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Hello there, by the time you are reading this I will be away for a short 3 day trip (left Monday morning), so scheduled this to post ahead of time, ?sure hope it does!?This post actually was originally going to be part of my Seven on Sunday but I had so much to say and share on the matter that I,? in the end decided this warranted its very own post.

I want to introduce you to Patricia of PVE, in case you don’t know her. You might know her work as she is what I put in the “uber artist’ category. Her elegant work graces the??J McLaughlin ads if you are? fan of their elegant clothing. I was thrilled to meet Patricia last year at not one but two bloggers luncheons, she is the loveliest person whose kindness and big heart matches her talent.

After hosting a small group in my home, she proceeded to tell me that she was working on something for me, I? knew whatever it was promised to be fabulous. Well…I was not prepared for just how fabulous. I got in the mail last week the most amazingly beautiful painting of our home. I was touched, overjoyed, in awe and ?truly smitten with this incredible gift.

She went a step further and had it framed in an elegant antique. gold frame and beautiful bisque colored matting. Patricia, I have already told you a few times but I can’t say it enough….thank you, thank you!

So here it is and then let’s take a look at just how talented she is by looking at some of her beautiful creations. A M A Z I N G! If you want your very own customized piece of art and PVE original,? you can visit and contact Patricia by clicking here. This was a really fun post for me to put together as I never tire of seeing her beautiful treasures.

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And here it is on a family room console, a highly visible place where we can enjoy seeing it every day


And just take a look at some of her beautiful work….truly takes my breath away!

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Isn’t she incredible! If I could paint like that, I would be painting all day long. Her work is very very special. Patricia,? thank you again for bestowing upon me my very own PVE original. I assure you it will be treasured always. Click here to see her work and find out how you can order your own customized painting from Patricia. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day!


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pve on

You just made me blush on my birthday.

aMY on

Tina what a beautiful gift. she is so talented. I love her style it has a little bit of whimsy and looking at her paintings makes me smile. I will keep her name handy as we are just at the start of planning my daughters wedding and those wedding topiaries are so beautiful, I could see them on placecards and invitations. Thank you the introduction. Have a nice time on your trip.

Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! Safe and happy travels to you, and PVE’s designs are top-notch professional! Your castles looks just perfect in her medium! Much love, Anita

Karena on

Tina, I have known the incredibly talented Patricia since the start of our blogs! I adore her work and her rendering of your home is gorgeous! Thank you for featuring my friend and yours and a huge Happy Birthday Patricia!

The Arts by Karena

Barbara P from Ma on

What a gorgeous picture of your gorgeous home! Everything about it is absolute perfection- the painting, the frame and the subject matter! Patricia is one very talented lady!! Hope your mini vacation is relaxing AND fun!

dEbby on


Enjoy your getaway!! Oh, how sweet is she to mail that to you? It is stunning!!! Her work is top notch. I can only imagine your face when you opened it. I’m off to check out her shop.


Rebecca Hively on

Just lovely ~ might want to rethink the plastic stand though. It doesn’t do the painting justice. What talent!

Robbin on

What an amazing gift! She is extremely talented. Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Enjoy!!

leslie on

Wow, absolutely gorgeous Tina! Patricia is so talented. Enjoy your painting AND your getaway (happy birthday to Patricia!)

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

Patricia is SO talented, and this is just stunning! I am so in love with the pug with a jacket too!
Have a nice trip.

April on

Patricia of PVE’s design is one clever, talented lady. Fun, unique, whimsical! Thank you for sharing. Need to keep that reference close at hand. Best wishes for a nice break, Tina. Thank you for all you share with us.

Deanna on

Patricia’s pictures are amazing! She captured all the elegance of your home, Tina. Wow! Everything Patricia has created looks so beautiful. I’m in awe of her work. Have a beautiful get- away, Tina. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all?.

Peggy Braswell on

Patricia is just a great lady!! + her painting are

classic?casual?home on

Patricia is amazing…you really feel her joie de vivre in her work. Have fun. I am leaving for Brazil tomorrow!

Katie Clooney on

I agree, I am in awe of Patricia’s talent! Not only is she an accomplished artist, she is beautiful on the inside and outside.

Elizabeth on


Patricia is indeed an incredibly talented artist. I have followed her work and blog for years and love it all.

How wonderful that you now have one of her special pieces to grace your home!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Isn’t Patricia just amazing?!? I love her painting of your beautiful home, and all of her work. Plus, she is a total sweetheart! Hope you are having fun on your trip! xoxo

Sherry Saladrigas on

Love ,love, love her art work. Can’t pick a favorite because I love it all. Does she sell it?

Design Chic on

Now that’s a true treasure – love her work and this image is no exception?beautiful!

debra@ 5th and state on

how special and oh so lovely!
i had the opportunity to meet patricia and she is so lovely, her work i adore! what a talented woman whom i look up to
enjoy your travels tina

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

What I love most about PVE’s work is that her happy heart, kindness and joy for living come right through it every brush stroke and pen line. She has been so generous with me in her friendship and advice, I’m so thankful to know her. Love what she created for you, such a gift!

Hope you have a wonderful three-day escape! XOXO

pve on

Again, Thank-you for sharing my work and inspiring others to give from the heart and to get to know others that inspire you.
Happy Spring. I feel like I am cheating saying that because we have snow on the forecast.
What? Not fair. Hope your get away was a good break.

Mo at Mocadeaux on

I absolutely love Patricia’s art! Her Instagram page brightens my day and makes me smile! What a gorgeous painting of your beautiful home. I know this is a gift that will bring great joy each time you look at it!

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