Month: January 2015

Color crush- Camel and gray

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Hello there, have a nice weekend? Ours was so relaxing…..really needed a weekend like that! I, despite having a home that has lots of blue and white/cream,? do love color, even if some of the colors I love never make their way into my home, chances are they are in my wardrobe:) I am going […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Well hello! Hope you are having a nice weekend, here it’s been low key and so relaxing. Lots of “house biz” this past week which I am super excited about.? May head into the city for a late lunch to meet our older sons (both now living there) but I look outside at this cold […]

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Blue and white collecting 101 and a giveaway!

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Hello to all my fellow blue and white lovers and that includes “aspiring” members of the blue and white club:) What’s not to love, I mean come on people, blue and white is gorgeous! I have always loved it but it’s now a near obsession and anyone who knows me will attest to that. I […]

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