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Hello friends, how is your weekend going? Well I am still sick, its been one long week and could not have happened at a worst time, I had three anticipated events to go to plus the opening night party for the showhouse, all I had to miss.


Yesterday was one of my closest friends daughters bridal shower, so after being homebound for 5 days I decided to try and go for a little bit. I did my best but lasted all of 45 minutes until I came home and went straight to bed. But I must say it was quite spectacular on the most beautiful spring day you could imagine and yes, of course I took pics which I will share later in the week.

As I do every Sunday, I share with you what has gotten my attention this week…..



1. NEVER LOSE YOUR PET. Having gone through this once before of losing Teddy for almost an entire day on Mothers Day nonetheless, I would do anything to insure that never ever happens again.It was one of the saddest days in my life that thankfully ended up in celebration.

This fantastic device is simply brilliant and affordable. I love that it will send you a text alert if your beloved pooch wanders outside of your property/yard/home. You can track them at any time…..I can’t think of any reason to not have this on every pet! Click here for more info





2. SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Inside and out:)? Finally, I have waited so long to say those words, there were days during our frigid snowy, icy winter that honestly I wasn’t sure spring would ever arrive. But it has, albeit slowly.

Starting to see little signs of it everywhere, take a look…… I spruced things up inside with my beautiful white peonies from my shop that have everyone fooled into thinking they are real, they just came back in stock.? And finally outside everything’s starting to bloom, woo hoo!

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3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. You know how I love to share with you what has inspired me on Instagram this past week. so many good ones! There are a lot of them this week.? Things that inspired me, made me hungry, smile, laugh, ooh and ahh and of course wish I had been drinking a mint julep instead at the Kentucky Derby:)

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4. A NEW ETSY FIND AND SHOWHOUSE SPACE. If you missed the recap on my showhouse space from start to finish, you must click here. In the process of putting it together I found another wonderful pillow source for the gorgeous (and so affordable chinoiserie) pillows. Click here to see her entire wonderful collection from The Happy Seamstress


Added some final tweaks to the patio, added these small tables in front of each bench…


And this table has a framed “story” about what the patio space is all about….


Here are the beautiful chinoiserie pillows- (they are available in 16″ and 18″ I ordered the 18″)


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5. GORGEOUS PLANTERS. After being in the market for 4 new planters, I hit the jackpot. I fell in love with all of these and ordered two different styles. The prices are soooo good, I needed to share with you given the outdoor/gardening season has finally arrived! With free shipping, these deals are unheard of, trust me I have been planter shopping? locally and they were all in the $600-800 category for big planters so this was a great find!

Click on each planter’s title to be taken to the site

Love this stunning neoclassical Provence urn!


Love the idea of the metal and stone combination….so pretty!


And how about this oversized beauty, just calling for a beautiful large topiary or lemon tree!


This is such a classic and what a deal!


And adore this take on this Provence styled urn (cannot wait to get mine)!


6. MY MOST TALENTED CUSTOMERS! I always say it but seriously my customers have the best taste, they never cease to amaze.? I have so much fun bragging like a proud mother! I also love to (with their permission) share with you the pictures I get to receive, because they are simply too beautiful to not share. If you want to see all of my customers enchanted homes, then click here (worth taking a look). Always happy to get more, email me your pictures at [email protected] See for yourself….

My first customer bought a bunch of blue and whites plus the gorgeous pagoda as well as the cherry blossoms from me and what she created is nothing short of a front page magazine cover if I ever saw one!

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Then talk about a most enchanted luncheon, just check out this unbelievable setting from my customer who used my small blue and white cups as mini flower vases, love it. Again this could easily be a magazine spread! Beautiful and talk about enchanting…..


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7. INCREDIBLE STORY! Saving the best for last, talk about heartwarming! Somehow the Baltimore news has overshadowed the tragedy in Nepal but I haven’t stopped thinking about it, the devastation that has come over such a peaceful region is heartbreaking.

But there was a temporary celebration when this little cherub was found alive after being buried alive for over 20 hours! This is nothing short of a miracle…how I wish I could swoop him up and adopt him, this was a tiny miracle that needed to happen amidst such sadness. Prayers for Nepal and for this little miracle.





So that’s whats caught my attention this week…anything here interest you or if you have something to share, then by all means tell us all about it! I will be staying in today hoping and willing myself to get better, so hard on such a spectacular day. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping where you are!? Until next time…..


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Faith boggio on

Fabulous post today Tina!! Get better soon!

marcia sullivan on

Loving your pictures and your blog. Can you tell me where you got the outdoor wicker furniture for your showhouse.
I love what you did with this formally dark and dreary porch area!
thank you!

Karena on

Tina, I am so sorry you have felt so awful! Especially when there are fun events planned that you look forward to!

Your last feature shows us that in the midst of so much strife there IS still goodness in the world. That is what we must cherish, love kindness, and caring!

Readers have until 12 am EST tonight to enter your FABULOUS Giveaway on my site!!

The Arts by Karena
Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

Donna clark on

Good Morning Tina…this has been possibly one of your best posts yet! Love all the photos and I’ve already ordered the pagoda pillows from the Happy Seamstress in blue and white. I’ve been looking for some like these literally for years!
You’ve hit on something that has always perplexed me. I’ve stopped buying home decorating magazines because they almost ALWAYS feature an interior designers home! interior designers have the means to attain great discounts t’s on home furnishing and acessories that the average homeowner doesn’t have access to. That’s why it’s great to show your customers home photos. Please continue to do so.
Have a great day Tina!

Dee on

Tina thank you for your flattering words on my pictures. I love those chinoiserie pillows. And of course loved the stubs and Wooten pic. Had to go right over to website and buy myself a pair…you do cost me a lot of money. I love your taste.

But omg that baby! What an incredible story. That little face! You’ve got to think that child will do something great in His/her lifetime.
Thanks so much for sharing that.

Sue J. on

Thank you, Tina, for such a beautiful post especially since you’re not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon!

Deanna on

Tina, I am so sorry that you are still under the weather! But your post is beautiful and just look at how spring has arrived at your home!! So wonderful to see.
I look forward to your 7 on Sunday. It brightens up my day to see all your pics and ideas. Thank you.
Sending happy thoughts your way and hoping you feel much better tomorrow?.

Lewellyn on

Take care of yourself first, that’s what really matters.

Nadia on

Beautiful post Tina. I hope you feel better

Carol on

I love my peonies purchased from your shop and my daughter actually smelled them when she first saw them:-) :-):-)

Lucia on

Hello Tina,
Just started following your blog and you do an amazing job! Love your photos, sorry you are not feeling well. Wishing you a speedy recovery., and thank you for your post.
Lucy in California

Sally on

Hello dearest Tina

Im so sorry to hear you are unwell, and do hope you will be better soon.

What an array of loveliness you have chosen today, from the instagrams to the exquisite planters, and your readers pictures, Im full of inspiration.

I just love the beauty of your showhome loggia, you did a marvellous job the colours look wonderful for outside, so fresh. Just a tip for a windy space, you can secure the porcelains down with a little sticky green tack thing called ‘Oasis fix’ you should be able to find at a florist ( Im afraid I lost one of a pair of blue and white vases full of forsythia , in the wind )

Love to you xx

Design Chic on

I so hope you are feeling better. Such a beautiful post today. I love seeing where you customers use your goodies, and the luncheon?lovely?

Lea on

Dear Tina,
That last photo of the miracle baby truly personified the scripture, Beauty for Ashes-amazing,
I hope you feel better soon and marvel at all you accomplish. This was a lovely post and will carry me through my week.
Thank you for your selfless sharing and the beauty you capture for all to see.

Be good to you!

[email protected] Blog on

Tina, get well soon my friend! I cannot believe that you have been in bed 5 days, it must be killing you!

I love your Sunday posts! First, the miracle of the little boy pulled from the rubble in Napal, something so wonderful in all of that devastation. It is so very sad to see the destruction there.

Your show house looks fabulous! And the pillows, I have to go and check them out. Although I am not in need of any just now.

I love the photos of your readers homes, I agree with the comment above, it is nice to see regular peoples houses!

Take care Tina!

Katie Clooney on

Hello dear Tina… better late than never! Had my head buried in mulch so I couldn’t stop by yesterday. What a beautiful heartwarming story at the end! So nice to hear good news every once in awhile!!Love all the Instagram photos and your showcase home pics. Looks like a great luncheon your customer had – how do I get on that guest list? Love those etsy pillows too! Hope you feel 100% soon!!

Debby on

Hi Tina,

I’m sorry to learn you haven’t been feeling well – especially with all that is on your plate!! Love all of your photos and the ones from your clients too. The dog tag is a good idea.

Deb xo

Karolyn on

Ugh me too! I even slept in my daughters room last night so I wouldnt keep my husband up with my cough! I hope you get better soon!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Hope your feeling well soon…I’ve had pneumonia…but on the mend…I love your garden make over..the blue and green looks fabulous!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina, I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! Hope you are feeling better and are able to get out and enjoy spring now that it has finally sprung in your part of the world. Lovely post – I think my favorite is seeing how your customers use their lovely purchases from you!

Get some rest and feel better soon! XOXO

Mo on

God bless those rescue crews in Nepal.

Diane on

Hope you are having a fabulous time in Newport! I loved the pictures of your friends wedding shower. Everything was perfectly done. Can you help with what she served. The food looked delicious and I am giving a shower in a couple of months and would love to use some things from her. Also the cake. Was awesome. Who made it?
My first time to write but so enjoy reading your posts!
Thank you,

[email protected] on

so much gorgeousness here, tina. hope you’ll be kicking up your heels again soon, and can’t wait to hear about your fun trip. peace to you, and happy mom’s day!

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