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Bon jour! Ahh, all things French.?? What’s there not to love…..I am obsessed with everything having to do with the most fashionable, stylish country on this planet, France. My mother is French so I suppose I can say “it’s in my blood” and perhaps partly why I have an unquenchable thirst for all things French! I have had the good fortune to visit a number of times but that is not enough and I am already plotting my next trip sooner than later, I hope.

The last time we were there was the most memorable visit, we got to cover a lot of territory. Besides spending time in Paris which never ever gets old, we were able to enjoy “country life” as guests in a friends beautiful home in? Simiane la Rotonde and then my own aunts spectacular estate in the Loire Valley, the grand finale was a stay in Provence, we were in Avignon and oh my word…I could happily have stayed there for many months (maybe even years)! I felt like I died and went to frachophile heaven.


Our hotel, La Mirande in Avignon, was right out of a movie set it took us back to a genteel time in our world where technology was not center stage but instead, it’s all about interacting face to face, touching, feeling, smelling and living. This place was so elegant and beautiful, it literally brought tears to my eyes and putting this post together prompted a rush of beautiful memories and a very strong unrelenting desire to plan another trip there very soon. On top of that it’s right next door to The Pope’s Palace, talk about having great neighbors:) Click here for info.


Since I always say I was born in the wrong era I think that is why Provence appeals to me so much. It seems to have stood still in it’s own beautiful footprint while the rest of our crazy world is growing out of control, Provence is like a still calm place in a sea of storms……the food, the buildings and architecture, the charm that is unmistakably Provence, the art, the weather, the lavender fields, the cobblestone streets, the gastronomy that does not feel pretentious, the way time just seems to move? at a nice slow steady pace, I could go on and on but instead will let these pictures/highlights of Provence do all the “talking”….



First welcome to La Mirande-

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La Mirande 4 bcb330424c384b027e446283fa9220e0 La Mirande La-Mirande-photos-Room-More-Pictures 8259e3128fecadf49cc214eb3280c0af La-Mirande-photos-Interior-More-Pictures


And now a look into country life in Provence……

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I apologize if in advance, seeing this post has filled you with an irresistible urge to plan a trip, that’s the magic of Provence for you. Yes if you are thinking it looks right out of a movie set, you are does in “real life”! Absolutely and utterly charming,? picturesque and astoundingly gorgeous.

Seeing these pictures, putting this post together and allowing myself to walk down memory lane is probably the next best thing to actually being there. I just cannot wait to return. How about you? Have you been? What’s your favorite thing about this iconic region?

If you need a travel agent who is unparallelled in both her expertise, travel knowledge,? friendly “can do attitude” and one who goes above and beyond for any trip, you must contact Sandy of You May Be Wandering. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough. Click here to contact her (to the right on her blog click contact)


Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and start to your week! Until next time… revoir!


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I love love love Provence!! This post was a delight to read… 🙂 I’ve not been to Avignon, but have been to many of the hilltop towns in the region and love everything about it. Will definitely make a note of La Mirande, because it looks like exactly what I love in a place to stay. Thanks for sharing!

I am pinning this post right away. It reminds me more and more of why I decided to follow your blog. Thanks so much Tina.

Sitting here on St. Jean beach in St. Barth and have to say, viewing this post makes my
leaving here in two days even more difficult. You captured the colors and flavor of France
perfectly. Maybe I need to change my flight and head to Paris rather than NYC! (sigh)
Thank you – a most marvelous tour you gave us today.

Bonjour tina! I lived in nice and made my way up through avignon and Le per igor noir. Stunning ! I am on my phone so sorry for the typos anita

Wow, Lee, you have rich people problems!! LOL.. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in St. Barth’s..We promised we go back. I understand the celebs have moved on? That can only be a good thing! Tina, do you speak french? Can you get by in the countryside speaking “american”? Are the photos taken by you with the exception of those w/credit? Beautiful.

You are wonderful Tina. This Post brought back many good memories. I have tears in my eyes because I think I will never see France again. Thank you for this post.

Merci, Tina! What a beautiful post! I majored in French (back in the days of the dinosaurs) and spent my junior year in Strasbourg. I’ve been to Provence twice…once as a senior in high school and again last April. What’s not to love? The scenery, the food, the fabrics, the lavender, and those blue shutters are all so wonderful!

Well, I always have a barely controllable urge to plan a trip to France, so that’s nothing new. But now I feel as I just did a whirlwind tour of Provence – I can almost fell the sun on my face and smell the lavender so thanks for a lovely start to my day. Couldn’t agree with you more, Tina, love how the world slows down a bit in Provence. It’s truly a magical place.

Thanks for taking me there! XOXO

Oh Tina how fabulous!! I’m leaving CA for Ireland to visit my daughter in less than a week. We’re going on to Nice, however after this post….. I’m changing our reservations to include Provence on our way to Paris. Your posts never disappoint, Thank you!!

Tina, like you I truly feel I was born in another life, another era.
These images are a treasure to behold, and to have an aunt to visit makes your trips plans even more desirable!

The Arts by Karena

Those pictures are gorgeous! Some do not look real, especially the lavender rows of flowers or whatever they are. That picture took my breath away! Thank you!

Gorgeous photographs Tina! My husband is traveling their on business soon and I am considering joining him although it’s unlikely I will go because he has to work so much AND we are confined to the city which is not by any means “bad” it’s just not where I’d like to be the next time we go. You were incredibly fortunate to stay at your friends home. Having friends in faraway places is the best:) Enjoy your day!

Bon jour! Please tell me where I can purchase several of the wooden olive scoops! I MUST have them! Merci!

Your photos are fabulous! The architecture, the natural light, the, the shops, the sunflowers !!!!!

Thank you for a mini trip to France. Extraordinary photos. Miss Aix and all the beautiful countryside in Provence and the Loire Valley. Oh, how I wish for another trip. So beautiful, Tina. Thanks again.

Visited there last September with my husband and daughter.
We had such a lovely holiday!
Thank you for bringing back such beautiful memories.
Looking forward to returning again and again.

Yes, I have been. Takes me back to one of the best trips ever, although it was much too short. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing them. I cannot pick a favorite spot, they all were. And that hotel! Yum!

Never been …
Wanna go .
I adore all things French : decor ,food,fashion,etc.,etc.
I just read a fabulous story (historical fiction) of Coco Chanel by C.W. Gortner . I enjoyed every page . I highly recommend it for any Francophile !

I adored this post. And yes, it makes me want to book a flight right now…to Provence. I haven’t been to Provence region, but I would love to go next time. France is particularly beautiful in my eyes, and I see you agree. xo

Oh my goodness, that post was so beautiful. Thank you . A hotel room with a view, -the bathroom looking out to The Popes Palace ! The courtyard at night with the lamps is oh so elegant. The endless fields of lavender and sunflowers , the markets … I am lucky to have visited there also but it is a dream I have to return.

Oh Tina!!! I loved your picture!
I have been to France three times. Once to Aix Provence, Provence and the Provence region. Beaune, Burgundy and Paris all three times!
Oh how I love France! My grandmother was from Marseille and my great grandmother from the Pyrenees. I do believe it is in the blood!! I love French decor, fashion and the food! Do you have any French Quimper dishes?
I can not wait for our next trip!!
Thank you Tina, for sharing.

Love your photos Tina ……all gorgeous!
I love going to France and Paris is my favorite……love afternoon cheese plates and wine at sidewalk cafes to people watch.
I love French furniture and accessories for my home decor.
And……CC handbags.
Thanks for sharing….

What amazing pictures! French Country decor has a unique style, hard to explain without pictures. it has elements with the heart of the style based on feeling rather than following set rules.

When I think French Country in home decor, I think the style is relaxed and comfortable, freedom to mix old and new and include treasured heirlooms and mementos into the decor. The magic of French Country style comes from the mix. You have to walk into a room and think, gosh, I never expected this!

Simple yet elegant – unaffected by decor trends and fashion, this timeless home decorating style fits comfortably into any home without feeling antique.

Inspired by the colors and textures of the French countryside and based on the love and respect of traditions, natural materials and craftmanship, the heart of the style focuses on harmony, scale and balance and what feels right.

I have a set of Mikassa dishes and the style is French Countryside, I love them.

Thank you theenchantedhome, I got lots of ideas here.

anastasia @ desainic com

ah the provence blues and the grandness of those rooms and stone structures. i could get used to provence. and the age of things there. and the soil that produces the most magnificent crops! i am packing my bags and am awaiting the blog conference you should perhaps host. peace to you right where you are, frenchy.

Provence just seems to evoke nostalgia in most people, but as you wax-poetic about the region, I can’t help but wonder how deep your roots run. I’ll bet you have one fascinating Genealogy chart!

This may be my favorite post EVER (and not just because of your sweet shout out – ha ha!)…seriously, the beauty in Provence is breathtaking and La Mirande looks divine. Thanks for sharing these stunning photos, Tina! xoxo

Tina you are right, I now have an urge to zip off an email to Sandy and get a ticket to France! I love Provence and have visited many times but I can never get enough of it. It is simply stunning, and so laid back. It is like stepping back in time.

I hope the show house is coming along, I loved the sneak peak on Instagram!

Thank you for sharing your wealthy lifestyle so generously! It is great knowing about such expensive places you can afford that are so pretty – both away and at home!

This post among many others is why you should win the best blogger award!! I look forward to seeing each and every one of your post they are just beautiful. Thank you so much for all your time and effort to making our day’s so much brighter!

Oh, how I love France. My husband were in Brittany, Dordogne region (Sarlat), Loches (Loire), and Paris last June. So very beautiful. We are spending six weeks this Sept./Oct. in Saint Aignan on the Cher River. We have rented a small lodge which is part of Chateau Saint Aignan. This is the first time in a rental. I hope we have chosen correctly. Have never been to Provence, so perhaps we will visit Avignon by train for a few nights.

Love your pics. Thank you!

Tina: Loved your post–which was forwarded to me by a friend who follows you…great photos!! We’ve been to France three times, and still have a lot of territory to cover. Our first two week trip found us in Paris (what a treat) one week and the other on the road with a car rental. We covered the Burgundy region (loved Beaune), rural areas with interesting towns and sites, Limoges, Orador-sur-Glan–the WW2 memorial, the Loire region with its castles, Chartre, Monet’s home/gardens. Great trip…lots of shopping locally for items for picnic lunches along the way. Our second two week trip was jam-packed. Once again, we started with a few days in Paris and then traveled on the bullet train (what an experience) to Bordeaux, where we rented a car. Bordeaux and St. Emelion were highlights of the wine region, St. Jean de Luis in Basque country, the castle/fort of Carcassone, the holy place of Lourdes, Albi and the only Museum housing the majority of Toulouse Lautrec’s works, Arle, a favorite haunt of Vincent VanGogh, Avignon and the Palace of the Popes, the famous aqueduct of Pont du Gard, the ancient theater in Orange, and back to Paris. Our third trip was last summer with travel ‘newbies’ brother-in-law and sister-in-law, to Paris for four days after our river cruise. I think they really enjoyed Paris, though we barely scratched the surface of things to see and do…and to just absorb the French/Paris vibe. With all that we have seen and done in France, we never made it to the north and west or to the east. On an early trip to Italy by bus tour, we did have some time in Nice and traveled to Corsica as well, as part of the Italy tour. Our goal, though, is to travel on our own and not on a tour. We feel we get a lot more out of travel that way.
Thanks for rekindling memories!
Karen Gardner

OMG! I have died and gone to Heaven! I have always said I want to visit Provence, but of my! It is even more spectacular than I even imagined. Thank you so much for these fabulous pictures. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone could live in Provence? There would be a lot of very happy people! I know I would be! 🙂

Such beautiful photography and your love of France is very evident in your story. Thanks for sharing your experience.

WOW Que des images MAGNIFIQUES. J’ose espérer me rendre en Provence un endroit magique là ou le temps semble suspendu,

I am a fellow Francophile, and my maman was also French. Paris and Provence are two of my very favorite places on earth, and I truly enjoyed your s. . Merci!

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