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New promotion started as of Friday morning, a blue and white won’t want to miss. Click here for details…..



Hi there…how is your week going? Over here, busy busy. Would you believe it if I told you it’s snowing cats and dogs out there again? Yes I thought you would. Here is a picture taken with my iPhone just this morning….


Plus we have Gotham back shooting here later this week………C R A Z Y! But a fun kind of crazy, I must admit. I of course am taking pictures of the craziness which I will be sure to share.

If you love my blog and consider it one of your faves, wondering if you want to nominate me over at the Saveur blog awards. A reader clued me into it after nominating me and suggested I spread the word to my readers as part of the process is also determining how many reader nominations I get which is where you come in…if you like me, really really like me. If you want to nominate me, then please endorse me by clicking here. Where it asks for my URL please copy and paste this-? And thank you:)

I talk often of my little shop which? brings me so much happiness. My blog and shop are absolutely my “happy place”.? For some its a therapist’s chair, but this? is what does it for me. Even when I am having a really bad day, it’s a great way to escape it. I have recently added some more fabulous blue and whites to my shop and have some really new exciting things happening in the next few months. I will make an announcement on one of them next month:) Click here to visit my shop.

Here is the latest and greatest over at the shop……

All of these beautiful new blue and whites, love this new bowl, the perfect size with a great price to match!


And how about these incredible blue and white foo dogs, that stand an impressive 15″ tall! These as of Friday morning are no now online, click here to view.


And all of these chunky ginger jars are the ever so popular 19.5″size and are at a new lower price…..

bird19-351x263 flowerandvine19-351x263 figurine19-351x263 phoenix19-351x263 horseemperor19-351x263 lilypad19-351x263 fightingifigurines19-351x263

My monogrammed napkins are quickly becoming an obsession:) Seriously every time I get in an order, I see a new combination I want for myself! I am adding cocktail napkins in 12 colors by the weekend, so be sure to check back. Click here to see monogrammed napkins in my online shop. Here are some of the latest….322aunnamed

nn2unnamed 44r unna6cmed unnc2amed unnamefc3d unnamedfda 12un1named

Here is how every set gets wrapped up…



Would love your opinion on these, considering carrying this line. Do you think I should carry hurricanes/candle holders? I already carry a beautiful line of etched glass hurricanes but nothing like these…do you think this is a good idea and there is a market for them?

NT259 NT330 NT157 N936 ME3010 ME2139 KY006 HC556 GU525 BC432


I announced my contest about 5 days ago and want your pictures! I have already gotten some incredible contenders. So its time to get out your camera or phone and snap away:)

Whatever you have bought from me whether its monogrammed linens, belljars, pillows, silver, blue and white, something from my promo….show me how you are using it! I have room for about another 18 pictures (capping it at 60) and would love to see what you have done.

Plus the prize is $100 in my online shop…so that’s a nice little incentive:)? Here are a few rules-

  • 2 pictures per person
  • Please email pictures to and on subject line put ?contest?
  • Pictures must include at least one item purchased from The Enchanted Home
  • Can be of anything or any room in your home
  • ?I will take pictures up until March 10th
  • There is a cutoff of 60 pictures so get them in soon
  • Contest will run March 12th and a winner will be announced on March 15th
  • The winner will win $100 towards anything in my online shop


Here are some pictures from things I have used in my own home, just to give you some ideas of your own…..



d164a3c9e06f406d1a191a0db636eb5c b0adad9bec7ef21b98a48fbe1ab3a2a7 3d1e55c65fdb8cc04fb54ca0b57aa1b2

DSC_0553 eb886e6f15fae19de57c837a87b8a6e9 5587341320fb7371332c083e6f4ba49f 98bd3f3ca320158bf0ca9a5ad198d64b

a1497eae76c99a7ab4b0867373996e2f ua3annamed 8ca662e0766108522f6f8e4a7ccd2cfb a38fc5e36df35472554896c272c57ad7 121unnamed 046ae75fc27959bd9610b8690da6566b


And some recent additions from happy cusotomers that were added to my online gallery-


Seriously the talents and good taste of my readers never ceases to amaze me!!

OK so now it’s your turn! Can’t wait to get your pictures…remember the deadline is March 10th. Thank you for stopping in and seeing what’s new in my little corner of the world. Please continue to channel your warm weather and springy vibes over this way! Enjoy your day. Until next time……


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Kathy Ross on

Thank you for the beautiful post this morning. It’s snowing hard in Basking Ridge NJ this morning, and just looking at your beautiful items for sale makes me smile and feel as though spring is just around the corner.

Cheryl on

Good morning, and stay warm! First thing I did was cast my vote for you. Good luck, you deserve to win ! And thank you again for adding such beautiful items to your shop. As I am partial to your blue and white porcelains I must say I have never seen such a collection. I took advantage of your recent promotions and so happy i did. I turn a deaf’s ear to my husband ‘s “another jar?” Lol! Have a good day

Karen on

My vote is cast. Good luck! -Karen

maureen on

Love the hurricane that resembles a pagoda (that is the only way I can explain) and the gold bamboo inspired hurricane! Those two appealed to me the most but all were very attractive.

dEbby on

Hi Tina,

I’m checking out the new ginger jars the minute I stop typing. They can be pricey and well, I’m not going to complain about my budget again. I would sell the hurricanes – once your readers see how you style them – they will want them. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lantern that has an oriental feel… I want that!!

I have the news on to see if we are getting snow. I expected to wake up to it. Hopefully we missed it!


amy on

A big fat yes on the hurricanes, I am looking for a pair now for my dining room sideboard and see two that could work beautifully. Surprisingly very hard to find nowadays. I hope you will carry them.

Love seeing your beautiful things in your home, you have given me countless ideas. I love my ginger jars and will be sure to enter the contest. You are right your customers are so talented, wow!

I hope this is the last snowfall for you, for us we have gotten way more than normal (Alexandria area). I am very ready for spring. Thanks for a fun post Tina and of course I voted for you.

pve on

I voted! I also voted for NO more SNOW!
Stay cozy and thanks for sharing so much with us…..even the snowing cats and dogs.

Regina on

I’ll be happy to cast a vote for you.
I think you’re awesome.
Have a great day.

Karena on

Tina I adore the hurricane line, especially the Chinoiserie style.
The new foo dogs are wonderful as well!

The Arts by Karena

Karolyn on

Of course, you have my vote! Congratulations on nomination! xo Karolyn

Richele ramsey on

I love the Hurricanes!!!! They are SO my style and I would love some for my home…..

Sherry Saladrigas on

I voted If you don’t win something is far, far amiss!!! On another topic, my poor daffodils can’t make up their minds as to bloom or not , we have no snow but a lot of freezing temps on and off yesterday it was 72 and today 45 what crazy weather! I can’t complain after seeing your yard!!!

Ellen on

The hurricanes are fantastic, and I especially love that bamboo style.

Elizabeth on

Tina, my vote is cast. I also second the vote of Patricia for no more snow and winter. So tired of this crazy weather, yesterday it was 70 today it is 35, raining and icy.

I love the hurricane candle holders, I am sure that they would be a wonderful addition to your lines.

Stay warm, enjoy the filming!

Sandy on

All of the styles are attractive, but put me down for at least two of the pagoda-shaped candle holders!! My home is eclectic style-wise, but with strong Asian overtones and I’m always looking for visually interesting pieces to polish the look. These would serve perfectly!! I hope you decide to carry them. It looks like many of your subscribers who have commented like these particular pieces, so order a lot of them!!

Sharon on

I love all of these as well however the Pewter colors are my favorites. I’ve been collecting all my life thanks to my Mom! Her taste was exquisite to say the least.
I owe all my taste & love of beautiful things to her. She was quite the “decorator” going back to the 1950’s and all her life.

Kathryn on

Love your Blog. I think the new line of items would be a wonderful addition to your shop. Do you ship to Canada? I’m a blue and white fan, and would love to order some items from you. Hope your side of the country sees some green grass soon!

Linda Murray on

On the porcelains page, in the shop, many of the pictures do not match the description so you have to go thru and match them up to get the correct item number and price. Just thought you might like to know since you are adding new items. Today’s post was just wonderful!

Peggy Braswell on

of course I voted for you +Love the hurricane that resembles a pagoda + think you should carry

Deanna on

I hopped over to the website to vote for your blog immediately! I think you have the best one out there! I really hope this snow and cold stop right now. There’s no school again today and I need to see some daffodils poking through the ground?.can’t remember the last time I saw bare earth.
I hope you get a heat wave soon. (Can you imagine?) And Gotham is filming at your house? That has to be so exciting!! Well, happy Thursday! And now I’m going to look at your always gorgeous pictures!

Debbie on

Your shop is delightful it is so varied with wonderful choices to decorate the home. I would purchase lanterns and hurricanes as your samples are lovely. Spring is coming!!

Carol Anne on

Pleased to have been able to nominate your blog, because yes, I like you, I really really like you!!

Katie Clooney on

I voted too AND for no more snow. I love seeing all the different combination of colors in the napkins. Love all your pics and can’t wait til your contest. Sista and I are waiting with wine in hand. Have a great weekend, dear Tina!

Linda Ewald on

This is one of the only Blogs I read daily!!! It never ceases to delight me, day by day!!! I have compared it to so many, its the most, pictures, recipes, ideas, sale items, contests…I could go on and on!!! I just love it everyday!!!!

I lead a crazy life with 2 teenage girls and a husband that travels all the time and I work 3 days a week in the Operating Room at a local hospital!!! Don’t get to involve myself a lot, but sure wanted to vote #1 for YOU!!!! I will try to get you the picture of my gorgeous silver tureen I got from you before the deadline…if my teen agers will help me!!! XOXO L

Michelle B on

Hi, Tina! I nominated your beautiful blog. I sure hope it gets chosen. Please keep us updated and remind us to go and vote 🙂 I look forward to all your posts and I was sure to mention that in my nomination. You make all us readers feel welcome in your beautiful home.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

of course i’ll vote for you! i love this shot you took of the house! i have to watch this tv show of which you star. would love to spy your home in it. that blue and white bowl! wouldn’t it be awesome as a sink basin? it’s 20 below with the chill right now, and it’s been a tough week. i plan to arrange for spring next week, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. peace to you.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Good morning, Tina! I love all your new blue and white…and adore the napkins, including your very special packaging! Congratulations on the nomination…of course I clicked through and added my praise. Have a lovely weekend!! xoxo

Design Chic on

Our post for today is perfect for all of your gorgeous blue and whites! Just cannot get over all the snow you are having – you must head South for a while?heading to vote for one of our very most favorite blogs and bloggers!!! Happy weekend!!

Paul @ eco stores on

Blue white and grey seem to be the “in” color at the moment. Its the same in the UK. Not snowing at the moment though, blue sky’s and sunshine. Love your shop, thanks for sharing.

Lynn on

You work so hard to provide such an entertaining blog, each reader should cast a vote for you; it’s the least we all can do!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina, Oh my goodness! Enough with the snow. Crazy. I think you should hop on a Seattle-bound plane, it’s just gorgeous here. Spring, spring, spring. Keep trying to send some your way…

Love all the new blue and white for the shop, so much temptation. And the napkins, no wonder you are obsessed (plus I loved seeing them packaged up with your topiary monogram and the perfect gingham check ribbon. Gorgeous.

Love seeing how all your clever readers are using their Enchanted Home treasures. You know I love my blue and white ginger jars.

Have a marvelous weekend, snow or no! XOXO

PS: Of course I will vote for you! XOXO

SOuth Shore deCorating blog on

I just very, very gladly nominated you, and I’ll be back to vote for you. Isn’t this snow insane?? My kids have had 11 snow days and we have about 5′ on the sides of the driveway from the plowing buildup. I guess it will make spring all the sweeter!

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