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Hi there, hope you are experiencing some of the gorgeous weather we finally are here in NY. We have waited a very long time for this so I am doing by best to enjoy every single minute:) Unfortunately have been under the weather the last 3 days which meant having to cancel on some things I had planned, which was such a bummer. Had a lot of good things happening this week and being sick was not one of them! Hoping to feel better by the weekend….

Today’s Which would you choose is based upon a store I love to stop in to, Anthropologie. Over time I have found beautiful, unique and very well priced clothing items. Lately I discovered some gorgeous dresses, tops, skirts and some really beautiful sleepwear all perfect for the warmer months ahead. Besides being stylish and unique,the prices are right too which is always a huge plus, so thought it would make a fun Which would you choose. Your turn to tell me your favorite! Here we go……

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CHOICE 1 This is as fresh as a summer breeze, like how it can go both casual and dressed up so ladylike and fresh


CHOICE 2 This is such a gorgeous top, really drapes beautifully, love the ruched detailing on top, and the elegant bell sleeves (own this).? Looks great with a pair of cream slacks!


CHOICE 3 Hello, are these English garden sleep pants calling my name or what! Of course I got them:)


CHOICE 4? Love lace and this color is so fabulous for spring/summer!


CHOICE 5 Never met a striped sweater I didn’t love…this one fits great thanks to a bit of spandex (and priced right too)!


?CHOICE 6 Great tunic in my favorite colors plus it’s so forgiving (extra brownie points)! So perfect with white capris/white jeans


CHOICE? 7 I think this pencil skirt is super beautiful and very “high fashion” looking


CHOICE 8 I like this a lot, its modern and very chic, had bought it in black and may need to get it in ivory!


CHOICE 9 This top is so “me” I LOVE this and called out my name!


CHOICE 10 I missed a? friend’s daughters bridal shower but sent her this, isn’t this bridal feeling gown gorgeous! The workmanship is stunning on the bodice…


CHOICE 11 There is something modern and sophisticated about this, like an updated “Audrey Hepburn” look, very chic!


?CHOICE 12 This is such a charming pretty skirt for easy breezy summer dressing..


?CHOICE 13 This is the perfect peasant blouse as it’s not too full and love the lace cutout detailing on top


CHOICE 14 I own this fabulous little cardigan and cannot tell you how great looking it is and how many compliments I get:)


CHOICE 15 Offered in three colors, I think this very elegant tulle skirt should be a staple, it could be dressed way up or way down, very pretty!!


CHOICE 16? And they do shoes! I thought these skimmers are really really pretty and so chic for summer dressing (0ffered in 4 colors). Priced right too:)


34983031_014_b 34983031_040_b 34983031_066_b


See, they have great things! I always find something and lately they looked particularly good, plus I love that their things are carefully sourced so that you don’t see them everywhere. So what tickled your fancy here? Can’t wait to see…..thanks for stopping in and wishing you a fabulous weekend.? Until next time…..

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I know this is a hard pick, so you can choose two faves in the poll:)


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Deborah on

This is such a lovely dress, very chic and stylish. As a very tall woman, it can be difficult to find dresses that fit and look so stylish. I think this one has everything!

Thanks for sharing.

Karena on

Tina I am so sorry you have felt so badly! These darling items should cheer you ( or anyone for sure)! I picked # 1 & 16 for an adorable ensemble!

We are getting a great response to your Tole Lamp Giveaway!! Everyone come and enter for a chance to win!!

The Arts by Karena
Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

Lori on

Love the store…..unfortunately they use something with a very strong scent……candles or spray……am allergic so I cant shop there…….

JoaNne on

I absolutely love the pale blue chinoiserie tole lamp. I am re-doing my master bedroom and it would be the perfect accent.

Christine BakeR on

Reading your post and attending this “fashion show” is a perfect way to begin the lovely month of May ! Delightful – a needed sentiment here in Maryland…a breath of fresh air !

Elizabeth on

Tina, I am so sorry to hear that you are still feeling under weather, I hope that you feel better soon.

Anthropologie has so many great things, from the clothes to the book and the home goods. I love it all.

I loved the reality tv show that followed the buyer around the world looking for goods for the store. Sadly it is no longer on, which is too bad.

I hope you have a beautiful Spring weekend and feel better soon.

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