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Hello! Hope you are having a great weekend. Ours has been great minus one hiccup. We had dinner with a group of friends on Friday but I was supposed to go out of town as of yesterday for a short girls trip and thanks to yep, you guessed it……more snow and bad weather it did not happen. Here is what things look like around here-

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Even Teddy is saying he has had quite enough (check out the snazzy zebra bandanna the groomer gave him last week, she thinks he needs to live a bit more on the wild side)


I am disappointed but we are going to try again in a few weeks. Moving on, we all know what today is…….Oscar night!

And of course I will be watching it from the very first minute that Hollywood’s who’s who steps foot onto the magical red carpet all the way until they announce best picture. And as some have asked you can bet I will be doing my Oscar recap, I wouldn’t miss it!? Here are my seven on Sunday….




1.? OSCARS! I have to kick this off with all things Oscars, enjoyed? these behind the scenes glimpses into feeding 1600 on Oscar night as well as a peek into the famed Green room (all interior enthusiasts will enjoy this)! Plus the seven biggest snubs of the 2015 Academy awards…..

The beautiful green room….

Watch Wolfgang talk about what goes into feeding 1600 discerning palettes…


And here are the seven biggest snubs of the 2015 Oscar season…..


And if Oscar fever has overtaken you, and you have always dreamed of voting and being a part of movie history, click here to fill in your very own ballot and see how your predictions stand up to what happens tonight! Horray for Hollywood!


2. MY NEWEST BLOSSOMS . I absolutely love this new curly willow blossom. It is a cherry blossom that is very curvy/willoy so it can go in all different directions which makes it so dramatic.? Added 6 to each jar and the impact was amazing. Love their shape and they are the perfect length 30″. I had only gotten four cases and they immediately sold but will be adding them? to my online shop, as more will be arriving in the next few weeks. A new fave!

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3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. These posts would not be complete without my Instagram faves of? the week. It never lets me down:) Always something fabulous to love, discover and be inspired by!

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And I am always so honored when two of my favorite artists are inspired to paint something that I featured in home or actually OF my home:) They are both brilliant, Patricia of PVE and Jeanne of I Dream Of, bravo ladies!

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4. A NEW MONOGRAM OBSESSION. You? know me and my monograms, well I discovered this artist, Kearsley Lloyd and am madly in love with her work! She has such a? beautiful style that really resonates with my own. I had to share…….what a beautiful gift this would make to a bride and groom, a special friend, etc….click here to visit Kearsley Lloyd.


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5. A YUMMY POT OF SOUP. I love my soup, especially given that we live in Antarctica and every day feels like a soup day, in fact every meal. Forget cereal and oatmeal I crave serious comfort food from the wee hours of the morning until late at night! So our entire family loves pasta fagiole soup and I was so happy to try this recipe. I only share when something is really good.

And this my friends is really good and so hearty.? It is also quite easy (we are lucky and have a great Italian specialty shop nearby so I buy their homemade sauce and used it in the soup) but besides that everything else can be found right at your local market. Ironically the site I found it on is called Tina’s Chic, go figure. Click here for recipe (the only things I added extra were a bit of fresh basil and of course served it with crusty bread)


6. MY DINING ROOM. These are my favorite kinds of “problems” to have, got in the final samples for my Paul Montgomery chinoiserie panels and I am smitten with both but learning towards the beige with soft blues,? as I see a soft neutral tonal room with creamy silk drapes and a scrumptious pale blue trim. Quiet and serene. But the blue is also very beautiful, love them and can hardly wait for this dining room to be transformed.

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7. HAPPENINGS WITH THE ENCHANTED HOME SHOP.? Lots going on with my little shop. This week I sent out about 1/3 of the monogram orders and it was so much fun getting to see all of the gorgeous linens!!? More to get out as they are ready later this week and next so if you don’t see yours, trust me it’s in the works! Click here to see monogrammed napkins in my online shop.? Here is a peek-

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Love when I get in new blue and whites… here to see the blue and whites in my online shop


And am so thrilled with the response to my latest chinoiserie tole pieces. I have of course kept pieces for myself and love the way these tole cachepots look with the boxwood balls against the blue and white…click here to see all chinoiserie tole.

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So that’s what new in my world. What’s going on in yours?? With this free day that I didn’t? expect to have I am probably going to take full advantage and do a lot of nothing, doesn’t? happen often plus I want to get ready for the big night! Maybe whip up a batch of the pasta fagiole soup. We are covered in snow and ice, so it’s a great day to stay in.

Wishing you a wonderful day and great end to your weekend. Happy Oscar Sunday! Until next time……

PS In case you missed it, a promo started yesterday on all of my favorite things. Click here to see.



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Sharon harper on

Dearest Tina,

Every sense I saw your blue and white jars filled with the curly willow blossom I have been looking every where for them. No such animal I’m afraid. Can. Not. Wait. For. Your. Next. Shipment. LOOOOOOVE all you do.
BTW. A friend called and told me napkins on ypur website had my exact initials and I should must order them. She had no idea that they are mine. Oh my gosh. Fabulous! Can’t wait till they come in!

Stay Warm,

Design Chic on

Always love your seven on Sunday. I’m so excited about the Oscars, well mainly about the dresses – cannot wait to see! And I always love your instagram images?great new ones to follow! Hopefully this week will see a little thaw in your snow – cannot believe how much you have gotten. If we had that much in NC we wouldn’t be out of our house for months!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Tina!

susan on

Your mantle is extraordinary, love those curly blossoms. And am enamored with all the new items in your shop, the tole and monogrammed linens. I cannot wait to get my order.
I like watching the Oscars but rarely last until the end, I just watch the recaps the next morning, call me lazy.
Those monograms are so beautiful, I will have to keep it in mind next time I need a really special gift.
The soup sounds delicious, I will definitely be trying it as we are a big soup family. Thank you Tina, always starting my Sundays with your Sunday posts.

Sherry on

I can not imagine living where it snows like that. It is beautiful to look at but I am sure not so great to live with. As usual your pictures are beautiful .

classic?casual?home on

I have dead blossoms from my branches all over my foyer and dining room so I am really ready to cave and buy some of your beautiful ones!!! I just love your collage at the end of the post!

Katie Clooney on

Love your Seven on Sunday! Sorry you had to miss your girls trip. You find such great instagrams. Are you counting the minutes until the red carpet? I can’t wait!! Enjoy your week, dear Tina.

Leslie @prettypetals on

Tina, I can’t believe the condition of your property .. it looks like a frozen tundra! Hopefully mother nature has warmer, more spring like conditions in mind for the month of March. Your mantle is just gorgeous and of course the blue and white with your BLOOMS is my favorite:) Happy Sunday to you!

Sandy jones on

So excited to see my finished napkins, blue with the lovely green Charleston initials. Can’t wait to receive them. Will be using them with my RC Derby Blue Mikado china for my mother in laws 93rd birthday next weekend! I’ll send a pic! Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

Karena on

Tina I am also interested in the curly white blooms, I have the perfect vase for them. Love the black tole and dark table with your blue and white pieces as well!

So excited for the Oscars tonight, the fashion roundup and the winners!

The Arts by Karena

splendid market on

SO much to take in today. First of all, the monogram napkins look wonderful, if all of my cupboards in my dining room weren’t stuffed full I would be ordering up a storm. But I will have to save them for gifts, will start looking ahead and placing orders.

So wonderful to see the art by Jeanne and PVE. Believe it or not, I have a touch of SNOW envy. We are having an another amazing spring like day here in the PNW, my crocus are up, boats & SUP’ers are out on the lake, but we didn’t get a single flake of snow.

I think my daughter and I are going to brew up a pot of soup for watching the Oscars tonight.

Happy Viewing!!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina, I think your Seven on Sunday posts are my very favorite! Thanks for a great round up. And a huge thanks for including me in it! I always find so much inspiration at The Enchanted Home and could paint one of your gorgeous vignettes every day.

I never did order my napkins… need to do that!

LOVE the monograms and am feeling inspired to try a few of my own. They are magical.

I’m so sorry that the snow put a damper on your girls trip and that the NE has it so bad this year. I’m with Emily – we would have gladly taken some off your hands. So strange to have it be spring here. I love it, but I’ve really missed all of our snow sports…

Have fun watching the Oscars! Mr. H and I are going to curl up with a bottle of bubbles and some popcorn…

Have a great Sunday, Tina! And thanks again…. XOXO


Aww I wish Jenifer Aniston would have been nominated. Love all of that snow! Not sure what you would do with all of that! Yikes! Your new store items look fab as well as the blooms! So pretty! XO

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

Oh my gosh! The snow you have! Look at Teddy showing off in style.
Love Sunday here. So many beautiful things. I love all you have going on in your shop! Just gorgeous!
Happy Oscars night.

sally on

Hello dear Tina, and a happy Sunday to you

So lovely to see Teddy bless his heart, in his funky bandana..

I adore your tole ware, it is too beautiful and you must be so proud that it is all your own design. The beigey paper will be spectacular in your chinoiserie dining room…. you must be looking forward to it very much

Now I cant wait for your red-carpet coverage, you are by far the most stylish commentator…all the glampuss pzzazz is most definitely my sort of thing….hooray for Hollywood 🙂
I think you should go to the ceremony one day

Keep warm by the fire my dear, sending love XX

[email protected] on

sorry you missed out on the girl’s trip! and prob just when you needed a break from winter most! i struggled some this weekend with the cold and dreary skies. i was not too taken with oscar night but i was pretty busy with guests here for a party. my lobster mashed potatoes were a hit as was the homemade oreo cheesecake. i’m exhausted but buzzed with that satisfying afterglow of an evening that felt like a true gift to my friends. peace to you, souper star.

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