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Hello there from the frozen tundra. Yes we survived “snowmageddon” thanks to the trusty work of CNN’S blizzardmobile, lol. If you missed my post on what I really think about the weather reporters, you must click here to visit my last post.

For some reason I have always loved and been inspired by beautiful mountain/lodge homes, farms, horses in “big sky” states like? Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Colorado. And the older I get the more I can imagine one day owning a beautiful home/farm in one of those naturally beautiful states or at least having that lifestyle somewhere.

Now being my husband loves any excuse to channel his inner cowboy and that we both LOVE horses…….think it’s safe to say we could have an awful lot of fun! I absolutely love the warmth of the interiors, the rich rustic woods and beautiful colors with the vistas outside of every window being that of a postcard. What’s not to love? I imagine getting our eventual extended family together, our sons with their future wives and children…..what fun!

So today this post is dedicated to that dream and for anyone else who has been captivated by that lifestyle or for anyone who just loves to see beautiful interiors. This ones for you……




c359cc07d9fc5851fa4901bdbd8734e6Now this living room I could get used to…imagine being inside with a roaring fire while a huge snowstorm brews outside, so cozy!

5 Proof that elegance and rustic can be done to perfection, Toad Hall

ce86a871d85e19d21d58077bf851a3a2How about this for a powder room…oh yes! Mary Bidets, Locati Architects

ea6f1d87d40c1f43f34e3cb0551b854d??????????????????????????????????? I would love to have a room like this, even? my “big boys” I think would fight over who gets top bunk:) And that includes my husband (OK and me)

6bab377126e5d6e135ca6bba6d7143ebIsn’t this staircase? wonderful, a real work of art.? Locati Builders

13f83e22fb04df14949412c87f52b42eThis might be a guest room, love the paler wood, pretty, don’t you think?


I imagine my husband ala the resident cowboy might want to set up a cozy beautiful bar just like this one…

aabfafa677f516b16e2137e79e5be5e6It would be heavenly to have an outside covered area like this, imagine it during a snowstorm and with a cup of hot chocolate and a roaring fire, Locati

undfanamedHave had this picture in my online treasure trove of pictures for a long time, soooo love this dining room!


?Proof that I can bring my beloved blue and white to my future lodge home:)

9fc08e224cab97e8dae299e491293af8This is pretty fabulous! HGTV

fb9a01f12b9267ec15c308951c8e8221How incredible is this wine cellar? Yes please. Simmons Building

c1cc9c7b01e2d375c05e9796747e27eaThis front entrance just invites you in…..(maybe without the tiger on second thought)

3d17e78fc1795e78d3442345c327a7a8Evening drinks would be enjoyed on this side porch with it’s outdoor fireplace

rustic-kitchen-suzanne-kasler-interiors-tennessee-200906_1000-watermarkedThis would be my inspiration for my kitchen in my dream mountain home, AD

e34f18ad4eb84efe906a60540ef451caA home of this type calls for a lot of rustic woods in the kitchen and of course a big picture window

171ad1f0b933e12cc26ca8dbc94a7fc1If I could have a porch like this, I swear this is where I would spend all of my time….afternoon coffee, late afternoon cocktails, dinner for two?

53d86b9f2f7c8bf3e7b88359630771b6Now this is what I call a mudroom! Gorgeous and one Ralph Lauren himself would approve of

b5e92aa1eb7640422cb6ffed6c50fd0fWouldn’t call this exactly roughing it……

e24e1f83dd272f6447af89e5b26b7170Wouldn’t a bar like this cozy set up be amazing

8c094c63b75f18ea88186b96d694b671Could this get any cozier?

0569779d7157319f8cb963f251c2b05bOr this bunk room would do just fine, Canadian Log Homes

4d59ae843d21d5abbed439cbfc54a7c6This might just be my bedroom, the wood timber bed is fabulous! Circa

Toad-Hall-great-roomHave always loved this room, it is so incredibly cozy but oozes elegance, Suzanne Kasler


So….what do you think? Does this have you dreaming of your own wild west abode? I think this proves that you certainly do not by any means have to sacrifice elegance or sophistication for this particular style home, the two go hand in hand quite beautifully. And the richness of the woods, colors and textures is so appealing, warm and inviting.

If you want to see even more of these types of homes/interiors, I have devoted an entire Pinterest board to it, click here to see.

Hey… never know if there might not be an enchanted mountain home in my future:)? Would love to hear what you think about this style home. Wishing everyone a wonderful (and hopefully warm) day! Until next time….


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pve on

I had to join my husband on the slopes and have become quite the skier. I love everything that goes along with the sport and of course all of your images are perfect for anyone suffering from “cabin fever!” I love all the rooms with bunk beds for big slumber parties and of course rooms that are open and inviting for apres ski and family meals.
How do you keep all your images? I could use a lesson from you!

Sandra bloomer on

Deer Valley Utah save a place for me!

Sophie on

Bonjour Tina,
Tres beaux int?rieurs qui nous donnent l’envie de vite aller nous r?fugier dans la chaleur de ces belles demeures.
En France, Meg?ve regorge de ces splendides chalets ; c’est un magnifique village de montagne, avec ses clochers en pierres, ses cal?ches, que je retrouve r?guli?rement avec un immense plaisir.
Belle journee ? vous !
Bisous de Paris

Karena on

Tina I have loved visiting friends at Lake Tahoe and seeing how their homes reflect this taste so beautifully. Adding in pieces like the elegant sideboard tone down the cowboy versions as well! Beautiful!

French Artist Frederique Chemin

franki on

That first photo of “the bar”…Whoa!! We built our log cabin (ourselves) from “scratch” (cutting down the trees, clearing the brush, etc.) It’s a “lifestyle.” Good luck with yours!! franki

Sandy on

Wow! You had me at hello! Love these images. And funny thing, when I scrolled down to the mud room, I said out loud “Now that’s a mud room!” And then I read what you had to say! I could move right in to each of these rooms. Love each and every one! Thanks for the lovely respite this morning.

carolyn on

Beautiful post Tina. My in laws owned the most beautiful home in Jackson Hole for about 30 years, pari that with her superb taste and you can imainge how beautiful it was. Chrsitmas there was right out of a fairytale.

They have since sold the family home and moved full time to Jupiter,Florida so they can golf all day. They offered the house to their two sons but it logistically did not work out, sadly given how far we live from there and how little we would be able to use it.

Seeing this post brings me back to the time spent there and all the great memories we created in that beautiful home. Hope you get your mountain home one day, I can only imagine how beautiful you will decorate it!

Deanna on

We built our cabin two years ago and it was so fun. We would look at all the choices out there?.and the ones you posted made me swoon?and then pick a look we could enjoy. I hope you get your horses and cabin. It will be so much fun seeing it all come together.
Thanks as always for the beautiful images.
Stay warm!

splendid market on

Wonderful, I love all natural elegance. I’d be happy just staying in that first powder room with the bark wallpaper, or in either of those outdoor living spaces. Good job surviving SNOMAGGEDEN!!

Jinny on

Dear Tina, I enjoyed reading your latest post,as I do all of them.I, too am a lover of beautiful houses and furnishings. Several years ago, a dear friend of mine gave me the gift of Henry Van Dykes incredible, small book, “THE MANSION”. After receiving the book, I made myself a cup of tea and settled down into my favorite chair by the fire in my library An hour later, after finishing the book,I got up out of my chair a different person than when I sat down.Please read “THE MANSION”…….you will be amazed!!!!!,

Vera murphy on

Since I live in beautiful Colorado I can relate to these fabulous vignettes, and these capture the mood and tastes of the majestic area we live in. I love the “mixing” of interiors and have dreamt of doing the same even though I live in a small community in the foothills.

Christen on

What a warm lovely kitchen in the AD image. The stove is stunning.
Beauty to you

Carole @ Rustic Artistry on

These are right up my ally! I have thousands like this on my pinterest boards at, as my online business is selling handcrafted rustic chic furniture and decor. I already have a bunch of these photos pinned but you found a lot of new ones that I’ll be adding as well. Also am now following your board. Thanks for this excellent post!

Katie Clooney on

Tina… tell your Mister to buy you a lodge “for the sake of the blog” so we can all watch you do your magic again! Great photos but I bet yours would be prettier! Have a great weekend.

Maria Elena Lima on

I loved all the photos but I could totally get comfortable in the last room by Suzanne K. The furniture was so inviting. It’s nice to “dream” thank you.

nancy galyan on

I have 60 acres of pristine land in a gated community in Big Sky,Montana that is FOR SALE πŸ™‚

Elizabeth on

I absolutely could see myself living in a house like these! I love the great outdoors! The porch with the fireplace would have to be a must! How wonderful that spar would be in any weather!

I hope that you have a great night Tina!

Katherine on

These are beautiful rooms – love the kitchen and the guest room. The real deal is having the rustic log home in a natural setting with a pretty vista and the quiet of the land around you.

South Shore Decorating Blog on

We have family in Vail and all of the nicest houses look just like this. I love it, and love visiting the area πŸ™‚

Leslie @prettypetals on

Lol!! I am still laughing at Katie’s comment!! That is something I say to my husband every now and then .. I need that for the blog;)

Gorgeous Tina and I can’t wait to pin a few. I definitely can go rustic and I too am a horse lover and did a bit of riding back in the day. The last time I went riding was a couple years ago is Costa Rica and when we got to the open beach, my horse took off. My arms were so for days from trying to hold on! It’s just such a huge commitment to have horses .. not to mention the race car-like expense that they are.

We have family in Montana and I’ve seen homes that are similar to these. It’s well-suited for the rustic environment and I do love it.

Hope you are staying warm:)

Cindy Weis on

just beautiful, I had to smile when I saw the lovely rustic home with the blue and white, it goes to show you, style can take place anywhere. Keep warm, I hear another storm is brewing.

pretty pink tulips on

These Western inspired interiors are WILD-ly fantastic!!! Cowgirls fantasy, for sure. As my father-in-law is a real life gentleman cowboy and lives part time on a working cattle ranch, I get to indulge my cowgirl fantasies to a degree. He’s added an incredible bar/entertaining space on the top floor of his big white barn and is undertaking a major kitchen/entertaining space renovation as I write. I’m not sure I could live out there full time, but with designs like this, I might just be able to make the leap someday!!!!

Enjoy the snow?.it just keeps coming!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Tina! I think before you choose a location for your mountain home you have to visit Sun Valley… A cozy lodge there is a twinkle in my eye, and you’ve given me plenty of inspiration for how to decorate. Blue and white? You bet! I’d be happy to meet you there and show you around πŸ™‚ – maybe it’s a stop on your way back east from Seattle?

Of course, if I had your lovely home, I don’t think I’d ever want to leave – heck, I’d never want to leave the foyer… πŸ™‚

Hope you have a super-fun weekend. I’m sure your little gathering will be amazing. XOXO

classic?casual?home on


Winepine on

Love the Simmons Building wine cellar! The only addition I would make to that area are wooden wine crates to the shelving. They give a bright accent that complements wine cellar hardwoods well.

If your looking for original wine crates or boxes for your own wine room or cellar visit Winepine.

Jane on

Tina! Love your “style”…
Have been planning my SOMEDAY
Cabin for 10 years now…. Buying and storing treasures from Roundtop Tx to Camden SC and all points in between. I have the perfect property for YOUR future cabin… 88 acres between Ridgway & Telluride CO. !!! We currently are in our last Dream Project on St John USVI. Dreams do come true… Never give up!

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