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Hi if you read my post on Sunday you read how I am going to be doing an outdoor sunroom at a local show house. Really looking forward to putting this together! I have ideas dancing around my head but am torn between several possibilities. To be a total purist and do just straight out blue and white, or add some pretty and cheerful green to the mix, or possibly even add some peppy pink! Truthfully to me, all of these combos work beautifully. So this is where I need your input…..

Thought it would make a fun which would you choose. The basic ingredients that I am visualizing are a 48″ round table covered in a floor length tablecloth with a topper, then a beautiful tablescape of my pretty chinoiserie plates, a huge ginger jar in the center with a big spray of blossom.

I will add some seating with garden stools around it and possibly an outdoor console dressed up with some great accessories, get the picture?? Here is a mood board with the concept (minus fabrics which is where you come in)…….


So….in envisioning the table which fabric combo do you most love?? The top fabric will be the topper and the bottom will be the underlay. You can choose two favorites, hopefully you will help narrow it down for me as these things need to get ordered pronto, not a minute to spare. Thank you….

























OB-chioce 11





So are you as confused as I am? Actually think I have it narrowed down to four favorites, but then again I see so many combinations I love and could see working. As I need to make a quick decision to get these fabrics ordered, I look forward to seeing what everyone else is liking. Thank you as always for stopping in. Until next time……

PS Every single fabric shown is from ( a terrific resource for fun novelty fabrics at great prices)!


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Southern girl on

Love the idea of a dash of spring green. Looking forward to seeing your finish project!

Linn on

Hi, So many nice choices! Choice 13 introduces the green which seems so appropriate for this project while offering a certain balance based upon the amount of breathing space between the floral design elements in the green and blue and maintaining the blue & white aesthetic overall. Details in the petals are echoed in the plate border – a nice subtle tying of two together.
Make it a great day! Linn

JoaNne on

What fun to do a showhouse space! I have done several and loved them all. You could still add a touch of pink into scheme 11 with hot pink flowers or etc. It would be crisp and elegant, as is everything you do, and a really fun outdoor look. Have fun!

Lory at Designthusiasm on

I think your topper needs to be less busy so your chinoiserie plates & ginger jar show up. You could counter this with chargers, but I would switch the topper and underpinning. Love the birds from choice 12, but might consider that for the underpinning and go with a cleaner topper. I was one of the people who chose all blue and white the other day, but I do love the simple green and white underpinning from choice 11. I would consider that as a topper, or a similar simple pattern in blue and white, then the birds for the under.

Btw, would love to know how you do your mood boards. Are you working in photoshop and deleting the backgrounds? Then laying out in illustrator? Or something else?

Thanks!! Love this project. Can’t wait to see what you wind up with… 🙂

Best, Lory

Betsy on

Love them all, it was hard to choose but the pink is so happy! And I can see fresh white and green hydrangea in big vases to pull out the natural green from the great outdoors? fabulous!

Evaline on

Hi Tina, Many gorgeous choices! It depends on the room surroundings and what you see outside through the windows. Only one of the fabrics should be busy and the other two should be cleaner and more open or simple.

Melissa Hebbard on

I love those birds from 12 but the under is too busy for it. I would like to see it with the green under from 11. It really seems to speak to me of spring. But then again, I do adore the pagoda fabric, especially with the pagoda plates. So I would probably end up with 11 but maybe sneak the birds in as napkins. So difficult. Good luck choosing.

karena on

Tina I chose # 11 love the green and white trellis with the blue Chinoiserie topper!! Whatever you do will be gorgeous!

The Arts by Karena

Deborah on

They all are gorgeous but my favorite is #11, it’s so fresh and vibrant! I, too, am a lover of blue and white and pairing it with green is spot on in my opinion. I actually decorated my office with blue and white and added some grass green touches; now I can’t get folks out of my office!

Anonymous on

All blue and white and lots of pattern. If it’s a porch that means lots of light so can fill will pattern. Adding greens and or pinks is always pretty but right now kind of expected. Being a purist here would be different. Leave the green outside where u can see spring and summer.

Linda on

#5 is my favorite and I would use a turgouise charger/placemat.
#11 is my second favorite and I would do a green charger/placemat.
#2 would be another choice again using a green charger or round placemat.
And of course I would top each with one of your lovely monogrammed napkins.
What fun!

Judy yarrusso on

Love the color in #9 and #11 with the blue and white. Can’t wait to see the finished sunroom!
I’m sure it will be exquisite!

kathleen on

I would keep the topper rather simple so as to NOT conflict with the tabletop accessories. You have some great choices to work with. K

Fran on

I agree with some of the others who said they would go with a less patterned topper. I prefer less ‘busy’ patterns, and I think this would also help your accessories pop.

Debbie H. on

Good morning, wow, such beautiful fabrics! I agree with several others in not having the topper too busy so as not to conflict with the tabletop accessories. I definitely think you need a pop of spring green. I know whatever you choose will be beautiful, can’t wait to see the completed outdoor sunroom! Have a beautiful afternoon, hope the snow is starting to melt!

Elizabeth on

I love them all! At first I really liked just the blue and white but then I saw the choice with the pink and I loved it! I am sure whichever you choose is going to be fabulous!

Janell on

I voted for both 10 and 12! LOVE them!

The birds are so great – you could add some cute bird decor – a bird house, nest, etc.

Can’t wait to see some pictures of the space!

Ginny Rowe on

Tina – I love #11, but I too think that they should be switched. The green and white would really let your plates and jar make a statement. Whatever you choose will be beautiful.

splendid market on

I like number 5, I think it would be fresh to mix in a little lime green and the ikat. I’ve always been inspired by your great shop, it helped me to decide to open Splendid Market Shop, please come by to see the most gorgeous suede shawls, hand carved horn jewelry from Viet Nam and more.


Not a bad choice here. Totally trust your expert taste and superb eye so I think any of these could work, I love the idea of a “busier” topper as it creates such an interesting table, solid big patterns are a dime a dozen.
3, 6, 8 and 14 are my top four favorites, maybe 3 would be my top pick, what fun, can’t wait to see what you do. Love the idea of the big jar of blossoms, it will be beautiful with your touches.

Darlene santich on

Hi, Tina. I would say choice one with a soft colored pink blossom in your ginger jar, and choice eight. I love that softer version of the pink fabric that is in choice eight. Love your blog, and thank you for always sharing what you know about design so the rest of us can learn from your knowledge and natural talent!

Carrie on

Five..5..five. Let those pagoda plates be the thematic element without the “matching” fabric, unless you were only planning a small chair pillow or two. The green looks so great with the blue! Even if you don’t ultimately stick with the green pattern shown I think you nailed it color wise. Love your blog and thanks for all the behind the (silk) curtains work it takes to get it sent out.


They are all lovely! I chose 11 because of the simplicity and timelessness. Could you incorporate the lime color in your tablescape with some florals that have a vivid lime color on the stems or blooms? That would mix the media a bit, while keeping it somewhat monochromatic.

Katie Clooney on

Dear Tina… no matter what you choose, I know it will be absolutely exquisite just like everything you do. Can’t wait to see it after you work your enchanted magic!! Don’t forget that RHBH reunion is on tonight. Counting the minutes.

Christine BakeR on

Every combination is so very pretty .
I adore the bird fabric and would love to see more !

Karen T. on

All options are quite beautiful, but in my opinion, most toppers will compete with the dishes. So like some of the previous commenters before me stated (Lory At Designthusiasm and Ginny Rowe in particular) I like #11 best, but would use the green as the topper.

Corina on

I like 10, but I don’t like the stripes, so I would replace them with the Birds.

The Prestigious school on

I couldn’t decide until I saw the bird fabric. #12 for me, but I did also love the bit of pink or green in the other choices. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

Nancy on

I would suggest selection #2 except I would switch the fabrics, with the spring green on the top and the lighter blue and white on the bottom, but then I would either wide cord ( roushed ?) or band ( perhaps 3″‘ cut on the bias )the stripe from selection #1.
The green will be a nice play against the blue/white plates, the lighter fabric under skirt will add a freshness and the banding will anchor the table. Good luck. These type of projects are an awful lot of work, but great fun as well.

Melissa Rakowski on

Hi Tina,
I have the utmost respect for your taste and style. As I look through your choices, the Apple Green and Pink selections are beautiful however, not your authentic style. SO, you have two choices, 1) Go with those bright colors in a sunroom and they will shine. OR 2) Go with your authentic voice (which is so apparent in your home and blog) and use your “trademarked” blue and whites. Have your considered using the lead fabrics in Choice #10 and # 13 and using accents of the bird fabric of Choice #12 along with the stripe of #10 and #13?
Loading blue and white vases with white flowers and hydrangeas would complete it. AND it is so you!!

Deb on

Love the pop of green but I really like the warmth of the brown/beige in #10. Either way it will be beautiful

Peggy Braswell on

love love love #1 + #3 + adore stripes


Francesca on

Definitely #12

Sandy @ You May BE Wandering on

I love every last one, but ultimately picked #4 and #6 – I guess I am a blue and white purist! I can’t wait to hear more about what you are doing for the show house – SO exciting! I will DEFINITELY come see it! xoxo

Design Chic on

I’m loving #2 for the pop of green – so fresh and inviting. Can hardly wait to see what you choose and know it will be gorgeous!!


That’s so exciting! I picked #4 and looking forward to seeing the finished product! Congrats!

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