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Hello…hope your weekend is going well. They are calling for more snow tomorrow, but it will be more of a wintry icy mix. This is crazy, and has me longing for spring unlike ever before. Unfortunately my Boston friends will be the ones, once again to bear the brunt of this storm. But, hey the Patriots won so you can’t complain:)

We have had a busy but fun weekend,? seeing friends, a dinner party and today we are headed? later on into the city to meet our two older sons for an early dinner. But first I am starting “phase one” of my closet cleaning project. Major organization needed in there, and I figured doing it one step at a time makes the task not so daunting.? Here are my seven top picks for this week…..



1. A BEAUTIFUL POEM. On Friday I went to funeral of a friend and person in my community who was only 51 years old and who passed away from a rare form of cancer. A true ball of fire and someone who just lit up every room she walked into.

Seeing the immense pain and sadness on her families face, was heart wrenching and a sad and very powerful reminder of how precious life can be. Both the priest and her sister spoke really poignant words but it was this poem? which I have heard before, that really touched me and I wanted to share it…

We little knew the day
God was going to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn?t go alone.
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home.

You left peaceful memories.
Your love is still our guide,
And though we cannot see you
You are always at our side.

Our family chain is broken
and nothing seems the same,
but as God calls us one by one
the chain will link again.


2. E DESIGN. A quick and pretty first step in a makeover. I am working with four amazing e design customers right now and having a blast. For this first customer we are working on her foyer/living room. She wanted to add something to the foyer and I told her she needed height and adding something as simple as a few stacks of coffee table books with a large centerpiece can be a game changer.

She took my advice, and loving blue and white ordered one of the jars made for Ralph Lauren and the blossoms from my shop. Amazing how it transformed the space so quickly. Now we are onto her living room……

BEFORE- unnfaamed


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3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always love to share what’s caught my eye on Instagram. Once I get started I have a hard time stopping, there is a lot of wonderful inspiration and beauty to be found, here are this weeks tops for me-

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4. GREEN ONYX.? I am kind of obsessed with this stone right now, looks a lot like an emerald but with a price tag that is a mere fraction of what emeralds cost. Really stunning. What do you think?

c4e723b3cd56b5b3adeea87dff644dd5 75ef89fc0ac91e7601c18948b6acd4e9 66cc8a0e34c70acead7ed2494f71966f green-onyx-and-white-sapphire-earrings_1385222513_1 Green-Onyx-Drop-Earrings-1x1


5. MY NEW MONOGRAMS. So excited over the line, as of yesterday, they are now online! Busy fulfilling orders, here are some of the monograms that are in process, it all starts with a computer generated sample of the monogram to be sewed onto the napkins, you might see yours there if you placed an order!? Too many pretty monograms to name a fave. Click here to see them online.


unna44med 2unnamed unnamed


6.A FUN PROJECT. One of? the many perks as I always talk about with blogging and doing e design is the amazing connections/friendships I make with so many. One of my e design clients is planning a bridal shower for her daughter in the spring. She fell in love with a place setting I had done for someones birthday and asked for my help in recreating something similar for the shower.

She purchased 50 of the Newport blue and white plates and is going to have monogrammed napkins made for the occasion. She loved the “moss purse arrangement” idea and I had such fun putting together the different possibles! How to choose…..she is torn between two. Feel free to weigh in if you have a strong preference for one of these…..



A close up of the moss handbags filled with flowers…the perfect favor for a shower!9787unnamed mnnunnamed unnamadsasaed unnamedfaaa3 aeeunnamed uadaannamed unnbbcamed


And a recap of the six contenders…..



7. A FEW NEW BLOGS. I wish I had more time to discover new blogs, if anything I am finding I have less time than ever to even visit the “regulars” but I do try and find early mornings to be the best time. Discovered a few new blogs (to me) that you might enjoy.

The first is a reader who is raising her family in a quaint French village (they are both English). She is? new to blogging and has started Our French Oasis, she would be so happy to hear from you if you would like to stop by to say hello and welcome her, click here to visit. Loved her post on visiting a brocante fair.

The second one Sandy told me about, Collage of Life is about an expat who is restoring a farm in New Hampshire but currently resides in Vietnam! I am so fascinated by her project as I could see my husband and I tackling a project like that one day….maybe. Click here if you want to visit Collage of Life.

Any new blogs you have discovered and want to share? Tell us? about it!


So that my friends is whats on my agenda this week, I am sorry to have started it with the grim news of a funeral however the words of the poem were so beautiful and really struck a chord with me, that I wanted to share it with anyone who may not have heard it.

Hope your weekend is going well….and that it’s warmer wherever you may be than it is here! Winter is for the birds and I am so over it. Anyway, thank you for stopping by. Be sure to come by tomorrow, I will be offering a wonderful Valentines Day giveaway! Until next time…..

Also a reminder that today is the last full day (ends tomorrow at 12pm)? for my gorgeous porcelain promo! Click here to visit..….

FZ unnF3amed


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Katie Clooney on

Tina.. I have tears in my eyes after reading that beautiful poem. So sad when someone so young and vibrant goes too soon. Love your instagram photos every week. I have even found a few good blogs through it. Speaking of blogs, will definitely pop over to the ones that you mentioned. Love all your tablesettings. Homegoods had a couple of moss purses like the one that you have shown. Now that I see your magic, I wanna run there now but unfortunately the snow is keeping me home. Stay warm and enjoy your dinner with your boys.

Laura T WIlson on

I am sorry about your friend. It seems like God calls the best people home first, doesn’t it?
I like the top two place settings on your re-cap.
Have a great Sunday!!!

Karena on

Tina I am so so sorry about the loss of your friend and that poem, oh my. It is a reminder to us to cherish each other and every single day.

Thank you for the beauty you always bring us as a special friend!

The Arts by Karena New Feature

Liz on

What a beautiful poem! Iam very sorry though for that loss, always hard to say goodbye.
The placesettings are wonderful! I love the cream and pink most but there’s not a wrong pick there.
Your customers newly done table is beautiful with the big spray of blossoms, its giving me a great idea for my own foyer table. Have a nice Sunday.

kim Peterson on

I love waking up Sunday mornings to your lovely seven on Sunday posts!! And I would pick the blue or pink place setting!!

Laurie on

Hi Tina,
I want you to know that I look forword to reading Seven on Sunday! The Instagram pics are the best! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing the poem. I have someone in mind who will get great solace from this. I’m sorry for your loss…..


JoaNne on


I absolutely love your monograms and have several sets I would like to order as gifts for clients as they move into their new homes. Your color group of threads is lacking a coral. Is there any chance you might include that color in the near future?


Cindy Weis on

Hi Tina, I am sorry to hear about your friend, may her family and friends be comforted in their loving memories.

I am so impressed you are cleaning out your closet, I soooooo need to do that. I heard that the east coast may be hit by snow, hope it misses you. have a super Sunday.

Sarah on

Loved this – especially the poem. I plan to try and steal the foyer look this week and can’t wait to order my flowers from you.
Your Seven on Sunday, the Sunday crossword, and Downton Abbey make my Sundays pretty close to perfection!!! ( :
Thanks for all of your inspiration.

audrey loew on

Hi Tina,
I have recently discovered your blog and I am addicted to it and all of your beautiful pictures on Pinterest. I also have a French style home with the front courtyard. I even have the same black wrought furniture on the rear patio. It is amazing how similar our tastes are. I grew up on Long Island but my home now is in Greenville, DE. I ordered the monogrammed napkins, my initials were the first example on your blog. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful ideas, you are such a great inspiration to all of us. I am so sorry for you loss, the poem was beautiful.

Kathryn on

Another blog I check in with every day, besides yours, is My French Country Home. I think you would enjoy it.

Lea on

Goodmorning Tina! You’re first on my day and I loved your instagrams! I was wondering if you could tell me, on the TheadoraHome Instagram, where I might find the wallpaper and matching fabric used in the bedroom with the twin beds with canopies. My vote for the monogram is the pale pink napkin.

Stay warm!

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

Sad to learn of your friend’s death. Such a lovely poem.
So much pretty here, as always.
Have a great week.

Katherine on

The poem will hopefully continue to bring comfort in the days ahead.

I like the combination for the bridal shower in image two. The floral pictured and colour of the napkin bring out the pattern in the dishes. Soft and romantic – exactly what you would expect at a bridal shower.

Linda miller on

Thanks for your e update. Love the difference in your clients foyer and would like to know how many stems are in the container. Would love to do the same in my diningroom.

Place settings for the shower would depend on the brides wedding colors.

AMy on

Hi Tina I have come to look so forward to your seven on Sunday posts- how sad about your friend and what a beautiful poem I’ll have to keep that
I love the arrangement in your clients house- is that Jar on your shop and how many stems were used?
Love the bridal shower setting/ the cream or pink gets my vote.
Got in my order from you on Friday and I have to say everything was even prettier in person!

Michelle Clark on

I’m astounded that the books and the flowers made such an amazing difference. MC


Even sharing your heartache makes you “real” to your readers. We all get challenged with this sadness. Most of us share your sadness and pain.
Thank you.

Leslie a. on

I absolutely love the table settings that you have created you could be a very successful party planner! I love the pink or blue/

I can’t believe the before and after with your client such a simple change and get it makes such a huge difference.

That poem brought tears to my eyes really beautiful. Enjoy your day off with your boys.

Shery G. on

Wow, the after picture is so beautiful. I love the height with the stems. So simple, but very beautiful.

Karolyn on

That Poem was so heartfelt and made me teary, too young too soon.

RUTH gonzalez on

My condolences. TINA. At the ripe young age of 77, I have unfortunately experienced the death of many friends and family. It is never easy no matter the age or circumstance.
I really enjoy your postings….As to the table settings. I am attracted to the top two.
Btw, all would be vastly more beautiful if the silver was polished. 😉 .

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Oh Tina…that poem has me in tears…I can’t imagine such a heartbreak for her friends and family. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday with your boys. Hugs to you, my dear!

Judy on

So beautiful in South Carolina today. 70 degrees. I worked in my secret garden today. Enjoy your blog very much.

classic ? casual ? home on

BEAUTIFUL. Packed Post!!! How sweet are those moss purses? And I love what you did for your client’s round table.

Pam on

It’s so difficult to lose a sweet friend. The poem was so fitting for a time like this. My sympathy goes out to her family and friends.

I look forward to your Seven on Sunday each weekend. My husband ran a marathon today. We were hopeful we would not be dealing with snow, sleet or rain. Instead it was 69* and almost too warm for the runners. Gorgeous weather for those of us cheering for them. Hope your good weather is coming soon.

The bridal shower table settings will be beautiful no matter which ones chosen. I love the blue and white on the left side of the second row the most. The monogram is beautiful.

Your clients entry hall table is striking. Beautiful change from what was there prior to your touches. Love what you do!!!

Have a wonderful week, Pam

pretty pink tulips on

Sounds like you are busy and having fun!! We had a fairly mellow weekend, but lots of kids’ activities. And, digging out of the snow with my husband’s new snowblower, which is like his new toy! Wondering what tomorrow holds?snow, ice, school delays?we’ll see!

I can’t believe I haven’t been following the Coveteur on Insta. Loving their photos.

Major impact for your e-client. Love the blue white/branches and books. Looks magazine worthy. Very well done!!!!

Stay warm over there!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

Lovely poem. I saved it, as sadly, we all must face loss from time to time. On a happy note I love the green onyx. I want that bracelet!

Jeanne @ Collage of Life on

Tina…A heartfelt poem for a woman who I am sure was deeply cherished and loved. I imagine the service was filled with people who will remember her dearly. A reminder that we need to apprecaite every day with the ones we love.

Much to love on your post today…and I want to send a special thank you for mentioning my blog. Very kind of you. I am off to New Hampshire soon to check on the latest construction progress. More blog post coming up soon. In the meantime…sending you warm wishes from Chateau Mango in Vietnam. xx

Angelina on

Tina, I wanted to let you know that I really like your seven on Sunday segment you’ve been doing! As for my favorite table setting/napkin combo for the bridal shower, I like the pale pink monogrammed napkin the best. Toodles!

Ashley Wein on

Tina, I came across your blog by chance and so glad I did. Your table settings are gorgeous! I’m in the midst of renovating my husband and I’s first home so will be coming back to visit often.
Special thanks for featuring our J/Hadley Green Onyx earrings.

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