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Hi there friends….it’s the weekend at long last! How has your week been? Mine, hectic and somewhat stressful. We have a very sick relative who is not doing well. It’s been difficult seeing someone who love suffer so. So a lot of frivolous plans have been put on hold. I have been busy working, trying to fit in a little “me” time and balancing all the above. I had put this post together a few days ago and forgot to post it…..

As I periodically do I share what’s been happening in my little corner of the world as seen through my iPhone. Amazing how this one little gadget can kind of tell a story. Mine has been a busy one, a lot of work a little play and fun with a healthy dose of the great outdoors. Afterall that’s what summer is all about right? So here we go, the last few weeks as seen through my iPhone….


You know I love farm stands, Young’s Farm is one of my favorites, kind of like gourmet shop meets old fashioned general store meet chic country gift shop and bakery, love it!




Over at the showhouse, my white hydrangea plants after almost 3 weeks had to say goodbye so I replaced them with these and must say I love the casual English garden effect, added a few faux white hydrangea stems to the mix and some ivy….

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My cart at the garden shop…always lots of white!


Took a break to have lunch with a friend on a dreary rainy day…sliders and good french fries to the rescue:) I am going to copy, love the way they were served on a mini bread board.


Planted these pretty planters for a relatives front door who is sick, coming home from the hospital I wanted her to be surrounded by “prettiness” knowing her love of flowers

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Gave my belljar lanterns in? my kitchen a really good cleaning, love them!


One night my husband and I? came home late and had I nothing made for dinner so I whipped up a platter of my favorite caprese crostins and we devoured them with a glass of wine….works for me!

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Having such fun placing some of the new blue and whites around my house….click here to see all the fabulous new arrivals on my online shop I am so delighted at the emails I am getting from customers who have been receiving their orders this week overjoyed with the porcelains:)


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Played around with napkin choices for a dinner I will be hosting


A sneak peek at the lower level aka basement (more to come soon)!~


Took this picture of this spectacular sunset leaving my sons apartment in NYC…



So there’s my week (give or take a few days) as seen through my trusty little iPhone. What did we do without these??? Hope you have had a great weekend, thank you as always for stopping in to see whats happening in my little corner of the world. Until next time……

If you missed my summer bucket list, click here (and would love to hear what’s on yours)!


PS Last day for the beautiful tole pieces that are at an all time low price….limited numbers and a few pieces are close to being sold out, don’t miss out! Click here for details.

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Until next time….

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Anita Rivera on

Dearest Tina, first of all, I hope and pray that your loved one is at peace and is made as comfortable as possible! I hope your stress levels can be remedied by a relaxing weekend. Your shares here are LOVELY! Those white flowers always speak to me, and the way you arrange them is glorious.

I have returned to posting on my blog. It’s good to be back! Happy summer to you dearest Tina! Anita

Shirley on

Sorry to hear about your poorly relative. What a lovely thing to do planting those flowers by her front door.Your home is gorgeous I’m off to treat myself to a white Hydrangea!

Katie Clooney on

Tina… only you would whip up those gorgeous magazine-worthy crostinis at a moment’s notice. Anybody else would throw in a frozen pizza. Your white flowers look so pretty in front of your relative’s door. A great homecoming. Hope you have a restful weekend!

Jacqueline Corso on

Love the wing back chairs in your lower level. Where did you get them? Who is the manufacturer? I have been looking for that particular chair for a long time and haven’t been able to find one.

Karena on

Dear Tina, I do hope your family member is better soon, I am sorry to hear this and love and prayers are coming your and her way.

As always EVERYTHING in your home looks gorgeous and the lower level is coming along beautifully!
I am going to make the crostini tonight!

The Arts by Karena
Jackson Pollock Mural

Loi Thai Tone on Tone on

Hi Tina – That was very thoughtful and kind of you to plant the urns. They look very pretty. Speaking of pretty, your loggia room at the showhouse continues to inspire. So gracious and inviting – what a treat to enjoy this outdoor space in style. Cheers

leslie on

Good Morning! Sounds like you are super busy Tina and I am sending well wishes to you and your family .. I do hope all is well soon. Have a wonderful weekend!


aren’t you the best + the white flowers by the door + taking care of a not feeling well relative + the best.

Sherry Saladrigas on

I hope one day you will put a book together of your beautiful pictures. You are so talented and thoughtful . My next phone is going to be an i phone.!!!!!!

Martha Erwin Mercer on

Tina, You were so thoughtful to plant the beautiful white flowers by your relative’s front door. She will love you for it. Loved this post – all pictures are beautiful. I like the idea another reader suggested, publishing a book of all or at least some, of your beautiful pictures. I will be among the first to purchase. I can’t wait to see more pictures of your lower level. I like everything I see. Take care and have a restful Sunday. Will look forward to seeing your Seven on Sunday tomorrow.

[email protected] 5th and state on

your portico looks like it is all ready for the house beautiful photographers!
oh to get lost in that farm stand…….

Taylor Greenwalt on

Its so hard to see someone you love in pain…I hope there doing better!
Love, love your table cloth..her fabric is so cute! Hope you have a restful weekend!

[email protected] Blog on

Tina, so sorry to hear about your sick relative, I am sure that these beautiful planter will brighten her day when she returns home.

I could not agree with your sentiments more about the phone, what did we do without them to document the little , joyous moments in life.

I hope that you have a great day and find some time to relax.

Sandy @ You May Be wandering on

I always love seeing your pics…your “random musings” are such fun. Hope things are improving with your sick relative and that you were able to relax a bit this weekend. Hugs to you my dear! xoxo

[email protected] on

i hope your loved one makes a full recovery soon, tina. great glimpses of real life here, and that basement looks like a dream basement to me! enchanting! i am gearing up for our next move and feeling a little frustrated that i can’t get inside the house yet to measure and get a jumpstart on the reno. using the time to read the books i have been meaning to read and having a lazy summer (while i can). peace to you.

FrenchGardenHouse on

Tina, it all looks absolutely wonderful. I too love white flowers, if I could I’d have an all white garden?.but my gardener {husband} likes blues and lavenders and pinks too much. Looks like a week or more well spent! Lovely.

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