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Hi there, hope you are enjoying a great weekend.? Up here in the north east, we? waited a long time and have earned this superb spring weather that we are finally having. Yesterday it got to 80 degrees, uncanny and that is my limit, past 80 I start to wilt:) ? Busy with the showhouse, went to DC for one night to celebrate a friends birthday (love Georgetown)? and today am planning to work on the showhouse and make some progress so I can meet the deadline in a few days.

As I do every Sunday, I share what’s on my mind this week. So without further ado, here we go……



1. TULIP MANIA. Wow are the tulips ever pretty this year! I have been buying them on a regular basis and putting them in small vases all over the place. I love the many shades of pinks, yellows, cream and of course all the beautiful variegated variates.

I put this together in honor of my friend/fellow blogging friend, Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips in celebration of her blog turning 5 big ones!!


2. MY FOYER IN AN AD FOR PAUL MONTGOMERY! The people at Paul Montgomery liked my foyer so much that they featured it in an ad that ran recently in Mileiu magazine.

I almost didn’t mention it because there was a color saturation issue and as it was their mistake, they are running the ad again in the fall but it still looked great and still is so very pretty! Look for the new and improved (color wise) ad to be out in the fall issue of Milieu magazine! Click here to see the most beautiful chinoiserie papers.


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I so love sharing these with you and never ever is there a shortage of beauty to share. Love what I discovered this week and hope you will too……

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4. THE PROPER WAY TO PACK. This is fantastic! I love this handy how to and just had to share…..thought you summer travelers might enjoy this. Hope I can actually employ this handy little chart this summer!


5. ONE FABULOUS LOCATION. Oh. my. gosh. This has my name written all over it. THIS is what I dream of doing having one day! I need to have some kind of event here, how fabulously beautiful is this barn? available for private events, weddings, etc..and best part is there are accommodations too! Located on bucolic? acres in Buxton, Maine.

Click here for the lowdown, if you book it for something, I will accept my finders fee being invited to your event:)


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6. THE GUEST HOUSES AT BARNAT FLANAGAN FARM. I don’t normally devote two spots to one subject but this is just too good. So besides being able to rent out that gorgeous barn up there, there is the uber charming farmhouse to accommodate overnight guests as well as a three season grooms cottage located just off the exterior of the cottage. They are so beautifully and tastefully decorated and so fitting for the setting. Take a peek……

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7. ESPADRILLE MANIA. As I get older, I find myself gravitating towards flat comfortable shoes but they must look good. So in the warmer weather espadrilles are a no brainer, they always look so chic and can pull even the simplest of outfits together.

I went on a little espadrille shipping spree lately and must say there has never been such a fabulous selection. All below are some of my faves from Saks,? known for their amazing collection. Have a fave?

Here are my six favorites, I literally want one of each but will narrow it down begrudgingly to two:)

1. Love this with the lace detail from Cole Haan, calling my name… here to view


2. This stylish Burberry espadrille would look so great with all my neutrals…very smart! Click here for details


3. Another great take on a neutral, I like these as they could go into the cooler months too? Fendi is looking mighty good! Click here to see


4. How cute are these orange espadrilles by Chloe? I could see a pair of white capris, a navy and white striped bandeau top and these! Summer dressing at its best. Click here to see this shoe…


5.? Loooove this one, so cute! DVF created this darling espadrille, could become an every day favorite. I can attest to the fact that these are also very comfortable! Click here.


6. And finally this is the perfect neutral espadrille, since I wear so much white, tan and beige these were calling my name! Click here to view



So there my friends you have it. That’s whats on my mind this week, and how about you? Anything you care to share? Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful Sunday and end to your weekend. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Until next time…..

Also last day to take advantage of the beautiful fiberstone planters and garden accessories, a perfect time to get your gardening mojo on! Click here for promo details.



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Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! A rare occasion for me now to be able to get to the computer, but it’s a delight to see all the bright beauty you share! I am thrilled that your foyer made it to this magazine. I always knew your home needed to be grace a cover or two of a good home d?cor magazine! Our house will also be in a publication soon. The photo crew came over last Sunday and it was such a learning experience.

Wishing you perfect weather so you can enjoy your Sunday! Fondly, Anita

Debby on

Your foyer looks gorgeous! I am not surprised the featured it. Elizabeth is such a sweetheart, she will love your tribute!! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

katie clooney on

Hi Tina… I TOLD you that your home belonged in a magazine. Now it’s made it’s TV debut and magazine layout. Next step – the movies! I love espadrilles too. I bought a couple this weekend, as a matter of a fact. I love the Georgetown area too – such great restaurants. Great selection of instagram photo. I always find such wonderful new blogs through you! Enjoy your Sunday.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

oh tina, i’m going to assume you posted these ‘maine barn’ images just for me. LOVE. i’m way too busy at the moment but you know i love you and won’t ever stay away. thank you for sharing your favorites and providing this collection of lovely. peace to you right where you are.

Marsha Cannon on

Love Milieu magazine and congrats on the ad, it looks great! That Barn is Fabulous! Clicking over to the Chloe espadrilles pronto. Enjoy your Sunday!

leslie on

Tina…. love the Milieu spread! The foyer looks stunning and I can’t wait to pick up the magazine in the fall. To have an event at a barn such as this one would be amazing. It’s so romantic and I like the rustic mixed with elegant vibe. I am away and have a little access to my computer and wanted to stop by to say hi:) Hope you are enjoying your Sunday evening.

Victoria bolingbroke on

Those tulips look so beautiful. They are such an elegant flower and what a magnificent display in your blue and white vases. Your foyer is amazing, it must take peoples breathes away when they enter. Thank you for sharing all that beauty. πŸ™‚

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Such a great round up here! Love the tulips in those blue vases and that farm looks incredible!! I also pinned that packing tip! Thank you for sharing it! Hope you have the best weekend my sweet friend!!

Karena on

Tina it sounds like you had a super Sunday and love the post! Great places to visit, Instagram Love, and totally into espadrilles!! So many great ones to choose from! Oh and the packing tips, love seeing new ones!!

The Arts by Karena

Elizabeth on

Tina these are some fabulous picks! That farm is magical, and the guest house…I want to spend my summer there! Love all of the espadrilles I have a collection myself, they are just so comfortable.

Good luck with your show house this week, it goes without saying but take lots of photos.

Beautiful photo of your foyer.

Have a great week.

Luciane at on

Hello, my beautiful friend!

How’s everything with you? I have missing being here. Life is very busy right now. πŸ™‚

I just want to drop by to wish you a Blessed week and say that I adore you! That’s all!

Big hugs to you and enjoy your spring! πŸ™‚

Luciane from

pretty pink tulips on

Just incredible stuff, Tina!!!! First off, thank you SO much for the amazing mood board you created for PPT’s 5th anniversary and for sharing it here today. I can’t get enough of it!

I think I’m going to get lost in Instagram with all the amazing ones you’ve recommended. You find the BEST stuff!!!!!

Love that barn and that you could host an event up there. It has my mind churning!

Love that your foyer was featured in Milleu. They should take note of the ad and feature your entire home!!! πŸ™‚

Espadrilles have always been a favorite of mine. Love that they are SO on trend right now!

This weekend was so gorgeous….I can handle the deluge today. We even lost power this morning (not sure why) and am grateful that the generator kicked in.

xoxoxo Elizabeth

classic?casual?home on

That Flanagan farm is sooo cool. Just the right mix of rustic elegance! Always love your Instagram finds!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

I love your Seven on Sunday feature! In addition to all the tips and great shopping recommendations, I love that you shine a light on Instagram pages that I might never stumble upon on my own!

Taylor Greenwalt on

I would love to visit that Farm wearing those cute shoes….your foyer looks so pretty!

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