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Hi there, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Hard to believe June is just about over, and we will be celebrating July 4th in less than a week…..I need to slow the clock down! One of my favorite subjects is fashion. I love summer dressing as it tends to be more casual, lighter and easier. I like simple classic looks in fun colors and always like to add a few new pieces at the start of the season, then fill in to take advantage of summer sales the season.

I realized I needed to add some new tops to my wardrobe and went on a top shopping spree. Found so many pretties that I thought it would make a fun Which would you choose post. Want to know your two top favorites here, most I can see with a pair of white slacks (few things don’t look great with white pants), capris, jeans and some can easily be dressed up. Almost all except one are well priced too…which is always a perk:)

So ready to see the goodies? Let’s get started…..




CHOICE 1 Love this top, the longer sleeve, the lace and of course the beautiful blush pink, looks great with white or black, click here for details





CHOICE 2 Beautiful ivory top, love the sheer sleeve detail and of course the lace makes it feel so feminine, click here for the low down



CHOICE 3 Adore this top and have already worn it, its a winner! Click here for details




CHOICE 4 I think this leather tank is so chic looking, also love that it could go as well with black or white. Click here for the 411





CHOICE 5 Fabulous piece on its own or to layer with under a cardigan or blazer, LOVE the lace! Click here to see more


CHOICE 7. This is such a beautiful piece, stands on it’s own and of course love that it’s in the beige family:) Click here to get information




CHOICE 8. This gorgeous black lacey top can be worn year round, dressed up or down. A classic mainstay! Click here to find out more.





CHOICE 9.? Isn’t this a great color? Love the pink and the “forgiving” shape, gets my vote! Click here to find out more




CHOICE 10. This Carolina Hererra is so beautiful, it’s an “investment” piece for sure but will easily stand the test of time… here for more info





CHOICE 11. I really like this and have it on order, could see it dressed way up around the holidays or dressed way down with jeans, top by Parker. Click here to get more info




CHOICE 12. This is a great top for summer evenings….Lilly Putlizer is a? master at easy effortless summer dressing. Click here for info.




CHOICE 13. Everyone needs a beautiful white lacy to dress up or down, click here for information





CHOICE 14. This is such a practical blouse, right up my alley. You just feel good in a blouse like this! Click here




CHOICE 15.How pretty is this top? I love that it’s so ladylike and refined, and best part its’ on sale for only around $130!! Click here for info



CHOICE 16. Own this and LOVE it. I love black and blue together, this is one stunning blouse, I am a big fan of Rebecca Taylor, click here for more information


CHOICE 17. This is a great blouse from DVF, perfect with white pants, great summer top. Click here for info


CHOICE 18. This was screaming out my name, perfect with white, navy or beige…LOVE this! Click here for more information



CHOICE 19. Another “me” blouse, and anything with bows and that is pale pink always gets my attention, click here for the 411




CHOICE 20. A beautiful blouse by Escada, such a stunner! Click here to learn more




CHOICE 21. Fell madly in love with this, this every woman should have a blouse like this in her closet. So classic, chic and elegant, will always be in style! Click here for information





CHOICE 22.? A beauty, love the beaded neckline, neutral colorway and blousy feel, fabulous style for any body type. By Haute Hippie, click here for more info



Every single one of these is unfortunately calling my name. Hard to narrow it down to just a few! I tend to go for things that I know will have staying power, I keep my clothes for a long time (every single size under the sun too lol) so I like things that last. I find that when I really love something, I tend to take better care of it, enjoy it more and make sure its there for the long haul.

My most favorite dress I have ever owned is almost 18 years old! It is a gorgeous dress I bought at Bergdorf Goodman, of black crepe and lace, it is as stunning today as it was the day I bought it. Only problem? It’s a size 4:) But I refuse to let go of it as it’s incentive to start shedding those unnecessary pounds. Can anyone relate? Thought so!

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week. It’s your turn to vote and you can vote for your two top favorites.? Until next time…..

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Peggy Thal on

It was very difficult to choose because there are so my pretty ones. Right now I seem to be buying for myself so many lace ones. Always feel pretty in lace or sheer fabric. Also, a big fan of a beautiful sleeve. I bought a few bat sleeve blouses. A girl can never have enough.

Fran on

For me, #20 is by far the most beautiful. Love everything about it. I also like #8, a classic.

Stephanie on

I like the light and airiness of the lace, and the way #2 fits.

Deanna on

I totally could see you in the DVF blue and white top! But really, any of these would be wonderful.
Happy shopping!!

LC on

They are all absolutely beautiful. (While I voted for 1 and 9, I also love 2, 12, 14, 16, 17.) Honestly, I would be happy to find each OR ANY one hanging in my closet for the summer! After gaining too much weight for my short frame, I am far more interested in calling attention to the top half of my torso than the bottom half.

I can completely relate to your keeping the ‘incentive’ dress. (I have a similar black dress that I cannot part with for the same reason, but the real kicker is my entire collection of Lilly Pulitzer skorts, tops and sweaters. I collected them over several years when I was a size 4 (or 2, or 0) and they are still hiding in the back of the rack, waiting for that ‘one day’ that hasn’t come in 10 years. I loved wearing them, and now I really miss them and I am afraid that by the time I am near that size again they will be far too youthful for me. Still I let them sit there…. as a reminder, indictment, or incentive, depending on my mood. )

HOWEVER, I am happy to report that TODAY is the day I start back to a focused and dedicated exercise routine at the gym. After a couple of years of failed exercise efforts on our own, my husband and I agreed to do it together. I am so excited! Because it is such a major life change, we resolved to not make it an ordeal and to literally celebrate each baby step along the way. (Literally…..BABY STEPS: #1 Buy FAT workout clothes (Why is it so hard to find larger size workout clothes that don’t show every bulge and roll!??!) #2 Join the gym. #3 Make arrangements with a trainer. #4 Go to the gym for an orientation and light workout. #5 Continue….(….to a healthy life habit.) Of course, I want to shed 60 lbs immediately! LOL…. but I refuse to acknowledge that. For now it is sufficient and worthy of celebration that we are on baby step #4!

As an aside, I recently read that people who exercise with a support group are far more likely to keep it up. Unfortunately, it seems that once we really NEED to get out there and get into such a routine it is a lot harder to find that support group. (I think it’s part of the female ‘perfection’ syndrome…. and also because we’re so busy wearing so many different hats for everyone except ourselves. Then there’s the fear of being judged when we first walk into that gym…especially for those of us who live in small towns.) Call me slow, but I just learned there are now ONLINE support exercise groups which offer great incentive and encouragement. I haven’t tried them, but just as your blog brings people of similar tastes together I can certainly see how the right workout blog or online forum could do the same.

Karena on

Tina a gorgeous selection of tops!! I chose my two however could have chosen a dozen easily!! Have a great week and I love these features!!

The Arts by Karena

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

They are all SO pretty, Tina!!! I like the Escada one best. Hope you have a wonderful week! xoxo

leslie on

Tina, I just love the sweet summer blouses out. That first one is so pretty. It’s SO warm here.. and so I’m headed out to get a little shopping done before my long weekend getaway. I’m just catching up after back to back busy weeks at the office. Hope you are enjoying your day:)

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