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Hello there! You will notice that my blog appears wider, the perk being that all my pictures will be bigger, something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Haven’t done one of these in a very long time. I started Can we talk last year to periodically get a conversation going on everything from wardrobe favorites to hair and beauty products. There is such a plethora of products in the market that I often rely on other’s testimonials to decide on what to buy…it can be overwhelming!

As I have been in organization mode lately, I was cleaning out the baskets of all my “stuff” in my bathroom, throwing out expired products and rediscovering others…always fun. It got me thinking how there are certain products I love and would be heartbroken if they were ever discontinued.

Plus some newer discoveries, I so value the sharing of information that this blog allows me to do so thought? I would share with some of my must haves,? and hope you too will share those products you cannot live without! It can be so incredibly overwhelming to walk into a store like Sephora that reading recommendations or high praises from someone who has already tried a product is priceless. Ready? Let’s go……



1. Mac lipstick in Angel– this is the best soft pink lipstick EVER! It is often sold out so I buy it in the 3’s and 4’s…..have been waring this for many many years, they better never discontinue it! It is literally the only lipstick color I wear.


2. Clinique “Lash power feathering” mascara– Funny after years of looking for the perfect mascara, one day while in Neiman Marcus I asked a saleswoman for the best mascara (in her opinion) she proceeded to tell me that though she worked for another brand that the best and somewhat underrated mascara was Cliniques Lash power mascara.? I took a second look when she said Clinique because it feels so old school but I tried it and guess what..she was right! Never looked back,? if you want long thick luscious lashes…trust me!


3. Nars highlight stick– LOVE this stick. It is the perfect highlighting stick, I buy it in Copacabana and South Beac . I love using it on my cheekbones and at night on my eyes, you can use it on your shoulders or anywhere you want an extra little illumination. Have used this for years. The best highlighting stick in the market. Period.


4. Bobbi Brown stick foundation– I do not use it for foundation but as a concealer during the day. I just dab it on places like under my eyes and its the perfect blend of being moisturizing but not too greasy, it glides right on and most importantly, it stays! This is a must have for me.


5.Stila illuminating foundation– when I do wear foundation this is my absolute fave. Have used it for years and they are often sold out so when Nordstrom’s gets it in I order 2 at a time and keep one for backup. A little goes a long way and if you like that slightly dewy look on your skin, then you will love this, it has a slight illuminating quality to it which makes your skin look flawless, definitely not heavy and smooths right now. Love this product!


6.Everything pencil– Judith August makes this fabulous little pencil. It really does do everything, you can simply use it wherever you need a little “concealing power”. If you have a blemish or under eye circles, it is perfect for that and? you can use it on the body too. Introduced it to my niece who can’t live without it ( you know teenage girls and their skin)! Unlike many pencils that pull at your skin, this one glides right now…excellent product.


7. Bobbi Brown bronzer– I don’t buy blush but love the look of a sunkissed glow. Used to buy Guerlain’s bronzer but they changed the formula and it was always cracking and at $50 a pop, lets just say it wasn’t very cost effective.

Then I discovered Bobbi Brown’s wonderful bronzer and I love it….stay on, very pigmented so you only need a very little bit. Lasts forever and best part….very hard to crack this. I have dropped it a few times and it remained intact, big bonus points for that!




OK so now that I have shared what is in my war chest of secrets….your turn! Tell me what you can’t live without and why.? Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a fantastic and hopefully warmer than it is here day!

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Don’t forget last few hours of the magnificent chinoiserie (a few pieces left) tole giveaway… here for details.




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Thanks so much for the tips! I have never tried any of these products, but will certainly check them out.

Love beauty products and am always trying new things. I agree about Mac lipsticks though I have never tried angel. I also love Guerlain’s products and a concealer called boing that you can get at sephora. Its heavy duty.

I am going to look into a few things here, namely the everything pencil, the nars stick and bobbi browns bronzer. Thank you Tina, can’t wait to get my tole planters!

I sold cosmetics for 10 years, as a result I have become a product junkie.I have quite a few favorites. FYI,you don’t have to use the Bobbie Brown foundation stick for touch ups, she has a touch up stick in a lot of colors and it is in a small tube that is easy to take in your purse. Chanel lipsticks are my absolute favorites,however,they do tend to discontinue every one I love!

I’m going to try the lipstick in the color you mentioned. Been looking for a nice pink for ages. Thank you! And I can’t live without Smashbox Soft Fusion Lights. It’s a bronzer but comes in two hues?one I use when I’m pale in the winter and one for summer. Absolutely love this item! And I have to mention my addiction to Sugar Fresh lip balm (gloss?) in so many colors though I stick with clear. It soothes and repairs my dry lips and I must have one in every room and purse I own. Love, love it so much.
Thanks for the tips above, Tina. I think I’m going shopping for a few new products today!!

Hi Tina! I have never been a fan of Clinique mascara, but will definitely try this new formula! Also, I will try the nars stick at your suggestion. I just tried Dermablend powder foundation which I am pleased with. Thanks for all the tips. Will read the comments so I can pick up some more recommendations.

PLEASE list only make up that has nothing toxic in it. The toxic thing is make up like lipstick, foundation, mascara, etc go right into your bloodstream. Not good! Read No More Dirty Looks and find out about the dirty dirty industry. When Evenly Lauder was alive she was promoting getting rid of breast cancer all the while Estee Lauder sold a product that CAUSED breast cancer! Do some investigation!

I am a confirmed make-up junkie. I love, love, love: Liz Earle skin care. It is from Europe, relatively inexpensive and my skin literally glows from the Hot Polish cleanser. I love Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation, Chanel powders, Nars stick in The Multiple. ( can be used as a blush, lipstick, highlighter.) Awesome.

Makeup, one of my favorite subjects. I love the NARS stick is the best! I like cheap products and very expensive, I use La Mer on my face but have found a vitamin E stick from my local health stores for my eyes that is incredible, at $8.00 a pop I never have to think twice.

For makeup I really like most of the products by Laura Mercier, they last so long, go on really week and just agree with my skin. I really love her line, also a highlighter from Benefit, called High Brow that is simply amazing. I can’t believe what one little stick can do:-)

I could go on and on, as much as i love my high end things, I do think still that Milani makes the best retractable eye liner and its only $7.00 at my local drug store. It is one great deal! Fun topic.

I really, really, love Afterglow cosmetics, particularly their mineral foundation and blush and lipsticks. I can’t live without their calm cover, a yellow mineral powder that completely covers redness! Works every time! Also love their face wash. And all their products are non-toxic and organic!
For eyeshadow and most of my lipsticks I use Red Apple Lipstick. They also make a wonderful eye shadow primer, also all non-toxic and all natural! Prices are competitive and return policy is outstanding. I highly recommend both of these companies!
I love your blog and your online shop!

I have very sensitive skin – anything new makes me break out. I am looking for a moisturizer
Especially now with winter heavily upon us
Suggestions please.

For those of you with sensitive skin, please try Estee Lauder’s VERITE. I was ready to make an appointment with a dermatologist and tried this. It will not fail you. Beautiful skin starts with a good moisturizer.


Love makeup and skincare. Two products I can’t live without: Urban Decay glide on eye pencil in Zero (black). The only eye pencil I’ve used that stays put. Second, Zuzu Luxe lip gloss in Bronzite. The only lip product that has come close to the perfect peach of my discontinued Urban Decay Rebel. With this awful winter, I could not live without 100 Percent Pure Skin Brightening Night Balm and Solar Recover Vitamin C & E Moisturizing Cream. I found Solar Recover wandering around a health food store in Taos, but just found out that Amazon carries it.

Love Guerlains bronzer have used it for years, its very natural looking. Also Chane’s coverup is the best in the biz, it is creamy so does not cake or dry up on the skin.

I am always trying new mascaras, really loved Dior show but they changed the formula i think so I am going to try your suggestion and that foundation sounds like the kind of finish I like.

Tina i bough the everything pencil when you featured it before and I love it have already ordered it a second time. Makeup is such fun. We have an Ulta 3 min. from my house so I go in all the time!

Good Morning on this frozen morning from Virginia Beach!

Discovered a few new lipsticks and glosses this season and two wonderful eyebrow gels.

IT Cosmetics makes a soft pink lipstick called Damsel ( lasts forever) , a Vitality Butter Lip gloss and Pencil in “I Believe” and an under eye concealer (Bye,Bye Undereye) that are outstanding products. I found them at QVC and Ulta.
Also from Ulta , Bare MInerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in “Breakaway” and a Buttercream Gloss in “Flirty Mauve”. All of these products had staying power. I am always on the quest for a good lip gloss which is not sticky!
I also discovered 2 new eyebrow gels which were long lasting and looked natural…one from Anastasia , Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde (Ulta) ( brush separate purchase) and the other from IT Cosmetics which included a brush for applying properly (QVC). Previously I had only used the Dior eyebrow pencil in “Universal” before stepping it up and needing more coverage.
Love reading others suggestions for make up!
Thank you for sharing!

I love Perricone’s No Lipstick Lipstick. The color adapts to each person’s skin tone, so it looks perfect on everyone. I would like to try Bobbi Brown’s bronzer. Thanks for sharing your favorite products. I am a beauty product junkie.

Big Laura Mercier fan, but 2 things….. Kate Somerville CytoCell…. my moisturizer. LOVE it. Great smell and goes on beautifully. Just saw my dermatologist and he commented on my skin. And what I can’t live without makeup wise: Chanel Correcteur Perfection long lasting concealer. One dot under each eye is all it takes!! The best.

I have extremely sensitive skin too. I discovered Michael Marcus Cosmetics and skin care products several years ago and highly recommend it. I found out that I was allergic to some of the chemicals that are present in skin care products and foundations.
It was frusterating because by trying to nurture my skin I was actually making it worse plus the expense of all the products I used from the dermatologist that also seemed to aggravate my skin.
My skin is clear and radiant and the biggest compliment I received lately was a ladies group I am part of knew I had a big birthday coming up and they thought it was my 50th instead of my 60th. Needless to say love this product line!

I’m always amazed when I read how many products we women use! LOL I keep it unbelievably simple. Blush, mascara and lipstick. Many drugstore products have proven as high of quality as designer names and for a fraction.

Best facial care/make-up products available will work their magic so much better if you get your skin REALLY clean. Olay’s Pro-X battery operated rotating brush ($29.00 at Amazon) – just as good as the $200.00 models – does it for me. I use it morning and night with my favorite facial wash and at 69, my skin has never looked better!

I love the Everything Pencil, too, which I found out about on your website. Urban Decay makes the best eyeshadows and eye pencils. Just tried Laura Mercier foundation, love it, but also love Urban Decay’s Naked look. Chanel powder. My Clarisonic, NuFAce and Latisse I can’t do without. We would go without food first! The best thing to get fabulous eyelashes is Lancome’s mascara primers — I like the one in the vibrating wand. Any mascara at all will be fabulous if you use this primer first.

I like the larger format, Tina. Looking forward to being able to see the photos you take in an even larger size.

It’s so funny, but I’m nothing but fickle when it comes to beauty products – I switch all the time. I have been fairly committed to Clinique CC cream for about a year now – which is a long time for me. And I’ve used Trish McEvoy eye shadows and blushes for awhile because I like how her “planner” case keeps things organized – but I even started getting bored there and just bought a palette from AERIN because I like the packaging.

Funny thing is that I’m the exact opposite with clothes and accessories – I go back to the same designers over and over and tend to by classics that I can wear for years!

Will give a few of your favorites a spin the next time I’m restocking my beauty drawer. XOXO

Thanks for the great tips. My must-have is’ They’re Real’ Mascara from Sephora. It is the best. I have never used a mascara that works better.

Tina I love to get tips from friends on makeup and skincare products! Have you tried any of the Clinique lipsticks, I really love them and would not have even thought about it until another girlfriend recommended about a year ago!

The Arts by Karena

Bobbi Brown BB cream used as Foundation applied with Sephora Foundation Brush number 55
Smash Box Halo long wear blush color: ” in Bloom” these blushes and bronzers are great because you twist the top and it micro planes the compact giving you fresh clean powder every time you use. Color: “warm glow”also in my war chest.
Just purchased Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Medium Brown and Brow Wiz in Taupe. Perfect combo.
Clarisonic Mia with gentle brush, Tweezerman Tweezers, retin A… Oil of Olay total effects with Sunscreen…
I also like Moxie Bare Minerals lip pencils, glosses, and Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita…a brownie pink. Sephora a dangerous place!

Hi Tina,
Thanks for the cosmetic tips. I will try some of them, especially the lash power! Just wondering if you’ve ever posted a pix of yourself. You sound lovely and I’m willing to bet your just as lovely outside as you are inside!

Stay warm!

What a fun topic! I’m not much of a make up girl, but my eyelashes are very fair and I do benefit from mascara. However, I find alot of mascara likes to ‘come down’ over the course of an evening. Any comments on your Clinique choice in this regard, Tina? Anyone else have other suggestions?

PS: I am thinking about trying the temporary false lashes that everyone else seems to already have! Does anyone have suggestions/tips in this regard? I’m nervous.
Thanks all!

The only skincare products I use are from Paula’s Choice which are available on the Internet. She wrote a book called “Don’t Go to the Cosmetic’s Counter Without Me” quite a few years ago which is how I found her; it was before she started her own line. Her products have nothing (such as fragrance) that is irritating to the skin, and every ingredient in them is backed by science which she documents. She also packages everything appropriately so it doesn’t lose its potency from exposure to air (never buy any skincare product packaged in a jar). This is a hidden gem that more people need to check out, because you really do get what you pay for, and my skin has never looked better. And no, I have no financial interest in this company.

i love all of the suggestions! With your post and the comments, it appears I need to get a NARS Multiple. My go-to list includes: Bobbi Brown brushes that I have purchased over time; MAC Studio Fix…I do not wear foundation often, and with this, I don’t need to wear it; MAC lipstick in MAC Red Satin; good old fashioned Chap-Stick; L’Occitane Shea Butter One Minute Hand Scrub with their Shea Butter Hand Cream; plain old Jergens body lotion…the cherry almond scent is wonderful; Kiehl’s Overnight Biological Peel; Chanel No. 5, Coco or Coco Mademoiselle. I am looking for a good concealer as I am part Lebanese and have the dark circles under my eyes to prove it. I am also looking for a good moisturize because my skin is changing now that I am in my early 40s.

Hi Tina,

Thanks for some great beauty tips. I can’t wait to try some of your faves, especially that great pink lipstick!

I too am a fanatic for beauty products. There are the tried and true and always a new product that perks my interest. Love reading all the comments. Being a bit “Over the Hill” I have had to readjust several times as I age. Cannot wait to try some of your suggestions. I switch between Revlon 430 and 425 lipsticks and Chanel’s stay on lip double end, as well as Chanel’s very moist tents. Lancome has been my foundation for years, but recently picked up a tube of Vichy B&B creme which I really like, however when I had my daughter try it it went so orange on her-go figure. Another fun bargain I found at Ulta are the NYX, waterproof eyeliner pencils, they really do stay on and smudge well. Chanel has a creame blush that I find good for older skin too.

I used to be so loyal to particular products, but I think since I’ve gotten so old nothing looks as good anymore so I like to blame the makeup. I do still love my Chanel mascara, but otherwise I’m all over the place, buying everything, looking for a miracle….. Just kidding (sort of)

Enjoyed reading everyone’s tips, thank you ladies for sharing! Iplan on ordering several products to try via Internet shopping after I post this. I have VERY sensitive skin and can only use Johnson and Johnson All Purpose cleanser available just about everywhere, because my eyes are also sensitive eye shadows can be a problem but have found if I use Mac Paint Pot (Color Painterly) first I’ve been able to use colors that in the past were off limits. Also love Mac eye shadows, Shroom, Wedge, Soft Brown, to name a few. Also Mac blushes in Melba, Warm Soul, and Springsheen, and I didn’t use blush in the past either! Just bought a Signa Flat Kabuki brush F80 to apply foundation and love the results. Great brush. Off topic, I received my large antiqued jars today…WOW, can’t stop looking at them, absolutely beautiful! Worth every penny πŸ™‚ Thank you for offering them Tina!

I love Chanel makeup for formal occasions and Laura Mercier Timted Moisturizer for everyday. Because I am older, I don’t use a powder on my face. I love Urban Decay eye shadows in matte. And a recent dicovery [via my daughter] of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind under eye treatment. It’s amazing! It conceals my dark circles completely! Over the last 15 years, I have tried everything on the market including Cle de Peau. Nothing has covered as well and stayed on as well. Who knew?!?

Tina today was like Christmas, i got my jars and planter in and whoa! They are INCREDIBLE. Even my husband how never notices things like that took a double take, haha.

Onto makeup I really am loyal and love Lancome, have used them for many many years. For skincare I only use La Prairie, my mom has used them for so many years and I grew up on the stuff. Expensive but so worth it I constantly get compliments on my skin and at 46 that’s a big deal!

I still always buy cheap things at Rite Aid like when I want to try a funky lip or nail color, that way theres no investment. Makeup has gotten so expensive but I do find the “good stuff” is normally worth splurge.

I?m with you, South Shore Decorating Blog, and feel so old that nothing looks good anymore. Must be the makeup. That said, one marches on and into Sephora for a little Hope in a Jar. Love DiorShow Blackout mascara (waterproof). It helps to have a good base of Latisse enhanced lashes (52 and FINALLY have good lashes). A lovely young thing at Sephora recently introduced me to Hourglass Mood Light powder in Ambient (or is it Ambient powder in Mood Light?), that is used like a blush or overall face powder and provides a healthy but subtle glow. Works well on days I need to be presentable but do not require a full face (as my mother would say). Cheers!

I’ve recently gone nuts with skin care and makeup products so this is right up my alley. I’ve started following the makeup artists Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo on Youtube. That’s how obsessed I’ve become and have learned so much from them. Here goes:
Clarisonic – I’ve been using mine religiously for 6 to 7 years and get compliments all the time on my skin (and I’m 49!). I am a new user to Retin A and I like it. Skinceuticals – Vitamin C Serum. Great stuff. As for makeup – Chanel foundation applied with a brush. I use the Real Techniques Expert Face brush (Ulta). Using a brush just makes Chanel foundation even better. Clarins Instant Concealer is my new favorite concealer — super creamy and doesn’t cake. Also, I like Clinique Airbrush Concealer – a super creamy one and brightens too. Chanel Le Volume mascara – lengthens and plumps. Just purchased Clinique’s lower lash mascara. It has a little bitty wand that gets all of those lower lashes without leaving a big mess under my eyes. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is my favorite lip gloss at the moment. Wonderful creamy — not gooey lip gloss. And Chanel lipsticks — their new ones for spring — just got Cecile and love it. I use Clarins Beauty Flash Balm under my foundation and it makes my face luminous. I got this tip from the blog A Femme d’Un Certain Age. She’s worth a read too….Anastasia Brow wiz to fill in my brows followed by Benefit Gimme Brow gel.

Finally, someone mentioned Paula’s Choice in an earlier comment. She is a great resource. I use her website to research products before I purchase them. For instance, I wanted a new eye cream. It turns out the very expensive eye cream that I had been using for years had terrible reviews (no wonder it wasn’t working!) so I pulled up her top rated eye cream reviews. Looking over her long list of the most expensive to the drugstore brands, I ended up trying a drug store brand (Cerave) that was on her best list. So far, I really like it. She rates makeup too — foundation, concealer, everything. Reading her reviews is an education so she’s definitely worth a look. So sorry to go on for so long. I love reading all of the tips!

I love makeup! My no fail products are Mac’s Painterly as a base/primer for eyeshadow. My eye shadow stays on all day and doesn’t crease and the color stays true. My favorite foundation is a combination of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Kat Von D lock-it Tattoo foundation and Laura Mercier foundation primer. It gives flawless coverage when I combine all three. I also use Benefit’s the PORE fessional for a no pore’s look. My favorite setting powder is bareMinerals Mineral Veil in Translucent. Soft and pretty! My under eye concealer is Laura Mercier high coverage concealer. A little goes a long way! My favorite lipsticks are from Chantecaille. I use Bourbon Rose. It is a beautiful pinky rose tone. I use Nars Bronzer because it’s not glittery and has the perfect color. For blush I like everything from Clinique’s cream blush stick in 03 Rosy Blush to Mac powder blushes in rosy tones. My favorite eye shadow palettes are Urban Decay Naked Basics, any Trish McEvoy color and Laura Mercier’s Guava, Sable, and Buff. My favorite Mascara’s are, They’re Real by Benefit and Too Faced, Better Than Sex Mascara. For eyebrows any Anastasia product is fabulous. For color matching purposes I have blue eyes, fair skin and dark blond hair. I love this post. It’s always fun to try new products. Thank you for your recommendations.

I have been using Rodan + Fields skin care and love it. I signed on as a consultant but have not sold anything but will keep trying. I love Chanel lipsticks, Bobbi Brown everything and I love AERIN. Just picked up one of her lipsticks and new fragrance which I adore.

Everyone has mentioned most of my go to products but there are two that I use that I didn’t notice mentioned. I uses both of these under my eye makeup and my eye makeup stays on and stays perfect until I remove it with eye makeup remover! First I use Urban Decay eye makeup primer, then on top of that between the lash line and the crease I use NYX fat shadow pencil in either black (for under dramatic eyes) or white (for under daytime eyes.) Then just do your eyes with your usual products. The NYX pencils are waxy and I guess they really make the shadow stick or something. I don’t know but it makes the shadows that go on top look great and stay on.

Hi Tina, fun topic, I am a makeup nut. I love MACS makeup primer and use it every day once i have cleaned my face. I must try the angel lipstick, always on the search for a nice soft pink.

I am a fan of Benefit and Bare Minerals makeup, love Bare Minerals foundation, goes on with a brush but really makes my skin look flawless.

I also bought the everything pencil when you posted about it and love it, its a great tool. I think the best lipsticks are Laura Merciers creme lipsticks, they have such good pigment and staying power. Finally, you must check out the site MAKEUP MANIA its like a candy shop for ladies, it is where many makeup artists but the palettes they work with, you could go crazy there!

Have a nice day Tina.

Hello dearest Tina,

Here I am ! I have been reading and taking notes from all the great suggestions here…and at just turned ‘fabulous’ I feel I need all the help I can get with make-up and skin care, flattering lighting always helps!
I spend more on skin creams than on make-up, a british brand called ‘Elemis’

Id definitely agree that the skin primers work ( beauty flash balm or the one by Lancome). The best foundation Ive used is Chanel ‘Vitalumiere’. I may try a minerals foundation next, and also the bronzer you recommend. The guerlain one has been a favourite for years too

Much love and hope you are keeping warm
How is Teddy ??

Sally xx

Tina, I love the larger format as well as the collages!

I am not a huge make-up fan, probably because I have never learned how to use it. My go to make-up is eye-line and lipstick and bronzer for those I have tried Chanel, YSV, Lancome and several others. I will be honest, I usually just grab whatever is at hand.

Now I will have to check out some of your suggestions.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!

Products that I can not live without…..Est?e Lauder lip liner in Fig goes with EVERY color lipstick and truly stops the “feather” look! I buy them 5 at a time. Plus your lips nerves look lined. To achieve fresh, buffed and dewy youthful skin my must have product is Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel. Favorite new foundation is Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder youth boosting perfect skin foundation. After foundation is applied use Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, makes you look like you have plugged your skin in an electric outlet.

I use many of the products mentioned along with a couple that are worth noting: Cover FX CC Cream – flawless skin without heavy foundation; Urban Decay Naked Basics – my go-to daytime eyeshadows; Anastasia of Beverly Hills Contour Kit – amazing cheekbones without dieting!

Cannot live without Sisley Eye Mask, I use it every morning and good bye puffiness and little wrinkles! I also love Charlotte Tilbury wonder glow illuminizer and her Filmstart Killer “Cheek bone set! These help wake me up and give my face a much need pick me up too!! xo K

I am so glad you mentioned this post in your coffee table post because I missed it, but it is fun to read all the comments so maybe waiting to see it was a good thing. I plan on doing a skincare post soon as well. I am a big proponent of Paula’s Choice skincare products, I also use as my go to reference on any new products, it is an absolute necessity before buying anything. As far as foundation goes it is Chanel for me, and Laura Mercier tinted moisture for days with no foundation. Looking for a new mascara. Bobbi brown is my go-to for color, natural is my look.
Lip color can be anyone and anything, I am addicted to lipgloss and lip colors, LOL.
Boi~ing is my go to concealer, has been for several years, LOVE it!! Love Lisa Eldrige guideance.
I guess that wraps it up. Fun, fun post!! Going to check out your favorite lipstick!!

MAC lipstick in Angel is one of my favorites. I also love MAC Creme Cup which is very similar but no shimmer, great neutral day lip. I love the NARS Cococabana highlighter too but Revlon makes a pink Shimmer Lights that I feel is a bit easier to blend. I also love Stila or Bobbi Brown black gel eyeliners and her shimmer eye shadow gels/liners are great for a smokey eye look. So fun!!! xo

I am in a makeup rut so this is great information! My sister sent me some Revive evening cream and it is amazing – very expensive though. I have also started to do a once a week exfoliation with Philosophy Microdelivery peel, and it’s wonderful.

Chanel inimitable intense mascara has been my go-to for over a decade. I’ve tried to stray to less expensive ones, but always come back.

I have very dry skin and the only moisturizing product that I’ve found that works and leaves my skin glowing is Beaute Pacifique. It’s anti-aging day cream and lasts a long time. Love Benefit brow products and BB. Fun post!

My dear friend worked at Estee Lauder for many, many years, keeping me well supplied with samples. Now that she has moved on to another position, I will be branching out and will make note of your recommendations!

I came back to report on the things I have bought based on this post! It caught me at a time when my makeup needed some revamping.

The Clinique mascara is WONDERFUL! I am so glad that you overcame your concern about Clinique being old school. This was the makeup that I started with when I started to buy department store makeup. I bought the lash power mascara and it is great for a natural look, and it defines my lashes so beautifully. Thank you! Typically I wear Lanc?me hypnose, but I have been trying other types of mascara with little luck until I tried the Clinique.

Another item I bought was the urban decay 24/7 glide on liner and eyeshadow set in nude. Love them both, especially the liner. It is easy to use, comes in tons of colors, and really stays on. Love it!

Here is a tip from my makeup drawer. I have very light eyebrows and really like Laura Mercier eye brow pencil (I use fair blond as a base, and darken a bit with an Anastasia brown pencil). The Laura Mercier pencil is waxy so it tames the brows and lasts all day. The Anastasia is good for defining, as it is a very fine point.

I also really like Perricone MD no blush blush – it’s very natural. I don’t like the lipstick as much.

Thank you for this postu, Tina!

Wow! I think a recap will be in order Tina. Lots of great suggestions all around. Life in Saigon leaves my makeup doing the quick run…so I keep it simple. I was out of country last week and picked up Cle de Peau Corrector Concealer, works a treat. A little goes a long way. They sell the brand at Saks on the Avenue..if you want to check it out. Best wishes from Saigon… πŸ˜‰

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