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Hi and happy Sunday to you. We were out of town for my sons lacrosse game, so I didn’t have time to finish my Seven on Sunday this weekend, but I will probably post it later this week.? In the meantime am putting up this fun post which was in my draft box and one? I think you will really enjoy.

So this post is a bit of a virtual little trip to the beach (which I could really use) and imagine this, you are granted your ultimate beach house! Wouldn’t that be neat? I discovered this incredibly talented firm, Blackband Design through Home Bunch and decided to do some research. I was so impressed by their beautiful body of work that I could literally close my eyes and point to any one of these and be over the moon!

So it’s your turn which of these incredible beach houses would you choose? A hard decision….but what a good one to have!


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2601-Bungalow-012 2601-Bungalow-0162601-Bungalow-013-B? 2601-Bungalow-001



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IMG_007254da7ea8d7f23-1024x683 IMG_999054da822063e3a-1024x683 IMG_9084w54da804ab5353-1024x683 IMG_9171w54da80744b740-1024x683 IMG_9927w54da819a9fde7-1024x683 IMG_9915rtw54da8143434db-1024x683


1106-Dover-2-00754dd00b3d23e6-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-00954dd0133f23a6-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-01554dd01895b57f-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-00254dd0061ba137-1024x683 1106-Dover-2-00554dd0089cbbc9-1024x683


IMG_833154da7dd57aabd-1024x683 IMG_800454da7a84ca495-1024x683 IMG_830654da7d8188491-1024x683 IMG_827254da7c7f5f73d-1024x683 IMG_831754da7d5989a40-1024x683 IMG_829754da7cabd7d12-1024x683


Can’t you almost taste that salty air and hear the waves crashing? Me too….next best thing to being there! I love the work that they do and was hard pressed to name a single favorite but after much scrolling up and down I finally settled on one. So now it’s your turn….ready to choose (poll on bottom)?

Don’t forget CALLING ALL ENCHANTED HOME READERS to enter your homes in my newest contest!!? I have started getting some beautiful pictures, it’s your turn-


  • 2 pictures per person
  • Please email pictures to and on subject line put ?contest?
  • Pictures must include at least one item purchased from The Enchanted Home
  • Can be of anything or any room in your home
  • This contest starts today and I will take pictures up until March 10th
  • There is a cutoff of 60 pictures so get them in soon!
  • Contest will run March 12th and a winner will be announced on March 15th
  • The winner will win $100 towards anything in my online shop


Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Click here if you missed the promo, a few things are left. Until next time…..


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Frances on

I would love to be in any of them right now, but three and five are my favorites. Stay warm!

Linda on

There is NO WAY I can choose a favorite.
They are ALL fabulous!!!!

Decorative Interiors on

#3 seems to have it all – views, comfort, totally fab kitchen and easy relaxed vibe!


I would take any of them in a hot minute, but #5 felt more like me.

Karena on

That Master Bedroom in # 3 did it for me Tina, love the color palette throughout! All beautiful homes!!

The Arts by Karena

Lissa on

Fun post! I would love any of them, but three and five were my faves! Voted for #3 though! Perfect timing for this post! I really enjoyed it!

Regina on

Number 3 and I loved # 5, too.

yarlette on

I vote for number 3 . It is so cozy to me.

Karen T. on

I voted for #7. I like the decor of #3, but overall I like #7.

Karolyn on

WOW how can one choose!! I think maybe 7 but seriously they are all fabulous!!

Melissa Hebbard on

Choice 3, it is all about the wonderful beach. Plenty of rocky headlands for snorkelling and a nice swimming spot. I am amazed by American beach houses. They are much grander than even our normal homes. I would be perfectly happy with any of these options for my everyday home let alone my holiday house!! Unless you are very rich, in Australia the beach house is much more a mid century fibro shack decorated by cast offs from home and cheap and cheerful second hand furniture able to withstand a troop of sandy salty kids sprawling around and throwing down surfboards, diving gear, freshly caught fish and beach combing finds.

Mary Watkins on

Loved #3 but all were fabulous!!!

Katie Clooney on

Tina… it is so difficult to vote for my favorite. I would vote for any of them and they all have a little of your blue and white signature in all of them. Hope you had a great weekend with your son. Stay warm!

Deanna on

It seems all of Cincinnati vacations in and around Charleston SC and #3 said Lowcountry to me. It has an easy relaxed vibe to it while maintaining classic lines and traditions. Hand me any of these homes next to a warm ocean, though, an I’d be there in a minute. It sure is fun to dream in winter. Hope you had a wonderful weekend,Tina!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

no. 4 please. as long as there is a large body of water relatively near it, i’m ready to move in. march is as brutal as ever! hope you had a relaxing weekend, friend. peace.

Susan McLaughlin on

Number 5 is my favorite.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Well Tina, you finally stumped me. I just can’t choose. They all look perfectly perfect. Maybe it’s just that I’m ready for a sunny day at the beach! We just rented a beach house in Santa Barbara for our annual girls’ trip in a few months. Can’t wait. Hope it’s half as lovely as these here.

Stay warm and cozy! XOXO

Anne nickol on

Give me #5!

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