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Hi friends,? its a cool rainy weekend over here and a perfect day to stay in and feel no pressure to be out and about. Every now and then we need a day like this! Busy week, just trying to get back to normal and get back in the saddle. It has been slow going but things are progressing and I must say it’s been wonderful reconnecting via my blog and with my readers/customers.

My son is doing a lot better, and the worst is behind him, we are so grateful. My husband is taking it one day at a time some days harder than others, thankfully he is a busy guy so keeping his mind active is a blessing. We thank you for your concern and support. Moving along…..

As I do every Sunday, here is whats on my radar….


1. A DREAM OF A BEACH HOUSE. I was salivating over Victoria Hagan’s scrumptious beach house in Nantucket. It to me, has every single ingredient I could ever dream of having. Beautiful location, easy but elegant interiors, lots of great natural light, not too big, ocean views…does it get better? I can almost taste that salty air and hear those waves crashing! Pictures courtesy of Arch Digest.


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2. ONE FABULOUS ARTIST. I have long admired Inslee By Design ever since I first discovered her work, her paintings (mostly of people) are sooo chic with a touch of whimsy.? I absolutely love her style, she is apparently loved by many as she has taken on commissions for Neiman Marcus, Lela Rose, Stuart Weitzman, Kate Spade and many others.

To learn more about her or contact Inslee, click here (she accepts limited commissions). Love her work…..if I had talent like that I would be painting morning, noon and night!

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Looking at her website, found this GORGEOUS Christmas event invite, isn’t it fabulous!



And yes you might say I am mildly obsessed with her work…but can you blame m:)

3. SUMMER FLOWERS. I cannot get enough, with hydrangeas being the reigning queen of summer flowers. Whether? in my own home or yard or out and about I cannot resist the temptation to snap away when I see beautiful flowers of gorgeous fruit:)

Planting away in my own home……


And had a fun visit to my favorite nursery….where the hydrangeas took my breath away in every color imaginable!

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4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST I must say that the weekly inspiration I get from the people I follow is such a thrill….always enjoy seeing what is new on the Instagram horizon and of course love sharing my faves with you. Here is my roundup from this week…..

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5. SUMMER DINNER PARTY INSPIRATION. I came across this picture from the graduation party I threw my son and it made me long for hosting a dinner party. Originally I was going to do one for my husbands birthday this past June but his mom became very ill and needless to say the fun frivolous plans fell to the wayside. Click here if you want to see that post.

I may however host a dinner late summer, was thinking of a wine tasting dinner, sounds like fun, huh? Funny how a single picture can get us thinking…….



6. TEDDY NOW EATS IN TRUE BESPOKE STYLE. Yes, you heard right he is? one lucky dog to be eating out of his very own blue and white, chinoiserie PERSONALIZED bowl! I was so excited and surprised to get this beauty in the mail, courtesy of uber talented Dana? of Indigo Home

Teddy is not losing sight of his new bowl…wants to make sure I don’t steal it!

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She started? a business selling this chic bowls and I am so glad Teddy is now dining in style. If your pooch needs to add a little swag to his dining experience, click here. These are just too pretty. Click here to visit Indigo Home and claim one of your very own!

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7. MY TALENTED READERS, I never cease to be amazed by the beautiful pictures I get in from my readers/customers. Love hearing your stories and getting to be a part of your world as you are mine… are three recent submissions that warranted sharing with you-

Just check the absolutely gorgeous details from this fabulous southern wedding, not to mention the bride is quite a beauty herself!

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Then another customer/reader/friend shared some beautiful blue and white goodness to cheer me up,? from her home including the beautiful planter she just bought from me filled with hydrangeas and the stunning Ralph Lauren rug we just bought for her beautiful living room-

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And then this customer sent me a few pictures of her newly arrived vase looking mighty beautiful in her home…

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So there is my Seven on Sunday, hope it has added a little beauty and inspiration to your day. Anything resonate with you or new on your end? By all means tell us about it:) Wishing everyone a fabulous Sunday and end to your weekend. Thank you as always for stopping by, until next time…..

Last day is today for the two day promo featuring all kinds of wonderful last call steals and deals, click here to visit??



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Michele on

Tina, what is the name of the nursery in this blog? Thank you.

Karena on

Tina you always inspire me on Sunday mornings!! Beautiful chapters for a fabulous day!! Thank you!

The Arts by Karena

Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! I am glad to hear your son is coming along well, and that you husband is taking each day as a blessing with YOU by his side, a wonderful family compound to enjoy, and good health. Enjoy this fine day to gather yourself and come back recharged. Anita

Dana on

Hi Tina
Thanks so much for including me in your Seven on Sunday roundup! I hope Teddy enjoys his bowl for many years to come!
Indigo Home Shop

judy on

Hi Tina! Thanks for sharing my new vase 🙂 I love it!

Deanna on

Such beautiful photos! Inslee by Design does gorgeous work. I could look at her paintings and drawings all day. And the hydrangeas you have are lovely! I have been addicted to hydrangeas since I was 25. They are one of my favorites too!
I hope your family has smooth sailing from here on out, and that this summer is good and full of blessings. Thank you for your lovely as always post today!!

Beemie on

Just love to look…the dog bowls would be mine if I had a dog…so classy.

Fran on

Lovely post, Tina. So glad your son is doing better!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns Blog on


I am so happy to hear that your son is doing better and that your husband is taking life one day at a time. That is all you can do at a time like this.

I love your finds this week, you always feature so many cool instagram sites! I love them all.

I hope that you have a fabulous week Tina and am so happy to see you back.

Victoria on

Thank you Tina, another beautiful post. I love all the Instagram sites you mention too and your customer/ friends Ralph Lauren rug is gorgeous.

LC on

Hi Tina,
Thank you for a fun Sunday post. It’s a kick-back kind of day here too, and we opted to head out to a local peach stand for some fresh Georgia peaches and homemade ice cream. (Mmmm delicious on a hot summer day.)

The wedding pictures caught my eye. The location is Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville, GA, only a few minutes from me. (They have a website.) It is a beautiful museum home and property opened to the public, and now a favorite wedding venue. (It was originally one of the wealthy quail hunting plantations in the region, established at the turn of the century.) What a beautiful bride as well!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Always like seeing what’s on your mind every week, Tina. Have to say my very favorite it thing is the dog bowl worthy of sweet, sweet, Teddy. I just LOVE it. Makes me want to change my thinking about the fact that dogs are just not right for us right now. (Love dogs, but I spend a lot of time caring for my parent’s dog, so feel like already have one – she just doesn’t live with us!) And those sunflowers from your party. They are just amazing. Perfect for a wine tasting party, I think. Can’t believe it’s the last few days of June – I’m still on a bit of a blog hiatus as I am wrapping up a ton of work this week. Hope to be back to in after the 4th. Hope you have a wonderful week and holiday! XOXO

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

PS: As always, thanks for including one of my Instagrams! XOXO

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

My favorite post of the week! I look forward to reading it on Sunday mornings with a long leisurely cup of coffee! I adore Inslee’s work – she is SO talented!! And, Teddy’s bowl = perfection! I hope this week is a bit less stressful for you – your son and husband (and you, of course) have been in my thoughts a lot lately – I am happy to hear both are healing. xoxo

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