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Hi everyone! Happy Easter and Happy Passover. The sun is shining here and at last spring is in the air, I have.? for the last two mornings heard a sound I missed so much…little birds chirping to wake me up! We were away to my sons lacrosse game, got home late last night and am looking forward to a quite calm day today.

Hope everyone is doing well and will be enjoying the holidays with their loved ones. My boys will be in town and we are doing things a little differently this Easter, we are all going into the city to meet for an early dinner. I am not complaining by having “the day off”, works for me! Wishing everyone a day of relaxation, love and togetherness. Here is my Seven on Sunday……




1. MY PRETTY CHINOISERIE TOLE. I really love my line of chinoiserie products, if I had a place I would put every one of these lamps in a different room. I have not marketed them beyond through my blog, so as of now they are just exclusive to my enchanted home readers, and I am fine to keep it this way for now as I have many balls in the air and am juggling just about at capacity.

I was putting some things together for a local client and made up this board to show my lamps, made me want to put one in every room of my house:) I do have several of the planters, trays and lamps in my own home though there is always room for more:)? For the next 2 days, I am offering free shipping on any chinoiserie/tole item. It’s a great time to stock up if you have had your eye on something special:) Click here to see the entire wonderful collection.




2. JUDITH AUGUST! Don’t you just love a great sale? I have spoken often of how fabulous Judith August products are. There are two products in particular I cannot imagine my life without, The Everything pencil and the amazing Invisible Stockings…both the best I have tried!

So I was excited when Judith kindly extended this amazing discount on her entire line to my customers!!!? Whether you are already a fan of her products and need to stock up or trying for the first time, it won’t get better than this! Click here to visit Judith August.



Seriously cannot imagine life without these two must have products, the everything pencil (it really does conceal everything) and Invisible Stockings (a life saver for when you don’t want to wear hose and need some quick color)!



3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. One of my favorite things to do is share what I am loving on Instagram this week….and this week there is a whole wide range of beauty and inspiration. From heavenly looking foods to gorgeous blue and white vignettes. Feast your eyes on this……

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4. A FEW E DESIGN PROJECTS IN PROCESS. I love getting in your pictures and working with so many wonderful people. Here are a few pictures from recent e design customers whose projects are still on going but starting to shape up, I will definitely share the final pictures with you when they are all done. I am loving the progress!! Thank you for sharing…..

This is Jill’s beautiful home, progress is in the works!

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Here is Ashely’s house coming along beautifully…..

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And love how Karen’s beautiful belljars look in her hallway, after painting her walls from red to a beautiful creamy white!


5. MY FINAL SHOWHOUSE MOODBOARD. I am excited, very excited. You know when you just get it right and you don’t even have to think about it? Well thanks to all of you, you reconfirmed my ideas of adding some green but it had to be just the right green and the right fabric.

Well sure enough I found it (Tilton Fenwick fabric) and the rest came together effortlessly. I ordered it right away and cannot wait to have it made up into tablecloth and topper! Here is the final result, next item you see it, it will be the actual room!


Then I did a little “dress rehearsal” and here is how it’s coming together so far. I? must say I am officially smitten, could not be happier and cannot wait to start putting it all together:) I always get inquiries about my chinoiserie melamine plates, they are from my online shop, click here to view.


I had these Vietri ivory scalloped ceramic chargers, hope I can find the rest as they are perfect!


And how cute are the mini boxwoods in a basket and mini ginger jar salt and peppers as a little touch to each place setting!


I love the apple green napkin with it it gives it a nice little “pop” so will work on getting those done!


And of course my chinoiserie plates could not be prettier…..they are perfect for the setting!

6. LEAVING IT ALL BEHIND. I had to share this story with you…..have you ever daydreamed about putting away (or selling) every thing you own and traveling the world, looking for a new experience, self discovery. Yes, I would think at some point we have all thought about this.

Well Prerna Gupta and her husband did just that after achieving huge successes in the tech industry, they wanted more than just material possessions.? I found their story inspiring and amazing. Click here to read about it…it is fascinating!


7. A TRUSTY LITTLE NEWS SOURCE. I used to be a total news junkie (according to my husband, still am)! However I find that either A. its too depressing or B. I don’t often have time to catch it at the top of the hour and I do like to be informed. Enter The Skimm.

These two brainy former media girls came up with an abbreviated “fun to read” twist on the news, they make the news interesting, entertaining, educational and most importantly brief! I am thrilled getting it into my email box every morning… about a time saver! I can in 2 minutes skim over all the days headlines. Below is a sample of The Skimm report looks like.? They have been featured everywhere from CNN, Forbes and ABC, nice job girls! Click here if you want to become a Skimmette!

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So there are my seven on Sunday. Anything catch your eye? Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful and hopefully relaxing holiday weekend. A very Happy Easter and Passover to all of my readers! I look forward to a day of peace, calm, family togetherness and of course a great meal:) Until next time…..

PS Also last day to take advantage of my wonderful promo!! A few gorgeous bags are left… here for details.



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Happy Easter to YOU and yours, Tina!!! I will have to try that leg enhancer!! Great idea!! always fun to see your blue and white!!

Debby on

Happy Easter, Tina!! It will be nice for you to enjoy the day without having to cook! I love those lamps and I’m donna order the everything pencil – I have not heard of her. Off to check out her stuff! Love – Deb ox

Mary on

Love, love,love” The Skimm”…. so interesting and so convenient…….love receiving it in my email…….want to try the” Invisible Stocking ” product…..thanks for the tip. Happy Easter….

Patricia on

Love. love. love that table runner. Blue + a touch of spring green is perfection.

karena on

A super Seven on Sunday!! I am going to order from Judith August right now, added a few to my Instagram follow feed and love your new bags!

Happy Easter my Friend!!
The Arts by Karena

Cathy on

Happy Easter Tina,
I’m having a wonderful time in your city, New York, visiting our daughter for Eastet.
I enjoyed your 7 on 7.
Have a Blessed Holiday!

leslie on

Tina, It’s fun to see the progress with some of your e-design work! The homes look gorgeous and I hope we can see more. Enjoy the evening in the city with the boys! It’s fun to change things up a bit:) Happy Easter!

classic?casual?home on

Happy Easter and Passover, Tina. Action packed as usual. I LOVE your table setting mock-up…excellent. Also, will check out those instagrammers and The Skimm. Thanks! Off to church and dim sum (so SF).

Sophie on

Happy Easter Tina !
Lot of love and sun with your family !
Bisous from Paris

michele@hellolovelystudio on

happy holydays, tina! you deserve 100 days off, and i hope you have a wonderful day with your family. your seven are all inspiring, and maybe someday in the future i will be settled enough to participate in the world of pinterest and insta. living peacefully through chaos, and i say this in all seriousness. i think there is always the choice to choose peace, surrender, and submission and gain strength in character as a result. love to you and peace to you right where you are.

Susan from seattle on


The Prestigious School on

You are so right about your show house selections! I’m very excited to see the final product.

Elizabeth on

Happy Easer Tina! Hope you had a great weekend!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina, So nice to be back in blog land! Hope you are well and that you enjoyed your Easter out on the town! How wonderful that spring is finally coming your way. It’s about time. Thanks so much for including a couple of my sketches here – it was such fun to take my pens and paints on my trip and I’m glad you liked the results.

Have the most lovely week! XOXO

Taylor Greenwalt on

Hope you had a wonderful day Tina…love your place setting with the wonderful fabric. Your E-Design is coming along nicely!

Katie Clooney on

Hi Tina! Love this series. I have found so many great sights thru your instagram findings. Love the straw bags and plates. Have a great week.

Sue J. on

Tina, I greatly enjoy your Seven-on-Sunday posts. They are beautiful and inspirational! Thank you for the introduction to Judith August cosmetics…they are excellent! I’m pleased that they are cruelty-free as I only buy cosmetics that have not been tested on animals. Judith is also a supporter of JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) via She has a grandson with type 1 diabetes. My youngest son also has T1D and I have supported JDRF since his diagnosis 8 years ago.
Have a lovely week!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

My fave post of the week…I am a bit late, but better late than never! I loved the story of the couple who chucked it all and hit the road – so inspiring. I enjoyed seeing some of your e-design work come together and love what you are doing for the show house. Have a sunny week!! xoxo

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