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Hello, Happy Fathers Day and happy Sunday to you. This post was done over 2 weeks ago but went into my draft box when my mother in law became gravely ill. So I am posting it today.

Hi there! Hope all is well on your end. A very happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there:) To my own dad, love you so much and am so happy we got to spend sometime together last week even under sad circumstances. You continue to inspire and amaze me and if I can do half of what you are doing at your young sprightly 70 something, I will be one lucky girl!

Here, just starting to get back in the saddle. It feels good to be back on my blog and immersing myself into work, much more cathartic than I expected.? Your kind wishes, comments and emails made me tear up….I was SO touched by your friendship and support. My son is doing better everyday and once he gets the oral surgery done next week, we will all be relieved, and happy to put this whole ordeal behind us.

Today we really looking forward to a quiet day today for Fathers Day. They are calling for rain so original plans for a BBQ have been scraped for a reservation at our favorite local Mexican restaurant (one of the few we can all agree on)!? I need and very much look forward to that one day a week where I am obligated to do nothing, and in fact often daydream about Sunday all week long:)



1. A GORGEOUS LINE OF STATIONERY. I love discovering talented people and the work of this amazing little company bears sharing (again)! I actually featured them a few years ago, just love their work. Take a look at some of Lobird’s products, they are all so beautiful.? From their elegant invites to the charming calling cards…it’s a wonderful line that might just inspire you to throw a party:) Click here for more info.

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2. BEAUTIFUL NEW TOLE PIECES COMING IN. I am so excited over this new batch due to arrive on or around June 21st or 22nd (any day)…beautiful planters and umbrella stands, and how stunning are these chinoiserie sconces? Stay tuned will be doing a presale sometime later next week so be sure to stay tuned….

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So excited over these fabulous tole sconces…….

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3. TOTE MANIA. I use totes a lot, I tend to carry a lot in my bag so a tote is both practical and functional as well as comfortable. The Annabel Ingall tote is a favorite but I have discovered some other really fabulous looking totes with some at even more fabulous prices that I just had to share……


I start with my favorite tote by Sondra Roberts,? in two colors,? I ordered both and will decide which I like better, LOVE the perforated leather and love the price even more:) Great price too! Click here for more info



Love this raffia beach tote and at $60 you don’t need to think about it! Click here to order


Think this Marc Jacobs tote is so smart looking! Click here for the lowdown_10698729

This is a splurge bag by Lanvin, but talk about standing the test of time, I could own this forever, classic and gorgeous, click here for details


Yes this is “up there” as it’s JP Tod’s but love the perforated leather, the color, the classic styling, this is one of those bags I would own and use for years and years, click here for the 411


Think this Mary Y Sol totes are totally gorgeous and perfectly “summer chic”… here for details

_10527415 _8627897

4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I continue with my weekly inspiration from Instagram, and never at a loss of beauty and inspiration to share.There is a heavy emphasis this week on blue and white.? So much to love this week, take a look!

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5. A FRIENDS BEAUTIFUL BEACH HOUSE. On Friday I took a much needed “mental health day” and took a few hours to myself, drove out to some of my favorite farms out east and took in the country air. As luck would have it bumped into a friend who invited me over to her uber charming beach house with killer ocean views. It was so pretty I had to take a few pics with my iPhone. Knowing how you love great decor, thought you might enjoy this…..

LOVE how she did the lower level, how great is this to accommodate “overflow guests” (namely teens and their friends)

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The pretty airy and white living room with almost panoramic water views….


Aren’t these views to die for!


You know I am loving this dining room with all the blue and white touches:)


A charming and cozy guest room


6. FLOWERS! You know I love flowers and the post I did featuring all of the incredible flowers we received in honor of my mother in laws passing continue to beautify my home. Every time I see them I am reminded of how much she was loved. I cannot believe the staying power of some….these arrangements are over 8 days old!

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And in my yard, things are a blooming and I am loving it….

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7. A VERY CUTE COMMERCIAL FOR DADS! Today being Fathers Day, is a perfect day to share this. This is so cute, you must watch it to the end, a dad after my own heart:)




So there you have it my friends. Hope you are enjoying your weekend with all the dads in your life. We look forward to a calm and quiet day, and will visit my mother in laws grave today. Thank you for your support, friendship and kind words these last few weeks. I can’t overstate it enough how much that means, truly heartwarming! Feels good to be back, I must admit:)

Last day to take advantage of the fabulous blue and white (round 2) promo, click here if you missed it.

unnamedUntil next time…….


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Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina, and welcome back to your blog. Again, thanking God continually for your son’s well-being in light of the circumstances and for you? I wish total peace and happiness as you immerse yourself once again in what YOU LOVE and do so well: Inspiring beauty everywhere.

Much love, Anita

Ann on

Have a lovely week. Happy all is going well again for you and your family!

Karena on

HI Tina, a lovely post filled with beauty galore, always brightening my day!! Happy Father’s Day to all of the men out their who are Dad’s!

The Arts by Karena
Closer: Michael Clinton

Shelley on

Hello Tina
I just love your “Seven for Sunday” posts. The beauty keeps be going for this next week.
I’ so sorry about your Mother in law and your son. I lost my Mom the day before Thanksgiving to cancer and then on Christmas Day my husband was hit by a car while walking. (He only broke ribs and pelvis)
My friend sent me these encouraging words. “You are stronger than you think.” Just knowing someone thought I could do it helped so much, so I am passing those words to you.
My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
God Bless

leslie on

Tina, Sounds like things are calming down a bit .. thank goodness! Fun line up of goodies for Sunday. Love those totes ~ the leather cut out is so pretty. Your friends guest house is so pretty and I’m glad you had some down time there. Wishing your son a speedy recovery.. hang in there!

Katie Clooney on

Hello dear Tina! WOWZA!!! What an incredible beach house. I am pea green with envy. I am a big “tote” girl as well. The Mister blames them for my bum shoulder because I end up piling everything but the kitchen sink in them. Love all the gorgeous tole coming in. As always, love your Instagram pics. Enjoy your Father’s Day with your husband and boys.

kim Peterson on

Gorgeous post as always and we are glad you are back in the saddle after a difficult time for you and your family . One of my favorite things about Sunday mornings is viewing your Seven on Sunday!

Nancy on

The gorgeous dragon ginger jar arrived this week, and I am thrilled. I have a passion for blue and white as well, and thank you for offering such a great promotion!
Sending wishes of sympathy and peace for all you have experienced in the last few weeks. Hoping you have a day of relaxation and comfort spent with your family.

Barbara Kelly on

Hi Tina

Love your post ‘Seven on Sunday” more uplifting than the local news
My blue and white arrived last week; first go around of this offering.
Would love to have another large blue and white planter.
Am happy to hear your son is doing well, and your spirits are lifted.

Anonymous on

God bless you and your family, esp. your son.
Time is such a great healer.

Debby on

Hi Tina,
I hope things are getting easier for your family as far as acceptance. I know how sad you have been. I love that stationary!! Gorgeous.
Deb xo

[email protected] Blog on

Tina, it is nice to see you back here where you belong, we have missed you. I hope that all goes well with your sons surgery.

As always there are so many beautiful things here, your tole, the flowers, your blooming garden and of course your friends house.

I cannot wait to go and chaco out the instagram links!

Have a great week Tina!

[email protected] on

i’m so glad you found a pocket of time for air and relaxation to get centered. your inspiration here is so beautiful, and a beach house would be such a dream come true, yes? best to your son as the healing continues, and best to you as you enjoy these long summer days. peace.

classic ? casual ? home on

Our daughter, Alexandra had fashion industry internships with both Lanvin and Todds (and Roger Vivier)?and oh I miss the deals she could get. Love seeing what is up in your garden and that pretty beach home!!!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina! So good to see you back and moving forward. Always inspired by your Sunday Seven… What a lovely beach house to stop for a moment and enjoy a day of rest – so glad you got to take this time. Hope that Father’s Day was wonderful and that your son continues to improve. Thinking of you all the time! XOXO

Lea on

Dearest Tina,
I’m so happy to hear that after a traumatic past month things are looking brighter for you. When my son was hit by a car I thought I could never drive past that patch of street again knowing the skid marks left there were from the car that hit him. He recovered well but it reminds me of how precious life is.

Good for you for taking some needed R&R. Great friends are invaluable, one of the tender mercies in our life.
Look forward to the tole coming soon!


South Shore Decorating Blog on

Hi Tina,
I’m so glad you are getting back into the routine. I think it helps a lot when there is a loss like yours. The flowers are all so beautiful, and it is very clear that your mother-in-law was very loved <3

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Hi Tina…I was so happy to see this post…hopefully it means your life is returning to normal just a bit. You have been on my mind constantly lately…sending healing vibes to your son and hugs to you. xoxo

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Praying that you son’s surgery is smooth and recovery is quick. Love the stationary and those fun bags!

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