hope I gave you an evening chuckle. I do not mean in any way to take away from the job that they do and do for the most part, very well.? Nor the seriousness of the weather, this is really all about the dramatics of the weather crew and dramatic they are indeed!

I think just coming off the heels of this 48 hour non stop barrage of “breaking news” weather reports, the constant calls from our local authorities with their automated “doomsday” messages,? then witnessing arguments over food and lost places in line at the local market…it was just too much. Yes it was a huge snow storm, and yes there were winds but no it wasn’t the end of the world. And guess what? We all made it:)

So would love hear to hear your say on the matter, do you agree it is overly dramatic? And I surely clump in the general news as well….I feel like there isn’t a story out there that isn’t breaking news these days. It has gotten to the point of ridiculousness.

Oh well, let me get off this tangent, I feel better already. Now excuse me while I go and help myself to my third helping of beef bourguignon of the day and admire the glistening snow out yonder……



Until next time!

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Regina on

From where I’m living, we call this “Tuesday”.

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

I actually feel sad/sorry that the news people MUST stand outside and report ad nausium about the perilous conditions, when in the background people are walking their Golden Retreivers in the snow. The BlizzardMobile is just the absolute TOP. We must say a thank-goodness that you guys missed the worst of the forecast. I think after so many weather-related disasters the “media” is almost required to go waaay over the top to protect the nay sayers. I am still laughing at this post.

Ann Marie on

Agree with all you said. Hysterical footage…lol

Although, up here in New England it was called a Nor’easter and was typical: the Cape gets slammed and it floods; the eastern part of NH and Mass get slammed with snow.. Boston actually got around 2 feet, give or take an inch.

But the hype…? Oh, yes, up here also.. My gosh, we’ve been through these so many times.. The anchors and meteorologists act as if it’s something THEY’VE discovered…and they’re panicking while the rest of us get bundled up, grab the snow shovels, snow blowers or wait for our plow guy to come..
go outside and tackle it.. Just another winter day in New England..

I can’t wait until tomorrow when the sun comes out and we finally get back to normal…lol..and this is “one for the record books” as they’re fond of saying..

Vikki on

Thoroughly enjoyed this post, and you are right on to point out the ridiculous over the top media.

Cindy Weis on

Hi Tina, thanks for the laugh, the entire time I watched the news yesterday, I had to chuckle, and think that storm is just a normal winter day here in Chicago. You are so right with 24 hour news feed, everything (including what Kris Kardasian wore to the Chanel fashion show) is breaking news. I guess filling up 24 hours of nothing is a challenge. So glad the storm wasn’t as bad as they thought, but shutting down a city like New York was a major miss. Anyway, I think I need to find a job where you never need to be right, I think I might turn my career into a weather caster!

JeanneW on

We get the same cataclysmic news headliners but since we’re in Southern California, we get them for RAIN!!! Oh the horror!

Caroky on

Soooo funny and well said Tina. It has gotten ridiculous and even a minor rain storm is overly dramatized. It makes me not take them seriously. These videos were hilarious. I am still getting over the silly ring of the blizzardmobile!

bonnie on


Susie H on

Tina, I’m in agreement with everything you said. The weather people (meteorologists) are driving me crazy! Apparently their super duper double triple awesome radar systems aren’t worth much. The second video shows a reporter in West Chester, PA. Well, that’s where I am and instead of 12 inches, we got maybe 1 inch, and no one I know lost power. I would truly love to hear, “We goofed.” Instead we hear lots of rationalizations! I do love Jimmy Kimmel’s coverage of weather forecasts. Their forecasters also panic when there is wind or rain. All that said, tomorrow I’m getting a whole house generator installed.

Anonymous on

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s the end of the day here, and I really needed a good laugh.

kathleen on

Thanks for the giggles !! I’m in Malvern, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. We were warned to be prepared for an “epic” snowstorm. I was prepared and days before the last minute crazy shopping I stocked up on the ingredients for boeuf bourgion as well. I’m heating up the leftovers right now. We got about four inches of snow ! However, our golden retriever Madison has LOVED making snow angels and jumping to retrieve shovelfuls of snow in the driveway. LOL

Joanne on

You are so absolutely right!
Hilarious is an understatement. Where I live in the south schools are closed if there is even a possibility of snow or ice and of course the stores are sold out. This is beside the fact that we haven’t had more than 1/2 ” in years!

Well done!

Barbara Novello on

I laughed so hard at your posting! We have been laughing at how dramatic the weather team is and ALMOST SAD that it wasn’t a catastrophic horrible event! The way they show the inches of the snow and the ‘white out’ which it is not – horrible!! But we were laughing anyway. Not at the poor people trapped on Nantucket etc but the drama of the weather people!

Thanks for this post – so it just isn’t us that lived through years of snow up to our ears but now live in LA – other people see the craziness too! LOL


Vienette on

LOL loved your post…in Minnesota we’d just call it another Tuesday in paradise!

pretty pink tulips on

Oh my gosh, I am giggling out loud! I feel like I’ve just come off the longest 24 hours. It started off well?.a mad dash to Whole Foods, where everyone I saw told me how glad I was that I hadn’t been there Sunday night when all they had was?celery. Quick workout and then back to pick up by boys at 11:30am. The afternoon was lovely. We got ready for Snowmaggedon. My husband came home early from work, we made a lovely dinner, even had wine on Monday (b/c it felt like a weekend) and prepared to wake up to the sound of our generator. At 7am, I realized there was no storm and then couldn’t understand why the Today Show wasn’t on since there was clearly no issues. My sons preceded to go sledding, one wanted to see if the pond in our neighborhood was frozen and came home covered in some black gunk that wasn’t exactly mud. Let’s just say?.mama needs a break. Thank goodness we have power! πŸ™‚

xoxo Elizabeth

Anna on

For all the ‘science’ and need to fill real newscasts with this barrage of weather forecasts of Armageddon – to all those of us who remember the old commercial “you can’t fool Mother Nature”…………once again, she flexes her muscles and makes real men cry πŸ™‚

Eileen on

I loved your coverage of these weather casters going hysterical and giddy and crazy as loons!! You have the right idea… Eat good food, stay cozy and enjoy the snow!

Carol M on

So funny, and I totally agree. I refer to weather people as “Chicken Littles”. Before the storm started one reporter was standing by the road and said that cars were getting by “okay” — and there wasn’t even a speck of snow yet. They have been wrong on the last 4 storms. They’re bound to get it right eventually and then we’ll hear them bragging about how they called that one!

stargirl on

these theatrics are about two things: 1) ratings—the more outrageous their performance, the more viewers they will have. 2) agenda— by hyping every weather event previously considered normal as apocalyptic, the media helps push the notion that it is due to global warming AKA climate change.
since no one remembers the horrible snowstorms, floods, tornadoes, etc that occurred before they were born, they may be duped into believing that extreme weather is something new.
however, many people are weary of apocalyptic predictions and no longer pay attention to them. so when a truly dangerous weather pattern bears down on them, they may yawn and end up being harmed.
that will be the legacy of our irresponsible media.

Southern girl on

Great post! Thanks for the laughs.

Katherine on

What a drama closing off the streets before a single snow plow was brought out. I’m certain that the people in Atlantic Canada are shaking their heads at the blizzardmobile. Snowmobile anyone?!

great video clips Tina.

Monica on

Very funny! Here in Atlanta we constantly are threatened with the dreaded “wintry mix”! Which I am not sure is a official weather term but consists of rain,sleet, cold,maybe freezing. Originally from Chicago I find the weather people a bit over the top and hysterical about any change at all! Rain, oh my! Pollen alert! Honestly it’s so silly.

Sandy @ You May be wandering on…I am literally on the floor laughing!!! This is absolutely hilarious! I can’t help but get drawn in by the hype and always worry too much. I am just happy we have power!! I guess our boys bore the brunt of it…they are probably having Snow-mageddon parties at school right now! Stay warm, Tina! xoxo

Marianna on

Oh my goodness Tina!!!! You had me in stitches!
I live in Canada and here we call it January!!

AngelA hawley on

Laughing out loud with you-not at you!!!! My husband was suppose to be in NYC yesterday and today for a hearing and the federal courts were closed-really?? That’s never happened in any state in almost 30 years of marriage. Anyway, I’m glad the worst is behind you and if you were here in Austin, TX I would take you out for mornimg coffee on the lake-83 degrees tomorrow!!

Deanna on

Love this! I’m from Syracuse and lived in Milwaukee for 21 teeth chattering years?.but loved it there. So I always enjoy watching the Californians deal with mildly cool weather. Too cute. The weather is super hyped it’s ridiculous. You would think the end is coming.
Loved the laughs. Thanks!

Peggy Thal on

Tina, I agree with you and love the crazy weather clips. The weather people just drive me nuts with their scary forecasts. Even here in the south we had school closings and continued weather reports for a few days before the big snow storm. All we ended up with was a dusting of snow on the grass. Stay warm and I hope that you have all your roads cleared.

pve on

I am happy to laugh rather than cry about not having power or having to shovel out some 7 foot drift of snow. We live on a hill and our drive is so much fun to shovel (lol)
I think I need some of what your having….a good helping of laughter.
It does lighten some of the seriousness of what was forecasted…..although I know some areas really did get a lot of snow and more.
Hope all are snug and safe including those weather forecasters.

Jennifer on

Too funny! Yes, it gets kind of crazy, but fr some reason I like all of the drama. My Dad is always calling me to tell me what the weather is going to be. I’ve come to rely on him and my husband so much that it almost got me in trouble during my youngest’s 1st birthday when it rained and I was the last to know it was in the forecast. I figured SOMEBODY would tell me as I’m setting up the tables outside. Nope. No one mentioned it.

Esther george on

Hi Tina, I needed a good laugh this afternoon. You might think I’m crazy but I think the media have lost the plot. I don’t get most of the above shows, you have to have pay TV, but we do watch NBC Today I find the presenters to be quite pleasant. Now our lot they will be announcing the 4.30 pm news when they cut across this drama only to tell you what’s on the news at 6.00 pm which is the same drama they were just going on about go figure. Anyway on a serious note I’m glad you are all fine. I have cousins living in NY. Thank you for a great blog. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney. PS must say your city looked beautiful in the snow, would have been nice to see how Central Park would have looked this morning. Stay Warm.

Rebecca Hively on

SO AGREE! That’s why I don’t watch TV except for PBS which offers education and entertaining movies!

Lauren@SimplyLKJ on

Thanks for the chuckle. Don’t even MENTION the word snow here in Atlanta!! LOL Hubby is from Michigan and I Long Island…we’ve SEEN snow.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Tina, I am laughing out loud. Seriously, you would have thought that the Zombie Snowmen were going to follow the snow the way the news has been covering the storm. Even my New England relatives who got a lot of it were kind of like “meh” – it’s snow, we’ll shovel it and move on. (Only the poor folks on Nantucket looked like the zombies might actually be coming for them. Couldn’t believe that flooded downtown and no help until today.) And the Blizzard Mobile is just too much. Thank goodness for John Stewart! The news media has a serious case of crying wolf and one of these days we aren’t going to believe them and something truly horrible will happen, I fear.

Anyway, glad you are safe, warm and not being chased by a zombie Frosty.

Stay cozy! XOXO

Karolyn on

Oh please two days of school closings for what? Snowmagedon?? The drama made people close businesses and lose money too. Its so funny to see the antics of the weather people but I am glad it wasn’t as they predicted by me! Stay warm and toasty my friend!

Marsha on

Thinking of extending an invite to the broadcasters to spend some time in northern New England! Mother Nature will work wonders on them. Our 27″ of snow is considered a ” good snow” up here!
Great post!

Fran on

In my opinion, most of what passes for ‘news’ these days — weather reports included — is over the top and outlandish.

debby on

Ha ha ha!! I think our Mom’s are related – they are sooo much alike. My Mom sits in and watches the weather then freaks me out that my little car won’t make it. I did not even turn on the t.v. yesterday because I get so sick of it. A lot of time they build it up and make us frantic for no reason, (although we did get 32″ here). Luckily, the State House has been closed for the past 2 days so I can nurse my migraine. Thanks for the chuckle.
Deb xo

Sherry on

I am blown away by the Newscaster that was cussing every other breath and they didn’t even bleep him out they just let him go. lol

kathy chandler on

YES,YES,YES!! I agree completely. My mother used to be known as “Mimi the Weather Lady” because she had to report to me every forecast of rain, heat, tornado warnings ( I’m in Texas) and believed every weatherman on the news! She was beside herself about my two girls in New York every time it has snowed since they have been living there and doesn’t know how they will get food! It sounds like your mother is the same. Oh, it’s going to 80 here today ~ how strange!

Karena on

Too funny and I agree, even here in Kansas City where the snow teams are usually ready to clear the streets right away when a storm hits, the weather people just take over the networks!!

French Artist Frederique Chemin

Elizabeth on

Tina this made me laugh out loud. My mother is the same way, especially during hurricane season.

Honestly, in this day and age with all of the technological progress we have made weather prediction is just that…predicting. Frankly most days you could do a better job than the weather people.

Everything is so dramatic now to fill up the 24 hours a day of news or lack there of.

I hope that you have a wonderful day! Thank you for the laugh

LOri on

This is too funny, and so true!! I have always felt badly for “newscasters” who have to brave the elements to report on the “news” because if they don’t, they would probably lose their jobs. That said, our meteorologists get excited over stuff like tornadoes. That is not to say they don’t overdramatize ice storms, snow, and extended cold weather, but springtime in OK is generally where it is at for meterologists wanting to moonlight as B-rated actor. The National Weather Service is in Norman, OK, so our meterologists do pretty well with the exception of Mike Morgan whom I swear coordinates his ties with how bad the weather is forcasted to be (a red sparkly tie means it is going hit the fan). He is also the one who told everyone…at rush hour… to ‘LEAVE YOUR HOMES IF YOU ARE IN THE PATH OF THIS STORM’…an F4 tornado. Not a smart man! That particular storm actually killed a meterologist and his meterologist son whom were both experience stormchasers whom were tracking that particular tornado. So sad. I am ver glad to hear you guys did not get what those further up the coast got, and here is to spring!

Lynne on

Hi Tina, Its the same with the weather bureau and forecasters in Australia.
Its the middle of summer here and we were supposed to have a heat wave of massive proportions. Its 25 Celsius and very pleasant. El Ni?o was going to parch everything etc. My paddocks are still green. We were then going to have our usual rainfall for the year in big storms, all at once and floods. Didn’t eventuate. I don’t listen anymore!
Love your blog, I look forward to reading about all your decorating ideas.

Katie Clooney on

Tooooo funny! I loved watching every one of the videos. I love how all of the weather people take themselves so seriously doing crazy things. Thanks for the laugh. Well done, dear friend! Stay warm!


We get the same weather reports when hurricanes threaten to hit us here in Miami! Why the newscasters go out in that weather is beyond me, we’re all thinking… why in the h*** is that guy out there. LOL!

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