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Hello there, hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.? Mine was crazy with more Gotham being shot at our house (will be doing a whole post on it so stay tuned). Fun, crazy but quite exhausting.

So looking forward to doing absolutely nothing today except cook up something really good. As I do every Sunday, I share seven things that caught my attention this week, would love to hear what’s on your radar. Ready? Let’s begin…..


One favor first…..If you love my blog and consider it one of your faves, wondering if you want to nominate me over at the Saveur blog awards. A reader clued me into it after nominating me and suggested I spread the word to my readers as part of the process is also determining how many reader nominations I get which is where you come in?if you like me, really really like me.

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1. THE CUTEST BABY CLOTHES WITH A LITTLE BIT OF AN EDGE. OK I know I know, I am well past this stage but I just could not resist the cuteness of these!! I had no idea Banana Republic has come out with their own baby line, BR mini.

And let me tell you these are the cutest baby clothes I have seen in a long long time. I was incidentally in the market to buy a baby gift so went to town and had a blast. These are made of of super soft cotton and cashmere, if I were a baby I would want to live in these clothes:) Click here to see the collection.


2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST.? You know me and Instagram, we are great buds now. I do love the 24/7 inspiration it provides, from amazing food ideas to magnificent travel destinations and fabulous fashion….it’s like a non stop parade of beauty! Here are my faves from this week, lots of winners this week….


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3. A NEW AND IMPROVED RITZ PARIS……oh to be boarding a plane for Paris and staying at what will surely be the grandest hotel in Paris once again, the iconic Ritz. They are undergoing a massive renovation and it promises to be nothing less than perfection.

This video is really fascinating, on the process from start to finish. Clearly a huge undertaking, but how amazing it will be when it’s all done! There is not an official reopen date as of yet (I called)? but I am sure as things move along they will announce it soon… here for their website.

4. DWARF CITRUS TREES. Currently having an obsession with dwarf fruit trees. Think this picture from Carolyne Roehm is what started it all…I mean come on, how could this not inspire someone? Then I started collecting pictures of them and? remember a fundraising luncheon I went to a few years ago where the tables were sprinkled with mini mandarin trees in bright cobalt blue planters and the effect was spectacular.

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So now I am trying my hand at them….and cannot wait to plant them in one of my blue and whites. I ordered three to start from Four Winds Growers? (another reason why I need a greenhouse). That idea was put on hold during the tough winter, but is going to be put on the front burner as soon as the big thaw is official. Love these…click here to visit Four Winds Growers.


These Chinese mandarin trees are AMAZING….I am kind of obsessing over them right now:)

DSC01022 FREE-SHIPPING-40-PCS-font-b-LEMON-b-font-font-b-TREE-b-font-WITH-HERMETIC



5. THE MOTHERHOOD VIDEO. There is a good chance you have seen this since it went viral, it is both funny and actually touching at the end…..I think any mom, and any kind of mom can relate to this. And boy they really covered all the different “socially and politically correct” demographics of moms here!


6. NEW HURRICANES. The hurricanes are here! SO you spoke loud and clear and a whopping 74% loved the idea of me adding these to my shop, siting that they are hard to find. So as of yesterday, they are now online under new arrivals. Click here to see.…really loving the collection.


7. CUSTOMIZED CAKE TOPPERS. Have you seen these? I wrote about them about a year ago. A good friends daughter is getting married in the fall and I am thinking of having one made for her and give it to her at the shower. These are so amazing and the degree to which you can customize them makes them so unique.

You submit pictures of the bride and groom and then select hair color, skin color, eyes,etc….and they customize a cake topper to look just like the bride and groom. You can go classic all the way to fun and funky. Love this….click here to see more at Bobblgram

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baseball_cake_topper2__23140.1407145930.400.600 convertable_cake_topper_lg__89013.1407145642.1280.1280 style_16_lg__27156.1407145469.1280.1280 swing_cake_topper__24663.1407145526.400.600


Anything here excite or delight you? Tell me all about it or if there’s something you love and want to share….wishing everyone a wonderful day. Here no snow all weekend, and a really nice SNOW FREE forecast for the coming week. Have you seen this, too cute!


Also for my Enchanted Home Love 2 contest, I have room for about 6 more pictures, so don’t get left out! Here the guidelines-

Plus the prize is $100 in my online shop?so that?s a nice little incentive:)? Here are a few rules-

  • 2 pictures per person
  • Please email pictures to and on subject line put ?contest?
  • Pictures must include at least one item purchased from The Enchanted Home
  • Can be of anything or any room in your home
  • ?I will take pictures up until March 10th
  • There is a cutoff of 60 pictures so get them in soon
  • Contest will run March 12th and a winner will be announced on March 15th
  • The winner will win $100 towards anything in my online shop


Until next time……have a great day and end to your weekend!


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Beemie on

I am an empty nester , but boy do I remember the days of “one-up” motherhood. It became the time I learned who my real friends were…even without the run away stroller. The baby clothes are adorable…have no need for them yet, but maybe in a few years.

Julie Bolin on

Funny video! I don’t remember any “one-uppers” on the playground, but I do remember being the only parent when all others where nannies.

I really love the hurricanes candle holders. I trying to figure out now if I can use any.

Dana on

Hi Tina

Thank you for including several of my IG shots on your Seven on Sunday!
Love the dwarf fruit trees I have a faux orange tree that I like to use occasionally as a centerpiece. Would love to try my hand at growing a lemon tree
Have a wonderful Sunday

Ree childs on

Excellent post, Tina.
Love all of the fruit trees – so fun!
I can see you doing a spring luncheon including those…..
I have a mini Orange here in FLORIDA and it does great.
Will check out that site……

Karena on

Tina the Motherhood video was just too much, I hadn’t seen it!!
Love how you are getting all set for spring with the mini citrus trees!

The Arts by Karena

cheri on

Tina, I Love your Seven on Sundays!! I have voted… you so very much deserve to win, yours is the best design blog ever! I tried to order three dwarf citrus trees(they apparently cannot ship to Florida!!)?should be able to find a vendor here in the Citrus State! Next is to forward the “Mommy Video” to my daughter with a newborn! Thank you! Have a great snow free week up there in chilly NY!


Denise on

Tina, everything on your blog is glorious! Have to say that the “Mommy” video almost brought me to tears even knowing it would have a safe outcome. Thank you. And thanks for the heads up on Baby BR – crossed fingers I’ll be able to indulge with a grandchild……..

Marsha Cannon on

Had not seen the motherhood video and loved it! Oh, those miniature citrus trees – I have had a lemon tree in the past but this is making me really want to try again. So happy that you are snow free for at least a few days. Happy Sunday!

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

OK, kiddo, I voted !
Of course, you know I love flowers ( fruit trees) and this theme ties in so well with our By Invitation Only topic this month, doesn’t it?
I’m working on my post right now as my daughter’s birthday is Wednesday and she’s coming to Houston to spend it with me!

pretty pink tulips on

Oh my?..laughter! That sign for grass missing has me howling! I guess you’d have to have 4 ft of snow in your yard for this to really be hysterical, but you know what I’m looking at every day, so you understand!

So excited about your house being in another episode for Gotham!!!!

And, I need one of those mini citrus trees stat!
Stay warm!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

LC on

Ooo; thank you for the tip on the baby clothes. I have a couple of baby gifts to buy. After reading this post I know exactly where I’ll be shopping. Thanks for the tip!

The Paris Ritz has been on my list of ‘favorite places I’ve never visited’ for many years. I’m glad I’ve waited for the renovation! (Tee hee hee)

Who wouldn’t love dwarf citrus trees? Despite the fact I have a backyard orange tree, I love these adorable dwarfs and will be getting one or two.

As for the grass you’re missing, look on the bright side: There is no yard work to be done when it’s covered in snow! Yard work is underway 12 months out of the year here. I could tolerate the idea of not worrying with it for a month or three. Even though I can see grass, it is brown….and weeds are just now trying to peek through, thanks to the unseasonably warm days we have had. Oak leaves have blown all over the rear yard, despite the yard man having just cleaned it this week. Thus, it is a most ‘unglamorous’ time of year. You’re not missing a thing; I promise.

sally on

Hello Tina my dearest

Well it is Sunday again so quickly, I wil re-read all of your posts as this has been a busy old week! I especially loved that you gave a resume on your coffee table books…. There are some beautiful ones in your post…. there is nothing like the relaxation of a ‘real book’

I do so wish I could have entered the contest… I could make a vignette in a heartbeat from some of your beautiful wares……..but you would need a container to ship all the things I love in your shop across the frozen pond 🙂 The hurricanes are just too beautiful, the loveliest I have seen

and now… the best for last
Tina you already know that ever since I have known you, on that enchanted day I found your blog, you have inspired, delighted and made me happy in the most wonderful way.
I treasure and enjoy every day that I visit. Not only are you a design inspiration, a stylemaker, you are also my friend and a beautiful, gracious and special person whom we all love.
I truly hope that you will win the prize for which you have so deservedly been nominated, and I am honoured to be voting for you

With fond love and sending some spring sunshine
Sally xxx

splendid market on

so many great images here, but the kumquat dining table takes the cake for me. Bon Dimache!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Those dwarf citrus trees are beautiful! I’m on my way over to the Banana Republic site now to find some new duds for my 3 little grandsons. Thanks for the heads up!

Katie Clooney on

Hi Tina!! I love that video – haven’t seen it. The customized wedding toppers are great! As always, love your instagram pics. Can’t wait for your post on Gotham. Let me know if George and Amal guest star. Enjoy your week.


Hi Tina, what a delightful post. Love the baby clothes and that video. But those dwarf trees have me so excited! I am planning a luncheon in June for my ladies club and was thinking those could make incredible centerpieces as you so beautifully showed.

On a sidenote got my monogrammed napkins on Sat. and they are incredible I am so excited to use them in 2 weeks for a special dinner. Thank you for offering so many beautiful refined things at prices we can afford:-) Love the green grass ad, very cute.

pve on

I always love your “Seven-on-Sunday” and thanks for including me in the instagram round-up.
Funny video and love that grass is soon on our horizon.
Happy Monday!

April on

The BR mini offering is the most delightful. My unique baby gift source in Scottsdale has closed, so will be using this as a replacement when I need a baby gift. Thank you for the heads up. The mini citrus photos are lovely. Such good, beautiful ideas for entertaining. Can’t wait to try the ideas. Your shop is the best. Exquisite in every way. A feast for all. Your blog is the best.

dEbby on

Those baby clothes are the sweetest!!!!! I think I need a lemon tree. – Love, Deb xo

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