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Hi there! How is your weekend going? And Valentines Day? Do anything special? We had a very cold Valentines Day (no surprise) with flurries but not the snow they said we could get (thankfully)? and met two of our closest friends for a fun and lively dinner. It is a tradition we have had for a long long time and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

First order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the darling Giddy Paperie desktop calendar, congratulations goes to….

#110 LC says:

? Oh I am such a fan of this company! I just noticed the Mini Art To Go, though. I guess it?s new or maybe I had just looked over it before. Love the size, and the idea! AI also love the poppy bowl (I?ve already forgotten the exact name). This would work great for me. I have a collection of little flower condiment bowls for spring and summer patio parties. I need to add the poppy bowl to it!

Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail with your shipping info!

Today will be a day of doing projects around the house, honestly it is just too cold to go out. It is FRIGID here. In continuing on with my so far successful closet project, it’s a work in progress but I am making baby steps towards a more organized closet! So here are my Sunday seven……




1. THE VERY BEST IN DRY CLEANING. I thought this would make for an interesting little tidbit. I mean the word dry cleaning hardly conjures up lively conversation,? but does your dry cleaner have it’s own website and concierge? A fancy name? A top posh NYC address? Mine neither:) But I have a fancy friend who lives in NY and was somewhat a jokingly bragging to me about her cleaners. So after I did an eye roll, I have to admit she piqued my curiosity.Then I found out it’s hardly any run of the mill cleaners. This is where the fashion elite send their clothes and they wouldn’t dream of sending them anywhere else.

This is a very fancy cleaners. Very. With price tags I am sure to match and what dry cleaner actually posts pictures of their celebrity clientele? It is interesting, bizarre and kind of fascinating all at once! Say hello to Madame Paulette…..if you are kind of curious too, click here to find out more!



2. BASEMENT PROJECT. If you missed the intro post on our basement project, click here. We have been working on it for about 6 months now and finally things are starting to wrap up. We are now working on the bathrooms and I am delighted with my final contenders for the floor.

I have chosen two (one for each bathroom). These are from The Tile Bar. I cannot recommend them enough, beautiful things, very competitive prices and super fast turnaround. They rock! Click here to visit Tile Bar. Can’t wait to see them installed!


unname44d un33named unn33amed u23nnamed

And how gorgeous is this sink for the “lower level” (like that better than basement) powder room?

unvc3named unaccnamed unnamedfdd


3. WALLPAPER. The only downside to doing design projects is how I fall in love with things I am doing for other people and my mind gets away from me and suddenly I am doing a little “off the path” exploring.

So I was looking for wallpaper? ideas for a customer, and found by chance this paper that I am so in love with. This seriously had me rethinking of painting my cabinets in the laundry room to a white just so I could put up this paper! Crazy? Yes, I know, no worries it’s not happening:)? Looks like gorgeous delft tile….it’s so fresh, would make laundry a pleasure!




Then I fell in love with these, if only I had a ski house…


And a room for all my blue an white, if I did this is what would go on the walls…..


or this one


And if I had a crystal closet..


And Pierre Frey always gets me dreaming of using these classic favorites..

24426b06bc60b48d29a575737b4a5941 67527c5f798379ad9bc643d32050e380 ece803e5987b296926bdf0a868ef23b7


4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST . I never tire of all of the incredible beauty and inspiration on Instagram. Whether its taking me away on a mini virtual vacation to somewhere warm, or enticing me to cook up something good, there is always something wonderful on Pinterest. You will see a heavy emphasis on Valentine’s Day this week…


unn66amed unna77med u88nnamed u21nnamed unna23med un99named unnam322ed unn321amed

unnamnv33ed unnam4bgced3ccunnamed




5. MY TALENTED READERS STRIKE AGAIN. My readers never ever cease to amaze and wow me, love getting your pictures of things you have bought from my shop and seeing them up in your beautiful homes.

Just check out these latest pictures submitted (the second and third are from a current and on going e design project, we just installed the new light)….


a3runnamed unnafd33amed

6. THE ENCHANTED HOME SHOP. Very exciting happenings at The Enchanted Home shop! Some really wonderful things are going on…the first round of monogrammed napkin orders are finishing up and will soon be on their way to their lucky owners. Click here to see monogrammed napkins.

And then the chinoiserie tole that I am just dying over has gotten put up on my shop as of yesterday, a few more pieces being added today and by day’s end it will all be up! Really loving both of these products……all my favorite things! A promo just started on the line as of Monday morning 8am click here to see.

aa unnamfered



beigegoldpagodatray beigegoldpagodaplanter

Black Chinoiserie Greek Key Tea Caddy
Black Chinoiserie Greek Key Tea Caddy



7. A EASY PEASY APPETIZER. I have bragged about and shared my delicious baked brie on my blog before. So the other day two friends were stopping by and I was too lazy to go to the market so started brainstorming about what I could serve. I always keep Phyllo dough in my freezer and I being in a creative mood, decided to try my hand at creating “mini baked brie bites”……and by golly, they came out amazing!

I was exited to have created a new and wonderful bite size appetizer, so much easier than serving the big round, which can get messy to serve. So here is what I did. If you have something coming up and need an absolutely delicious appetizer…..I highly suggest this!


You need about 1/2 of a brie wheel, cupcake tin, cooking spray, brown sugar, nuts (chopped) flour, brown sugar and egg whitesun5named

Roll out phyllo and cut into 3′, about 4″ x 4″, put into cupcake tin, add a chunk (about size of large ice cube) inside, sprinkle brown sugar and nuts on top, then add a small pat of butter


Add a small pat of butterun7namedunnafdsamed

Then “wrap them up” seal on top


unnaER3medBrush on egg whites to “seal” the dough”

unnafdsamedThey are now ready for the oven

Bake in a 325 degree oven for about 30 min ( I turned it way down and let it cook another 5 min to insure it’s extra oozy:)


uASDF3nnamed Voila! The mini brie bits are ready to be enjoyed, I serve with Carrs water crackers…yum yum

uadfasnnamedunnamFC33edI wish I had one right this very minute.


So that my friends is what’s new with me. Hungry? Yes me too:) Hope you are having a wonderful and enjoyable weekend. Wishing you a fantastic Sunday and end to your weekend.

A reminder to anyone who has asked, all the tole pieces should be online by later today/tomorrow. Until next time….

PS Be sure to check out the chinoiserie tole promo just starting on Monday at 8am! Click here.



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Christen Walden on

I just want to say I can’t wait to get your posts. You are a welcoming, warm, andopen hearted hostess…thank you. That sink is stunning. Have a wonderful week. Beauty to you

Heather mccormick on

Loved the wallpaper with the blue & white Ginger Jars in rows. Can you tell me whose paper it is?
Love your site
H McCormick

susan on

A lot to comment on here Tina. Those brie bites look so good, very clever! I was fascinated by the cleaners too and the tile choices and sink are just beautiful. Cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

Love your new tole and monogrammed linens. Stay warm over there.

Karena on

Tina the brie appetizer sounds and looks delish! Love all of the beautiful tile choices as well!

Happy Valentine’s weekend!
The Arts by Karena

janey on

Ok. Is 9:25 am entirely too early to prepare brie bites AND eat them?? Nah,,,,,didn’t think so! Definitely going in my recipe file. thanks!

LC on

I too will be making some brie bites later. They will be a decadent Sunday night TV snack. It IS Valentine’s Day weekend, so it’s totally appropriate; right?

The dry cleaners piqued by interest so much I had to take a peek. Check out the “Closet Concierge” service. OH MY!

The sink for your ‘lower level’ (yes I like that better too), powder room is outstanding. It’s very strong, yet fun; a unique combination. The tile is beautiful, and I’m tucking the Tile Bar’s name away until I’m ready to re-do my own bathrooms. (It’s easy to get inspired with these pieces.)

Blessings for a peaceful (or productive, as per your choosing) Sunday.

Debby on

Hi Tina,

I’m so glad you didn’t get the snow!! All of those wallpapers have your name on them!

That appetizer looks so yummy. I makes something similar with the phyllo dough pastry cups, a bit of brie, brown sugar, a pecan, and a drop on honey. So simple and so tasty!!! I’m gonna try your version.

Deb xo

Peggy Thal on

Wonderful recipe can not wait to try it. Love all your wallpaper choices too. Big blue and white fan. Your basement renovation sounds so exciting. I enjoy picking things out design wise and seeing the final result. Yours will be gorgeous!

Elizabeth on

Good afternoon Tina,

It is freezing and windy here, almost like a noreaster with no rain. Had a fabulous Valentines day with my husband inside!

I love your instagram finds! I love “meeting” new people and seeing their creative photos.

Your bathroom/lower level plans look great. I cannot wait to see more.

Have a great day, enjoy your projects and stay warm.


Katie Clooney on

Hellooooo Tina!!! I am sure your fireplaces are roaring in that gorgeous home of yours. The snow ended so now I am catching up on all my favorite blogs. Love the marble sink. Can’t wait til you spoil us with some pics from your basement! Love all the beautiful monogrammed napkins that you are carrying in your shop. I always look forward to all the great instagram photos that you post every Sunday. And that wallpaper is to die for!! Have a wonderful week dear friend and stay warm!

Patricia flournoy on

I am not sure which I like better …the “basement” Powder Room or the Brie Bundles…but they are all good! Merci…

Still waiting for a sale on your silver trays…have had my eye on one for a while…Love the flowers I purchased recently…Make it almost seem like Spring!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Your lower level powder room sink is gorgeous! I have just recently gotten aboard the Instagram train and I love it…dare I say, even more than Facebook?!

splendid market on

I can’t wait to make the little brie pillows, I bet they would be great on a brunch buffet, darling and so easy!! The tiles looks just great, I keep hearing about the Tile Bar… what great mosaic pieces… maybe I will get my kitchen done yet. I adore the simply elegant marble sinks. The napkins are superb, what great gifts these would make.

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

Love these Sunday posts!
I truly can’t wait to see the basement. It is going to be something else.
Love the dog on the Instagram section. How is Teddy, by the way?
Happy Sunday.

classic ? casual ? home on

I love that sink. And my mouth is watering although it’s bedtime!!

Cynda on

Love looking at your design selections. The brie bundles look so good. Have you ever considered having a tab for recipes that you share on your blog?

Amy Vermillion on

And…I just pinned the brie bites! Love it. Happy Monday Tina…stay warm.

remade in Britain on

Love the basement sink. The tiles are just gorgeous. We cannot wait to see the end result. Thanks for sharing.

Karolyn on

OH that sink!!! I love the tile bar too!

Luciane at on


Thank you for stopping by today. It’s always great hearing from you!

I have being very busy with projects, kids, house, dog and the crazy weather and couldn’t come here last here. Just read some of your posts and I am excited to see your basement! It should be fun, Tina! Also, regarding to countertop, my client and I are looking for countertop for her kitchen and I had suggested the porcelain. Unfortunately she couldn’t find in her city, but these are indeed VERY durable! A great alternative to marble. The more options out there, the better. Maybe that will someday lower the price on the real thing! 🙂

Wishing you a very Blessed week, Tina! Lots of Love to you!

Luciane from

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

My favorite post of the week! I am a bit late in commenting but I read it first thing yesterday as soon as you posted it (it’s a Sunday morning ritual!). I love your new tole pieces and those baked brie bites look divine. Enjoy your week and stay warm, Tina! xoxo

Kelley Taylor on

The brie bites look delish! However, I noticed that the dough you are using in the photos does not look like phyllo dough, but looks like puff pastry dough. Phyllo dough comes in super thin sheets and you have to brush melted butter between them before using. I don’t think you can roll out phyllo dough.

I really want to make these. Can you clarify the type of dough? Thanks!

Deb on

All so beautiful but I really love that little squirrel cracker serving dish!

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